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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Kirk with a big fan in Australia

Sep 20, 2013|

The biggest news stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today Joe Haggerty's possible arrival and Minihane's trip to Australia were discussed.

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Headlines today brought to you guys -- AT&T and asked nation's fastest and now the most reliable Ford GL TE network gives it a little Guinness world record. Longest have -- in history. It's worse that suits our -- on the weather what is with you you think I want this did you take cues like him. Or eight hours sleep every night that's that's to be a factor John thinks that can be a factor because he doesn't like eat like a normal person now the it's like a bird. The pretty -- I protect your day off from running -- took yesterday off didn't I was frustrated a run today -- -- eighteen miles and saw. Eighteen margulies. Have to America published in two months -- trade for at all. -- -- -- -- would be more which announcement that I'm training yes but I don't -- do that that's a really hurt. Really played the next eighteen miles exactly where we dig through miles by the I don't want them the benefits -- that John. You are right silence is no they -- right -- my not my back yet commute socks -- no music just. You and your thoughts thoughts in my head -- thoughts of what you gonna do agony -- the family here. And -- welcome here as always does Jack but what. You should do your your conflict right. Hagel might get hired I don't integrity workshop parity might get tired but WEEI. You to hate each other's guts you have a decision ideas and advice from the people are right. Had seconds or less W I live that you're right John help me out please what is at hand do what I -- shows up yet are you are so I'm sorry not that's -- moral failure yet. Two years ago -- guys reverend David Ortiz. Austin that Terry Francona his office pissed off a bit about losing an RBI we get the outskirts. -- wolf finish on it -- split. He's going to. Was it. Real agreed to move. -- ride that was that's not the act of team leader now -- So yesterday barrels having his pregame press conference. Who pops in the Ortiz. I would go one. And and I. Okay. I often hear the Boston media these guys -- about the Boston off -- media don't call Crawford could survive it. Those guys you with a thought that was George carlin's 1970. We could I have to get. The left trek from Everybody Loves Raymond doesn't it yeah that come here they and it is that really got funny individually you're sitting there might guess there's not a lot of laughs. You know by two in context when you really don't have a -- would say specific like these big conference -- lead eagle -- themselves -- -- you know yeah media or keeper or yet. Did the media loves Ortiz more than any athlete in the city -- clothes they love the guy. Operating. Not only going to -- plugin that patsy I've seen talking these guys -- hugged me at the start of the pan mass challenge. -- I'm I'm I'm with those guys that was -- -- -- treats -- like that Pallet if you would be yes but what you do that it's over but it doing right at the defected to the death. While -- -- Saudi Arabia this I think in his behalf and I guess this weekend with a remote from there. You really feel like I know you did you like to travel -- -- folks that look forward to retirement when you could travel. As you recruit feud die -- See him die in eighty that you never have gone and a the Middle East all the -- more than four years here we -- people regrets. Not a single one I don't feel and I know the sphinx is really cool to join the -- here this don't know yet but it's not worth it now it's not worth it just like I don't have to go to China they of people go to China -- the great -- The great wall -- below what the so it was great. The duplicate portfolio other people I would not wanna do that there's a bunch of stuff -- see here before right that I like to the scene. Like the Grand Canyon outlet -- I never went personnel great you know he should -- -- -- watching my rushed in that area very cool. I guess I'm like tacky. Yeah well that's the town -- -- town it's like the tech is -- that looks like -- it's like right outside it's like. That Winchester here don't I don't Salzburg policy Santa's village in New Hampshire before and I was you probably go -- your -- of the welcome Alexio Australia. This places like deceit but like this places them wouldn't I don't care what's -- of the annual Australia next February troop mayor Bob -- regular spam experts. By yourself buddy of mine -- illegal. -- like six days to get there like for some states the I think it -- it sounds good in theory NT -- look at the time you get in the print out a new ticket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well as opposed to what would you apply for a brief stop. To which we deal. Yes I think that -- physical -- that way that I think you could fly at Chicago or