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Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione Postgame after the Red Sox win the AL East

Sep 21, 2013|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione in the Red Sox clubhouse for the celebration talking to players, coaches, and ownership about the total team turnaround, bonding as a group during the season and the excitement of being back in the playoffs.

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Jokers that Leone's standing behind the Sox club -- I'm in the clubhouse as over the the F front office people -- -- -- and into the -- and over the that's not baseball operations people only. Clubhouse attendants have the champagne ready to go and then here comes the first player of the clubhouse now. Shane Victorino got the goggles. Follow -- John Lackey just walked in the clubhouse Jon this will -- game. -- away Mike Napoli just demand. And so only the players are -- in picking up the champagne which is in the middle of the club policy here it gave. Agile he could see the we could see the plastic coverings. Everybody all -- clockers got so far -- we -- to accomplish anything don't forget that. They work and kind of look at it very quickly get it going Gilligan it's such Braves double to bubbly it -- this is all about. Now. I think if Mike Napoli Jonny Gomes or maybe they were -- here right behind it is that makes sense who goes to. And here comes David Ross. There's technology. Technology technology that the -- congratulations we'll play. Pretty happy -- got the last out. And I'm being asked. That technology it. Go for the champagne today you heard him a kid he's now that he's downs over the moon he'll Jonny Gomes congratulations -- appreciated appreciated. -- around this team real quick. Right back and he'll be back Ollie how they'll be back now they start to -- that Kerry kid just got it. Here's Daniel loudly with the goggles on. Jack McCormick. Red Sox traveling secretary. Jack you've been through this before pretty exciting. And John -- heading into his office. Other coming in in their shirts that say we -- the elite of the elite status that the decorate many of wearing the goggles. I'm betting that nobody is as you mentioned and you doctor precluded the Koji was on the mound in the enjoy -- that was great -- was. For now they just starting here so give -- second to enjoy this and move on. -- the probably really flowing. We're standing right outside that the manager's office here they have. Just funny Joseph doesn't look like the clubhouse we walk into every day because of the way to put plastic gun everything. All over everything while the lockers and now right in the middle everybody's getting sprayed it really just got it out right -- face that more is Ryan Dempster can't congratulations. Thanks a body if you appreciate when the AL east. This guy's awesome and it's just part of the process of what we sent out to do -- you know what a treat you become -- Bay Area these expectations. He picked us what's gonna happen when it really happens -- -- -- you know it's incredible. You're a new member of the club really gel they admit I think people really mesh together. Yeah for sure in this justice most happened when everybody's goal -- started spring training so. We another month to go and now. But now what you wanted your guys -- I can't stand up a bottom graduation that's your big mark thank you. Writing advancers first year with a Red Sox spent cherry -- congratulations. They do things. Privileged up by guys you know all year -- spring training is there on a mission and we're not done yet but it's a big step. He put together a group of guys that they're really fit to. -- you could tell already that right from the beginning -- just they love playing together they have like the win and they compete they compete every out so it's it's a great feeling in and I know they go out love playing love -- thought. We certainly think it is a detective -- we thank you so much -- what did we don't for a long time. All right let's bring in Red Sox chairman Tom Werner Tom my first time since -- nine and that's why it's great to have this renewed isn't it. -- magical and a there's these guys McDermott from. 25 guy that Victor I can and court season as a group -- so great to be back. They really put together Natalie group with guys that play well but it act group of guys that they're really. Blends together and got -- very likable team I think who was Red Sox Nation. Right now and I used in a one of them Nate field and got work to do so. Isn't that celebrates a minute and a bothers hopefully congratulations to thank you thank you not -- Red Sox chairman. Well it's it's wonderful to hear the bit in the jubilation and everybody's voice filled it. -- last year was so quickly forgotten once sequences -- really got rock and in Roland. And Katie Morse hit a nice start with just got sprayed by you know I'm not sure who. Why -- -- the pitching -- -- wanted congratulations Ron Beckett. Go it's also the guys that we're incredibly if you get -- know. Incredible. Season so far. That is wrong -- and we get ready for the next. Hate us so many pitchers turned it around here John Lackey out last night fitting that he went to get into that. Clinched the playoffs and out tonight that Jon Lester. His fifteenth win to win the division and that I know what that