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Sox clinch the playoffs, but save the celebrating for something more real.

Sep 20, 2013|

We talk Sox, as they head back to the playoffs for the first time in four years.

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It sure is -- and -- here in the afternoon on WEEI. WEEI dot com as well. Are you prepared. Michael. For the unveiling at 3 o'clock. The unveiling the I've heard rumors on our harbor -- got you got to help me out here that matters a lot on the table today obviously was that. Huge night last night we got a thousand gasoline and -- got great gets really really against Cris Carter. Making his return to Boston radio hall of Famer Chris hall of Famer. Chris Carter making his return to Boston radio at 330 Mike to Rico our weekly guest joining us at 430. We got more at 515 to Big Dig -- -- Big day against wise the Red Sox clinched last night to pick up Friday patriots Friday there was superstition and the airlines say nobody wanted to say the phrase get to that. No hitter. Com all the things what -- I have heard rumors and I need you to confirm these rumors because I heard something about you being an entertainer well a singer. You're saying -- I'm more of a. More I didn't notice about I consider myself more of a singer songwriter type. Few I guess I'd like to think of myself as more of a singer so yeah I'm I'm somewhere between Paul -- breaks. Again. Can't really. Helped it to switch to like -- -- myself to Bruce Springsteen letter admitting and drives back into the studio -- to kick -- as these -- I can't -- be categorized now I will not be put in any category there's no way a threat to -- I refuse and are you think you know kind of music come out -- -- you're wrong I will go another direction I will not be put into a box McCall and I don't lots of rumors -- out there most of around but this rumor -- this rumor about you and -- -- -- Is mr. While icing -- but I will sing at 3 o'clock interesting article on the the you know I had -- -- finally there was a muse and it struck me. And like a lightning bolt I I was I was born moved to compose them as a sweet. Things are about your wife now isn't great I thought my sources say to carry your wife was structured use now while she's my -- is another way is not necessarily -- movement a song nor can I tried to I love my wife really like a lot. And so I would not torture her by having her be my news from my songwriting. My singers on it. You're gonna sing I will -- I will sing and as critical it's been recorded -- -- promise it's more than -- debut I would say that the baby is more than it's my debut this Australia have anything to do with the. He's got an audience he's got a following. And he's trying to be out more trying to ride his coattails like I'm not trying to replace awesome and it what he's able to do I'll look forward to you put together some recently that it after -- a -- to 245. We may need to play that as well it's awesome and all speculative fervor tonight at 3 o'clock today he'll have to just tune in and hear my my big debut and that's really the only way to discard. Last night was called nine hiding it -- -- the Red Sox game I was over at the garden -- about as I said at 245171000. People last night for pre season game and it's not for a cigar now yet to pay Foreman were it wasn't full prices it would be during the regular 70000 plus for pre season game almost is like 168. America is this great and it was it was rowdy they are into it Bruins don't put a bad. They were into it's I didn't get to see a lot of the game I know what jumped out to use those -- Well what jumped out to me during the game. But we we that the Red Sox and win this game they can clinched the division. So that was the that's the backdrop of an excuse me clinch -- policies -- spot. That clinched the division tonight ironically against John Carroll's former team. Of the Toronto Blue -- John Lackey had a no hitter going you -- Nobody wanted to say it. Just bizarre to me that aren't that so if you if you dot -- Where you Jokester at Leon Dave O'Brien with a 200 delivered him -- -- Joey and NBA if you say no hitter during the broadcast and he gives up hit it's your fault you're chasing him so you Red Sox fan. What is there in California or Maine. Any Red Sox fan who utters the phrase no hitter during the game is somehow like selling out his or her team it's. Our hero here's what I will tell you so I I. Well I I -- and -- either way you know Dave Sims right you know who data -- is a Sunday Night Football on now Westwood One as a basketball stuff but he's also the play by play announcer for the Mariners boy I was out there for the last four years he's been their play and play guy. And he. Says it as often as possible. It's like his personal -- he's on your side. He doesn't believe that there's any jinx thing it is he thinks it's his mission to whom you say over and over again this is a no hitter -- no hitters going on you're watching a no hitter he is five innings into -- no -- -- How about I get this is a no hitter going on right now don't they go appeal. Gentlemen three outs away from a no hitter Willie get -- no I mean he is. It's like he's going out of his way to troll everybody in that audience who's like -- would you just shut up seriously -- might disagree. I'm I like it. I know that you're not going to influence and Richard -- like the tradition I -- I love the treated