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Rick Stroud of the Tampa Times on Pats Bucs

Sep 20, 2013|

NFL writer Rick Stroud joined the show to preview the Pats and Bucs game this Sunday. Rick said that Tampa has played better than their record indicates.

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-- drought covers -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the national football league of the Tampa -- been doing that since 1990 which means. You -- seven coaching changes. Ownership change I also hosts cohosts sports talk show weekday mornings from six to nine. Down there and after just wealthier and joining us on AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GL TE network that morning Rick Stroud argument -- Good morning guys that are related. Are -- added now there even care if the rays make the playoffs anymore it is staggering. And just flopped on their way to the finish line they feel like it even matters if they make the policies and. Yeah we talked about a lot done here especially on the -- it's that they've not had you or anyone in that stadium and other it'll play eighteen for first place in the wild card to another the crowd will be better this weekend for Baltimore I'm told. Armpit that that happened here at city and certainly you know you can't say that exist because -- outdoor games but here again. They still have a chance -- -- games -- -- to make policy group which is remarkable all the runner. Early Joseph Maddon haven't been on. The series about the -- -- Well this billion it would be a big issue like ink and -- -- -- Saint Petersburg are also population there at different quite frankly irrelevant example but. I just don't understand or device being beautiful bridge being a problem I don't know I do not understand why that nation but it still seems to be here. Now that -- and Hastert isn't big enough yet airport about to walk up that day yeah try to get 30000 stock. Are turning our attention to football but Rick what do you think is of the more accurate statement the Bucs are the best -- to team in football or the patriots are the worst -- and -- team in football. They both. You know the parts you are sort of it's cliche that good or better than -- economy. -- -- -- have lots and current succession like that Jon Gruden would say because they're two games come down feel little games that they had won it in a plane. Really well on defense and not -- that sort of that the positive. Honestly that they cannot throw footballs I'll -- or just nine completions last week. That's a career low at any. Certainly has gone backwards what's really kill our guys are the penalties they really the old 23 counties and many of those that are enormous and have -- and on defense as well and it's given teams you know extra protections and the reports on the board. We've seen how would the circles for a summit held element that -- And and just you know just starts to spell out on rock that's -- kill line upright so they explain it obviously didn't get any kind of look at it nordic could be. A cut out for anybody. You know the cliche is that the NFL is a quarterback league and it's a cliche because it's true. Ramon 45% completion rate last in the National Football League and this team win with him as the quarterback. Was -- a little adrenaline right now it edged -- -- probably -- -- -- coaching -- because it's the same guy. Last year set club records were over 4000 yards and 47 touchdowns he had three really bad games. But there's a stretch there about 67 weeks -- October where. November what is best quarterback in NF elm statistically so you know yeah you just frustrate the you know -- there. But I'm not sure that this coaching staff it is really help him much they have no tight against they have nobody to work the middle of the field they get to pretty good outside receivers but they're not. That speed guys figure they consistently. Put in the situation in third down I wanna run that -- which is great -- Herbert 44 yards. Oh yeah guided it to make his only throw on third down puts a lot of pressure on him to convert. -- and they'll do these first two weeks. Do you think that the -- I know and freemen have a future together of the going to be 23 years from now. He's going to be the same. They'll I think that you -- -- again when you when you become a franchise. That that goes through this cycle that I'm married up there with coach and quarterback reaching a coach and any company changed as a quarterback commitment that work reaches coached. We're the Bucs worked for years -- mean it is no secret that the guys that. Succeed in this league are the ones that are that continuity of coaching quarterback. And maybe the quarterback like Tom Brady helped support straightaway stare out burger a long time but whatever that is. You've got to be all that quarterback in this -- Whether it's just you know. That service or not and not see that -- outset that things I want competition at he's it's just free you mind if is that your rookie you know it ended up winning that job. So the whole time that -- that into a contract here I think parents to a sector. Is the rookie -- and is that his guys that she and those guys. His only a matter of time where he makes this transition and goes forward with that with the big young stud. What you wonder how many games they can lose it is that they have lots ever at a -- -- -- And at their last state in and certainly be a tough one went in going on Sunday so. In that situation to agricultural tractors he wasn't you'd like a Chip Kelly who played the national championships that a larger program or conference or insult. You know you have got a locker room at any rate. Great it's tough guy writes it's it to win -- so I mean I don't know planet. Oh. That you know that they they think that he can play you know in future years ago outside Smart -- ticket physical skills but he knows that right now. Again it gives in the best chance to win but you know at some point. It becomes about the future he's got all the record I would think. -- start in start trying to return. You'll save himself if you will buy machine if he's young and sport they're helped support some games. -- reports I saw yesterday the -- clear the year or shot or that it's fine bill what during the week this is growing disconnect with Schiavo would Freeman and it Revis and the players are sort of strict disciplinary thing is is not working as a something it's that's the re how deep is this disconnect right now mr. disorganization. Well I think again anytime you don't win and and you know graphic I think grind them really hard