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Sox clinch a playoff berth

Sep 20, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the Sox clinching at least a wildcard playoff berth for the first time since 2009. Their magic number is one to clinch the AL East.

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And the write -- fires when the high fly ball was his deep in the left -- ahead of the walls rising up Bob Bob Menendez good. Got home run. But two run homer of the opposite field by Stephen -- here's the problem archaic is a plan to play the -- not a time. It's three nothing blossomed with John Dennis and I he would soon. Think society's -- here's the one to the Davis. Plus not a -- strike him out. Two days to down it's. Just an outstanding. Really make a -- Years. Jerry Kelly and playing a high fly ball to right field it should be caught Knoblauch former near the pesky pole makes the captain. -- what a stunning reversal of fortune from 93 losses. Then 93 wins and a post season -- the Red Sox lock it up tonight and curt Smith ahead. When in the news and that's pharmaceuticals -- watch -- training. That's -- I think they'll do. We'll celebrate -- Visit on Sports Radio W. My quick observation jump in whenever and wherever you like first of -- I'd like to try to vikings with us. Like the Seahawks but the Broncos. -- Chip Kelly I don't think it's it's mean it's anymore. Bruins fans now have been so bands to absolutely hate. John Lackey -- -- game two starter in the playoffs and I think it is that something although I'm not sure exactly what. The Red Sox clinched a playoff spot last night and celebrate by shaking each others hands and going home. I think that's a bit of something to shake hands go home try to win the east tonight I like that I like that tonight. Gay -- -- run outs across the stuff or drive into the -- I don't think you have to do that now the -- you know doctors and does not -- you can't criticized you for excessive celebration tomorrow -- it's a long season do you think a lot of steam to -- -- a -- but I would go back this who bonds that the groups but a lot of time on -- -- Nick Johnson told six at even strength use. No offense to the -- I love boobies I love hockey black and gold but. There was really really important. Capacity Red -- game yesterday pitching performance. And one of the most interesting -- that I didn't is at least the September Monday night game with. No playoff implications that I've ever seen and it was a terrible game -- but the idea that any read of the ticket team last year. Philly and kick their ass or beat them. I've found that I sought all of those -- that the Sox. Nor the football game is tweeting about the Bruins that's right I'm there we -- about the brutal elements in place to watch it together special you guys -- that's the place questions about the -- I watched every pitch and I saw a lot of money like Thursday night games and you know I'd like to lower base rate -- and stretched out. We're just getting comfortable I hate that this could regard for it was a critical eighteen -- -- 27 innings they were not gonna get to Lackey he was as good as masterful as comfortable as confident as scandalous as any Red Sox pitcher -- -- in -- long long time. And I think he's feel it at just the right time you looked at last night and you felt. Like it to carry over that this guy was just hit his spots guys out. It is first pitch -- could not have been more comfortable on the mom and I'm pretty sure he'll be on the mound in a playoff game and and weeks. To game two buckled just pushed back to game three now. Yeah I'll tell you why later here's John Ferrell on John Lackey. He has a good. I think first when he -- on this issue through all holes and still a little later -- when it was wrong. You know when these. -- of some users stress. And -- very good. A lot of stress on March. Rush for this hour. He still play use his -- her conviction. He's out beautiful things. There are dressing room alone diesel emissions. It was home. There was no doubt what you want. And girls are doing his press conferences at 55 go room they just called him in the bathroom he had a really had ago so they were -- -- and the stall and rob Bradford and a Alex all the guys held the -- under the stall bill and James build it would tell -- -- them the key to lackeys success last night I think almost in arguably his best game of the year. Was that he started 25 of 31 hitters they first pitch strike I would contend it was something else it was a 35 minute nap in the sleep. Go wire to the game and I know. To the -- Britney pressed it and seeing articles about the sweet sleeper and always. Hate when we break the extol I don't and the -- -- Larry exit. Larry what happens tonight one of two things