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ESPN's Mike Tirico previews week 3 in the NFL with Salk and Holley

Sep 20, 2013|

We go around the league with one of the best analysts on ESPN... Monday Night Football host Mike Tirico with Salk and Holley.

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I don't know what to believe here techsters saying the Columbia records is Sony records also the Columbia still around nine inch -- sign with the recently. One Texas still. Come to death row sincerely your boy shook Cesar brought to death row if you like cookies on for -- -- I wanna go to cat. What is it that masterpiece did what was that called listen -- you stay -- we -- -- who once -- -- ice over a balcony upside down different problems so it wasn't a masterpiece label that snoop went two for one limit social limits yes it was great it was a major game for awhile ago where it says on the CEO metal blade records -- can -- you -- split CD with war. I actually have a quart eight -- war is set and then finally there is the president. Of EST AP got a -- Ascap Ascap I got a call from Ray Davies. Wondering about a thing called copyright infringements maybe to get back to -- gap he's. We'll do that -- -- pretty sure be right on it Mike to Rico joins us right now on a pitcher it's Friday here WEEI course habeas -- hi Mike how -- Obviously the facilities story like some Buccaneers it's four years ago but the well today. Their level of Michael's. Mike -- Mike to Rico. Singing. He was singing he's got a song he's god and such love and appreciate -- appreciation for Danny Amendola. It took Lola for of the kinks. And changed it to you Amendola. Look I thought I. You know I know after one game yeah he's only played only light really they wanna IC four there were three pre season games finally gotten knocked them. -- that bad that those local desperation. You say desperation -- dedication I mean it's really it's they're very similar words just a little bit off. What do you think. More importantly. What's your body language like what you're singing the Amendola -- It's important it's important for everyone here this is they've been a big body language week -- we talked to you on Thursday. And then later that night the patriots went out and won a game except they didn't win -- according to everybody in this town who's been panic stricken ever since the the offense is dead and it's never gonna work again in the receiver staying. And Brady is too demonstrative. What was your take away from that Thursday night. I think there about pointing. Or 25 teams in the league. That which maybe 28 that wished that the body language issue was one they had that was their biggest prop -- -- It's it's a group of fans and those of us who watched nationally and appreciate what Tom does and bill that -- -- the newspapers -- spoiled by the excellent spoiled by the ability. And it was just hard to watch -- watched Tom Brady completed 50% of his passes -- no it's not Tom Brady. And it was a reminder of how quote -- this board is perhaps more than any other. And the need look it's -- look better when crop comes back and whether it's this week which have satellite or. For the following week it will look better it will feel better I don't know it'll be what it was last year. But that's what you really get a sense added if I was the patriots and you know who delighted about come up to this medical decision. I'd I'd wait for the week you've got -- stretch coming up that might be as challenging -- you have all year slot I'd waited another week we've brought before income for back to. Well looks like -- he may be out there though Mikey he's been listed as questionable and Amendola is doubtful. So. I mean I see why wait that the guy is is if he's ready to go questionable for the patriots usually means probable. As is how they do it. Of that but that's why wait for the stretch we have coming up. It's the next three weeks I don't think you'll buy and then we'll know more about changes as the ball goes on -- consent. I don't think you're -- you'll slide it up for a three game stretch of the season. That what you have coming up what could be an argument if -- is not issue any rusty to play because you go to Atlanta on Sunday night. Excellent team that was seed last year. You go to Cincinnati in the singles. Look very good and some of us think that -- -- and there potentially this year if not a team that all the way to the days he can't achieve it. And while we played the world speck of -- I think if you look at the rest the schedule that's the re stretched -- -- the office but the pats this year. And I'd like to have Gradkowski is more often rule. Then questions but as we know we don't know which would receive in practice he's cleared -- ago. -- about -- you know take take another way to again. And in another Republican candidate as they see it that the same way that you do that that's a tough three game stretch and if -- gonna have the appetizer. I would say this publicly but you have the appetizer you don't against Tampa Ottawa to a team that seems to be in a bit of chaos and some dysfunction going on there. You're going cows you know for 2530 snaps then. You get them ready to go. Four that that that three game stretch against quality opponent. Right now you can you can make it work our way and you know what you're right about the dysfunction in Tampa. Well look let's just remember they played the jets and other than a bonehead play would have beat the jets is that the team that you just saw the week before you know there are there's. Certainly respect for Tampa from -- that aspect when you watched in the world in this business saints offense that we believe is gonna move and score a lot of points. It's just they stop and those were sixteen points. Those in the lightning delay in the game rhythm was thrown off there was some