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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 3 starts and sits, running back depth and the Trent Richardson trade

Sep 20, 2013|

Welcome to the Week 3 WEEI.com Fantasy Football Podcast. This week, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson take a look back to last week’s Patriots vs. Jets game; examine the Fantasy Football Running back situations in several backfields including Denver, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Atlanta & Detroit, plus a deep look at the Fantasy Football implications from the big Trent Richardson trade to Indianapolis. Jim and Pete wrap it up with a look at this week’s ‘Starts & Sits.’

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This is open the season. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to week three of the NFL season in this week's WEI. Fantasy football podcast. Presented by our. Our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett never joined as always by. Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer for -- -- -- on the fast track to fantasy football domination I don't date. Our Dario I'm doing great doing very glad it's Friday was an interesting week. Last week in the NFL and in the world the fantasy football and just in game last night. And dumb we'll put off -- -- out what we can maybe provide our listeners today. As big a recap of the jets pats game we went into the water depth without last week and then maybe hit some of the interesting names on the waiver wire. There was a big and surprising trade this week that I'm sure our listeners want to hear public Trent Richardson. And then maybe take a look and -- your article about starts in sets of BMW yeah -- come later today. All right. So on so let's sell so let's start by moving back a little bit and talk about the just agents it was on I think exactly kind know what we thought would shake out and an ugly game. You know two teams gonna try to find themselves in different for different reasons but you saw a couple things in this that or interesting I'm sure. -- gosh where you start. Yeah both sides of the ball I thought you know for fantasy football you know maybe up to. Maybe we didn't -- because -- things that are just like blinking. Greens like other guys that instead we get a pick him up kind of stopped Michael we saw inning at bat. But there are a lot of you know middle of the road things that I think we're worth noting that Santonio Holmes. You know particularly -- looked. Like a player where if he keeps trending positively with before it. And the jets continue to get the offense. Going when I say offense going in the morning -- system here -- the jets a lot more than to do than to just get it going what doesn't. I saw some good things I think the -- saying that people probably should know about the jets. When it comes to the offensive that the the route designed in the new offense is just. I mean light years at a spread of office. -- over their finances space on the Patriots defense is no doubt about it they'd take their offense function better than the patriots I thought. In some ways it did you know our quarterback didn't make a lot of throws. I think that was the problem Smith just flat out missed you too many receivers and -- had ball Powell. Maybe for a touchdown. They threw the ball practically out of bounds from the sidelines your -- asks. Yes you're -- I mean if you watched the first two series of the game Smith missed a couple. You know throws that could have been big throats. They take you know pretty did so. I did I'd go Brady and that's one thing I think that made it might have been lost in that game with all the attention paid to. You know the problem the patriot receivers about Brady didn't play well. He had one throw -- honest to god it was like it was like going to -- -- -- to carnival when you have to get a ball through a really tight Paul. Keep what one -- -- I've seen this happen before Aaron Dobson was holding his hands in football catching like you know. Way it is handled perfectly. Dare to catch a football and the ball went right through them without touching either his laughter is right and noticing that happened before. Yes that was declaring his head up out of some not mistakes thanks -- -- came out of his break a little late if you do it's set up a bit that's clearly on Dobson. Is news that that play actually I think is. A good example why. Dobson did have a bad game yes but why it's way too soon to start throwing dirt on top but sure because that's the kind of thing that is gonna change. He's he's not gonna get caught with -- head in the wrong spot on that route. Two weeks from now yeah that's collectible you know feature that's the kind of thing where you can see a guy who didn't practice for a couple weeks -- that -- straying. He's a rookie on top of it you know and yet he's he's you can see him swimming a little bit out there mentally that's one play were -- expected him to break the route off clearly. You know -- now. Is it is it possible for us to tell just how easy to break off that would have been well probably not pretty clearly expected to do with the so alarmed having had a lot of stuff going on and they gave. And I think the thing about the game for me is that nobody played particularly well -- you know the jets' defense maybe. That's going back and took it just running that's that they looked all right and which I think that's probably as much to do with the jets block in fairly well yeah and give credit and after the conference seventh -- Did the jets are -- -- -- spoke about this earlier they're they're a little underrated you know it's it's the same -- -- in a lot of -- no quarterback. Yeah yeah. We've got guys -- an important addition to accepting help you to think. It would be an organizational priority but anyway this if you -- and the but I thought. There really was brought to see in the game I thought. But yet. The interest on both sides of the ball I think people were so busy killing the receiver -- to -- some of the positive stuff you've been -- for the jets. I mean this is a player. You know who may make it he may not. And clearly I think the issue for him is going to be hit. Yeah he's easy ET's get he has he runs good routes and make its opening looks like give breakaway element he's a talented kid for sure. Yeah his -- certain indicators didn't know how to run -- -- coming to did you yeah he came from you know an option offense. In college barely caught the ball at all. I think his routes really are developing as a template you know you're getting better. And if you don't you don't look like Dobson noting Dobson has actually outstanding can't -- just playing very well the moment. Kill the guy who doesn't have outstanding. And you just hope that he can. Developed to a point where he has passable and it's where he catches the ball. Generally. You know armed because the thing is you can take shots with this kid but he gets open downfield because he's -- mean. You -- -- -- six foot 4210 -- -- targeting yeah. I think he -- he looks good football player but yes I mean he's the guy well I think. You know I don't know -- even heard over until topic. You know you -- you guys gonna put the -- -- their ticket to kill them down here on that plane to freak -- yeah laws but -- defender which. Foot former around in just ankle had it right in the federal football league. Yeah I mean I don't think that's a player really killed while another drop in the fourth quarter did you guys are absolutely absolutely. But you know Hilton -- is a guy or I played really deep format fourteen team format yeah he's my badge. And I think I think he can revitalize the question Theo wanted to. In it it lends itself heading into the the this week's games which is -- he went to watch the game the jets it was it wasn't an even split but it was a pretty. About a pretty fair distribution between ivory and Powell -- the -- -- now I. Our podcast invariably. Slides toward your face says that that is I think as we talk about it actually -- -- -- -- but nothing to do it you. Don't know but -- -- -- question