like Goodrich and I play playing well I'd like play along I'd like. I like it among the players were you watch them in the earlier they're not talking to a guy right he's kind of off on his own everybody on them don't cross him. Don't do that does anything to them. What it would do. If you're -- to the game last night there was a lot to him you're going to between the Red Sox. That the Red Sox and Orioles you've got the chiefs' and -- you've got the Bruins. In red wings you got a lot of options. That was on TV that -- DVR so that we need to go back and forth between football and baseball. He just land on baseball. And they are not showing they're not showing the full line score right. How would you know they usually find a way to talk around I would million dollars and were they walking around you'd get wouldn't get at a larger audience terrible first -- -- first to answer. Expect to Twitter I don't click back and -- aren't monitored again they should be. And for those who mark that's on them okay I don't they don't deserve to watch the world jewel of that is that all of knowing -- to be on Twitter at home you know a second screen going and forget about all of -- yes -- to end. -- no hitter going right I don't and I have been. Like all the -- today I'd like trying to twist yourself into a pretzel to avoid saying anything about it jar large yeah their real -- here and I guess guys. You may want to state to -- something special is happening here Fenway Park I like that. And I know it's silly I know it's stupid I don't mind influence in the game. I know I'm not one of the players but I do think it's one of the fun things that fans can do to be a part of what something special what's happening let's face it no hitters are silly. I mean they're there and there's nothing specifically. Me to win which is nice. Sort of random a lot of great pitchers never thrown won a lot of bad -- and I would think that after Toronto video correct I mean another sort of random and they disorders like lightning strike every once in. While -- Nolan Ryan. I know so for him but if I can always the -- -- -- org or. It probably says it probably should talk to me during these are exactly -- river about four point art. And I have a character talk to me the entire time start in the second inning so please talk about knowing I don't know I don't. I like sort of that pretend atmosphere of playing along with what they're doing because what's the harm in Miami certainly not harming anybody. By eight by trying to do the same thing. Think it's fun no hitters are quirky and the desperate the work for the good work but what it would. Beyond knowing. Look at what we had last night we're gonna -- tonight. If if you're really -- if you -- abuse for your second song and then -- your your your your first text here that's all you better not -- hears it I'm going to sluggish first all right now it's -- -- -- -- first -- -- that people -- very very high -- -- anything there -- but -- second -- this might -- something might -- something -- -- the Red -- Has they clinch a playoff spot last night with John Lackey on the mound. Almost throwing a no hitter can have a no hitter a percent. So. That was unexpected. Event and not. Have John Farrell. Managing a team. That is gonna win the division. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have to give me another another mused channel need to know where to go with something kind of bright you know -- like -- blues salamanders that are really. In the second -- the -- think I got the guy got that kind of soul and -- -- you think I can do you think I can gold losing and you can track after a -- that I could try out at I think you should try to do the real answers I can't even go kinks -- -- god knows that I can actually do the blues. That there's a lot in there and I wanna open up -- 61777979837. Your thoughts on the whole though he did first and foremost if you. Have a problem with it if you don't have a problem within did you screw it up at home in some way did you jinx Lackey last -- -- your fault -- text messages here saying that it is that they blew it specifically that they talked about it in one -- in the next inning it was done -- -- this so people are. Hold themselves accountable which I think the manager with like they like to -- -- wanna hold themselves accountable for something. And a couple of techsters here in the AT&T -- liners saying that day one Texas -- Dave O'Brien mentioned it as early as the third inning. Another text her I don't know if it's true or not Republican we can find out here. Well we've got -- Another Texas as he started mentioning it as early as the Nittany. Which I think is we're. Also that's about the time to start mention what you should be dancing around -- I agree with salt -- text message -- for the first time -- thank you I guess and it was my dog's -- you had to go to the bathroom and then they gave up a home run while I was walking my -- These are the things if you wanna make sacrifice you expect the Red Sox to do something special. You have to sacrifice if you're dogs doubled to make that same sacrificing your problems your counsel that that wasn't just a home run. Doesn't just at home run like -- One winner you'll go -- what are you don't. Now that was part of like a constellation. Development. Unbelievable. What -- -- he's gonna give it up given up but I like that six or 7779793. Cents. Drugs -- congress and pitching