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John Farrell postgame press conference

Sep 21, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Which -- great. I thought it was more Chris in his last time against New York. I'm a little bit better arm strength of a more consistent power was fastball. -- a fourth inning defensively we probably contributed to including -- errant pick off attempts to the three runs in that one inning. The infield base hit where we're bogey tried to set his feet double pump that was enough for Florida beat out infield hit. Faulk carried to center field do it off woman's back for the for the other double that Laura scored on in the bloop base hit but so. I thought clay it was and -- it was still pretty sharp and pretty Chris for the time goes on and on the night. Yes he has and actually he was -- to go back up the seventh tonight but it's given the progression or on you know that that was. I think a comparable number of pitches thrown tonight and but he still feels good physically felt like he can continue on tonight. So. As far as clay is concerned that the stuff that he had the endurance you showed. A positive night for him. You know much like we saw it in the starting rowly is he's not gonna get into a hitter. If -- pitches around Lind in that situation to get through the strikeout of Sierra. But so for the first time on amounts in this role it was more about adjusting his warm up routine. And just beginning the acclimate him in in. When an instance. He felt like he was physically ready to go overnight hands. -- space develop over the coming week. But there was also a matchup situation in that inning as well. Yeah the 13 to one play. -- not really not challenged all that much. On the defense side David Ross an outstanding night and play. I'm but it will. You know you handled everything -- that came his way far.

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