though it's it's you know Powell got more carries he probably. Quote unquote was more productive but yeah. If you look at your. Starts insists this week Chris Ivory is there and he showed something last week didn't units breakdown the -- a little bit and why. Why you may be one as a higher Florida has a higher ceiling. -- -- what ivory showed technical help but we didn't see anything exercise every that we haven't seen before right but we saw a guy who clearly. Is healthy I mean you saw burst you sought power. Obviously until a couple of patients are a couple runs just over the console and it and you know Bob Powell is. You to check -- just a guy I mean. I mean he's a nice player to have but the depth player is delicate. He'll block how old for the most part it's not gonna get anything more than -- blocked. And well I think he can be a good player for the jets is you know it's satellite players because you can bring it on third down -- the guy who can play first and second -- if -- -- -- -- just sort of you know he's sort of Kevin -- lucky little. Dish dish but doesn't. You know it's hard to jet back shall go to you what it's just a matter of I re getting a 100%. There anyway is -- gonna give them the ball I think the real question is are the jets now. Because look when the -- eye in the sky. They are -- injury prone sur block it was all fair criticism. Then they get the gang camp can practice mostly kept -- hamstring injury not a contact -- I'm wondering now are the jets' starting to say. Now these healthy -- country stays healthy it's not overworked this guy you don't so that's going to be dipping to watch I think over the next couple weeks but but as you say he is. I have into the start this week. You know more deflection twelve team leagues but it could be ideal place Linda bird back. It is a twelve team formats. But this week you -- if you had to use to like say you have Reggie Bush go to Georgia -- right and you're just scratching for back to play this week are Bruce you know you know Barack you know to -- in there he could. That's a perfect that's a perfect Segway because there we had a it's already started right did the injury thing as Arnie started. We got some nervous fantasy owners out there and then there's a couple of situations that have not changed. You know Baltimore's Ray Rice. You got to Atlanta with Stephen Jackson. You got Detroit we just mentioned with Reggie Bush. And there's a couple of the back fields where rom new things are emerging in Denver. Yeah though the wily veteran a notional Marino. Looks like he's. Taken over there and then you've got in Pittsburgh. NATO hope on the horizon so let's let's start what what we transition into some of those. Running back changes and opportunities that are out there and seizing -- -- to a listeners. Well I mean Denver I think you know it's bad it's probably tempting for -- -- like me who. You know I I think I didn't really think Marino I didn't think they were gonna do Marino predict personally you know because if they were gonna do it why didn't they just do it you know. I mean clearly showed some desire to move away from him by dragging it back in the second round. As you and I -- I think they get our first podcast to judge came by their actions are right. And by the action to look like they wanted to move on now. What happened and I look at any doubt about this if you watched we truly appreciate them and we swung into. -- you have to -- the guy yeah yeah just flat out outplayed in both. Tillman and the rookie Marty ball yet on any until the other guys step opens are played better. Or Marino gets hurt I don't see anything changing in Denver for the foreseeable future his start Marino as a as a as -- as an RB two and into. And you know just be happy about -- probably got a -- cheapened. It's it's going to be a nice move at least for a while the issue obviously with Marino and I think this is where -- playing with fire. Is that you know he never last. Yeah and that's been his history for three years. Yes so you know Denver. -- You know as long as they're playing Marino -- healthy I think they're going to be very good. In terms of the backfield. Where it's gonna get interest thing is when the inevitable injury occurs if it does. What happens then it is all going to be ready. Because so I think the more we see -- the more public yet this guy's not a few. He's a jag yet in Marino the thing about him is a distance perfect situation for him is -- Manning couldn't throw the ball fifty times a week. You know so -- -- it and be successful and a team can be successful. It's really perfect situation for guys out of the sketchy injury history -- is some kind of hang in honor. You know rising and then falling over the course of a couple years he can he's -- hidden there in the and he can be productive -- -- -- -- of wire is that he's got a -- -- there. And I Marino I don't think could be -- -- situation for himself to greet. On the end help. I I have to say I regret breaking and we can have multiple -- real high in the preceding and I think it'll get in the 56 where EU. Blood. If you go back and read our initial review did not back I really like yeah remember. And you know I think. You know like I sort sometimes -- to defer to retain its say well they. They say they wanna play they took the second round. You have to -- -- -- the other big factors you know that offense you don't have to be that good as a running back to. You're gonna get so many give -- stats in that offense just drafting behind Manning passing it. The thing is you got to win the job. And you know right now to me it's it's it's just not. Close Marino has just absolutely earned that job yet. Did you go against is out there. Yeah you're all the -- -- -- I'm not mistaken. Does a couple back in general. Pittsburgh the disaster I mean. You know -- I think the guided. I mean I know I like a couple of a Manila via belt. I'd like to the pre season music got. But -- 230. Pound running back with a ligament injury in his foot not good yeah I mean that's it. It's just really hard to tell. When he's actually going to be back at a 100% and a big back with a foot injury playing at less than a 100%. That's tough sure that that's a tough thing to really prognosticate. In the -- Pittsburgh you know what we're. And that if I have to say in my entire life I don't know that I had ever seen the Steelers so. All over the place. Had a disk and Bob -- that that's an organization that's usually just you know exactly what you gonna get you have the feeling that. Even if they're not as talented over the not as successful overseas and you're playing and you know what you gonna get it's gonna be hard to stop and you just don't get that feeling right now. -- -- and in fact when we did. The event that we can with with papers yet. I was speaking to Bruschi about that very issue and again -- I think where we left it is. You know I think the interesting thing in Pittsburgh is going to be when it comes out who is really responsible for bringing in Todd Haley yeah you know because of its public. He's in trouble I agreed. I mean I I like my publisher and everybody likes like that I think he's a pretty good coach. But if he's the guy who demanded -- I think he's in trouble now if that was a GM fire I think -- -- trying EU and but then that would tell you are talking about that's sort of been a good note. You know -- guy is clearly yeah. You know. That it could happen that regulatory resisting -- -- -- a lot of you know with the adjustment last year when I was talking to those guys we would talk about. You know -- Bellman Rex Ryan. And at the end of the year you're gonna find out who's responsible for what I. You know. Mr. -- extension of that arrest. -- -- extend this guy or let him bouncing a way to extend this guy I think at the end when they fired -- about. Answered the quick and can -- -- yeah I think it's going to be a little bit similar Pittsburgh this year. In. In fact I -- it. And this is another interest thing to -- -- look at the ravens last year and it's sort of a similar situation. With DOC with Cam Cameron yeah and then they -- came