could be. One of two things like -- CD and you'll bring I'll -- but light barks at your -- elect. What do which player that is as they cut the guy yeah that's right I know that shirt it's a Triton and she nurtured its job at an Ecstasy at. But that they will celebrate to access according to some not me I think going nuts go crazy. They will go overboard -- that's his whole. In their mind it's this long grind on this six month thing and they can echo of ours Kevin blanch said I don't think we -- -- all right I went and in this sense that they've earned it over the long long grind in this -- from the canoes going too far. Of course there is no hole to jump him like the Dodgers last. But -- BA version of that -- than they do like in the gulf war when they went across the street to the baseball ever yes. Got behind the bar and I suspect this is already been written the script these guys know what they're going to know is going to be a -- and I'll bet it's not gonna be subtle not going to be understated Larry yesterday they were we to do nothing last night. Just clinching. It makes sense because you know what if this last year. They would have partied. If -- with the old wildcard -- -- would -- party but this year everybody's goal was to board the one game playoff. And he used to be. No big deal you remember we talk about it every day yes you can either way wildcard or division win say anything -- do -- lose a home game so what. It's baseball not that important to but it really wasn't punitive if you didn't win the division right in the old format now what is now. Nobody wants to get that one game playoff everyone's goal -- to win the division. And they will do that tonight -- talks about the understated shaking of hands and patting on the back after earning their way into playoff last. Yeah I mean we need to go out there and take care over and you take care of you know it's I was big win in. You know these are guaranteed a spot. You know we wanna win the division. You know we still want to get the -- also. We're gonna continue to go out there in tomorrow's the day we're gonna focus on that. Once hot putter grip that -- surprise them and that is. That that is a goal you would think that they wouldn't mention why why is -- a goal. All the does as you point out these tourism more pressure pressure and target on your back and don't you think the goal should be to not win a hundred I think the goal is every game. You know why it would be -- -- and witness that you make you feel good -- is going to shoot decent goal but I think they should lose every game from here on and that it would be. 69 in 93 last year. 9369. This year in that month two months ago -- at the at the theater and I 369 to be left out of Rome. That's not even possible it's not going to be much higher. Nine let's -- eleven greater I thought we elected you're going 69 -- nine out like that even thirty game. It's probably better policies and -- in the last day Eddie Jordan the best record the American week. As gentle as well there's also I don't think Jonathan could try to lose every game bottle so -- -- and not only not all just don't under I don't -- I think that's her. I think Adam. The -- Girls and -- through continued hit lefties which can't do very well so I have my doubts they may be too loose at 150 tickets. But I wouldn't win that drew went deep blast that those will be much. Well ran out to home plate to greet him on the bottom left and let it Hank Aaron on the other secretariat all right up at third base and pitcher handling Barry Bonds -- on -- have -- -- -- -- But you do -- I mean I I I like Bogota which principally against all lefties so much better hitter against lefties but I do see why. And manager would like he stabilizing presence of Stephen Drew I don't blame -- -- -- got them here I don't blame for I don't know. An affinity all guys to get this an even keel you know it's a little bit more excitable -- it's than JD. I mean did you see when Rossi to -- -- doesn't have a -- trying to pull. After the home on topics smile about it its first number ever seen -- group. While -- allowed. Not like Adam corolla yes decide as the opposite no dreaming. And in the drew how solicit no smiling -- allowed laughing notes -- not baseball -- back to the hockey game you guys were at what was the atmosphere off. Villagers intense play off a big right now -- -- -- -- hockey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At Texas product up on this where you guys -- its -- the three value to us. He -- like this socialist. And his -- to focus games. I found this fastening alive and so you have a list of five things we touched up. I can't I get distracting work ethic of pre season hockey Kidman played about one often that people excited I'm excited. If