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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: Doesn't think Gronk will play

Sep 20, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins the show to discuss the Patriots upcoming game against the Bucs and says he's not expecting Gronk to be active.

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Working hard he's been out their practice would be out there on Sunday among -- 937 WEEI the folks hideous PM boston.com posted their picks. Teddy Bruce Gil likes the patriots to win by touchdowns against the bucks covering. Feel the gates patriots by -- safety. -- McMullen patriots by a touchdown. Insider patriots by six ESPN experts twelve of thirteen. Pick the patriots to beat the Buccaneers only Ron Jaworski picks the Bucs would chill plus. Going to have made it come into new England and win this game on Sunday. A lot to do with whether or not Robert gusty plays like recent ESPN -- boston.com. Join us we'll get the -- picked on the -- which also posted. Let's start because it's such a topic all week Mike with the injuries and Rob Gronkowski he's been practicing. You expect he plays Sunday against Tampa. And good afternoon by -- I like to talk when we get. He I don't I don't think she'll play -- think you know my take on the person's debt that is the closest Super Bowl he would like I think he's ready to let it. But it's not the Super Bowl like with a certificate thing where. You make sure that you have you and the percentage of car and their concern that. No it's -- too soon and then you wait out because it's week three of the fields and so. I think he could play Britain will play that would lead or no and actually more from parents are important than any sort of current information. Just think that's a good idea I don't know if you agree or not but it it. If he didn't play you know with the idea the new limit his snaps I feel that I -- a third quarter tight ball game you can throw that plan out -- robbing and play a lot more you want so I -- If we decide to decide to dress him in play and he'll probably play more than we think just for that reason alone. Yeah Lou and an anatomy even next week which he plays next week which may be you know hopefully I mean I still think. You're in that situation I sort of focus on the red zone. I'm definitely struggled in the red zone computing and it's a small sample size he's been there eight times. It scored just two touchdowns that's actually ranks thirty -- step thirty and can lead. You know it's a small sample size we amnesty they're playing the -- the bay Buccaneers. -- they held opponents to just one touchdown in eight trips inside the red zone so I can quite -- not gonna play that he. I would -- like app limit him just to the red zone and make it so they are you aware of what you're saying is -- you might end up playing Mort don't allow it to happen chase. -- -- get inside the twenty that's when it's proper and helped keep -- I could see that too. But -- I think that to me that's what I would focus on when he comes back whether it's this week next week the week after starting the red zone and sort of work your way out from there. The other guy we've talked about all week is Danny Amendola Lou and I were shocked he was up their practicing here in the reports. Assault of people on the beaten like any feeling at that -- like this week but any new timetable for when you might -- back in the field for the Steve. Yes -- actually this is one poetry and it's more and staying true it's a little bit tricky in net. It's probably all of -- players yield you know and it's hard. To really keep the only one that has the answer this -- I don't think this is one of those where a doctor can look at it and say the court. Is that too weak recovery time because it's more about -- and it is probably an option here at the stat. -- conclusive but it's. It's a different type of injury will so it's not like a broken bone -- you can usually these. Captain you know you can get accurate for weeks or whatever it may be. Well I think that's why we heard some of the -- on ones that -- you mentioned last week to six weeks that's a nice range right -- Strange. Exactly what I think I think that's why there's been a little bit of the fluid this -- with him and it's so. In terms of waiting in the back I honestly I don't know I'd rather not yet but I think the point I would make is this idea that he's practicing let's. -- sort of put that in context when when we brought the -- as reporters. We see about ten minutes and the players are -- by -- and they are going through the -- -- might actually be real aren't very strange you and. We don't get kicked out of practice or I asked to leave nothing and it's quite possible. -- monumental trailer in two minutes later and heading back to the locker room and so maybe the experience. He's just coming out to loosen things -- maybe try to go from strength back. We don't get -- -- as you know sometimes insurance heat -- other injuries which broke -- the strength back. So there's only actors involved with the idea that he actually practicing. Quite sure how accurate that is I tune light jogging and beat -- And followed their Mike. The reports that there were two different opinions here that one doctor was telling him wasn't as bad and one doctor telling might -- sports hernia and eventually he's decided against try to play through it did you. Your reporting -- the same situation two different dot opinions there. I can get at this time out there which there you know he was getting different information and different people I think. It just comes back what I should probably more about he'll send at this point and that can -- a little more complicated and always cautious on the stock plummeted because that's not my expertise -- medical stopped. So I think probably the way I would summarize but -- this is not like a broken bone. Where you can -- a definitive timeframe on it it's probably more about me how do you seal. I -- what do you feel like when -- tested -- articles from there. My of one of the takeaways from a game last Thursday and the deliberate wrong recently to is a -- like Vince Wilfork you know in the middle there. Was maybe -- a one of his best games what would it be seen from him the first couple games. I I didn't think it was one of the best gains and and that. And when you see -- Vladimir due process former U -- linemen blocking them one on one that's not something you expect to see. When you sort of go back and