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NFL Sunday: How will the Injury to Matthew Slater Effect the Patriots Special Teams?

Sep 22, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Price break down the special teams matchup this week in the Pats/Bucs game. They talk about the role Matthew Slater has played for the special teams and how his fractured wrist will hurt the Pats. The boys also get into the huge story breaking this morning regarding Von Miller and his attempt to bribe the urine collector at his drug test.

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Welcome back NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI broadcasting live from Toby Keith's I love this bar and -- Before we get to the big story in the National Football League here earlier today we'll do that just a moment I want you back to. This specific breakdown. In my mind the best special teams player for the New England Patriots Matthew Slater will not play today probably won't play year. Or five weeks. Heaton and by the way -- sort of backed up in this little bit I don't have your football knowledge but he's also the special teams captain and I think he's the best special teams player on the team. Tell me what's missing that guy does to your special teams units he's on every coverage team every return team he's on all. OK so. I will never -- Matthew Slater love the guys are our ruling have just. Been impressed -- I'm -- gonna play with them what -- break down tape on him in the last year's juvenile -- little bit. He is. In my mind there in this is don't take this the runway as you know is those were my good buddies and I don't think of -- it was one of the bestsellers of that last decade. I think Matthew -- is the best. Kind is she in this is probably put special understand their -- line there's guys play linebacker role receivers and -- same was right tackle but that your quarterback like it's it's different jobs. I say Matthew Slater is the best kind of that kind you know the honor roll. In that role he's the best guy in the NFL probably the last 1015 years he is that Dominique he cannot be double team. He is he is unbelievable to me. How on block bullies I think you -- Rex Ryan sort of back a battle that last week the vet said are you if you can't control compare him to and is over some of the other. Guys because with the deferral of the thanks so I think. In some of their career record currently so I don't mean to sort of step on -- -- -- -- we've seen in the -- roll I'd never -- what do better than him so to to real quickly -- -- question. What affect the -- have a as much of that just now built them up I don't think it'll have a -- effect this week because I think they're still going to be touch backs. So they can minimizes the effects of those kind of -- -- -- coverage team punt coverage will so in an away game and in maybe it'll but sloppy that'll be the biggest also here's how this works. To -- to -- The magic got yup -- ten guys to block with correct re never turn back there in the ten guys up front there's two gunners what I want to look like wide receivers. Generally teams will directional kick which means you're gonna kick to a sideline to -- shortened apart the field. To the site that you directional kick you put two guys on the -- you know you wanna double team and usually that Matthew -- you put Matthew Slater decide that you want -- ball usually go to the attack. Usually you double -- And by doing that you buy -- happy to double him you lose a guy in the box so one of the other guys in the box that you like to be blocking his running down -- block. And it's it's that it its -- so if it forces guys to use a people would want you. What the loss of Matthew Slater means is potentially fuel fuel is danger. The vote that the guy you put theirs is dangerous it gives you the ability to single him. In an ad blocker side it's all the sudden you felt would get a certain amount recovered from an on the field in the interior people may be one extra guys block there you know warm extra -- -- -- workers face so. It Beatrice and see who deported and I know it -- my bills mortis the young the young safety kid can Norris says can Doris Davis is a possibility. Editor at present to play under that you know idea has done a lot of it as a sort of par luckiest Cole is is on the other side usually Toronto -- -- -- -- -- -- -- possibility ousting talented could be used in that low and that is Leo so limited it's so typical it related to be a -- -- game to put collaborated to fans at Villanova -- there. Probably be the most tiring playing football snap to snap it is the daughter positions pressure forgetting they'll. It is just it's like a twelve sick like just speak into getting the route to consistently by two guy -- he's -- -- collected so -- -- -- and think about what's happening if you're if you're -- apart. If there's no timeout with the TV time what you go directly to cover it does he -- comes out so. That's really tough to ask according -- that's but probably wouldn't be my guest but maybe use a guy like you mentioned like. Like Wilson yeah somebody in that role and defensive back a backup defensive back but -- -- that stuff about the site -- play happens and against common rotation we see why not back up while wide receiver like Matthew Slater. For that exact reason that you were just saying where he's not going to be -- right back out on the field in the next right you have though I mean if there's not an option in terms about a wide receivers out there who could fill that -- cool we've seen do -- in the past him math skills of the soul and usually it's usually that guy is. Kassim Osgood as a government outfit by north of which the April board San Diego that was like -- like 65 wide receiver body that would do it. Oftentimes a position as the strokes if you bigger safety body that has the ability run structure it was really good forests for years. That's more that -- -- a it was good for us for years people remember before that back in the old days on the pedal but. It was the -- the -- what I got here with a per year to. See -- in Chicago when he left here -- its questions but the path but again it's a safety body type that often those wallop there. I just I I still get people who come up to be here who tweeted me your email me who say. What does