about from portable -- eleven. Yeah that's right -- season it's right. And that changed their whole season everything right now Pittsburgh is just so we're not the kind of organizations. To pull a move like that but if this thing keeps defending its spiraling if you have a wide receivers on the sidelines. You know talking smack Lucy and Ben Roethlisberger clearly not happy now with the new offense. You know it could be interest in and got it it wouldn't shock me. You know if if they faced this guy during the season. Tiger the and it's a day just it's it's really hard to figure mean they've got so many moving parts they've got. Felix Jones you have to wire never sees the field yeah you've got a Redmond is so committed to him that. It's hard to figure. We don't tell nobody about benefits and I think the patriots had to understand this because you've got Belichick who will change things to fit his personnel. Although I think last week of an inch to an example maybe the patriots not doing that some. But but in general. The scheme fits the team. If you look at Todd Haley two minutes -- OK -- -- Roethlisberger will play in my way. And to really dumb way to deal -- -- Tim ice system. Is the most important thing is Sandler is unique skill set. Is gonna fit my system and not the other way around. That's to me that's penny wise counsel. And it's uncertainties and ego maniac that's exactly what happened spar here he came end. -- the Redskins and all you hurt the entire offseason and her assistant assistant assistant assistant any implemented a system itself flatness face and. Side questions Kelly sure of that right now I don't think on the Chip Kelly front if they just stick with him and get in the personal needs to do very well I think chipped -- was very good culture. Yeah arm. And it's -- an accident to jets pats I -- -- an interest in things going out of that game you know for for a boring poorly played game. It was exciting. I was joking with some friends -- said it was nice of that's -- network to air high school game on Thursday night. And you know I thought I thought maybe I -- Mike -- at the announcer I don't think really took. Both quarterbacks. Off the hook and I thought he sort of insulted both defense despite just continually blaming the receivers dropping balls that -- not. He actually took the easy way out which is normally not his. They naturally -- a pretty good announcer my opinion but. You don't -- -- the defense is deserves some credit for getting in and posting up routes which I think led to some of the timing problem and both defense and I think did a good job and I think both quarterbacks. Also led to the problems themselves yeah I think we had settlement for cynnex. Early in that game yeah you don't see Brady missed that throw very often and I don't in the end it's and that -- interstate. You know I mean he. Obviously it's important. Just made the decision that improbable elements. Almost all the time and it was an awesome and I've ever seen anything quite like that. Like you lock diesel lock -- Welker sometimes and that it reminded me of that but it was that on steroids for sure. Yeah yeah why is it -- you know they were important and the thing that I think that where the announces -- this particular running pick plays all over the place bread route so everyone called. It's like this but ultimately if you can get away with it it's good recruits you know I don't I don't begrudge that at all. But I don't know that I've ever seen a player you know of quarterbacks fixate on -- receiver the what you did towards you know they came disinterested. He was frustrated you could see any -- in a trust issue I think he was. You know guys like you -- if you watch Blake. I'm going on memory here but it I think it was the first -- Brady threw you doubt -- -- broken his -- off but I think he went -- for a way to reversing that the content clearly didn't give Brady. You know -- -- -- -- have -- -- patriot players that during the route extended the reach the defense -- and he clearly didn't make British street Brady was not happy. -- a radio this rule us remember that correctly and -- A hundred yards. Well yes yeah yeah I think I think you're right I think he broke off we were supposed to let. Two -- three plays later she misses a little bit on an out. You can hear him scream you -- and -- and elements get out to get out so if you don't you know you've put -- when he wasn't particularly pleased early in the game. And then you know the pleased with. With Dobson are pretty well documented although you don't pass from the sideline you know again they are just sort of without. Looking at the play very deeply to sort of glad to drop but if you watch the play the options trying to stay in doubts -- you do two things at -- -- should he make that catch him but he should probably make the catch. But I I thought there are extenuating circumstances -- a lot of those plays were. -- -- -- The receivers a little bit of a break -- up -- on national TV they're rookies. But I think the interest and they took me. Which we bring you react at all. Yeah I've got an opinion on that yes yes he's look he's been. A dim their perfect soldier for thirteen years -- really -- He's been pretty close these enemies don't know. Jeff George is OC one time by the area I can say. Yeah he's been pretty good and so I mean you can't really get -- put it print -- I think it's been really tumultuous offseason about the ball right on up it starts. It starts with you know I'll restructure my deal you with a thought that you bring welcome back here from. You're you're. Did you do it took me out that was my point is hum but I think you sort of saw the Welker thing blow up on the field. Yes and then the Hernandez stuff in -- being heard just. And I think I think he's a six photos -- you know -- all he went all Michael Douglas in falling down there and invites if you see it again I think -- -- worry but you know if he wants a bacon double cheeseburger at 11 AM any snaps than I think we can try. I don't think it's a -- I don't it's a problem but I have to say I. As I was watching I was sort of surprise -- it it seemed out of character for Brady for being eat. And -- I guess the interesting thing about it to me is you know is it. The -- a competitive guy and he's always gonna do what's best for the team. If he's thinking rationally right tango you know and I think. I would I guess what I'm saying it I wonder if Brady could sort of just step back for a second. And -- think just for second what we have done it because I wonder I get into the which you know these doctors years better than mixture so maybe it -- -- was. Consciously. Taken these guys to task. You know out in public. You know to try to get more out of what I mean that's certainly possible. I think he has a set date has yet to bottle over to be careful -- you guys and TV like that yeah I -- it might not be a good idea not manager Jay Cutler to do that Africa. To get a lot of different picture -- big trouble but look I don't try to calibrate I mean. He's earned the right to do it yeah I don't know if there's any question number you can basically do what he wants. I do wonder about the time to do it but hey you know what. Just have to open as Mel Brooks says it's good to be -- -- Exactly and sometimes the nice its owners move on his day. Yeah. It's funny since I don't know anybody who is what about 45 years old or older got the joke that's our audience -- -- time -- it's the fact that if the. All right so let's what's the let's revert back we'll talk a little bit more about some of these running back situation -- There -- so you know there are and it -- what what we're. And what's terrible that there are all sort of hanging on and -- Fred. Yeah but so if you are these -- -- actually ruled out particularly -- that question yeah. Bush is basically questionable. Ray Rice is a game time decision. You know these guys be -- you know have the decency of the -- injection in just ruled out yet quote. But the action that's going to be the trick to this weekend is monitoring your players. And on some of these guys you're gonna have