you worked very hard without both of those guys as well the entire staff. Absolutely -- -- -- though it -- to be done. And it's not over yet I got there before is it's constant work and I'm so proud of them gave me they're incredible very receptive to everything. And you know did he does have proved to -- off. And pretty Infiniti pro he was out for the last. And he did you could have a better and -- I want everything outstanding Red Sox pitching coach thanks so much. Facilities just texted him Jill what's the best way to wash champagne out of the ones beard. South Africa I don't know that's going to be a problem tomorrow it'll begin it was gonna care who I don't have a clear I got it in my hair cut -- good luck with that. Our night then. We'll see what else we can do hero as we move around the club -- Right now most of the players are right the middle of this drama here. Facility guys or -- goggles which is a Smart move because that that champagne and staying as you know deal. I haven't found that out yet they're out by -- experience but that could happen any second here. -- the photographers down near the Smart ones they have that wearing your rain slicker enough. I think that that makes a lot of sense. But you know it's it's a joyous celebration that. -- -- because Rockets to -- it's certainly no one of great joy here. But to get the sense a couple of guys you've spoken to so far Ryan Dempster. And Vinatieri in particular they know that work's not done they expect to go very very very deep and Michael. They sure do. Would Bob here's David Rossi got us back. I'm glad it worked last just tonight. Yeah definitely -- I don't have the goggles but did you love affair on Jonny Gomes and it really works. They figured it out and you can't judge found -- John congratulations. Thanks though it you know this is the celebration that's going on and -- right now is just. Seven months nearly seven months of every day work and guys are certainly enjoying it. And in this in this Davidson played every time we got an opportunity to celebrate something we're taking advantage of that tonight. Back in the pregame went from 93 losses that he did last year when you were at Toronto win 94 to this point this year red there's so many different reasons but that. People are really the story. It's you know it. I just hope our fans can can latch on now that we are our division champions and of people watched this team all year long kind of come together. Answered every challenge that's been thrown away and that's the next step you know we talked about last night did in the playoffs just once that this is a significant want to when these. Is it is the -- comes from these guys and I don't the next step you wanna stay sharp in win now of course the best record to get don't feel well. I'm sure after tonight they didn't care this you know we will lose focus on what lies ahead and that is tomorrow we don't look past the day at hand. And in the hope that the benefits of the -- for our fans but the way we play at home this is a great place to play. Thank you Jack congratulations. And -- enjoy this tonight Bridget Jones thanks all right John -- this every day. As the Red Sox have won the American League's. He's -- division crown going as they won't Bryant said in the last stop from worst to first. And that really is amazing. You think it'd been name's Jill who were here already in place and all those guys have been added. Were announced rain each other the ball down and. Get -- Mike Napoli my congratulations your first year here in that. You watch that game when it's 94 game a big part of that is they win the AL east what -- you feeling right. Now. I mean what a team you know a great group of guys. -- from the Gettysburg trend we knew we had a good group in stuck together played together. There's no self business. Lot of hard work paid off in the Austin together in you know accomplish some that we wanted to do it and you know we a long way to go let -- Knows where -- is now and then. You're back out there you go after. -- you've been here with Texas in this position but they've never gets old let's. None never it never we'll get old and it's a great time you know. You go to a long season when he's out there and you know to celebrate some like this just so exhausted. At somebody's texting and already know how to champagne washed out of beards on I care it's like this week. Obviously bomb it and I Mike Napoli congratulations a big part of it. A terrific job did -- and -- Natalie ninety RBIs a career high from Mike. Came to the Red Sox to win like this and it is fallen in beautifully for him and for Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino. And Ryan Dempster have a Jake Peavy in the big trade and Koji of course we -- the Red Sox be without the great -- view we are he spoke with David -- Stephen -- don't forget Stephen as well and Alomar. Let's get Jarrod Saltalamacchia or salty congratulations man that you are passionate about that this flopped. Everybody pulled together played it yet there's no and you had -- probably the best year your career to this point. They Clement and it's hard not to just go out there every day in they don't like these doesn't mean. Day in -- out you know guys go out there heard. You know tired but that still left they're playing hard to the end and you know that's just what we're about -- -- been been -- It's