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John Lackey with Joe and Dave after his complete game win over the Orioles

Sep 19, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Red Sox pitcher John Lackey, who took a no-hitter into the 7th inning, and had a dominant 2 hit outing against the Baltimore Orioles while helping the Red Sox clinch a playoff spot.

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Cadillac he congratulations. A tremendous game tonight really got to feel good for you all the work he did this. To pitch that game put the Red Sox back in the post season. Yeah -- love to share their love our work you back to this point. You know who was -- -- playoffs such great guys this before John and you have bigger fish to fry but this is your tackling tonight's assignment. Is he is pitching in winning this ballgame the number one thing getting in the playoffs the number one thing what's on your mind from the get go tonight. I just think about this a pitch away. It didn't have the next hitter you can't -- two foreigners over. They got a good lineup so he's got a -- on making -- pitch -- hopefully you know by the end of it went. I looked like you put the fastball where you want it to be great if we had a tremendous slider to. Have felt pretty good though due to quite a bit about both the night you have a -- like it's going early don't mean. Positive located gets really out that kind of got to -- it. Did you have no hitter on your mind as you get to that -- -- non not really I mean you obviously know what's going on but it's. You know. I've been pretty close Warren Chad Campbell to Florida and he's got a keep making pitches and you look for sure didn't you know you were very close here against the reds backs right now I've got like two throughout the way you want them. And did TI -- as thorough and you know Dustin Pedroia that this is a brutally tough lineup that's one of the best lineups in the American League so. What is the game plan against these guys would Wesley what's the way to get these guys that they'll wind up with just two hits against him. Well I got to face one next time -- -- not I'm not thought too much out there and yeah yeah but. You gotta tackle you have got a lot of strikes and and you know hopefully open got -- some good defense plays behind it is a pretty good. Do you feel that the that celebration tomorrow with the dailies the other I think obliterated you have for a little bit. That's it was a great feeling great great feeling in the ball point nine minutes that's why you came to Boston -- we've had that feeling before. I don't know in a World Series but that's why you came here. It was funny at different felt like you know playoff programs through there at the end you know they're listed and and didn't allow them that that's fun to be part of picture now congratulations wonderful job tonight thanks. -- go jab so the Red Sox went three to watch out -- second complete game of the year the first that would be honest. But this one as one that the chairs for a long time Red Sox three in the Orioles one. And they and -- seven -- nine against the birds the each year.

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