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Mike Salk's singing career is born...beware!

Sep 20, 2013|

Don't say we didn't warn ya!

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For those of you waiting for the triumphant return of Chris Carter hall of Famer Cris Carter to the Boston airwaves. You need not wait much longer about twenty minutes Chris Carter will join as part of patriots Friday is one of our. Rotating group of NFL experts from ESPN join us every week. On Friday about three theories -- Cris Carter at 330. Mike to Rico was great last week we'll join us at 430 Chris -- and at 515 the I am preparing myself Michael preparing myself each year. I laid on the vocal tracks and as part of the writing process of -- Buehrle easy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I laid down the tracks. And then we had a -- but I have not heard it. The fully produced version run like you don't rock band they do their thing. Record at all but it goes into post production. To literally go that albums how old they really are here and that's really where this this song is. -- -- -- -- -- Are you ready for might already this is my I've been really hoping to be a a singer songwriter one day and as you know you mentioned our -- name there. Even the dual in Amendola. I've been struck me you use told me before the season even began that he and I would be -- growth essentially the younger. Well this is my my load the degree gave him at all. It started with a drop the -- Super Bowl Brady. Okay. He had no way do. -- -- Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. We know. Okay. Okay. Have a soft rock at the end of the sport. The way that's obviously see. -- rack exports this -- come on now. -- -- -- I was -- -- tax amendment but the one issue I have with your song. Is that you'll really thought the pats were going to sign him -- -- that line not only -- you know sometimes it's got to work saucepan and hear the review of some of this they -- from the -- -- songs okay camp put in things that you didn't really think just for -- I told. I needed I needed Desmond Child to help me is the official songwriting. Helper here the reviews do like them from Rolling Stone and others. Not rolling out that who would like a combination of Fergie and -- I think -- from -- people. Texas super quick drink in 99 please stop I might surprise perfect and I think he took -- -- -- you. My ears -- bleeding. Shall personally to work so -- JP says he'll be live tweeting the Amendola song he just really it's just -- just okay that's all DJ gay and -- Here's the thing I cannot sing it all like anybody who knows me knows I can't think the only song I've ever been able to -- well. In karaoke is is that every rose has our report for whatever reason it was significant review of that that in the post production stuff made -- -- that. Point. I'm genuinely impressed I was -- that you -- -- while thank you that ruling guys like it. And then tweeted nice things about the -- W I lose these young men WEEI nice tweet saying that I crash it. Awesome and then -- -- couldn't stop laughing to -- Then -- don't think anybody crushed him and a look at that might actually -- -- like to say I crushed him until there's a very decent chance on its annoy you chose -- interest rates you know whose idea they get anything to do it maybe the fact that the names there and there Will -- and -- -- -- Some dollars. Quote here yes that's -- without the money to does this stuff. -- saw you for jumping on I needed you for the you really you really punched up in the appreciate any time greats are going to be making that available at any rate as their record label deal warning or Africa Africa saw him because it's on -- -- -- -- your albums of bonus track. On avenue albums a total my tracks available on Z two. And with the new law Iowa software it's even more difficult to locate that before. We've got a -- from -- can show you notes -- really when we plan that sometimes later later in the show or another day. And -- do we have -- -- crew conversations are gonna come mobile although -- sure our ticket I'm excited to hear sauces latest. That was my -- to Danny Amendola are Cris -- gonna join a tournament. Michael the history Cris Carter in Boston is. How would you -- Polarizing yes well absolutely I mean he has and he's he's a guy who. Doesn't mind sharing his opinions even if his opinions. Go counter to what you believe about short team. So he has said some things about the patriots in the past you've talked about Deion Branch. He has. You know he has -- is if you go back and forth you want to sit back if you ask a question what is your view of the boilerplate answer actually think about it. And he's not afraid to to shake things up a little. Well we got some good stuff form today I mean -- when -- look at the patriots receivers as they are right now they've been the topic of conversation -- For a full week since last Friday from from last Thursday night straight through today the receivers of the number one conversation along with -- Brady. And so. As you head into Sunday's game as there is there any other thing you'll be looking at more. In the patriots passing game of course the defense. Against Tampa's offense and you expect to win that match up. And then the running game -- confined to a -- does if he's actually able to return -- looks now as if he is -- all on Sunday this is the -- rushing to use -- -- I know I think that perhaps. He's gonna play a week three supposed to -- -- so that the relationship in the chemistry with those receivers. Is the story -- Cris Carter about a coming up next the patriots Friday here at W --

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