LA -- -- what you think you you you have to stop like six times the volume wants to refuel that's what talked about what -- stopped the Chicago LA. And then. -- -- -- Yes I figured that Leo I don't watch -- cereal when he's gonna do in the -- flight from San Cisco Wednesday's -- before you you quit the consecutively right right that's making I would take a week off I think. To -- Springsteen and it's really not. Was that was wrong that gives them. On the Australian have you seen go see human genome New York or LA or -- CNET and of that or London. Now are anyways Saudi Arabia. A morbidly obese two year old has become the youngest person in the world to undergo. Circumcision. Gastric bypass surgery a two year old general. Parents of a -- from Saudi Arabia who wait 72 pounds. It had a bad body mass index of forty what ultimately the camera men were there we -- -- They allowed the show Hagerty. Yeah. Yeah. The the. You got the they've been. -- Blow up Colin BS on this at two year old had gastric bypass his wife. Is Michael obvious in this. Be the simplest solution to get the two year old to trim down a lot of and he's too so he likes -- the Burger King. -- to add it to your feeding right to attempt to control weight by dieting failed said the -- too carried out the surgery failed one of the just keep trying and I mean you just don't let them. Ebony or those with double stuff. Do you like you know Livan -- has -- a couple of little things that you are right it is. They need doctors reportedly performed surgery and a four year old boy the child weighed ninety -- is consuming. 14100 calories a day -- see that much to me with what -- like. Foot jump jump right to say what he was eating. Now it's in season a rare genetic disorder -- release syndrome they're always hungry at this at some -- -- really hungry what is it called. Crater of relief syndrome -- always hungry like when their stomachs full yet Israel Hungary -- so we're who took it cries in the parents keep beating lots of things I mean look at you've seen these you've seen. Again I -- and I was going through corpus. You see the fat mom yeah the fat -- a pocket fat like the Eisner and Euro like that you see the fact I wanna grab these -- -- always -- no shot -- -- -- -- -- dead what do you do what is it that Richard -- -- when he -- parents. There -- -- sit -- and went up by its familiarity varieties graze him as much like chick -- they get that they get the massive -- exercise price maybe yet about the bigger run that -- bite it off. Good -- we chances. Julie Chen is somebody's wife. Yes buddhas Les -- -- she must've been up and craft box sure would you -- and elevate -- I was as -- always. Crafts crafts ultra right now cherish yet with less than children -- -- right -- Sunday this week. -- bid this revelation weak on the view. That's -- should not sorry did the talk is of the view knock off the GO yeah yeah which we should do she's the host of yet. She's not like on network news anymore don't -- doctors to be accused of -- short CBS I should do revelation day. On the show. Every day as a ripple back their free what does that consist where it's all these people -- they told that -- it's her it's a speech to Sharon Osbourne is on the show she confessed she's she's an affair -- She did not race. I haven't seen that anywhere all that yet that I really yeah she confessed to an affair with an affair would you Sharon Osbourne Sharon Osbourne has revised those little. Made this I don't know I don't want them around before -- we -- marriage and what he was living and you know -- -- -- us Ozzie what is. Maybe it's true it was she married -- Paterno or marry Agassi were married temperature was -- issues that America get it -- Julie Chen -- judge revelation. Was she admitted that workplace racism -- developed deep insecurities overlooks these 25. If she had eye surgery to make her look less ethnic. I -- trying to -- I said you know and holiday news anchors -- take vacations you don't can eyes fill it like I don't -- -- work Christmas. And she says. You will never be on the anchor desk. Because. Your tiny little. CA I don't believe that but. Beat that bad happen what you said but B I don't blame it -- mean it -- she became -- networks are we -- difference. Look at it she used to be just an average -- Chinese smoke a woman an -- he is hot and I mean it's an article -- so even Les -- would have marry hitter in the former state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And by the -- and look at the jays beat John Kerry my advice to someone who's not handling their aging process well and get surgery would be. Little more subtle John Kerry is just blatant. The inside track to -- pictures of him from 20049. Years ago. Tonight yeah that and now he's like seven right probably 72 preemption realized that mean pic of that. Decade or decade is generally kind of people don't know he got younger look at. And then he has is black here's a globe say no and February ever had surgery opposite to what did he do. What what what did he do how do