line for John Lackey has been on the first 700. Two walks in six strikeouts he's thrown 81 pitches with one out years in the seventh inning. It was no need to say exactly what's gone on yet ready to be exact about it no need to do that Steve's a Worcester I stayed. Or that I don't want that John Lackey at this point in time you -- Well I mean how could you not be and it's it's funny with Michael I were just talking about this or Serena go here next can you think the Boston athlete that's had a better a 180 degree turn around in terms of his perception and Lackey. They give a guy that was as this like this he was. Tax for the entire year. And this is -- nice team and everybody wins when you hit in a way part of October correct or correct. Everybody everybody wins when you do what October. When you pitch and yet. The best -- possibly can and was knocked all the. Are you saying they're hitting their stride now in this are starting to heat governor grew that would I say this that -- that their starters have one loss. In the month of September starting pitchers have one loss in the month of September. Mean if you worry believer in starting pitching and timely hitting it this Red Sox team is real. -- just -- question. It's a very good course. And you think of it can you think of an athlete who has done. What what lack you've done here around my reputation if you think about the way most of UMass and audio to pick the broad brush but. 90% of you felt this. September 21 mile. And then you go to you October whenever the Bob -- story came out I think there was maybe a month later. -- -- you felt about John Lackey. You found out is gonna have Tommy John surgery and you thought OK I hope that he never edited item volume like a point and run it out of here out of town. Is everything that is wrong with professional sports you everything that's wrong with the Red Sox you'll ruin this team. So you built that way about John Lackey -- years ago. And then to September's later. -- it -- for John Lackey last night like everybody else but -- this I was actually saying no hitter. But I was rooting for -- you're really -- -- guarding against them or why don't you just how quickly or what you have to be so much better than everybody oh I don't join in their right it's so hard to just be a little superstitious and help out is -- so hard to put some batting gloves on -- go back and forth like -- does what's wrong with you I was -- for those -- source that that last night. When Ben was telling you yeah -- your missing. It's -- you -- you and you're missing a germ are you missing lack Lackey tossed the gem in a -- back I don't think it but it but say it. Lack you have a no hitter and I think they knew I knew where Ben was saying I didn't let -- -- that that what happened -- home run exactly -- says. Way to go out of the -- and he wrote nice going just recorded a it is your fault and it. Without -- let this guy thinks it's his dogs spot whatever little. Another guy because this white girl but if you know and we stated this routing that these are random events they they happen every once and a while their quirky everybody's got to work together Michael. Everybody in -- area house to work I did get -- -- -- this guy's dog still had to go outside everybody's got to come together it's the combined for even the article screwing it up the -- supposed to notre but the guy's supposed to -- the -- he's on the -- one days at the end of the world. I think it sacrifice if you -- no -- six point 77797937. Scotland and has gone. They note thanks a technical. Up. Lake -- preferences statement where back and I do not like evil right -- Oscar -- -- right at the Nigerian but it it -- Guy's unbelievable on. A shame on you know what I don't care you -- -- -- it was nice guy's a monster Danica at what music you. Want. -- -- -- like troops Jill Scott what is your point about the game 100. -- I put -- this Pellicano -- a score minute and only with his entire media review what's going -- we can agree to disagree -- what's your point on you know. It okay not do you have a -- -- -- guys not expect her dream team of broadcasters but -- -- he hung up after all I wanna do is rip Dave O'Brien and others the matter if you. -- -- -- -- -- Hello hey what's going. Yeah you can gain last night I'm sitting on the third base line. You having big delay here for a watching looking and boy to have a no hitter I'd -- up into the cabin. Completely different feeling I would be great pitching performance. In the lead the crowd around me we are focused on no hitter we are. I'm just watching him she beautifully. All different -- you mention it during the game at all. And Whitney and something like a little quiet and safe -- -- that -- -- do some -- but it wouldn't. You can't. Little -- bullied him Michael if I wanted to be clear on this the Red Sox I don't think it had a -- remember. Before Derek Lowe's no hit okay and 2002 right what was the no hitter of the hit and noble was a couple of years yeah for that. What was before noble had they had worked for like 20/20 five years and I'm not sure every I don't remember one Roger never got one right. Certainly -- you never know -- and -- that great game right new York at one hitter and he has -- perfect game through nine that he lost in the tenth when he right on but -- -- -- but I promise if I'm not mistaken in my baseball watching life which started in the mid eighties. I don't think I'd