to make that awful decision -- all of us -- donors make him to do I start. The normal starter who are you know well my gut says this guy might be -- -- player yeah. You know -- of which -- you know all of a -- he warmed up okay we're gonna let him we will let him try. Yeah so at least our Reggie Bush rhetoric about that scenario -- do. You got me. I know -- just I don't know I know it's -- and that's why do you haven't -- back to go to I know -- deal. What did you go to W yet dot com on Sunday morning at 11 am. You're sitting there in the next 48 hour and a half cup I would somehow crystallized on the -- How do you live chat under the -- come with -- -- to the best he -- for you guys. I will not that much is true I look at the best I can about what I think this is we're talking about -- I think sometimes we get into these situations where. There's nothing that would help. You take -- football expert. And give the 5050 question what he can't take your question enter into 99 to one question. You know 5050 calls a 5050 call and it. So you know. That that's you know that's that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess -- know what if we wanna make ourselves look good here I think. Dissolution is something you should awarded -- right which is building running back -- so you don't get caught. In these awful situation. You know but. You know I someday we will do is read particularly its and we'll do the best we can't. But really it's gonna come down to. You know. People's individual situations. And you kill -- too deeply into that stuff you know I can't ask a person until we know that your lead during the chat and you know. -- You know like what let's put it this way. Let's that you felt really good about treating this week intact and what you can't have a good to back spot in the bagel. Right to feel good about your your total in this scenario like that -- probably just wanna go belt because even if bush plays starting -- of the ball. Yeah I'll give you -- six may be a full. I'd like any kind of push ends up having to leave early you'll have a really good play in your hands up whereas if you Playboy issue. You definitely leave out the possibility of second or third play of the game we can tweak and you guys gone for the day. So that's you know the best we can really do -- lay out the scenarios and let people make their own decisions but. You know that would there's a couple of those this week if they say were del Ray Rice would go and start the game go from there yeah they're not that mixed race persons -- of very tough decision to we're gonna have a lot of those. Two points on that just for the listeners one million league. -- now. No you league where the points are you -- my guess that I -- like a third down back and ideally get you more -- matchup that we I was just I was done I was playing habits of the another that's a sometimes is that this is a gift. Yes it does delegate number two running back is just a terrible match up. And in your -- to your -- you kind of like yeah. Well it is a little banged up act that decisions made I'll go play this guy if -- -- about it. Yeah I mean that's it's it's the reason why we tell people for a five running backs on your roster and minimum. And you know keep keeps second you know keep certain -- options open so you have places to go when this stuff invariably. Happened. No doubt good advice hey we are officially 27 minutes -- it's my favorite number I can't believe we haven't talked about Trent Richardson yeah. Cheat Norton in my heart I thought about what got us a good boy they are stimulants like guys -- one half I thought are you ready what do you think what you think that we. I don't think I think we're well I think we should go back to the same point we made last week about the colts' Jim Irsay is out of Somalia. On. Although what I did you obviously can make a good argument that they made -- -- -- here. I would I would -- a stronger argument that Cleveland in the country personal real yeah I think Cleveland native. At worst they need entry. Because they are a team that's looking to rebuild. You know maybe retool because they have a lot of good building block players on our roster. But. You're looking at it seems a couple things of that clearly it's our vote of lack of confidence in Wheaton. I think I -- says to me. I cannot -- what was -- 93 was the year of the quarterback yeah they had Elway Marino and Todd black which. And all those other guys don't send them the guys in there and Kenny O'Brien sits but yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we -- -- the quarterback. -- well at -- is also the patriots on just don't do what -- on the an infinite peace. It. I want to go to. But. This upcoming draft I don't think is going to be one of those. Years of the quarterback didn't you have it's assuming these guys come out. I mean is there any -- joining Vince -- says yes you know I want to that your college football -- the end -- -- -- accusation -- -- -- scrutiny and people read -- -- I don't think so I think -- coming -- And Bridgewater -- the worst agent of all hard right coming out. Printed -- it and got bullied -- the -- there are some guys there sure so to me Cleveland is fixable quickly when they're committing. They're saying we're gonna get the guy we want yeah. The only way Cleveland -- into the top quarterback on their board. To me. Is -- Jacksonville. Organically gets -- number one pick. And that probably wouldn't trade. But again -- covered because they'll get a position do you demand dealer boy or whoever it is that they -- yeah and you know the and they sent them don't -- the good back but it. I mean I think if there's one thing. If you look at the NFL and you look at all the teams are waiting and there will be multiple post season games with the exception maybe of the jets a couple of years ago. You don't do what about quarterback can you really don't put an average quarterback. You know. Are an hour afternoon drive host Mike sought a couple weeks ago said something but I thought was right on the money goes in what he said and I quote or paraphrase. The only thing worse than not having a quarterback is being stuck with one you know can't catch it. Yeah protective. And I I thought it was an attack jets fan I -- we might end up with a decade of that. Yeah you have Smith is going to be essentially redux. If they're gonna stick with him the way they've stuck with Sanchez yeah. Yeah it's it's going to be a bad decades projections and likely that -- you know at least Apple's well I could you know and and and that's idea I mean just. What now our defensive football thing for second look -- the -- had. That was the reason I I was not happy with the Gina Smith picked it would solicit thinks that the that they ought to think he can play a little bit different -- an average NFL QB Sunday. But he is not that got no air and when you -- when you're the jets in -- clearly rebuilding. And you've got. Which is -- for some of the names a deal crudely -- strong you'll be QB class coming up the next year. Gosh darn that's positioned to trapped building block players and to be patient so let's -- different. That's so -- Smart jets maybe not so it's. What do you -- what what do you make of Richardson in Indianapolis now. It's -- to -- I you know I -- we post -- Richards an article pretty much like two hours after the trade. I do a little feel like this so back total sales manager at the Ben Franklin. Positives and negatives are thought to have been negative are. On Richardson and you know. I do I set it up probably immutable course that it is clearly had two positives but the thing is the positives are big day there dawson's relate to go to play -- Andrew Luck. Now when you -- a great quarterback that can open things up field in the passing game and and and to some extent the running game too -- to get some guys out of the box we although the drill there. And I I also think that the colts now. Have gone and so all game on Richardson eat that what he's up to speed you. Have to think he's gonna play more. Than he's been playing in Cleveland you know people may or may not be