rain but this is a good team and maybe even more portly and Everett there it goes it. -- respect for Rick Schiavo having seem to work together during the pre season and having an understanding of what they physically do what it says we have. There's a respect for this team so it's in no means alone has the Buccaneers. Because they're owed to. On disposal of those next three week that is -- I think that the key stretch of the season. -- especially for their defense -- whether or -- you respect the offense which really has been the dysfunctional part of -- quarterback who is after very promising start to his career kind of tailed off the last couple I think really the respect is there for their defense so when you go back to that Patriots offense is -- you have -- -- put up 3035 points a game the -- used to -- going up against the defense that is at the very -- good regardless of what other -- you wanna put on them. I guess I just keep coming back to what you think the Patriots offense will be we talked to Chris Carter in the last hour and he said it's time to change your expectation level. For what you what you're going to see from that often have you done that with the patriots. A little bit but I want to see what gronkowski comes back to examine -- can be helped him because he's as the history of injuries. It seems that we're putting him into a bucket of these -- -- all the good place for five games. Well let's let's be patient with you know what guys change teams they change -- that. It's change how their work during the week sometimes they come back from injuries in different ways or what let's see how that plays out. But certainly as the young receivers don't you think this season's going to get better. No particular rests on. You can expect to -- with Everett when you look at the weapons December has to understand the players they put out on the field and the various Thomas and Decker. And now Welker. They've developed a -- David Julian Thomas who's been there for three years. Certain areas or the patriots can match many of those players so of course Brady can't be. What he had Manning has been very similar with all the years I guess we should. But the expectations back. But pictures and so when football games with field position special teams in successfully managing football games of that magic game means. -- yes quarterback cables screw it up maybe it's bad in the games your quarterback. Can maximize the ability of the rest of the team get victories. And that might be the role with Tom has to play this year. Well you gotta be in Denver on Monday probably and maybe there are ready. No I'm still won't be -- months Peter tomorrow. Okay he got raiders raiders -- Broncos for money and our football. I think we we all know what to expect from the Broncos were pretty scary or an office public about open you believing are you a believer in Terrelle Pryor quarterbacks Baden and they. And the raiders being decent. Now. Obviously not yet. They -- the bad -- magical but I think they they kind of snuck up on Indianapolis. As they played the first game and lest we could beat Jacksonville which is advised that it seems we've all seen here to start the season. Over the last few years. 01 of the raiders right now there -- -- team that and we talked with the salary -- all time. 40%. Of their salary cap. Is -- money meaning money BC of players who work on the roster. So once you start doing that -- get a lot of people off the street were trying to prove themselves away it's given them is. Lot of hungry people hungry players I gotta look at this is an examination with the raiders have done over the last decade you know they've been great to see portrayed as there. And it doesn't turn into players they have as a cornerstone for a dynamic defensive. He's gone so. If there's there's so many missteps along with a group -- quarterbacks being. For the most part to efforts to bridge and left. Another trying to buy their way wanting to do well also floors of play good defense and Peyton Manning lost his left tackle Ryan Clady. That's one thing to watch this game and I think for pats fans who were look at the bigger picture of how high can we get in the AFC. That's something else to watch is the Denver offense. Less dynamic and less explosive because that left tackle loses -- buried in the game is out of the year. Would you take from these Sunday night game I think a lot of people believe it was the to a either of the two best teams of football. Two of the best teams of football last Sunday night what do you take from the hour. I think Seattle proved that. Say we got match up -- If not emotionally and physically one of those two. Against differences though they're not afraid was -- Francisco we know don't wanna go to Seattle -- game has magnified again. On Sunday night the -- the -- the team plays the opposite way with. San Francisco looked so good against Green Bay offensively with Seattle's is that defensively reminds you there's secondary so physical and so good. If they are allowed to place of physical. They're gonna have a hard time losing games they won a -- game Carolina only allowed seven points. With its efforts as the rules -- -- that Seattle defense. And the Denver profits of those two units that I've seen the first two weeks have made me say well. So what I put Seattle at a Denver of these. Powerful right now. Isolated teams with ninety point two games against. What I thought were decent teams in Baltimore the giants so I think Seattle's one step behind Denver for a meeting was powerful as. Hear from a team Beckham scored ninety points in two games to a team that can't scored all the Cleveland Browns yet they traded. What Matt what many people would say is their best player and Trent Richardson what do you think of that tree will return accomplished. Well it's a lot of questions what they're