going to be great if you can continue to have a home field that throughout. The finish this gonna enjoy this one and I didn't worry about -- -- Michael if you -- that he. Almost break your hand their high fives at the end of the game that that pick them up for the first time I realize he's heavier than it looks a the -- -- anybody yet but they got us like. -- -- -- in this game but you know it is that pretty much pretty much that's obvious that the that he huge money they said -- thanks so much congratulations thank you. Right. By Joseph great job there won a few I wanted to -- towel off and get upstairs unless you have somebody right. Nearby okay let me yhency I got down. I got Larry Lucchino right here at the presidency on Larry -- We have been here before it's been a little while -- this this week in the aggregate note did you know it -- it feels nicely. Now they waited and I. And Woody are pretty. This special beat them because -- guys personal likable but it was so light on your your. But yet you would and in that. And everybody put together a club that really fit and that the public reacted to. I heard that over and over -- It's like doing it made fun enjoy it and. Like light it up there overdose. And there and it affects him the way it played. The Spurs that and a few more to golf will be there and they -- at the time all right Larry congratulations. Those days -- great job come on upstairs says some of the Red Sox have now spilled out onto the diamond. Man was saying musically but goals and Jonny Gomes then. Mike Napoli. And it -- so many of them right now we champagne and spring some of the Red Sox Nation faithful down the right field line about territory. A lot of Red Sox now come on out they wanna celebrate this with the fans. The Boston Red Sox -- Fenway Park a magical night. The Red Sox are champions of the American League east in 2013. I'm not sure where gold Scott -- helmet but he looks like something out of Patten. It looks like a tank commanders helmet -- But along with a goggles. But -- at least that you just kicked. It just getting a beer Keyon and spread it all over the place right -- Red Sox dugout but it. That's that's what happens when you win a title in the Red Sox have won what so many of them including Larry Lucchino are inferring is just the first one. But a big one Red Sox have turned it completely around it turned it on its a year. And they're champions. The American League east tonight with a 63 victory. Over the Toronto Blue Jays. They just doesn't think the crowd. A bit of -- -- is about to address the crowd. We do want. We just wanna take you guys who support. Do. You. No. We have a couple of years struggled. Who got a tank car owners. But you don't put 220 together like this week. The greatest owner in baseball. No -- Thank you both looked long and we gonna -- -- to go a long way thank you think about. The joke is -- heading over to big popping. Boosted ticket split with a microphone. -- Steve Andrews little -- in the fifth redolent of birth please line. And popping it back at. My big congratulations. If that. He's got the -- -- and not beat -- -- hit right David congratulations. Thank you very much. We've been here a few times but that's not for 2009. By -- it's pretty straight and his the end -- what you're daughter Alexis. You know -- mean what you are. In our lives it was a tough year -- here we are this year in how we week. Our opponent did a great -- good team together. Man you know but you had a tremendous year but it's a club that that the players really. Mesh with one another they love one another and that's been a big factor hasn't it definitely got that great he was three. Man oh man in the open -- open. A -- Alexis how about this and I'm. Excited. What's that go to another rough post season. End ended it today. I my lately about that yet haven't and it's been. I. And at Duke but but allowed David that the next step but BA LC you can have some little RB LT has a little time to get. A little rest and gear up we just gonna try to -- the way -- -- we got a goatee. We know we had a great manager -- -- -- -- We definitely have a right to. You -- than what they expect and you know Boston's strong was still big this year. And starting in April do you think that really help this club but it together especially. -- You know and when when when the bombing hopman. All of -- throat in all of those words. You know he and and but it it stick together you know and and and and this is -- -- right now I know I'm gonna equipment that he. And I know I let it -- that are right now. That's very Ross said David thank you so much and that congratulations. To you and your family. OK David Ortiz. -- doing -- Dustin Pedroia and he's behind you. Just feel that there's been PD there -- his family as well call -- media over there. Let me more about that to get beat -- with Italian salad. Maybe it congratulations. You've been here before but this is that this is really special after not being here since -- night. Yeah it's been a fun fun year fund group. Mean obviously expectations that beginning we're -- on us and now we came together and play great all year so -- been a blast. Did you feel this right from. The starter early in the season when things got together after April 15 there especially. Yeah we always felt like we have a great group of guys and guys that. Wanted to play hard every