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Peter King, theMMQB.COM, talks Trent Richardson trade

Sep 20, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the latest news across the NFL including the Trent Richardson trade, the Eagles, and Patriots.

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Three of the National Football League underway game you read. His team's -- Back to Philadelphia -- when they return home. A lot more games this weekend only way to start our football weekends Peter King the Monday Morning Quarterback SI dot com joining us on the eighteenth the outline. So it's only been a couple of games since we thought Chip Kelly might reinvent the wheel offensively Peter -- back to square one. With this Eagles offense of what they did last night against Kansas City. Well. I think we're back to. Trying to figure out right now. The the plays. That Michael Vick a got blown out on NP. That he made -- he throws downfield but one thing you shouldn't do it at all cents. That is the -- so many options. You live to fight another day here. If you don't sit for -- the ball. Into danger area. That's the one thing what is saying that you know what I like to see it Ernie gains last week -- they at West Point. In -- to work in part the game at West Point. And one of the things that targeted David Charlotte and her coach -- got. Really great young mind. Currently one -- coach in the NFL. Eat now if you'd get the impression parked in the air that the idea of a lot of what egos and a lot of what -- -- goes. It's you have any answer for everything on any -- -- you know you have options on every play so Michael Vick have to make sure that even if he's under pressure. If he's got to -- -- rather -- -- to repeat her parents feel I think that's one of the things that is important pretender realizes he goes forward. Just feel like Chip Kelly cut a committee of almost trying to orbit the shock factor you know I mean this is it down to nothing -- for two. We make it ten to six assists. I don't know it's almost like -- -- -- they knew I do that. Are you that I have absolutely no problem that whatsoever properly why. I think for years. The NFL has. Treated. He guaranteed point at the end of the touchdown. As it's sacred ground in -- -- -- You know. Wolf -- guy says I want to treat point after touchdown paper. If you are two yard line and you are weird formation up that nobody has ever seen -- Then why -- got a screener. You know again. I would if I were coach in the NFL right now is which is prevalent -- am not a coach in the so. I would. Every play other than if it's. -- in a tie game two minute warning in the fourth quarter whatever. I'd go for two world apart. Because if you get really good added we do what you weird pleasing to me it's 60% of the kind of more which probably would he practiced it all. And used it a lot. Then you'd be scoring more points than you would if you would want every. And that that's that's the bigger issue but I think Chip Kelly looks at all that Stephanie is wide quite skeptical one. It's like -- through such an element of surprise that -- greens and actually didn't work right away in the -- Johnson didn't bark Ali. Are you seat at a replay ailing jobs and for some reason who's the wide tackle -- that thing. Block down rather than you know in like double -- somebody inside. Rather than picking up the guy outside now I'm not saying that Decker -- made two point -- in the and I'd like I'd like to take chances do it. Well it's it's receiver at the coaching part of because the -- the patriots play this week the box. Another coach cost them at the end of that game against the saints I know it's the 29 yard line it would look weird -- -- -- punted there he goes the field goal Davis -- -- saints go the other way and score. From but the people you've talked to how. How -- is -- getting in Tampa Bay and is the off the field stuff. Legit or is it as a smokescreen sum this up here -- Freeman Reeves and. I think the Bucs feel they have they -- they got a niche in the building. -- you know the regional players out there like that they don't know where a lot of the noise is coming from but. They are they're a little concerned about that that there's somebody leaking out stuff like for instance. You know leaking out there. That they don't think degree Shia don't take. The captains who got the most votes that he didn't -- -- Josh Freeman. I'll just say that. If Josh Freeman over we submit the team picture he's the only one of the hit the street. Guy or however many are structure includes practice court and be prepping it. If he's the only guy on the scene who made the team picture the overslept and and you picked except in that they -- -- captain's vote. Mean yeah I mean many people would overlook it -- Tom Brady at some -- he admits that. The boat captain he'd he'd win that are repeat any or whatever it. I don't think first of all that the guys felt that high regard but. That seemed -- treatment but you know the see the point that I was gonna make is. That story I don't think it's true I'm pretty sure is it true. So you know that that the great Shia cook the books but somebody inside the building or who knows something a little something. Want the public to think that Schiavo is doing the wrong thing. -- -- Ocean if he doesn't believe in Freeman and then you know there's some issues there right because you did Gordon did Vincent Jackson you have a great young running back eagle and -- for Revis you signed Gholston