Matthew -- bring to the table what does he do you know why why do you need what you need to use a roster gaga and I always go back and amenity. Invest the seventy dollars in the old 22 coach's film it and watch the punt coverage watch special teams on a consistent basis and you will not see. Anyone across the week. Again consistently. Be disruptive. On punt coverage working as a governor. Doing some of the things that he does this speed the strength that -- that is completely unique to first of all you don't get a lot of guys who want to do understand how important it is. You have that with a guy like -- But to do so well so consistently is really important things just think how much hidden yardage is there in the event you know each time he is -- is not making a player might account for an additional ten yards so think of from -- wide receiver position. How much value -- an additional ten yard catch. Three to fortify tenure catches or twelve your -- from you know receiver -- He essentially what helps that amount of yardage by keeping their for a while most of the hidden yardage in Matthew Slater plays that they can be pretty -- And I think the other side of it is just. You you don't. Understand how school years because the cameras don't pick up on most broadcast or watch the stuff that I I can safely say this that. Is scored as Tom Brady is relative the other position in the -- is leaked. Matthew Slater is that much better -- the other guys around and do what he does. The stock briefly here before we go to the break and take you around the NFL after the top of the hour the big story in the National Football League this morning. It comes from hi -- chapter and Chris mortenson who both reported. That Broncos linebacker Von Miller. Paid eight urine collector that's. That paid great money that's. Two to try to. Get out of flunking a drug test. -- the urine collector has been fired needless to say. It is probably further explanation here -- Von Miller at six games when people were looking at the suspension in the goal this is different. You know this is this is worse than than other similar sort sorts of the fact of the matter is. The six game suspension cost Von Miller two million dollars. So why are we shocked. That he says to a urine collector whom. Lot of clemency is in making two million dollars it Ingraham and I'll give you give you a 100000 dollars it. Out Bible right you would check I will in due to cash in this amount of money. If we don't want this drug test. And apparently that's what happened. Andy's delivery team bucks an hour fifteen dollars an hour and it doesn't -- -- these yeah or even volunteers and he's using a way to supplement his income housing and go to those guys who do that. For a living. -- the guys who were there who were the locker room but are -- I mean we see the pop up -- urban arena basis with their detest that often have a -- yet exactly you know it but these are guys these are kinda -- -- -- -- -- know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- question -- if you're a situation where player right to check for an agreement what's to say that guys ago that your problem of course where would I here's here's the deal this -- Appeal process has been delay. It is believed that the National Football League is -- negotiate his six game suspension down or. Because according to show after importance and the NFL is very nervous about word getting hit. Some of these -- collectors may be on the take care and now you've got the players association diving into the middle of this whole thing saying -- him. -- -- Mike guy who got suspended you know next weeks ago I know that -- collector was on the up enough this opens up. Hold other communal worms in at least as far as the unifil is concerned with that because then they could go with it with these guys are dirty do. He's got the the systems there are our guys you know great you know say what you will about our guys but at the same time these guys were taken your -- It is a huge story and it does help explain some things about Von Miller in the -- of his suspension. According to rush after and Morton's and the league is quote unquote reasonably certain. That money changed hands. Now they're not saying how much and I'm not sure the league knows how much I do know the -- been fired as you can match. Evidently that it was not money well spent because on Miller got suspended. But but if if they've got proof. That there are there is at least one player and then quickly do the question have there been other players there is local repaid money. There is no criminal is this just league rules correct -- -- -- -- -- just weak rule there would be no rule nothing illegal about a bright -- situation. I don't know why I guess I'd say that would elevated because you're on the that the guy that's on the tape you know a full of people that -- gonna loses -- low income job. A thousand cars you know from -- what they're saying that -- here -- -- collector could be prosecute. Well at some say it's -- -- I don't think Von Miller doesn't appear could be prosecuted but collector could be something beyond just. -- -- my job legally prosecuted as another sort of yes fear factor that's that that that would maybe yeah. -- it depends on how much money was as I you're willing you can imagine that's their right and I'm -- bottom limits it wasn't a thousand dollars I'm gonna say it was a lot of money not on McDonald mr. and and when you think that the six game suspension cost Von Miller two million dollars. I can see where you'd be willing to make an investment your safety and and well being in that apparently -- -- the NFL has caught them in doing when we come back in just a couple of minutes we'll take you around the National Football League will look at all the games being played in the league this week. I misspoke earlier we are on until twelve noon today until 1225 or 1230. Possibly got an hour ago Tom eat currency SN any dot com join us at the bottom of the next hour as well. We're broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this barring relic patriot place right next to Gillette Stadium. Paths and box this afternoon at one. WE E. -- NFL Sunday as presented by a plant ski insurance he would a five star agency can do for you at the Penske dot com.

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