aware of this but didn't think it about a third down include. You know again Norv Turner I don't know. It was like why -- is all over again. Don't. I mean if you look the last two weeks which -- didn't get a lot of touches in the second half to browse -- with a so I think back. Whole dynamic probably -- they tested -- yet to help them on the side. Battle sensible it would for the good outlets or two about what yeah. The lateral -- Jim Irsay made demand better run blocking we don't miss the -- Still -- that's not very hopeful that our egos to match progressed -- That's a -- -- not not good for a guy with yeah sure at a young -- to use you know I mean I don't think too much out of it but it's not positive but that's. Are on he's scheduled it's harder because the colts play the NFC west this year you've just got Seattle and Frisco and little that's not a good zone. And I just sort of this game so it's not. You know I read a whole bunch of things about how dynamic he's going to be now. If that's possible I don't discount the idea that this could really. DRR a springboard for Richardson book but I also think it'll look at the reality and reality of me says it might not happen all that fact. In the next couple weeks -- underwent a checkered shirt and -- people all arm injury you have to consider all the other peripheral. Factors that serves a couple of and a great points. Who are with this deal who are the -- Tennessee football winners and losers. I think the loser obviously if you -- Bradshaw I mean that's just you know in he's going to hold the record a bad beat yet. As bad as -- it's critical parts about as bad because you're gonna do it's a bad if you think about it. You know you're used to be a good call drafting Bradshaw it's just about the pay off and you lose on the biggest industries and create public. Decade now what are the odds I mean absent -- -- -- -- -- -- -- people thought well let's look back at all. That support this obviously if you have -- try that stuff. Now if you have. But I just could adjust scored on until the second I was just one quick point I think it you have title and Reggie Wayne probably good news yet they think. But the place stakes now are gonna help lead the receivers getting open so that kind of -- Cabrera. I mean you don't know how does that play out to you don't know how well I've been dying -- or you know McGahee. Or radio how those guys and play. Yes Tennessee football owners is they don't know McGahee was -- brought in -- Tryout and physical and all that. Also idea yet you -- play this week according to. Churches since keep. You know I I do think I've been I was going to be a factor too -- Bobby Iranians a guy who has a lot of talent -- -- -- that's it felt. I know a lot of people were really going all Lil McGahee who might work but with two things at the -- he -- Coming off an injury long layoff you have no idea what this guy's going to be like you. And did the you know the other thing is he's had trouble staying -- Yeah I -- coming off a long layoffs like that I -- that has hamstring written all over it. Yeah I'm just curious he's the guy the last couple years. You know to think about McGahee the first thing is he's played great football has been felt that -- -- last year absolutely but again could make it for the year so. They'll just have to see how that plays out. As for Gordon and all the other receivers and Cameron but I hit hardest hit it's it's hard to see this is good news. United and again punt on all. Brown a. Yup I don't that's part of the upside is that now they may end up playing from behind a lot entered the scene maybe more throwing. Over the football. They do have a good offensive line. If you know for Gordon. He's probably -- -- the -- -- but he's going to be double covered more. So it you know we're just gonna have to see how they handle -- this -- not to be a great week for reading the situation -- -- and we know that it will start to the -- Brian Hoyer stepped Glenn Hall are patriots and friends know well here on the corners got a dog. You don't you complaint was confident that he does he's a Smart guy. Yeah it's sort of the ball quickly. Right now you can that we didn't Garmin admit you know some of the deep routes maybe shut down for that -- you'll have to -- But. You know how right now I think Josh Cordelia to hold -- problem little problem but certainly some of his ceiling has been taken off. Yeah yeah we kind of reminds me right now like her Irving Fryer on the patriots and he was like them. Clearly the best player did they just couldn't get on the ball. He certainly had the best -- So you aren't good at it and the other guy we probably should hit on Cleveland is. Jordan Cameron. You know it is if you get a -- -- and I think for the most part don't continue. Could I don't think it's gonna change his wife a whole lot in terms of who's covered him and you -- you know. And skinny he's really. He can. Norv Turner's system. And -- -- -- would be if feature part of that offense I think he'll be right. -- let's -- to Melanie in a tight ends. There's a lot of them and but there's a drop off so if he he's been he's been strong early part of but yeah he's been a top -- top five -- and that is of their three. Top. That's good. Michael would get off to that subject and it's a it's a sick and I I was coming back actually from awake you know sitting in. Restaurant with some friends -- looked up but he has -- it's couldn't believe I should do as distant shot to the system so thanks to help with the coverage on that. Couple other people about the back fields in that. Where people or emerging that are interesting. Obviously of the injury in Atlanta to Stephen Jackson it was on Stephen Jackson before our. Knows that's a risk of always been healthy last couple years. Some your articles it throughout the three season and even now. Suggested there's no clear handcuffed at Rogers and snowing probably split duties are you better off tried to. Go with just an another -- voice data he think's gonna may be emerge out of those two. Are they all depend on who the other back could be you know I mean if you have a legit. You know RB two then it's an easy decision yeah that got. If I can. I would say in performance scoring not PP are scoring Snelling is a guy I would play yeah I don't I don't care. That Rodgers got more touches and perhaps it is it doesn't matter to me because she didn't do enough with the minute I I've yet to see. -- -- -- break enough tackles at the NFL level where I get excited about it. -- and -- is a big guys are calling guys. That's going -- 120 pounds that he could could he. He's -- goal and back of the beltway I mean that is good I think he's better than is -- to -- mean he's it would jet. Going back but he just always been stuck by another which it goal like desk. So. You know Steve Jason selling the guy I I don't think it's anywhere near enough credit just for his all around fundamental abilities but he also makes good quality cuts. For a couple of -- that size so. It would surprise me if you had a good week -- a real good week. I mean last week there integrating during the game. Right so spelling probably didn't get a whole lot of first team reps probably wasn't heavily involved in the game play it. Yeah that didn't doing out on the sly and let's take I don't know this week. They know that they haven't that your actions that could lead remorse no -- -- depending on the match at this for a couple -- and Arizona. Do new face that's what's in it as a badge around for a while but you know new to a lot of people. Andre Ellington what he thinks it's rich. I was ordered talking about a guy that tells -- Yes I mean opposite Andre -- I just like his overall ability I think -- we -- very much in -- on him before the draft. Even happened I thought it is. We didn't and that's true but I think his forty time of the Columbine was not indicative of his actual speed -- -- he injured his hamstring. Why don't you ran his fortieth become. A real force six warned. And did you could see him literally slowing down during his forty I mean you saw at about two thirds of the way trees -- and