seen a Red Sox no hitter until Nomo and then lo and there was a wide Lester and there was one there was a -- there when there was. You guys notice it was it. Shortly I don't know what it was it was a Matt young married young had a day at a young had a no hitter but was. It was either shortened game or had a ton of walks or something right so it was a weird one yeah and everybody -- -- young anyway there there wasn't a no hitter for the Red Sox between the years 1965 and 2001 are so there is that right. Dave morehead 1965 today annulment doesn't look at what some young thing I'm thinking is something like that but it it it's not. Well apple figured -- regardless much it was just that -- what you've seen a few of them I don't know that it is sort of become owns. You don't mean like okay cool what happens kind of fonts and different -- you know hitter but they're not like. Something you're desperate to see once you party scene one and I think in the last decade or so we taught you don't want but it's kind of cool when -- there in a critical when you when you're at the game. War it's happening. Or it's happening with your team. I you don't necessarily have to be an end to enjoy a no -- if you're at the Bruins last -- -- If if John Lackey had thrown a no hitter. Arguing at the Bruins game you would say. -- you -- -- -- -- will be don't know what that value Robert Wood straight in fact I was saying now Linehan. We were -- is one of the cool things about it no hitters and everybody kinda. Hope would get themselves invested in it a little bit right I mean I. Like a conservatives there although all the hockey scribes around him critique it -- like. Graham ratified turn one of yeah television on the wacky like -- channel is -- is an 82. Pre season game the Bruins to address many of their regulars. It's okay if we turn the Lackey that when he actually game of the proposals like a sigh of relief. The ninth Florida Gardiner is a few -- -- -- -- is -- not gonna miss that Matt young had a no hitter and he lost right. That's when apple only night you know. Well but only could have happened that night on I four points clear when -- -- -- -- call 6170797937. Yes we get some bad news was that. We've heard from our. WB divers and Phil -- Rick Rubin yes and news issues whether or what what what what was wrong there's some some timing indeed. She's really we have to re record. You know which is based in idle time to make things match that we might have a 3 o'clock to close but it may be who will really wow. We are crack editing crew to get on that -- you get their bodies somewhat bizarre we're using notes that it's out of tune that crap and you know I can't -- on to the hell out of that thing you -- sound -- to -- Actually about I'm sure -- -- -- were joking at first but now -- now that Andy has typed in the -- was part of the -- of -- actually happen that's coming up on everybody that's coming up at 3 o'clock up until then a warrior calls I said six and 7797937. Plus. After days of discussing it yesterday Michael I think John for crack. That's axle canal W via. AT&T tax line. Says diversion in sector five inning no hitter in 2006. Always that was two years before I ran into him in the monopoly airport on my -- Big moment from women he's -- you you saw him -- what. He saw you first I mean I don't think so I think I saw I saw his giant Red Sox back in the monopoly airport was like I only know one person from -- it's -- and -- but here is a weird. Oh is that a baggage cart because -- cannot attract and get ready to report to us spring training. 2006 -- was a year everything they got injured men broke down right yes five game sweep of the Yankees. Remember it. It was right around radio on time. And the whole thing fell apart put. That's why a lot of people don't remember. That no hitter that season had I had some once they lost those five games the Yankees and okay we're moving on to something else in this. It was so weird is nothing like any of those is so funny talking about the that we have been throughout the year and they just they share so little in common with some of them the recent versions. Of Red Sox teams that we've sort of seen or bonded with or not bonded with depending on how the case may be right. They have some of the same part of 2003 I'll I'll grant the map but they don't have the backs in the 2003 was system. Bashing incredible item incredible a lot of setting records for runs at the number nine hitter won a batting title and they just. They absolutely destroyed the ball every single time Todd Walker playing second base and do what he can -- that team. Crushed the ball at a higher slugging percentage in the 27 yankees. Of that team sort out its own thing going on yeah right 04 as an immediate thing at the end but that team belts. Everything was so -- With them right 2004 I always felt was as hints as a baseball season has ever been everything it felt like if it wasn't gonna happen that year. Then it was -- maybe even have to be back to the drawing board like are you gonna have to blow this up if they don't win in 2000 for the NRD traded Nomar where you gonna need to do something with Pedro and and Manny at that point which obviously sort happened in some ways. And just think. This isn't working. With this current groups there was a desperation there was tenths. Tense atmosphere around the whole time that some of the other teams after that. Were either boring or