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Sep 19, 2013|

We tackle four topics not on the top of today's agenda... Mike Francessa, the 12th Man, Sports Catfishing and MORE

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I and now are -- and -- score or roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- We sell it. On its rate W. Chris birdman Andersen is a victim. Of -- The which -- celebrity would be the easiest to -- What don't we are just this -- per second say. How surprised are you there Chris birdman Andersen is the victim of cap if you read the story he wasn't just the victim of being characters who was a double -- -- So somebody was pretending. To be somebody else to him. And they were also pretending to -- him look to somebody else some girl in Canada. Was playing both sides of of Chris Anderson. So because of that name Chris Anderson I don't know how she was you were inevitable and wrong I'm by no idea where I work I'm not orders you change your voice I don't know I -- not like here's -- experts -- detailed situation I mean I can't reveal tying was able to sound like a woman I don't know I only know that she was playing both sides. It was a movie entrapment journal online bolts -- -- -- that was not a broker. So I'm I'm surprised by is it I always think of and maybe under -- and had a dream girl girl please both sides and certificate and a there -- -- not exactly now. Judge Adams talked of their -- There -- -- the hair history estimate it -- -- -- street -- after -- -- like or worldly right. I'd be street Smart like he's not yet he's not gonna lose he's but it faked out by some girl pretending to be somebody -- -- able to -- the bird man right. But it turns out that he was due to multiple ways -- I kind of think I would be victim of these things really yet you're gullible. Yes -- crossed your -- rusty. So earnest with the most earnest Boston celebrity that's a question who who would you if you had your choice right. Who would you who would you most easily finish in Boston that is the -- and celebrity. And you guys can I answer that as well open Mike. Open WE I live -- in your apple or android mobile device click on the open -- spot in the bottom right corner leaving a message for some ten seconds or less -- use it on the show Mike. Brought you by AT&T nation's fastest and the most reliable four GL TE network. Who's been the easiest Boston's celebrity -- Bret Stephens. It barrier has its enemy and midwestern guy. Young. Fresh face. -- really -- a really good trusting because it's not necessarily somebody don't. Now I -- get up to be done not out of your name to come up that doesn't mean you're don't that aren't that dumb -- just trusting. Believes that you don't really -- our person to catfish. Belcher yes that could put you on that Michael Silver. Boston Herald -- that. Well he's so cynical he's always like he's always ever -- what he believes any thing he's always live by the old anterior -- it's good to see what you mean what do you mean by that like. I I literally -- -- hey -- it's good to the united you know that's -- which are about to -- that the you know our record is always a couple steps -- -- -- like I don't investigator about that thing. Somebody. I he's I would the other way trying to think who the easiest would be yes. You have one earlier -- I can't say the value here why not you know just does not need -- me if we. Welcome back to it. Since the what does it take anything I can't hear it I mean about gimme a minute I'll come up with what that you guys in the cinnamon via the open by. Yes we are San Cisco 49ers fans have officially gone off the deep bend the -- of fans wrote a column complaining about the loud noise at century link field. Salt we'll get a may fourth loud yes and -- yeah. We've -- twelve men. They can play this. All of which are still on the air there. QQ all the text messages -- -- -- good grip on that's horrible. Embarrassing when a camera on them upon 49ers and the biggest losses in sports. I don't understand this -- all your your right do you read the letter of the -- and yeah it was giving them like it was unsportsmanlike to cheers loudly is they did it. And the best -- the response that he Seattle and wrote back to chronicle saying that the weather was unfair because it was making some people's Lipton. On how it feels like one of the things it makes sports great woman's conclusion sport continued. Should lose all. -- including. Season of course the Seattle times because rag of a newspaper it just happened. To cool off from the studio time worst newspaper having friends -- hours of great -- reporters there are great friends I'm sure if it's our staff and I'm sure. That editorials that more than I elevator of the editorial board that paper is the most. On the show or Norton -- and it. To explain -- -- that that paper but that's an embarrassing embarrassing. By the way some good coming in on who's likely characters that's a lot of rumors rock on rock. I don't think I'm with you because I think -- is Smart and -- not ours that is rated CEO is very earnest. Yes he's very earnest -- with that Jim Rice. Now you've ever get your -- -- that I have this huge supposedly answers. And -- -- another one Mayor Menino. Just as Jack Williams has re now all Williams does so many steps -- you there is no way. You could -- -- actually. Not a chance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No way you know which you know. Now -- now you know I don't get -- -- faster no I don't I never Culver co -- yesterday mark opera. Could he be captain Jessica -- estimated that the actors mark at work. Mike Francis has been a frequent targeted -- in dot com is really burdens I -- -- -- You are -- Burton is -- product that -- walks over the first of its after a separate. -- -- Did you