during the week I mean he really does work government and any Agassi at a little -- college strong and the way he does it. But -- -- -- case arena just -- starting your stuff he Palo locker room and outside you know. That there's frustration I think are -- reduces frustrates there's probably that that that you're a thorough -- And now -- Cuba in the final drive against New Orleans. You know he ended up not covering Marcus Colston in the slot are critical -- -- 31 yard completion of these jets can still on the outside his rookie. And I think that you know you brought -- here talking to rally since I wanna be put somebody very silent W about receiver has let me show our growth story ghost. You want to use that way I think the frustration probably isn't. Those -- admitted they they need to do a better job of putting him in those positions that they. They would like to have done that they had to do over but to -- that's the frustration with Darrelle Revis right now. Revis is gonna be really confused on Sunday the patriots have a best wide receiver. Or. Rebel and ethnic I -- a former quarterback. Yeah yeah now the release may you know I'm gonna probably target of our times that. Good spirits Munich do they do you pick out of that that poetry and recover. They use the formula as simple as stop Doug Morton and just up the bucks. Well you certainly want to start -- I think every team does say this this'll be an extra week. For the -- -- -- certainly going up against -- -- defense but they didn't area Carl and expect and Carl Nicks -- tell you the difference maker. Yet has not played a game without adjustment which was into -- brought him here. Last years to create and he suggests wall ups and the senators and it is guys man very strong could be at hand and and don't wanna -- up front line together. I think Doug Martin Murray is ample amount -- a lot of -- you start there you try to stop Doug Martin put jobs. You know Burton law essentially keep your partner of -- time -- so I think that if if you can contain Iraq if he certainly are all point toward where it. L on the same subject of a running game what is at the patriots -- Garret blunt and is he here because of Doug Martin's emergence. I think so and I also think it you know what what they've now with Garrett now they've discovered that it knowing -- just yet but he's a one dimensional back I mean it. That facility horrible way but it. He's not a they can run up early doesn't have enough speed to you know they were shorter terms Utley he's done -- you can't really use them in the passing game at a good pass protector I don't think -- rescue with with radio -- field in the and a passing situation not a great route -- So what are you doing that you -- between attack will be putting game everybody knows that that's what he's gonna do. So. You know it I just don't think he's fit in it it would say that Doug Martin I mean. Thanks -- great rice and Doug Martin is almost a call about what you think about what you run through my -- of that so that Greg has -- -- -- And there was no room really for about -- you know for him at all -- here. Last year -- Belichick -- element -- big deal and to leave and that appear and help that he still here and happy with them. This year they either corner of the got it done this year they need a wideout. What happened at the Bucs fall out of the race and they probably will there one and five were Owens Nixon. The -- checks to make a ton of money and he's still protect he's still looks good would they consider -- trade and one not one ounce on the -- -- one. Well I mean you know -- -- -- romance between shell and go check it -- -- any -- possible put. You make a point did you know mr. Jackson has just make about fourteen many years and is two years that are really guarantee. This will be the last year those tendencies so -- they wanna bring him back at the outrage an older player. Competition. But the problem is they don't have anybody to play receiver down here outside of Branson and Mike -- so that now would be difficult to put yourself who you gonna -- I guess not that would be out of realm possibility sure. You know that was one of the things last year and this year to the people's people who. Critical Belichick say hasn't spent money a wide receivers just invite a position -- did they spent 26 million dollars guaranteed and Jackson you've seen him now. -- a couple of games isn't it worth the investment. You know he didn't really -- I was surprised that -- -- because of a one dimensional you're down the field but he led the NFL in yards per catch in the one thing they've done -- that -- -- different down here. You don't like or it was this you know remote camera on east play -- a lot. Aside to get some to Lagos instead of just being outside the numbers where he's easily you know you just keep safety over the but. He's you know he drops the ball certainly had a big game the first week it's it's. I think he's been very restricted for the young guys being good in the room as they say they -- pro -- negativity who has talked to the reporters which you know but that's sort. I'll Belichick and you don't want him anymore -- got. It's you're -- because either doctor -- at all. So love Vincent Jackson -- Aqib Talib is the featured matchup on Sunday fairness act. Yeah I think so I think that's where they'll go unless you know you can always units and I think this would be -- -- If you keep doing it can just take Mike Williams out of the game. Because like some back shoulder throw god reruns of saved you right back shorter routes. And then you just keep you know safety over the top it and now bracket. Aventajado I think that might even be a better way to go as the pictures. Is Rick Stroud NFL right of the Epoch times joining us on the AT&T hotline Rick thanks for the information of the chapters yet it. Rick Stroud but doesn't talent on the AT&T hotline the nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GL TE. -- -- there's a nickname. That Doug Martin has that he hates to collect the muscle hamster girl's history and the muscle after leaving the name with you that I know I would think gives you -- paper. Muscle muscle hamster. Sounds kind of flattering. The most part really catchy nickname does it isn't -- muscle him to the muscles and cancer there was little right the hustled out of a bar bill well. Could have been the most curable -- better than -- interval -- And injure -- what's that like a muscle a little different. Shields up he went and I'm -- you guys don't get a I didn't get it that you get that and then yeah.

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