dislike double depending on the year and this. Team is neither. This team is not boring this team's six lots of comeback wins. Wins and a number of ways. This team has. That they've got personalities. With the beard -- doesn't go too far though visible players familiar players that you know from the championship seasons we got some new guys. That -- getting to know where -- established veterans in Major League base and they got some young guys. Rookies who Bogart's even I don't use them Bogart's on this team. As we are getting juries -- Bradley junior got about Lawrence is on the honesty I don't know end. How about the way they they celebrated last night and the way they just. They they know it's a bigger thing. I think what this team they get it along the way. From the time when they wanted to have some type attribute some type of acknowledgment. For those who who lost their lives. Are those who were impacted. By the marathon bombing at a game in Cleveland I believe what that's at the six point seven strong and be strong. Everything whether it's baseball related or it's real life they just seemed cute to understand what the appropriate thing is today. -- -- -- And I like that I think we were we were starting the debate saying look if they do celebrate twice -- we're gonna crush them force they're bad guys. But I think ever would have been little bombed out that they did it twice in the -- they did it the right way -- -- professional last night and then tonight if and when you do end of clinching against barrels former team even better that's and you go -- that's -- you have the good celebration but. We spent much of the day yesterday debating the end of that game the night before right. Red Sox lose a lot of curious decisions made by at the manager John Ferrell when it. Well afterwards or or rather yesterday afternoon after our show he was asked. About that game. Here's the quote from Ferrell according to Ian -- at that Red Sox talk well. Last night was what it was so starts off for the adult -- -- -- going forward. When there's maybe more of a sense of urgency. With post season situations. I'm sure that's something that Stephen Drew and I will pocket two. Well in advance when the situation may come up again I'm well aware of what Stephen is doing its left handed pitching but there might be time for. -- you read into that might be it's hard for what you have to say he was asked about it time essentially I think might be time -- Portland -- Bogart it was pitch to pinch hitter yes. He was asked Carol indicated it could happen once the games start too -- art but but they don't you wanna see it now. Don't you wanna give Bogart some of those opportunities that we -- do huge hit four -- a playoff game the he's he's had the experience a couple of times before I would think that really confuses me about that quote. Is that. He seems that he seems to be saying that this was not an intense. Game the other night. I know it was gonna knock you out of the playoffs it was not a must win we know that obviously they're in the playoffs. Think it's a game that allows you to get a little closer to clinching the division why. But what about an intense situation here is my thinking I've been thinking about this since yesterday. And I would I go back to something Eric Wedge used talk about a lot which is or at least we noticed with him when he was in Seattle is he would give a guy enough rope to hang themselves. It just when you thought OK and he gets a real disaster -- -- to deal with their Ichiro Milton Bradley all these people that you just never want on your baseball team for for various -- countries but you just give these guys enough rope to hang himself when Milton Bradley clearly was it was it was spiraling out of control. If you're up -- every -- until -- finally embarrassed himself by flipping off of fans in the crowd and finally had enough leverage is out there when you're done. Started you're done I can't like you to keep doing those things I wonder whether or not this was that there we know how much pearl likes drew. But I wonder whether put him in there that situation was either say eatery delivers great no problem we win or it doesn't deliver now I can really go talk to him out a man. I I appreciated but I can't as far as I can with -- they gave every opera -- or not. My guess is that that was. Now that would be Mike well I'll realize I don't like I hate that thought I hit it really yes why the manager of the team. You don't need to. Show somebody that they're they're failing over and over before you go talk to Mike -- a wait until he sees it. His job is to play his job to prepare to play. -- job is to be the manager of a tough decision this is -- man you're now you may have to tell him some things is if John Ferrell noticed three weeks ago. I don't read it seems like Stephen Drew. And I don't think ever -- of form ever. It in the history based I don't ever -- report. But I think John if John -- -- three weeks ago that Stephen Drew was struggling struggling against lefthander pitching -- wanted to take them out. I think that's the time to do don't say well I'd know. I know he's got a good matchup for for a lefty but he doesn't know yet I have to wait until he figures out until he is actually you know I think that's a lot of what it is it's amazing actually humiliated. Humiliated just I think that's -- a baseball -- is is allowed a guy sometimes enough -- either to either