ever hear. The night he -- captors by the person told me and they don't want to -- it. Our events start over with questions there are like princess has been a frequent target of Desmond dot com for his ridiculous and it's on air for example of princess was last super falling asleep on -- during the interview he also had this little jam. -- in New Jersey was among what cabinet like yes let's. I'm a good and I'm saying and I am with my girlfriend Cindy we're all expense in the show both the Mets fans. And I don't know a lot Amanda Scarborough all do our. Should Jimmy in Paramus ozone thinning out a packed app I was a couple of months our prayer board are just yesterday we even had a -- he's -- humble. Ms. in New Jersey what's up. Which -- right once now. -- lot program -- you know my heart obviously is -- -- about I had no respect is just not the right -- really into that limit is due out. He'd -- into an airport like it's been they've really. I am a big spin right but it makes it look like a -- Florida this guy -- didn't -- ready to cut it right. Its credit they've got like this -- definite I don't know if saw it posted all over the net and only welcome. Just you Google it might spread as the marriage for literally. But android is always some somebody may you know you can and does so -- -- some thump -- nobody's talking about. I think this is no apparently no posters girlfriend didn't smoke from Jersey. There's -- girlfriend that he caught him off the middle. I don't even I don't even -- I never even thought that a guy so it's a it's a gimmick from the beginning so you see that stuff that's what's wrong with -- -- as it's made up by don't have enough militarily remember it and thought the -- I love I love you know and and I remember being here I don't have a -- about it I don't know it's awesome here. I don't know I don't know about -- so I don't know some data on the proposed -- these guys please that are called up and set it up Ramona would have been fine with that but it didn't happen around even knowing mounts so I don't know what to talk about. So you know that's the promise that sauces you know what this is -- they can put stuff together very easily. There you know it does it mean that was Mo call or an absolute disable out of the same guy definitely is play play the original as today's aren't calling him he's -- absolutely. That's like on a -- -- And New Jersey was among. Which happened yesterday guy. I agree and I'm hanging out with my -- -- -- -- Bono is show and give the new and again. Ms. in New Jersey with them. Which was and I got -- -- -- guy guy. Guy guy so. So Mike princess it wouldn't let you proposed your girlfriend on the show. If you only guy thinking about it now you're about him and us and NEC what yet but but they're. He's actually bothered by were entertained by anyone -- princess. That would just what you propose on Sports Radio no. Because that's the problem with the Internet that I mean people could put raining earlier than I would have -- a matter what recently built its auto market multiple artists office twice both the display and and and shop photos and his faculties. The question is have you ever blatantly lied this bad on air. Everything after a rain day labor blatantly -- it's not about. What all the time. And yes I blatantly -- that much on the air no I declined that the only way. For instance some -- when there -- -- The AT&T question of the day the Cleveland Browns traded former number three overall pick Trent Richardson who colts for a first round draft pick. The browns are tanking it for the rest of the season. Well. That means they're necessarily. I actually like this move I like it but I don't -- -- accurate or you like for both been like for both teams but I don't -- From the I like a lot from the Indianapolis as I told you. I think -- acted it was just after Super Bowl to mr. Arnold either one and one day and I think you need to find a good running game for -- to lock you seem to have just about everything else quite like it from their perspective and I think that it is going to be higher not a top fifteen -- -- again it figured it. That being said I like it from Cleveland perspective is if you have a quarterback and they don't want to Britain Sweden with disasters panic. Remember they prepared they were gonna take a wide receiver what was the can at a Baylor. They were gonna take the wide receiver at a bail them like this name up. Two years ago. When he wasn't available at the last minute they said. There are always not available. -- quarterback and they panicked and took -- -- who they were not gonna take. They were not waving to rebuild the quarterback position until that moment and then they panicked and actually took week. You have to have a quarterback. Wheaton is not the guy and -- two picks in the first round next year is what gets any quarterback and that makes sense but now this pick is gonna be a late first round pick. How does that help you get it. Yeah. I don't think I don't put it there are some element of flat out tanking but. They realize that they don't have a quarterback. And they're going nowhere fast. And it's a passing league so you take Trent Richardson. Who the general manager Mike Lombardi publicly was not a huge fan of he wasn't a fan of the -- when the browns made at the time he wasn't GM so they go in there and say are. It's a passing league we don't have a quarterback. We will cash and this asset who somebody thinks it's -- the first round pick. But we'll have multiple first round picks their third round pick next year 2014 -- -- we're positioned to get say colony. Number one and we can get a decent quarterback via the draft or trade won't do it but these numbers. Like I know I don't think I ever really bought that it was he flat out passing league the point