you wanna do Thursday night football or the Red Sox. Or the -- to -- Or Detroit as the game this week so we know -- and will remain undefeated yes but you tell me where you wanna go next. The right you want it can ever try to shortly to this revelation in the this you realize in the globes. Get to that -- ridiculous what will happen. It will get to what will happen if you have -- -- he joins the W eat your family. It's it's it's devastating. You Bible read this this morning yeah -- kind of panicked I mean we're a little concerned though I haven't even confront the view. Also say that the stored on the front front so yeah certainly -- -- It's not it's put. Right toe injury -- -- up. And it. Him -- -- golden boy what happens if Joseph Hagerty Joseph Hagerty yeah. Joints is surely do that during headlines if -- like -- definitely happy that you that you like and you'll tell us whether this some two -- -- so. I didn't see his reaction when he read this morning -- can laugh scoff rolls eyes covered his reaction. You'd think it's you think is -- at least you picked us to okay to this. I don't have I don't even really know Joseph Hagerty I don't care -- -- comes I'm happy. -- job poor job joined the family outings we all get along around here and I would wouldn't affect me at all from you here. No. So what we don't know where many -- comes we do we do. Who that we Capuano. Just you know we ever try to church on a bye weeks of the as -- said it will remain under undefeated. They are too well in the -- and league large review where it is and league large and -- ball -- is suspended medium two years ago and medium long boots and a -- -- largest -- North Reading -- and -- it. -- as a new report. They've scored 73 they've allowed fourteen they are to know if you play they've won both their games that. What are those kind of teams they thrived with in adversity -- you -- them present the best of them tackle them. They just turn -- and -- -- barrier they are road warriors yeah I'm certain rainbows are no vacancy wars erode. There -- erodes good and a -- native American. And they're. They road warriors you could say it vikings vikings right. -- -- It would win loss secondary they've made a trip to the Jimmy Fund clinic yes they made a huge donations if if if high school football team. You know didn't. Exe or -- -- right. And donated a thousand dolls that -- -- impressive we would be very grateful to -- a radio on this. Called and these guys. These guys somehow somewhere raised 22000. Dollars probably the sub index card and don't cannot be right now they're probably if they raise money I get it up all the -- -- -- is due to high school kids knock on your door they get the uniform shirt on. The cup and hand they wanna raise money for the program -- like our tax money doesn't support the probe into tackling -- -- -- Yeah or they want a new you know warm up suits for the traveling outfits that they Wear something. That's okay. And all bundled Kendall thing that you get to discount the local knowledge screams or so mile by Clark candy yeah the candy IRA these guys raised a large amount of money could have gone to warm ups could go on to them and the weight room -- in the -- -- It went to the Jimmy Fund and -- -- awesome and I hope I can order and extorted people all that's okay whatever it takes what's the greatest cause in the world as we know. And so we -- right and like experience we get a -- at the fight song. Minute I'll sing sing it yet treatable or two ago we elect them for rule that we got to get through the list of class we can get back to the Bruins. What -- do the list. I liked it right vikings to the -- it would look like the Broncos -- -- questions there in the Super Bowl. We do were we do remote Kelly has forced its two in the weekend -- -- -- -- despite a big pep rally Friday night will do that Barbara and rupture that you can via pre season. And walked. All of which takes into item number two and now have to Cubans who -- -- -- -- -- -- Damaging he's as a whole thing you're an infinitely scattered equals just expect there -- -- -- that's that's that's damaging. Chip Kelly. No longer a genius. A knock him. Chip what that would quickly and I I don't in in defense of Chip Kelly he didn't practice quarterback he didn't practice quarterback -- quarterbacks thanks. Nobody thought this quarterback couldn't run that I'm not sure he did if he did we think which you know a couple of Andrew Luck running this -- absolutely think so I think that revenue and profits are. -- -- Ticket good luck over buckle that he might but not with this ES which it can run. You kidding me Andrew Luck can run any -- Better in the pocket the Michael Vick who could be. The worst pocket presence of any you know star starting quarterback in the history