make it happen for himself. Or hang himself. I think that's part of I think that's a lot of what these guys do there's so much. There's so much psychology and yes that Khaled yes that's the that's the avenue of psychology and not really interest at 61777979837. Dan is in Hyannis idea. There are up. Wouldn't comment on the John Lackey out one ER and about. Com. -- -- or anybody Tommy John surgery. The most it's not that surgery on Carter. You know a lot more Margaret that there aren't actually you know do we know about that that that's been talked about quite a bit. -- so when he. Wrapped or went down. That you are. Clearly but it was more than that -- let's go back facial expressions it was the attitude it was some of the things he was saying it was what was going on off the field it was more than just that he was pitching and also Danny go back to previous -- you just kind of glossed over 2010 he was here in 2010. And -- although he wasn't terrible if he wasn't great he wasn't worth the money if you look at as you look at his first year Boston. He was okay but it was not -- special this is his best year by far here. Well and it looked out that they -- -- -- on the no hitter at about talking about it yeah it's kind of what you hear an announcer here all the time you know. Well -- and blood is an -- last hour but America. It certainly against the -- While these things do seem to happen right in -- while he's hit 74 straight free throws coming into this one rank you -- it later it does happen a lot but. Some of the fun of it I really like the guys twist themselves in a pretzel to. Just to not have to say the fact that no hitters really special night so far and away if you're not near a television you may want to alert your friends did to an end to these final few more or it could be historic they have the that the camera the cameraman helps him out right. This kind of go to score toward them. Show all the zero lots of goose eggs out there every Orioles so far oh really is the right number of -- on science and I can do this -- it's not a song what's up Jerry. And I don't know Gerri great. Where they get out of Iraq and -- don't let a camera that's our weekly Internet oh yes I think you're wrong with the -- the mr. I believe that that he will be sent to war. And the this year. I think what the artist of the fellows doing exactly. Water management and you know now. I'm there which is what Eric in the people and that while. I don't think at the Georgia in this case I think. And he route to kind of mr. and -- you're a Smart -- and it's important time. And Michael he went to the -- just yet. He taught and that you know don't let them know I'm not desperate that's hot spot right now and -- -- -- for. He's in that respect the player I am not against. Them out. I don't know I don't know Jerry remain. You don't have to yet -- Stephen Drew is hitting a 180s. Vs lefties. Sure has -- -- you have to do it so. Let's look at 183 with a fives -- -- 80 PS against left OK let's look at the flip side. You don't have to until the post season starts. So what do players say this guy's been consistent he's done the same thing all year. Except in this case -- was Stephen Drew all here John Ferrell has left them there. And then when it gets a post season. He's gonna switch what he did the route that is a good point but I don't be curious even happens before -- and that's why would let it happened last night or two nights ago now I mean even if it's. Playing the the the the allow him to should try to show drew that he just is incapable of doing it even if that was the plan. I still would rather like to see you Bogart's can do it I'd like to see if that is something that can work as maybe that's not gonna work. Maybe that's not something that evil wanna try and eighty Bogart's is on comfortable coming in -- pinch hitting situation against lefties late in the game I just I guess I would like to see that a few times. Before trying it out for the first time in the playoffs 617779793. Seven's did you care who directs our -- play out not really. That matter whether you're not really to them -- their party figure out for -- we talked about the snarling opponent that you fear they'll have got to go to the morals are obviously there matchup for them by. Not really I I don't I don't think about there's no one team out there that's so great that I don't see them and if Detroit is that team. I think just be such a fun series to watch the Red Sox and tigers that. I'm not afraid of anybody and I think that would be a lot of fun. I BA I'd like to see them play the tigers act does is -- -- be I think the rest James Arthur let everything they match up really well with -- each other I thought the games they played against each other few weeks ago relief on the watched. -- I would I would like to see them play the tigers at some point I'd like to see a seven game series. I'd like to see deputy -- CS what Neil was probably it's probably gonna work -- probably I really hope it does anybody really -- -- CS -- out more calls or 617779798377. We go to Detroit. Hopefully Michael I know we've always wanted to yes I got to see a little piece of Detroit last night. At the garden Detroit Red Wings in town wanted to get a quick thought on something else that was going on last night that was really really cool. And a guy that your -- got coming up salt -- -- W media.

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