trying to accomplish it let's first start with four things you never say trading at number one pick. Treating it you know what can we -- this season in number one running back to repeat it. And make your trade in your conference -- -- -- -- -- player with in the conference to another team group which has city get good support for -- that's the whole. Wouldn't be going up against -- to Indianapolis for so spot somewhere under division but maybe eating her wild card. I don't get the trade off on a lot of those aspects. And the people I feel bad for offense I think that's the physically since the browns were reconstitute in 99. They played fourteen full speed for the playoffs twice -- got there. A one wildcard -- was Butch Davis. And they've won six or fewer games. In almost ten of those fourteen people all those cities. So -- that has been hideous and it -- label fourteen and all. You tell your fans ate at the white flag we thank you for produce. -- or chicken out. I just did what most disheartening things I've seen for a fan base that has just been brought the first fourteen years. What are they get their guy that what is next year they take it to her -- picks they trade up they get whoever we're by the end of the year they decide it is maybe it's Taj Boyd maybe it's Teddy Bridgewater whatever the quarterback is that they desire. Look at public Cleveland Browns fan and I look at it -- we're never gonna win it with the eighty year old second year quarterback -- and we and the guy stinks he. Edit -- and we've we think that he's only played eighteen games. But -- -- which were distinct that's of their determination that's five. He's already past his prime -- he's like forty minutes to guys start getting better at his. Ability that they are the guys play quarterback for ever -- Nazis exactly what I would be ready to say he's. Useless at this point in the NFL would likely be seated as I would say. What objective -- stinks more than you do what Jack look at the number one pick and we run through this that we say -- Bridgewater is far and away the best guy. If you give away a good group employer for that that that's just my question of why hit the reset button so soon. 2 weeks into the season I'd bet that it's just shocking to me -- he would he do that I he's ever seen a baseball team makers it's great like that in April. -- That's true -- like you know what if the Houston masters had done that -- the Houston masters -- a real player that somebody else would have wanted to know Bud Norris was their big trade deadline thing. You are doing they've done that in April and what -- a problem are doing good work on an -- All right Mike Edger you judge or rundown of all the negatives in Cleveland. Advocates in nineteen quarterback since 1999. Yet it's it's it's all that it's all that -- -- incredible quarterback's. Hands. Ownership but blow the whole deal it's just been. Anything but so look it is the best thing that you folks have been blessed with the patriots fans there are few cities in the league and have a that you guys have had a you've got. Bob -- Bill Belichick. Tom Brady had the most important spots in your organization. You've got great guy great guy great guy. And that is such it Brinkley it was worth it thrown darts start to before -- -- they can figure out so. When we just -- stepped back to remove yourself I just wonder. I go to management and they're hit the reset button it's Friday against that but. At some point you fuel for the fans were loyal were great sports fans who waited for years to get a team -- have gotten up that nothing good team. For fifteen years. Here here's the here's the best news for you might not on the Monday Night Football and we're just checked it twice. I it is David Tibet and actually it's funny tomorrow. Is the anniversary of the first Monday night games reserves at December 211970. It was the Super Bowl championship. Against the Cleveland Browns think we've. Rodriguez has some plan for the anniversary. I hope all -- you -- -- may may go have a beer Mark Roberts who's. Stuart Davis in Cleveland. And he should have a beer anyway anyway whether it's an honor of Joseph or not I recommend you have a beer tomorrow night. Homer Jones and the other guy's terrific game it Beckley municipal stadium it's a 22 start their real quick nobody wanted that first game. Nobody nobody public at a football would work CPC was last TV ratings. Art Modell was a pioneer -- -- guys this'll work. As an OK or do they ever decide to do it. And it looked roundtable the voters basically that was the first game and nobody wanted to look at -- belt. At motel historical look at Pete Rose to give me the soup bowl championships. The -- think people gonna show up -- bill goes to the topical Cleveland Stadium. He's the stream of cars waiting to get in for at 9 o'clock game. Called the network is can we delayed the start of the game they're trying to get the cars are very good -- great the next day apparently the laundry and everybody -- from Monday and Michael. I don't see them clamoring to get at the Thursday night now I got the opposite problem and I find it but three days four days rest -- play on Thursday night not so they're not exactly psyched about that. Sloppy ball it's been like that since there's -- game started that you if you'll play it there's and I came off a bye week. There's the football that if you keep tell us players it is the most important thing that you shouldn't be played Thursday's. Little junior here like are we with we appreciate it we'll talk again next week we are there I might -- you can see or hear him and see him. Monday night in Denver he's got the Broncos and the raiders. In Denver on Monday and I are -- couple things -- wanna come back to -- -- -- your stocks more Red Sox lockyer today is also alcohol Camellia.

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