you know. Now couple weeks later his pro day I think you rarely got 457. And or something like that but again. Feelings on that yet he's still -- -- his best to try to help distract stock. Which will sport thing to do and he didn't get drafted which is good. I think -- Ellington. Healthy as he runs. I think he's probably like just just a shade under 45 if you aren't that tactic to force third -- -- -- Yeah and it is a lot of you know there's a lot that Arizona's one of those teams with running back that they have. They have. Quantity. In in in massive amounts to that only if quantitative but they've -- it -- back he had it got to the got Mendenhall there is all Alphonso Smith. There is Stephon -- it's. Get fired up what people are talking about Alphonso -- Maybe it's just -- that. -- -- recruits and well ill last year the Stephens-Howling was there Russell a lot of Jackson got -- yeah yeah I got a guy like -- is a guy probably do. Did. -- -- -- -- Well -- -- personally Gupta is sort of the BenJarvus green Ellis factor right yeah but from a couple years back we -- this without a doubt in bend at all you know just keep happening. Just we think OK that he's getting better to total now so yeah he's the guy who for whatever reason just keeps getting banged up I mean Brian Williams and I mean you click the Mark Pryor when he actually okay you -- -- what to say about Brian Williams -- limits ashamed of these actually not a bad back. Assistant he's still have a ghost are just like -- shall. At a young age a shell of what you are supposed to be since he got. Well anyway the perfect example of an injury prone player and you know this offseason there was a lot. I know what -- there was a boot growing. Surge of opinion. About how they are aren't actually injury prone players. -- I'm practicing here talk about which sites put this nonsense out. A Republican the revenue and noted that but. To me there are absolutely. Plus a 100%. Yet injury prone players now the key thing to do is that just the guys got injury history that we needed to -- Right to examine the injuries to expand in the individual injuries for a guy gets hit by what car you can't be integrated Tom Brady actually -- -- and a traffic accident last year was the year or something that would. They just continued to approach it exactly Tom Glavine got his front feet knocked out what is with the Mets and that's how the accident is another good example of the body injury prone -- stayed out of the New York adamant -- I'm Brian Williams on the blades Brian Williams are talking about non contact -- you're talking about never being available you're talking about. Constant tendinitis in both these. And you know and not to upset hatred and the and the only guy I. I'm a huge credit to any given dole and he's I want believe plays again I can't watch the guy bought yeah. But defended his injuries -- just coincidence it's -- come on man. He gets -- these trade breaks. And part of part of it is it is again this is why I think you have to look at the individual player. And they don't want plays so hard. Piece is so willing to put his body. And friends -- way to track this. This week limping around. Right -- that would continue to bring up I don't know that's a good idea it's a bad idea if ever they were not traders may -- you know who don't split. You know there's no doubt certain players are more likely to get nicked up whether it's still playing style. Like a Michael Beckett or whether it's just some people's bodies still. He can contact -- -- OK and able to kinetics of the NFL as well and I think I'd I was talking. Our -- -- the other day and -- some markets it's not soaked what's wrong with these guys getting hurt. It's good guys who don't get -- -- I mean look at that it's in the NFL these days. You know in fact we do it with our conversation with a little further into. How long from today are they gonna finally expanded rosters. Because. There's there's not a scrap of doubt in mud mud. But the future of the NFL it's gonna have expanded rosters the question is just a question whether there. Again I wanted to first get off their blanks. And doing. That in the first step is to practice squad and stop the practice squad. Practice yeah to you know I had to -- the five guys who practice squad I don't know if -- guys will have to back. Right you know what is so much talent in the league and across Somalia and. That is an excellent -- an excellent point because if you just go look at -- undrafted free agency this year. -- -- the patriots spread of the actual example right of the bat this is just cool up in buffalo is not drafted. So these guys are out there there's enough quality talent obviously you've got the owners the players association to hold butchery is what they probably don't want more players active -- But if you look at the whole thing with the concussions. -- -- injuries in general. I mean what wonder what kind of advantage would be to have more bodies on game day to be little out of some specialist on special teams to not have to put your quarterbacks. It is backup receivers out there returned checks absolutely. You know to have a third quarterback to have and one more running backs -- may -- -- it can cost I've got you know it just makes sense to me I think it's a matter of time. It is absolutely and if you really if you analyze injuries some. Right now -- even like a decade ago it's it's so out of whack it it's. Yes they're very people breaking down every night at the elite. All the players getting bigger and they're getting fast strike the ligaments and that's the skull. -- Go to. The collisions are getting you know more more. There's more force and you know. Absolutely yeah I think there's all cut into that -- but I think the soft shell helmets or something they need to consider the whole bunch of things get -- only to do but I think if there's one thing you can absolutely guarantee. Is that the rosters are going to be bigger at some point that -- -- you know. I think it would be great they just -- election year. Now because of who would have. All this stuff with the head injuries at all totality of -- it's not just -- these guys get in order to awful. Concussions in their career it's they're getting hit repeatedly over and over over well. If you have more players you can spread the -- of the. Absolutely great point anyway not. -- we've got fifteen minutes left so wanna hit one more. Team's situation in terms of Tennessee and they get to this week's -- he says it's sure all right. It just in development in San Diego. Lots -- -- yeah how about it but young Eddie Royal sized touchdowns you don't steer it like that yeah young Eddie Royal and. But I would get too excited about -- personal and obviously I just you know. Just look at what's happened not to score. Sixty touched the -- he wasn't anyone's lineup the last two weeks but mostly nobody he will be a lot of this week you know -- yet you can pretty much count on that I think you're gonna get. You know regression of the mean -- whatever your culture royal. That these extra -- -- He never should've been the forgotten player that he was under turner. -- OK so she should continued more last year that's part of the equation. And then he's playing some really good football and I don't think -- defenses have really given him a couple guests. There's been awful -- missed tackles and blown coverages and ability -- -- which -- the truth so. He's not going to be you know he's got to be a player that is unaccounted for anymore. And right and -- And I think it's been natural. Sort of lo and San Diego to me. I'll look at it Vincent brown and I was gonna ask you this keep god in my eyes on -- playing good -- at least snaps. And I think the that the bald and actually just start finding him. You know and you know what these guys can stay healthy. But I think for the extent that he can stay healthy for the rest this year could be a nice little player that right now. It was adjusting as Vincent brown might. He might pick up the slack in the coming weeks might be worth putting royalist stashing them as maybe Knowles -- serve him well later he might