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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/20/13

Sep 20, 2013|

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It's. Time or answer the question generic answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question -- Aren't we it's your question every day in this time brought you by heiress restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager or an insurance pro. Well they are asked to -- -- disaster restoration game plan please call 877461. At 1111 or go to a RS serve. Dot com argues that we got today Michael. About whole wheat -- -- I don't think about it either not complicate Pete's retirement before you know putting. Buffalo chicken on -- but. Now. Nice pepperoni pizza. -- thought. About it -- -- Start here at a particular. For me -- commitments. And better. Seats. Up -- A pejorative term -- -- like stuck that are wrong with an arbitrary at peace and it's one of the those feelings you're picking the -- -- you don't need to do name that is before each. -- need to be -- political. If you would you considering. This pie. Yes or so that you each beat you like bacon and cheese and -- all mixed together like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We need. -- about breakfast. It. It is -- that question. What you would like to get -- of sports like the shot. I would like to get rid when I get rid of this with them -- -- he. Male cheerleaders. Now have you ever watched college experience. USC the song girls that I do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's in the -- after he went there to get into the rules. How about. How about. -- no -- mr. Ever just -- what it is no more forty yard penalties and it is just awful. I -- that. The question do you think that was the plan. Yes. They downgraded a few years ago mr. Brad I'll stick with Portland -- -- always that are eight plants aren't. Mikey we're hearing that evening to you. That you can do it that much. But most importantly to lay eyes on demand is here to too and Mikey after the clinch Mikey can be taking it to the evening now. Next question -- physical -- perfect all public entity that we pizzas -- was. It was -- what does the smallest event you could break up the ball. Somalis that what is the least impressive thing -- were champagne. In your life. What have you brought that -- like you and your wife ever ever option but -- -- might. Life is his theories of that's all -- index the -- -- -- -- -- realizing liking at least you see each campaign maybe -- he's giving you blow something like to see the really big moment. David for -- -- or my house I receive it from seismic contractor get a new job or move whatever it is some big figure like Agassi before. Find that that ends up taking so -- long and drawn out over so long as there's no one moment that actually feels right there's no moment there. It's like there's what they were actually works like with the house right is the day that the person actually makes an offer. -- He had -- through the inspection and you go through the more negotiating in the waiting for them. Selling like. This thing for more than half I was neither the entire -- -- to celebrate a fine. It's not a facility -- tickets are one of the money. Out of my hands -- -- rotten to the core. The Red Sox pushed hard for the best record in baseball where they rest their regulars what's the best record in baseball -- importantly the best record in the American. Is that -- it's a favorable matchup what the wildcard team I think you do because they're coming off an extra game and should have there they're pitching line models. Next question I can make is still be fun with a to the world. Yes but only via the baby sitter for the immediately you know like somebody who can keep the two year old is the all the whole different. Than that don't meet mr. blitzer is putting -- stay up on the idea that the baby -- -- the Obama in the -- here during the -- sweep and we Procter and over to -- -- -- -- doing this thing nicely and -- are. Yeah that during the day -- YouTube Richard Vegas amusement parks and thought that they have great amusement parks and -- meted. We've gone away from Morton's earlier in the tournament. Is pleased to. Next question holly unit of the church -- at the -- -- to -- -- Church ads. Tonight our quick roll out in your house that your that your house in advance. Yes dispersants is when you pay off your mortgage champagne I guess like -- on how to -- Long way to go I envy you experience congratulations you get to drink at least two bottles of public you know how about in the last -- -- -- -- -- pretty good reason what does that soon. What does that happened -- is what are muscle how much longer do I have before the last normally you don't you don't -- specifically out of the -- I don't know how many are coming after Avery how -- figure out what allows would have believed plus it seems like they often come back as. I guess like that no love for my you know it'll change course where I didn't see it it was pressing question was what's -- did your inspection sticker on organ and because of a cell that -- -- -- royalties pleas were. Villiers B six LC models you right here every year flush come. Like you tell them repeatedly Digisette routine maintenance done -- ask every damn question how could anything be a bigger a bigger rip off in the inspections that they're doing nothing. At least this breaking your car run better the inspection stickers to -- -- all they're doing as plugging computer in your cards it's good it's 29 the worst part that is if you feel please keep. -- you guys are giving the next question next question them and ask your question guys questioned there's gonna get really really weird here this next question. -- does is -- though I don't know who's secure enough to answer this question somebody wants to know it jerks. Which WER personality do you think is the best kisser. Let's go to and we are going to feed -- we get it -- a bit later shortly ago. Well okay it's. We can answer that question maybe it's not a personality that you know. But I'm short young -- -- -- you about some people in the building out who we believe. A great -- and that's not a personality they -- personality that you -- -- -- personality are -- like about an hour here unless you fix just about the people currently are you still consider them to be human beings that that they legislators so we're basically just asked me who won images from the south or are you already made -- Now or order your food you want to -- used to work in the episode of the deleted -- -- -- -- like three hours ago was Friday a couple of very beautiful women don't really like 130 but on the battle with some of the shows a struggling afternoon -- What -- -- -- younger guard tell us what I've already said this before name's Laura. Ingraham I don't know I never had that I don't. -- -- it. Given Heidi that regardless discipline I'm hoping this helps. I'm hoping that by Monday at a good story for us we're out of here we will see guys on Monday for patriots Monday just -- in NC a great Bill Belichick is with a some Monday. I'm sure there will be any awkward pause I'll talk to guys and five under Richard.

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