watched and even wrap up the jets ran it. Very well against and that they're not running well the week before against the Buccaneers and. Every time. You know you talk about patriots run defense I sort of start with Vince Wilfork and so I think that's really care what you -- -- wasn't one of his best games. But I think it's 11. Game for him. And Michael back this season opener and they did a tremendous job. Against CJ Spiller. You know holding -- I think those 2.4. Yards per carry so. Don't think it's a situation where how many -- company Barbara what sort of run defense. It's definitely something to watch on Sunday because the Buccaneers we -- our community. And when you talk about a guy who has -- what I don't. Third on the list and turn the total yards from scrimmage you know behind Adrian Peterson. You know big -- top backs in the league. That's a big challenge so he's gonna have to play better for the patriots to treat and Arctic could play but look at these terms -- a key for the patriots and being. My -- of ESPN boston.com joining us to break down paths in bucks and you watched these first two games. Is Josh Freeman helping this offense for Tampa -- hurting this offense so far Mike. I I think he's hurting my and I had this goes back through the trade practices by just. Sort of thought the rookie they have my questions a little more impressive and Canon and I'm not -- should hear him tell you I'm out or anything like that just sort of the eye test and you're their first game against the jets I think it was their first -- and third and thirty fives and. Don't expect to see that from a guy -- If you're playing for contrast obviously that's not want him and when they committed where did you penalty that he picked any three penalties accepted against the Buccaneers at. -- for the tops in the league so obviously not just them. I think that's the one position that is guy's got a rally around the quarterback. And as I watch from a chart doesn't seem like. They're really he's igniting mat team they're not rallying around him. Some odd sort of curious to see I would also sometimes one game at all it takes. And when -- -- owned and the for the patriots you hope that's not against you on Sunday. Might see at the final is set point 417 to wingman and you look at what he foursome Pulitzer watts a lot of points with their release that often knowing that so you obviously think that. You know this longer lay off ten days is going to be -- -- at a big improvement. With the squad receiving the -- the connection rather with Tom Brady. IIQ. What has instantly Lou because it's a good defense sending your sister the Buccaneers I think you put Darrelle Revis on -- settlement. And you know you take away but one guy -- -- obviously clearly comfortable throwing to target -- -- Last week against the jets. So you do that and you make and sort of the young guys and you assume gronkowski and their units and dole has not there. I mean maybe I am 124 points I think. I just find it hard to believe they'll be held down thirteen again maybe there's a special teams. Touchdown in the air and -- that went through that -- always. Think it would probably be a little cute knee jerk reaction to go down low note thirteen. Seventeen points -- put it up over twenty but again not one of those where. I can you believe this morning playing out similar to last year when the cardinals came in and an upset the patriots sending things. Things sort of unraveled for the pensions substance that they and the Buccaneers have enough talent and says you know what if the patriots don't play better -- they didn't actually they lose this game. Like to go back to that the tight end situation we talked about -- we talked about the guys behind him do we expect this sudden felt whoo man. That group is ready to go for this game of gronkowski does not play. A Q and such so that's going to be ready to -- we spoke in the locker room today that usually it's time to eat at -- participation a week. And eventually and beautiful -- I'm not since -- opener when he played attacking you actually don't feel you know Arnold Ryder that he will. Our ultimate step into your car and -- you managed to do more to beat a longer term. Situations and pledged to open the option play the course. This is an opener and he sort of more like a rookie and maybe a more polished aren't aren't we see and so. The potential -- corporate -- department when England they'll come back and you'll. Meet meet detective -- -- that they liked and he and his -- and open. You know -- wasn't further than Steve really fumbles and a first Ricky prominent big week in the ground last week -- against the jets. Not much room there is second to be key because a pretty good run defense the show released last year at the same group. And so Lou and Logan -- -- -- -- like he said we have to have better production in the running game he had against the jets I think they averaged 2.3 yards carry. Last week and you have to. You have to help -- be one way to help our capacity. Is to run the ball and. Assists in the locker room within the last hour. Speaking at the right tackle Sebastian Vollmer will vote the Buccaneers -- decent and -- -- unity -- part of what makes it's tough to run against and this. They move around a lot for their hard to sort -- the pitcher and -- hands on them. When you walk a mile so -- should get inspired defense and they saw last week from the jets a bigger unit victory topped the run against this is sort of a smaller apps here. You know we have guys that you know move around a lot from but I I would have to think that's got to be a priority for them. Get the running game going take a little pressure passing game and also to create play after an opportunity against the you know a pretty good -- defense. Maybe you can run some play action -- not a position and opens up an opportunity for you in the past. Like great stuff is always appreciate the time we'll talk to next Friday. Our right he's the best like recent ESPN boston.com farm on Twitter at Mike Greece and Mike joins us. He's brought to you by our friends -- town fair trial get a break come back. I'll will pick the game give -- -- take on patriot the Bucs final score this weekend and the big game Sunday night you're talking about a without -- right this 49ers colts gain him major. Major offensive piece on the 49ers got arrested. Getting arrested 7 o'clock this morning they -- that is -- get to set for salt and holly next.

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