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Red Sox magic number is three, no panic... but can we get this done already?!?

Sep 19, 2013|

Salk has issues with the way Farrell handled the end of last night's game, people are on edge and want the Sox to clinch while visions of 2011 dance in their heads... meanwhile the magic number is three, and the Sox should get that done any night now.

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-- -- night with a humongous disappointment Michael. The year and I was supposed to be exciting -- I was supposed to end the Red Sox clinch a playoff spot attacking on go to Poland on those beards. And on number it off with such promise Ortiz is overrun Europe tuneup and keeping his deal and early. -- falls apart late. Just like beer night but then again you've got your night battling back with the -- of the year Mike Napoli with a home run. The home run she each moment the most guys can't make contact with that it. You know it's it's a little too high -- -- on its way out of the zone problem. But hit it inherited that far ridiculous. It's definitely an area where you have to -- -- it up but not. Don't. Like it would let other ones but there. Are. We I -- That's what -- remember partner and overnight. Just focused on Mike Napoli right now but probably got a bench since my tablet market intervention. Can't possibly play got a drop down in the orders -- at nine. He shouldn't be in there Mike -- should be playing every day. What what happened where older people go yet where all of the Napoli people go wherever we always had an awful the worst signing a -- -- -- -- -- -- although or people who were on board I'm back. -- stood by him come back -- like the rug and let the Celtics is better. The Celtics are better without Rondo people where are that. They disappeared right you don't you're -- and scour the globe just find them somewhere like those guys were just talking about baseball's. We -- fast you don't want to. Where those guys go -- And happily haters wanna hear from you not bad for a number five hitter find all that being said but. I I might happen you're right. Can I. Your problems that doughnut I'm not gonna get our martyr for 39 Z using hedging. And cautioned views of Karl. It's that. Somewhere in Hollywood agencies to change it's easy fixer in -- As a managing here. -- -- in the present that's for sure didn't hit the -- that's not what I'm -- -- Well. It. It's not I'd like heavy metal or anything dramatic numbers and whether Chris Lloyd would wrap over the got a little kicking around a little more violent Brad Pitt and Edward crushing -- -- Michael. I'm not freaking out today and are very clear I got that I'm not freaking out today I believe in the team I've said from from April on it that I think their World Series contender and nothing has changed and I believe -- go to the playoffs and I'm not worried about a two game losing streak but. Two things dawn on me last night. One user a 100% right what you said yesterday and I was wrong when -- say very clearly you were right and I was wrong. When I thought that we possible for -- and not get upset at this team because of everything they've done for for for Boston for baseball and cleansing this year I was wrong I was curious. Last night or you're furious at the loss an extra innings you were furious about it. The missed opportunities. I was all your double play all the way it went down it was theories about the process -- official scorer giving. Yeah I was very -- -- -- yet that was instead of an error Brian Roberts on prior Robert McNamara absolutely our air act calls it out right away I loved it acts just like -- -- -- yeah. He says right off the bat which are furious I was just here at the hole where. And I -- I don't mean to make this a John Farrell -- I did not understand at all the way he managed the last few innings of that game last night starting in the bottom of the ninth. And going from there right it will little -- singles in the bottom of the ninth -- first -- you at this point. Pinch run for him -- you decide to leave him in there and immediately grounds into a fielder's choice and you'd get apparently Seattle have a no irregular I don't have -- not gonna pinch run for program -- Brooks was having a pretty good night. At that long -- with a game bottom of the ninth. -- -- -- Are -- I got to write it on the mound steel Barry and now you've got to -- make it sound -- -- okay why not -- December they only a forty man roster that's what -- on the team I wanna continue to see whether or not he's capable of it to throw carry out their first base you know you've got Bogart's dog -- Brooks a terrible base runner. No it's not about terrible it's about it's about additional if I don't think he's a terrible base runner is it easier liability don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About the respective jobs he's he's gonna have -- are still not I want to see him do that that's wise here but you know you you make it sound like it's -- it's great it's a certainty if it doesn't work that -- -- what that what they did didn't work either if it doesn't work. What's the big loss -- tonight to -- in at third base hits and middle -- right and -- at the end of the world record of the world I mean I just I don't at the back side there that's why -- -- on -- -- -- have a problem with the net which I had missed out after another guy that's that's more agreed to two innings later bottom of the eleventh once again now you got the lefty McFarland in TJ McFarland pitching. Park once again leads off with -- an infield single to second come. Infield single to second that was the -- like Brian Roberts okay fine now you do run there for car but these steel. No you -- Why vote when you but you've got to know what's gonna happen after the -- so as soon as they bought that was nice bought from now but he moves -- -- to second base. Just gonna take the bad Adam at a middle Brooks is hand and now you're left with Stephen Drew. Up against the lefty and not just any lefty because his numbers against lefties -- horrible. But lefty for he's never had a hit again as he's been lousy against this particular lefties in this case what is the deal. It would double it what could -- her whole shocker in this case I am I am with you 100%. You've got to bring you gotta bring Zander Bogart's into that situation. Got to bring. You gotta bring them into a personal you -- tried to steal -- this time to time our Internet with it's a huge advantage to bring in the inordinately down a bunt I'm not a big fan of the bar with just a man on first. I'd