of the NFL sacked five times yeah three picks. Thirteen for thirty that was. I mean he's just sits under good quarterback and his have a good offensive line. It's over for picker for Chip Kelly Vick that they Chip Kelly B stick handled it but it does feel -- little in the second we can roll ugly they only twenty minutes of time yet on us session of the differences on the field for two terms of the game. Again and didn't we think after the first time we saw this Philadelphia office it was going to -- opposite they're gonna play after play after late and the up opposing defense. Would be haven't their tongues hanging out of their mouth exhausted because they can't get off the field it's just so and. Eagles go one and -- in to channel one in five and DeSean Jackson demands that trade should she Belichick a couple of phone era with that I think. She always -- So if they -- look in the deal but why would Chip Kelly trade -- Jackson -- -- -- they won't want and next year the year after they have an artist disruptive when he's disruptive it's probably easy disrupt I don't know mask and he's one in five cities distrust knocked in a while giving him the ball last night. And hello to finish with but I have to -- -- get one can -- this office that the Pentagon he would keep -- -- What would you say that about Cleveland and Trent Richardson -- they really suck. Talked it about it Eagles aren't completely. Open. Yes sorry Jerry -- -- -- I and it -- -- people that he -- to circle the -- you people. These what you oldies don't do diet pill is is statistically it would rookies that we should Brooke would rookies. If there's a guy out there I'd give you names every -- -- give you name it. You would've said the same thing about Cleveland. In three days ago -- Why would Cleveland have retreated to pick of the draft. He's -- second year guys and stuff it really would -- that there's -- Houston's these these these guys will be available. I think -- larger question we talked about yesterday's should the patriots investigate those kind of guys that of of course should. -- -- that don't pull the trigger in the gulf war. We're not completely sure fire -- but people -- he has cast its lot with the rookies. And he will sink or swim with them this year -- the bigger picture on the road you'll have young aggressive look on Brady's forty. To play at least fifty -- at. Yes I don't see any reason we have fourteen years of Brady yeah I don't see any reason I won't work. Was the next item on the Lackey as your game to all here this here in the -- -- that. And -- clusters barrels after one. I'd like that I shouldn't be at the -- -- suspect him -- But I don't think in I left the sick when you watch these guys can well you know one after another these scholars say. What are the what does it take to win in the playoffs -- -- baseball guy what's it take to in the playoffs rates starting pitcher Kerry comment. You need at least re Hillary or for about right each Cyprus three released last 43 record -- and three guys who can get to the seventh inning who are. Quote start -- good under pressure keep him under Bruce rookie out there you want them -- -- a guy who's. Culpable under under the spotlight and they have three or four of them think. Well he is or. -- of course it is money would it surprise you that played Detroit and peavy get knocked around again chased him for two thirds innings yet now that woods presently. It would surprise me if that capital mr. buckles or -- so they do have three. Wants are sure things has its baseball no such thing but three guys who were close to a sure -- who will give you -- decent outing BB 67. Maybe maybe eight. Debate it's not going to explain do you like your rotation is going to set up this way Lester -- game one. -- game to. But colts game three and also when we gonna tell you about the realignment. Your WEEI. Drop Joseph he shows up. What this. Can't wait I don't know what he's gonna do this is I read discuss more masters had one hell I'll. We -- has come from and heard meanings with them everyday for hours on end did you know animosity did you know there was this kind of this kind of hatred hatred is as strong word but that would actually force. Men had to do what it says he's gonna do it appears that level of hatred. Passed each other in the hot seat -- seat in the building but and I can understand why I can instantly wouldn't want it because that was uncomfortable policies yeah. Watching certain people passed -- it -- it keeps it up. -- get to a starter. Aligning WEEI. Your phone calls on 77797937. Tex -- -- have -- 937. -- a -- right around. 9 o'clock. Extra out Tampa -- times will break it down for eight hatred. We should Elin is teammates. He will be.

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