become the forgotten man again you know it's. Well I think at this point roster pretty much everywhere -- you know scored a budget cuts -- the first two weeks we'll do that. You don't sorts of the stat agency five touchdowns on your life. We can't fire the military. Arm and and I mean he's been a waiver wires and really deeply. Yeah you know so you know we are you don't see one touchdown could pick it up. So yes there's no doubt royals' hot guy right now. Migration isn't so -- to gravity royal but the crowd Vincent brown but that's just the but anyway. Play a lot of snaps. Certainly has some PP our potential. I have to say once again I'm baffled by the lack usage Ryan Mathews. I. So what frightens me is that he's an injury guy to -- young guy. That's definitely true and you know if that's what they're doing. Okay I can see that but you know he brought real hard he looks Helfgott I would get back on a couple of carries we -- -- come with Woolsey. They but you know but yeah I have to admit I'm still sort of in the proved to me stage with the chargers. Am personally. About rivers if you need a quarterback. You know rivers and I don't think he's playing as. -- these -- got much better that he played the last two years I think people didn't give him enough credit for being stuck in a terrible situation last year terrible coach. It would -- well it is certainly a coach and a general manager that we're sort of obstinate you know they're just very very Stoppard. An expired years ago I mean I think they should've reshuffled the deck they waited too long I think. How many players to get them that's where I think it can be apartment owner and I watched that Vincent Jackson's situation play out -- us. I think I would have gotten -- and fixed up before I lost since -- close. I don't since then they've been put out to left tackle -- -- period of time and these are good players and they're not bad guy. It -- -- is not some. Clubhouse attorney with a big -- -- Italy. He's tasted good football so so yeah take that into traffic I -- -- in the second round and then once he turns into the study's start nickel and -- and it's very jet sweep this so yeah. You know always generalize these. These holes in cornerbacks are gonna be so expensive yes but -- -- if you look at the -- debate that's essentially all. We we just hope we trade up if need be cheaper. -- nor would he when you have an all pro you have to pay. Hit an all pro and you know. The but the chart -- who -- these charges -- Antonio Gates were easy to -- lost you know drafted IDC what happened. Not concluded yet to predict offensively there's no business playing as well they're playing -- and you just -- -- my whole -- credit. Yeah I'd say -- -- you know I think it is so there is listen to this people that get so I guess as it is as always as the message. In this podcast is still called the wire is always going to be deep that it changes every -- a trip Richardson got traded this week so what more what more -- you need. We got like ten minutes of like it starts this and sits peaked. Put up a start and sets up that starts and -- article they'll be available on WEEI dot com today look for that. And -- don't we start at quarterback we like to do. And down and talk about some people that you think have match -- that you know ordinarily might not being a lineup but this week you might wanna consider him number one job yeah. -- I've made an effort. You know to really stay away from the big names there with the start that's. Because it's obvious I predict this week after the bad game but it is not not gonna deal with. Guys who would be standard top twelve quarterbacks you million plus. Yeah yeah and so you know Bradford I think this might be. Couch we said Bradford at the top a lot but you know he's played well like the match up. You know I think the one guy it would my starts this week that it might be a little nervous about his Eli just because the -- sometimes tough to figure yeah. But I think that match up is just so it it. They're -- probable this week's I think he let him -- well independent groups it Jericho. I want to go back to Bradford for a minute because the tablet cowboys -- pretty good defense -- -- like -- matchup. Well the cabin of an OK defense I don't know. How well they're actually playing and I think you know they play a lot of two deep and I think the rams are uniquely. Well suited to deal with that yeah because it got so many targets if you're gonna play zone against them I think particularly not a yeah I that the united another thing is just. -- than brackets just been really good guy and I can't Tennessee purposes he lost the game last week but. You know when you start. You look at it they've got table and Austin in cook in the slot. And then you've got Gibbons on the outside tell us. Competitive the other guys and you get quick. And you haven't seen a whole lot of them yet -- Stedman Bailey there I mean these guys they have so -- totally outside it's absurd. So you know there. You know the spread it out and they're you know the -- -- -- for Bradford are. There easy -- -- can find a mismatch prior to the -- almost place. Interest and exceed a political solution that is going to be a shoot out it still looks like with the Bengals and the Packers like candid on this week. I do because I think he slid open followed the first two weeks between that and about Andy Dalton and what -- not a great quarterback. But everybody talks about the first he misses. Which is fine but we should also include coordinating makes sure you know and you know the guys put up. A 4050 point 22 weeks he's been OK to tell you agreeing to be usually kind of petty cheap green guy and now he's got that are you for a guy yeah Geovany guidance. -- -- -- All he has to do is complete passes. He doesn't need folk eyes -- he doesn't need to make incredible throw downfield yeah he's got a lot of government did you know AJ green fees could defeat coverage single to open. So he's -- again a lot of easy decisions for a quarterback. You know and you know like I just think if you look at his first two match -- he had the bears get Steelers these are hard defense -- to play now. You know the Packers are decent defense but I think there's a clear way to be -- minutes before. Now -- up good good insights. Some guys to consider if you have someone that may be like the matchup on. I actually haven't -- good running backs. It was it was an actual running -- dad has won at the top it's just it's very pleasing if you own him because. So Chris Johnson and we just can't I can't save at bat and a good point it -- but Chris Johnson has a lot of difficult match ups in the first half he's got a bit of a -- it looks like this week. Yeah I -- I was reading some. Rather on complementary stop by Johnson and I wonder if these people even pay attention of the -- I think he's actually run the ball OK you know people if you look at. You know what he said the deal. And I think this week against the chargers -- I -- big game personally. Excellent. Marino you like him again and obviously talk to him earlier he's the guy right now. In Denver I think he's. Mentioned in the article is that dangerous Perino this week of an -- getting hurt or something would be that they put way too darn early. Oakland to -- and we can put some of the rookies this -- you know -- don't want that wicket if you are Marino got this week you're hoping local scores a couple. You know that's that's where you get in trouble but I mean if they're gonna have a big lead you'll probably get in there and score a touchdown or substance I think he's controlled play this week. -- with -- the ravens playing the Texans. We have an issue with Ray Rice and -- -- -- -- -- -- obviously but we're not -- know until close to game time but your community yeah -- -- -- deal that. All things being able. Yes it's ray -- ago when he was. 75. To 80% in Bernard pierce is fully healthy what would you lean on. I think it got to start rights but it's not foreign EU completely you know. I mean that's you know -- I tortured but firing squad did that either way. It's one of those deals. You know I can