day in and -- to win so it's been fun. And of course you would -- the -- the way with playoff experience which of course is invaluable. Yeah I mean it works side it was the guts against the played. Wanna continue to play well makes -- that we're not going in. But it's going to be fun. Congratulations. That's -- thanks so much you are right Dustin Pedroia. And players on the field that just -- by the knowledge his wife McNally and then. It was kind of money to a Suns -- was he was playing dad at the same time he was talking with Bryce you're one guy on you the other guy on his little one running around. Right around the pitcher's mound. And so many of the young kids of the Red Sox are doing exactly that really taken in the moment it's a family moment families wives. And bill loved ones are very much wrapped in today yeah today it today. And an incredible way for the Red Sox to celebrate tonight -- champions. Of the American values you know it's. It's pretty late -- course for these kids that beyond the field let me let me get Jonny -- series jacket that Johnny you're only. Prime mover behind Boston's strong you see what's happened tonight and I know you can't relate really want to the other terms of the consequences but. Everything did come together for this city and for rough Red Sox Nation. Yeah absolutely I mean we put a lot of hard work and our goal which we just went first and mean we got 25 baseball junkies in that clubhouse including our staff and I -- and picked point five you know better guys to go to war with. And in our staff and of course the best fans in baseball. You think would you put that signed the -- out of Cleveland that day after April 15 that that helped that he. Bring everybody together and unify the players sure like to think. -- you know but none. Mean these guys you know I have little adversity in their lives you know at some point but you know to be on a comment one you know I don't want -- And I represent you know Boston community and everything around. And a lot of people's lives that you know that incident touched and -- we don't have a chip on our shoulder for that granite and -- -- -- winner last record determined you know how much we do care but. Back to and he brought so much into this ballclub banks and continue to test -- rock. I don't -- Rock -- wearing his -- helmet back at that adds up to you originally played -- him and I and I Dave I really think that that you and I yeah. Didn't really knowledge idea as well when he joined the club but that now that we know what a leader -- is you know and I think yeah. The way that people together. Thereafter. It. What happened that April what was so important that it -- this. It's a great point you can't plan for those things Jo is certainly no one wanted to staff to consider that but I think it definitely was part of the personality. The Boston Red Sox -- and strong and Jonny Gomes stepping up this is a very eloquent spokesman. Certainly David Ortiz and and so many of the stars -- -- for so long but the new guys put their stamp at that time. On being a huge part of the Red Sox personality. And man look where it is taken distinct characters is something that we talk about this Red Sox club. All the time characters who had character -- characters in in pretty good beards as well. What it what a great night Joseph great job there we're gonna constitute. John Ryder here in just a moment to bring in John to who's here at the ballpark. He's here at Fenway in the studio and will be taking your calls throughout the evening till about 2 o'clock in the morning. So you can revel in you can talk about this isn't this special group put guys this special Red Sox season but is so money -- and they're saying do Jill. They believe this is only the first step. This is only step number one. Winning the American League east and now it is on into October. The Red Sox are playing for the best record in the American League which is very very important because if they get that. They will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs that means a deciding game five. In the early round or game seven in the later rounds those little will be played here at Fenway Park with a Red Sox were so very tough with tonight's win. The sacks -- 52 and 27. The best record the American League apple. So it's terribly terribly meaningful obviously. For the Red Sox. Well this has been something else has been so special and Red Sox remain on the field. They continue to celebrate their loved ones and members of the front office meanwhile thousands of Red Sox fans. Remained down on the lower level in the box seating area and all down the left and right field lines. Just absorbing this out imagine a lot of -- for season ticket holders. And a lot of fans who have like you know majors bought tickets whenever they could get them throughout the years and here they are. In Fenway Park on September 20 celebrating an American League east championship. -- my partner -- mistake early on I'd be able Bryant thanks so much for being with us tonight. Great you can join us the Red Sox season will continue. And tomorrow -- continue to celebrate this remarkable achievement but going from worst. To first in the AL east championship and a span of twelve months. That is kinda tough to get your head around but it happened here tonight.

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