in year. You pretty much saying we're ready to win right now right this -- talent over there. Well areas but just keep in mind great -- get the job last year and he inherits Josh Freeman. Freeman played a year -- -- two years but that is on -- -- character he plays the year. He doesn't play well he completes 54% of his ball which is horrible in the felt -- it Tebow ish. And so in the -- they make a determination do we want to get rid of -- now are you wanna give them one more chance and they looked over. They looked at the situation they have -- even one more year. And but we're -- steinem we're gonna make improve themselves and the good works out well so far haven't worked out at all and I think the patriot you're gonna be the beneficiary of Sunday. Well and the patriots it's it's seems different weird to say this but is it just Terrelle Revis locked up joint settlement Peter this weekend make -- -- beat -- right. And that's exactly what I would do the pirate them I say hey you know -- broke confidence to have that experts felt that that's used in a plane. It was playing tight end what's the word aren't rock right now today is there anything near. It's been back and forth it looked like he was now. Looks like you might not have Mike our Mike Reese says doubtful to play this week that they keep could played wanna hold off global -- Peters what it's. It probably makes sense because I know that it's and they went to training camp that they I was at camp. I just got the sense there that you know the last thing they were gonna view that these are done in rush current parent he -- because remember in the app. They rushed him back and screw things up. So you're better off. Trying to win a fire drill game against routine meat should be able to beat pretty -- not easily -- you should be able to be. In Tampa. And then have this guy for the last thirteen weeks if I were them that's probably the way I would trade in the eight keeping in mind that. You know. The way they played against the jets they could lose any team in the league right now except for Jackson. -- It works if you played -- Carol you have. And he he gets hurt again. Then you know you you know that you made mistakes so I do agree with the proceed with caution -- here. -- -- his business here with us and we love talking -- and -- happened nothing NFL there was a big one. And as much as I might agree with the philosophy that Michael -- taken over there and it in Cleveland is getting a first round pick can have a couple stockpiling. -- outrage to win right now I still question the timing of you know going to weeks three. What to say to everybody right do you reckon about fan base. I can't I get at you collection okay Europe later. OK let's say you're playing on a pretty bad team. Okay and in -- in April 25. And your light you've played three weeks. And generally enter your -- let's say you were when we knew Brinkley. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that but I think that they are going to be I think you're aware of offers well my whole question. You've got like in New York City if you were lawyer you walked in that locker room unequal when he -- you look around. And see a couple of guys missing who works east Arab and inching its. Two winter contended they're gone. And I think. You would look around you tell you is where I think you look around and say are you kidding me -- three weeks into the season and we're playing for 2014. Not -- the thing I agree with the MF luckily most team that that might you know be more competitive I don't know the playoff team but defensively they're good team and they had Richardson -- was to Wheaton does but -- banged up but. Weeks three that that's my probably you know if there was one if this team was one -- seven I think the fan base -- -- today I get it but we. Three. I agree and I'm not even saying that what they it was our armed Spain I remember. Sitting down at. Brown's camps. In earlier market. And D'Qwell Jackson who's been around for whatever six or seven years and you like. The leader of that team everybody loves this guy. I eat out in the community preaching the gospel the browns clothes were close. We're gonna win. You know work that we get a scenes this year -- the current carrier lock up law. What stated D'Qwell Jackson right now when an even though. Even though trick Richardson hasn't been great tribute -- Yet I don't know that any running back is going to be great trip right now when everybody knows the quarterback is market urgent so let's concentrate on the running back. Mean my only question is what what he's saying to the veterans on your team and in in football. I mean a lot of these guys that such -- that short careers. And you're -- they're asking need to take the next fourteen weeks. The next fourteen games to go fly around -- -- in my career wins they -- it pretty much. It clear airplane to go to fourteenth. Peter real quick on the trade itself that it's being do you think it's -- what was any football trade Peter a financial trade 'cause Forbes had a story about the owner being in trouble financially. Now I've but here's the thing about being provoked into big party hate this kind. 70%. Of his contract. -- six point six million over the next three years which for. One Europe's best player on the team on average 2.2 million year. CNET spent silly I mean if you're in that much trouble that you need six million dollars over the next three years. C'mon it you know we can you three can raise that money. It. Oh