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John Farrell Manager's Show with Dave O'Brien

Sep 21, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before the second game of the Blue Jays series. John told Dave that the Sox players are not entirely surprised by the improvement over last season.

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John thank you very much first of all John congratulations and -- you don't get tired of hearing that American League east champions. Interested to know who you've heard from your friends and your associates he colleagues around baseball since clinching last night. While they've there's there's been a number I think there probably 45 or fifty text messages that came through either. Just is a game was giving over last night in and into this afternoon anywhere from. Obviously Tito -- -- he and I've been gone back and forth that you're a little bit of late and just following how close. Their situation is and and and have the potential opponent for us as weak as we move on. But friends family you know people from Scott Pioli to Chris intimately with the indians' other Chris you know. Ross -- people that I work with with Cleveland. And it was just nice to people reach out -- knowledge what goes on and I'm sure if it was reversed. The text messages would go from me to them so it's it's kind of cool to see how many people acknowledge what. Ben has put together here and and our guys have played. I know uniting into reflecting but there had to be a moment last night of great satisfaction. That this step had been accomplished this incredible extraordinary step. From a franchise that lost 93 games last year. Well we've been reminded clinic as we've gotten and -- September about what's taken place the last two September's what's gone on the last couple years. But I think everyone can speak with some. Genuineness when it comes to talking about how we felt in spring training so to say that we've got to this point is a surprise. I. I don't know that our guys buy into that because they believe in themselves they believe in the ability that this was going to be a good team. Guys that have been through full seasons have been on winning clubs know what it takes to get through that six month season and and ultimately get in the post season but. Our guys believe in one another and I've been very encouraged to hear them talk. That this is just another step that's not to take anything for granted that's not to say that we feel like we're better than everybody else but. We stick to what we believe in and that is one another mark of us. It's always struck me all season long how appropriate these guys behave and how they carried themselves. How to go about their business everyone in the organization seems to have that model. Yeah I agree I think that's just because. The people that we have here and they they respect the game the respect one another and I think when you have mutual respect. You're probably gonna do the right thing when it comes to understanding the situation -- involved and or or. Who who you're doing it with and I thought the celebration last night was very genuine and how things unfolded in -- two nights ago when you're in the playoffs and his. There's not a peep we hadn't really accomplished anything -- of substance and last night clinching the division. What we knew that -- is that true person out there we're gonna come around some guys and thankfully they they kept their heads even though they -- a good time and and we're here ready to go a 100% today. That you've got to characters in there you talked about them all season long and and how one usually are but. If there is serendipity when it happens like this isn't that when when all of that collection of personality and character and talent comes together with a great competitive will and desire. It's very rare when this happens. Well it is and I think how fast it's come together you know I think I was reading something today where you talked about you know. Jon Lester being on the mound a an original draft pick your guy has been here for a number of years. Taking care of the pitching side and Mike Carp who drives in three of the six runs and it was almost -- in that nutshell that in that capsule there was the old in the new kind of coming together. And you could say that for half of the team that remained in a new half that came in it it bonded quickly. Because of the personalities were hit that are here. And the focus being the game on a given night I know -- mention that many many times over but that is -- driving force it's tonight's game and what are we gonna do to try to win. You personally had a terrific season in the dugout I think those of us who follow what the conversations around baseball. We believe you're going to be -- away for American League manager of the year. But last night that was that one of those occasions where you felt we're gonna win this game the Red Sox are gonna win tonight it was just that feeling that -- undercurrent of there won't be any worry about this tomorrow the division ends tonight. While you hope the -- and -- could every night that you're gonna win that game and you know what it showed up again last night we get into a bases loaded situation. And and honestly we're doing a far too often when I come away -- multiple runs and knows. Jenkins comes and gets a ground ball double play were still in the two to nothing game they chip away a run at Jon Lester they've got men in scoring position and the one. Inning that really stood out to me was when John was -- that bases loaded nobody out situation gets a -- -- third we get the double play. John strikes out the final hitter that inning and see the emotional which he came off the mound with. I think all eyes were on him in our guys took that as an added. Boost of energy. I know I did to see that kind of passion or -- come out of a guy who's in that. In other the throes of a long season and in a game in which it wasn't really happening as easy it has been lately for John. He throws a 123 pitches and he gave us everything he had and it was just a moment in title last night like you know what we're into whatever takes to win this game. He talked his way into another inning. Yeah he did I tell -- after walked off the sixth inning he's a 109 pitches that reach up you know typical just. -- the starters Hannan and he likes wanted to Lagos and go back out but I. OK okay who the hell out of the way he. Again I guess that's the the best thing to be said there is when your guy is is determined he's gone back out there don't get his way. Well and you know what there's been a lot of that you know these guys know how to play the game and a lot of what has transpired is like you know what stepped back and let them play. Because they make good decisions and tie the game. There in lockstep with some of the things we're trying to take advantage of particular with the base running will little -- steals a key bag in the eighth inning that gives us an insurance run. All those types of things you. You kind of put them in the right position are you giving some direction and and really when they're able to make the decisions and tie the game it's a much more natural flow. And you know what we've been pretty spot on with the decision making. Finally our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John frowned again about last night Shane Victorino. Did not start he had missed a couple of games and missed all of last night but with that bit sore thumb which he got him in there for that final inning with Koji on the -- Was that pre determined that he would be on the field is he deserves it for the clincher. Well there's no doubt that's something I'd mention a chain even though he try to talk his way in the lineup before the game after being in -- -- taken amount but I felt. With getting him on the field last night for the guys that have been here all year. -- it to be on the field when that last out is made to clinch the division. Those special moments in the -- wanna be able to put guys in back it back into that spot that they've been there all year and that's not to take anything away from Jackie Bradley once again two hits couple good plays defensively. But there's some meaning in some of those individual moments and I wanted to -- to share that with Johnny Gomes a left. Koji on the mound. And the guys that you know we can think back to spring training in that first home game and in spring training it in the lineup that was out there that was pretty much it. In spring training that was finishing -- a game last night so much deserved for shame everybody else it was on the field. Felt perfect and go get him again tonight but congratulations -- a wonderful wonderful evening and so far magical season the Red Sox appreciated they're looking for to get after tonight. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes events the all new Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. The CLA -- superior technology engineering and safety you come to expect from Mercedes-Benz. At a price you never saw coming. Visit NB USA dot com slash CLA. John.

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