where the running backs. Don't matter as much but it comes I think. I'm certain everything that history and he has been dark comic Kevin Seifert. Said the leaks that single week records and total passing yards. And touchdowns in week one or 8143. Passengers in week one and 63 touchdown passes. Through two weeks. Teams that passed for 161300. -- -- yards in a 111. Touchdowns the most ever over that span so. This is what the league is it is it interestingly -- He was due to vesting easily. I don't know. We think the two best teams right now we'll be adding to the two best teams right now right now what's your efforts this Garcia and -- either of those two teams in major passing teams is a blistering could either of those -- all angles and in his first three under your game -- a week ago that Russell Wilson you could tell me in your Russell Wilson for animal and the founder Wilson is an attack on religion that's right you're a senior member of the family. By looking in the right was the name of the -- okay. Did any set some rookie record six touchdown passes -- rookie yet what not a record that was OK so yes. He would -- not -- though we in the ball over the field he's not throw for 300 -- and every game he's throwing the ball 25 times a game Max forty. He's calm he's not he's not he's not doing that -- finding a way to get in the end zone now away. But he's not throw and he's not throwing forty times a game right now they're the best seasonally -- -- give you. I don't know it will hold up that way but the league -- -- -- -- say these guys don't do it that's the aberration. Overall. Should you be taking a running back number it at the new number three number 40 all right you know you've gotten. I don't put Peterson went went seven -- to Minnesota but here's the only problem where that. Station is it and you guys can jump bitter because I'm always fascinate the quarterback running back debate six or 77797937. I agree that it is for the is a quarterback recently I really do believe that and I believe that running backs the -- to route thirty. Are pretty much the same in the NFL there I that's -- cents. Some guys are faster some guys are stronger some guys are better in the wholesome guys -- better after. But for the most part I think running backs three or four through 28 to thirty are about the same I think the bad running back standout and I think the elite running -- stand out. I think Cleveland thought they were getting elite running back I think they were thought they were getting one of those couple guys special I really do change it like -- major Peterson does how many more guys -- in that category but Peterson is as much as as as I generally you're running back guy. You forget that the caveat and that is not running backs don't matter that most running backs don't matter. And it they'll find one out and life span is not that great you are one of those real legit -- breaking running backs. And that does matter -- does change the young men just pointed out that Russell Wilson. The founder of Wilson is yes still in the playoffs was the first time and and in the 385 yards in the regular season and I believe game one this year was the first regular season game he thrown for over 300 yards. But it's not like it's like Russell Wilson can't do that if if they need to be great and if if if -- it to look here for a good fit Socrates who ever heard of that. Don't ever do that around I -- like anybody else does appear ready to do anything to be a rat he's capable of anything. If they need him to win a game. Wear them with his arm he can absolutely and I like you have how ironic I can is token comic opera. That doesn't mean you need -- you're right but that doesn't mean you need to commit to throw the ball forty times a game. You can win in the NFL throwing the ball 25 times a game as long as you have the guy who can run that two minute offense at the end. It's like Al Smith I don't love them but I like Alex Smith. Because I don't think you can win with him thrown it forty times a game he's not back kind of a quarterback -- but I can win with a good running game. Good defense good field position no mistakes uses athletic schism let him throw a 25 times a game but the question on Smith and this is -- Makes him good instead of gray or okay instead of great. Is that I don't trust him in the two minute drill to get two points when you absolutely need it and I do trust Russell Wilson I do trust Colin tapper neck. I do trust Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and and the only quarterbacks I trust to run a two minute drill when. Have to -- points I used to think that. At the elite quarterbacks of the guys that you trust to get two points in the situation room. Now I think it's cornerbacks. Because it is a passing league Alex Smith what -- when they went to the playoffs a couple of years ago. Was that the game against New Orleans at home. I can Alex Smith when -- a game New Orleans that was an unbelievable Eric. But Alex Smith was able to get the job done with his arm. And with his -- It's not unusual as he steps proved to -- -- usual few quarterback and broke. Yeah 35040. Yards this other -- clemency for hope it's not paparazzi for not cipher but it don't see. Five quarterbacks. Have thrown for at least 400 yards in the game without an an -- without an interception one off the record for an entire season. Happened six times in 20122010. -- -- Five court for 400 yards out. And if they're getting better they're getting better getting better. And the rules are allow are making it easier no doubt 61777979837. Phone lines lighten up here what it takes over your calls on this alcoholic La quarterback running back -- next. On WB. Splice dolphins -- in its current and sharp photos.

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