you explain getting he had the judgment but -- good woman -- don't -- it took care of a beat some better takes care of them. So there's outrage from the station people around in Ohio were outraged at the station who won an apology now misses from what twenty years later. At the station manager Forster or incursion believes -- -- -- -- you may remember that ever -- on the airline -- a lesson that it worked for what's the -- -- ozone -- Connie -- It was okay. Too bad. Even at the percentages have Chinese who the -- should. You're going to set right yeah they apologize to station. They said sorry this all happened. -- Pretty -- did you -- it for Sunday it. Football picks the Olympics awful awful Emmy picks would that would homeland diary -- plan that's probably did a lot of them. That's nominated. -- -- -- you just 30 Rock last season Big Bang theory girls Louis which ratio water family in the -- biography it was out of them. Jerry to deregulate you're doing okay I I like to show two gay guys on -- No that would be all of them OK okay guys. Estrada series breaking bad. Downton -- I was called downtown yeah down to you watch that doll -- now look at what I want one daughter -- -- -- -- David Rhodes hold land. House of cards mad -- homeland. Runs away with it except there's the sentimental -- for breaking -- correct. If you're finishing up -- run well that and the next year will be the last edits the justice Patrick album right now Britain beds so hyped show right spot and Jerry I try to get home lives of the greatest drama -- -- -- obscene and best course would be to -- For one week in two days away from. -- bring -- basket to win take shots at regularly watch establish a brick -- gonna win that -- -- who's gonna win -- Louis CK win best actor. Edie Falco won best actress. Yet they -- you have to watch as we Ortiz yeah I know -- not -- as you know I'm on your scientists don't talk back to a please. He's a -- Joseph Hagerty. Co hosting an issue that's not gonna happen that yet we you know how world you know and -- rules yeah and I agree Sunday night's. Started talking DB remedy that he didn't apologizing. For the fiscal you know someone wants to play her. They would them. Adam are you really in Australia. -- -- is that today Nate. What I is that there. What time does there. And an independent. But not -- it and questions and tougher. If -- what's your mind out of open. I am. More I don't know we can have a lot theaters the beautiful for these -- Who luckily we got the wrong reason for the red -- but some are better than winning and there are excited that I have been the Grand Canyon. And no good at standing invitation to miss a minute I mean if you want to come -- please bring -- -- -- and investment we will have a great taught many incumbents so make. Who we ill -- -- every every. And he has got a high maintenance Adam hall and I mean I've beaten her 900 count sheets. They've long been wrong because had a drink Kabila. Oh bush doesn't know you know do I used to have a -- anymore is -- in bruised and notably there now. -- a doctor Arnold and some are so remote this year in numbers and. Back next year prison. Well you're in you don't have to stay with Adam but she could sequentially around day it seems that there's a partner -- at the airport stock that you. All right -- operations and he's -- number two number thank you -- Obviously the hotel -- Yeah I like staying at people's eyes you don't know ivy union buddy -- break it to your partner different no different rooms. No market separate hotel rooms like that. We -- this spring training next year yeah human eggs got Hewitt tax but you gonna -- that -- together probably at golf. WEEI live app had seconds or less crippled open Mike and tell was Joseph haggard at the -- The trade is rolled and it sort of the gold today there are collide it was on. Never liked should regularly and should Hagerty and up WEEI. It could result in backlash that affects other programs Hagerty has had some heated battles on Comcast with WEEI morning. Personality. Kirk had -- hand and they are not made for TV production. The mutual dislike is such that Hagerty a rival might result in minute hand deciding to depart. So the -- off. Yup which they do help me out and you think that. Came from and means we're always trying to figure out who the source or cause us general all the moles are. Courts say that that if agony comes millions -- You wouldn't say that -- didn't -- I would say it. I would just say now is a reason not to say it. Where would that come from who would whose theory is that wouldn't be I don't know could be somebody else could be a third party short videos and integrity told that you. To be somebody just speculate. He probably knows who would this mean you'd go to meet could take his job in particular you particularly Colombia go to Winnipeg on Columbus and a -- -- -- Are 61777. -- 7937. Giving a thousand dollars right before 9 o'clock right after Rick Stroud Tampa Bay times. Old calls next.

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