maybe just boiled into what's your situation if I have to make sure you get five depend critically appears. You know. That the trouble is. If rice is not a running back. Where if he doesn't. Practiced all week. He misses the game plan and thereby it gets pulled out for a -- -- Ray Rice a guy we just -- game play these young sons. Right so if you -- on the field and he's not. In any pain. Pierce could end up with a normal workload that's -- that it carries in. Great so you're gonna have to read the situation directory drone teams situation to what we will do what I will do is -- get to the best information I have Sunday morning. Excellent that's a live chat Libyan WEEI dot com. When you hit the home page you'll see it being promoted on that this just inside of the web page hop on eleven get your questions ready not because goes quickly there's you know. -- -- did I you know I've I've liked I can stay up to an hour once you get close to -- that I generally have to back out. But I generally so far been able to answer critical questions. So let's get caught a ball more running back situation unless you went away on a wise it's just it's. It it it's Green Day was made for huge -- you've had you that insight. Before anyone on a lot of their running backs and because of fears for us as James -- deployed -- James stocks. -- nine edit it down there it was -- Harris at the end of last you know Eddie lacy the rookie and was back -- stocks is back. Yeah and you know the funny thing and I think the one we really cannot -- ballpark without screen EU. And it's such shame that he had that ACL injuries rookie year I think even the guy who really was gonna bust out. And now he's on the jets -- and he's trying to get healthy you know. It's beautiful all the -- -- and Adrian Peterson and Gotti -- -- -- -- you forget about the guys -- don't come -- well yeah. Like Rashard meant that all right now out screens sometimes these these seals are taught that it takes sometimes up to two years to pick -- to get yourself in your -- -- I know I've given this instance ninety. The six. And you did have a lot of person's injury that's true that's why you're never thought a horrible -- But yes -- this week course of the bad angle bank will -- but I need to match up that's yup absolutely but I think if Eddie -- is not active. Started solid RB two. Is it the same for me did you tell. Yeah I think -- absolutely is an RB two maybe even intently leagues if bush just cooperates and takes -- week -- Interest it. One game that isn't really just -- with Tennessee perspective because it's one of those could go any any way games is Seattle against the jaguars now. Normally anyway anyway yeah well -- I'm well I don't statistically. And on the media by enters a victory that everybody could survive vs actually got a guy and I continue to accelerate being suspended. It when you have a a good team going against Jacksonville you know your fantasy -- gonna go crazy now Seattle to me is a great team okay to me Seattle is eight. A definitive Super Bowl contender. And this game could be fifty to nothing at halftime. So I was just corporate isn't -- it itself I want I'm wondering like you know at certain positions like all right reporters but if you don't album wondering if like. You can see. The third string in the entire second half of this game. Any time. I think you definitely are on to something. But one thing I don't think Seattle. Will do that I could -- your world but I think they wanna get Russell Wilson get in the latter -- and I think if I'm CL a little concerned that. You know you one too easy last week he's the oldest is much well he had been viewed so yeah you know put it quite put up 22 the first week I'm not mistaken and it last week you know. Mean that they -- what. 29 to three. It's just. The others they -- the second -- I do you think they wanna get. Russell Wilson feeling good about things so. Probably probably will cost darts at some point I think they're gonna let Wilson get if I could be wrong but that's my feeling. -- and as a slew of receivers their right to get. Tate Baldwin and Sydney I. I think. He's in my starts it's -- start this week I think he's another guy -- they make a point to get them off. Yeah if you want -- point three weeks and not having really been a big part of the office. Great point this great point. All right any not to -- one last wanna you wanna throw some of them -- we have time does anything in terms of starts its receiver Brian back tonight we spoke to start. We got. Did -- two minutes. You don't think we can talk about and it is rather uninteresting and we get I'm. Forgive me and get back to jet -- depth but you know that the Dobson touchdowns. -- -- very -- -- -- -- was as always puzzles you know it was a team Basra and the formulation was extremely original yeah you know you'd I don't think they had one outside guy at the extent -- in the it'll do the slot in the long mistaken. And I think the -- talk about is that. Again I know -- not a bad week it's that I like they -- amateur particularly gut but. An -- and then and that's been the other guy didn't pick -- -- to check student Culver adoption his altitude. Didn't want to covered -- and I mean there was a -- and dedicated to covering him. Brady was jumping out of his pants and. You've lost exactly I could actually -- due -- the announcers never told us is projected line anybody at the covered up some opposite they're talking about all booked -- puppet -- take. But terrific. The patriots had been checked outmanned on the strong side like five to forty unbelievable so what did he could just given the proper remedy to pick up 25 yards to. Okay and the police kicked out of police picked. Probably turned it from. -- what the police think it was maybe take up the possibility of him getting caught five yard right Patrick freak did. But the jets what happened that would play into the reason the jets -- -- benching team owner I think. Is known it was lined up high in the slot and Evelyn. When they don't have -- fifty -- perhaps an adult would love to -- -- literally had to kind of middle middle and I don't pumpkins nobody on Dobson. And then a -- -- -- obligated to good place bacon Dobson that you know she got that wide open turns up they need. Yeah they sit up without a clear just absolute -- coverage on the jets I was very -- information. -- -- Now -- that is something to keep an eye on. But -- that's good stuff be good analysis there and we appreciated. As I told Tom the listeners earlier Pete will be providing a starts and sits article on WB EI dot com today look for that and make sure. But particularly this week -- the injuries and all of the oppositional. Issues in flocks -- at particularly a running back. Come over to WEEI dot com for the live -- 11 AM on Sunday morning. Pete is all over the Twitter universe falling everybody doing his own resurgent look at you as much information as it possibly can't 45 minutes up -- the 1 o'clock games. It -- out because a lot of decisions be made. So that's a wrap on the week three edition of the WEI Tennessee football podcast and WB -- dot com. As a just said it teaches our weekly conversation -- He's the chief Tennessee football writer for rural bond dot com check them out. You can do that at roto bond dot com RO TO BE KH and Radovan dot com. And all season long to get the information whether it's updated line up rankings start to say it's like will be up today. Waiver wire transactions free agents it's all there. Check it out and you can get that information at -- -- dot com. And the live chat as they several -- Sunday at 11 AM don't miss that and we want to thank you -- tuning into extra presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun. And a if you want more website is I like to do these days check out WEEI dot com slash play that's the Mohegan Sun fantasy football league. And contest page if you go there yet there. You can win a free weakened the doing inside so that's a great spot. Do it check it out Mohegan Sun a world at play and that's a wrap Pete thanks a lot. At daycare.

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