well maybe you and Luke could Peter may -- you allude to do now let's say about that I'll tell you but don't put it on the you guys can declare that but opted out -- one other point about your. -- bet that that he you know. Because. You basically. Have to have -- paid 70%. Of this guy a free. You know in the first it's sixty here for eighteen game ever played hurry you're now. Are getting. Good bargain basement you're fighting guys. Right now because you are already it you party paid big -- so that's why I don't I'm not buying and. Peter great stuff is always look for talking next Friday and enjoy the rest of week three. You are up Peter King joining us here Peter King joins us he's brought you of course. Buyer friends that town fair tire joins us every Friday to get ready for the football weekend. In terms of the Buccaneers game this weekend the bucks game they are the box. -- -- They have a coach that makes question decisions they have a quarterback that I'm not completely sure right trust. I feel it is can be tough game this weekend. I and I know it's in your building I recognize that the patriots of the best quarterback the best coach in this match up. I don't think the jets right and opened as the did the jets are as bad as the jets and I and the patriots -- better of their. You -- a week later in this wide receiver spearmint they're trying to. But again -- sort of veterans. I feel obligated last week maybe a little bit higher scoring -- it's in the twenties split. Based on their defense as some other weapons on the outside. I it's a very loose ball game for the patriots and I'm not sure would've thought that going into the year -- of idol back and look at what it said. About these games of the beginning of the year it was. Three by -- weeks in the season starts a week for. This one has a chance to be a really tough physical football game against the team that. Could argue they are -- right and we talked about this will be guest to talk about Mike Reese. They're not many plays from being 210 here dairy babble Vontae David penalty. Any bad coaching decision and a seventy yard drive away from being too and well. An ideal would to record -- people eyebrows gather up that good. -- they're not great but they're not that bad and I. This a very loose ball game for the patriots this weekend they're not careful. Even in the world I would agree with you you know the only thing you'll force to continue to shoot themselves in the foot late. Brett did decisions it made late that you shake your head that there was a reason why they are only two and not to know it's pretty much what's happened here in in games one and two. Go to game once these stupid play by as a player and maybe stupid call -- coach staff late so. Still open that app that would be that could be your hope is -- come. -- defense -- I think it's going to be a challenge. I think the offense will it will look better. You know as much as I think that they will look better I still look at Gallic Revis and say well this guy's game changer. So he's gonna try to teach it takes somebody out of it. Right whether he tries to take somebody other than settlement. You know maybe always double team if somebody all over the place. -- top underneath and join Adam and he just takes away -- pumpkins -- you know it's created sounds. And just double team settlement ought to get after the quarterback. They have some skills. Offensively some weapons now again we go back to the quarterback. Not a rookie is up playing at a high level I think this'll be an interesting game in I think going to be a tough game. No question about ID two days couple keys this game ball on offense and defense want to talk about what do you immediately texture says don't be scared about what the patriots not perfect at home. They're Tampa not Denver underworld but. I would pass that with this thing out Tom terrific look there's an ax it weeks I mean pretty close close in on to the jets right made -- let's put -- -- -- -- -- he wasn't great knowledge it was an awfully new though assists. Guys he's -- with them was the defense of the patriots the one -- British defense is outstanding because -- again you look at the jets team a thrower so confident defensively. It was gonna beat him. There's going to be the rookie quarterback. Will be in the wide receivers. You know me who's who's a threat out there Stephen Hill will be dropped that he have for God's sakes. You know is it is an ivory -- Powell. And now look at this team got two guys you know I think they'll do their best to stop Doug Martin -- that's your best shot. He stopped Doug Martin and you defend Josh Freeman because if instead try to take just Vincent Jackson out -- -- about the passing game and Doug Markota runs all over here. Now that it's all that's gonna do is eventually open up the passing game as you gonna have to adjust so why -- both take away one. And that defensively go out there and -- on Vincent Jackson and -- -- -- that's the fear on the up defense aside right that that Doug Martin just tears you up I got to fear on the other side of the ball to 617. 77979837. The phone number AT&T text line. At 379 -- 37 your thoughts on patriots and -- Phelan. Is it as. And not a scared but a lose the bowl game do you view the box coming to your building. -- -- before the year -- had a couple weeks now watched him debate coming to your building is that you lose the bowl game for the patriots talk about it next.

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