like the -- when I got a man on second and I can move them into well move my efforts to win an audition without eating it's got to let them. Director amount which is why would Donna two innings earlier but but. Elected amount it's much more difficult -- you could they do a two innings earlier by our collective amount. It's he's look he's looking right at you okay. Most it is that a coincidence that most lefties have that great golf course not much easier so I understand so I couldn't hear LeBron their plot. If you've got. Bogart's on the bench in you've got Stephen Drew up Stephen -- really struggled against lefties. It seems like a natural switched him -- complete -- Bogart's complete short. Yeah Stephen Drew out Bogart and at least you get the writing on the left yet you don't lose that much an -- and I'd rather see Bogart's against the righty they go to their and and force them to throw out another pitcher because your later into the extra innings and it will just a procedural against like what I think that it -- -- you why don't you think you would -- Has had a guy man -- I know that -- Betsy. That the message that that John Ferrell is sending to. I I don't know peace and it to you Mike Salk -- presenting it to Red Sox fans or possible opponents. But the message is loud and clear we hear it we see it these are my god -- Know what's gonna happen to you guys can jump in our I mean less than honest it was as irritated as I've been watching or it's a scheme this year six point 777979837. You know how this is gonna -- right. How's -- gonna in big spot. ALC as a World Series or some big moment Stephen Drew against the lefty his numbers at that point -- be like. 124. Hit against lefties government and he's gonna do leave them in there and he's gonna hit a huge double the winning game and I know what's gonna happen right. The moment you start freaking out about these things are about right on I hear all comrades -- other way. -- -- We do we get arrested if you're right out of their problem I'm curious what what is it like to. What do you started out a questionnaire about Stephen your I don't know I just wanna I wanna make sure that we get an all in the. True where was GB through yes there's a bit of fascination and Carol's got -- and one week. What do we go to accomplished in order to accomplish is is we're gonna stab at the John Ferrell is loyal. His guys loyalties in law of the and it's it's I mean you make fun of me for crude and AM until my -- I I got nothing on John Ferrell and Stephen Drew that is they love affair. And he's he's not be able all right Stephen Drew -- -- critical to -- too much trouble hug me anyway that's the bottom of the. Eleventh. Right then you go to the top of the twelfth and it can't. I have no I just I don't like the process okay. You go when morale is fine I'm not a big morale and try to see what he is I have no. He's been really good for the last week or so and I support all of that on this is the big one you got men on second and third this is the real problem here with morality in and they pinch hit -- years. Who don't know a lot about. But that's part of the point. I don't know a lot about Stephen -- I do know that the next two people up are -- -- Otto and Chris Davis you know two of the best players don't you don't know some about them I don't a lot of those are you about and a shot our runner up with -- and I know I'd like to face as little of the two of them as possible especially Davis. What -- -- -- column yesterday neighbor of Babe -- was joking sort of those guys -- wanna stay away from and -- -- -- -- -- I could stay away from Babe -- -- fact I'm probably gonna wanna do that it's hot dogs -- for the game don't worry about him out there weren't a lot of broken this guy actually I'm gonna worry a little bit about him. So what do you do you intentionally walked pierce. To load the bases which I already don't like he loading the bases on purpose especially like like morale on the mound who has control issues and now instead of trying to get yours and maybe Mitch Otto you got to try to get him a shot. OJ Davis C I think this is the biggest this is the one I don't understand. And -- you guys understand let me know in -- help me out here you know maybe -- dismissing something obvious but. I think it's an example. Of doing it by the book. We're not necessarily not necessarily looking epic characters involved look at the book does say. Load the bases set up the double play get yourself out of the inning now it didn't happen Utley got a huge out -- -- -- It's an infield fly. In so you're left with your -- facing Davis. Davis didn't do what you which you're fearing who's gonna do Ali it's like I'm not and I asked that I just happened to -- it's like hit it right up the battle right. And they have -- two runs and they are ego. It's a problem but I don't believe in just load the bases because that's which -- supposed to do. If you wanna go by the book and you like the matchups that come with. I'm all for. Like these matchups. You like -- try to get to one of those guys you try to get. -- -- -- -- Davis to be I guess what you're thinking is you trying to get a double play -- China but most are still rare because if you don't if you get anything but the double play the getting hit from which -- got a problem if you walk Machado you got a problem and -- forcing him to throw strikes to them. And if he even if he pops up which he did which is a great scenario Rick you still have to face Chris Davis. I start out our start off a charter tractors. You tank discredit our peers and then and then and then -- leopard which -- And you leave you leave Davis in the index -- I'm with Humana and so look. I'd love to have just an old school baseball conversation about this if you agree with Ferrell did last night we're talking a little in the way out he he understood some of it. Talking about the left the McFarland why you don't want to why you don't wanna add steel -- in that situation okay. Buying I mean personally I would have done it two innings earlier -- and that game in the ninth never even need to go to extra innings. They can still side the one thing with this like I have a bigger problem -- Getting to much auto and Davis that you you don't make it steals down very fairly simple it's not -- -- the team but that's our Ricky Henderson here I know we're talking mark -- Ulster. He's got great speed. An end has. Has impressed us with his with his base running but I'm just not sure it's neat it's an automatic. When you've got him in the game. And especially I understand -- now -- -- nicknamed god behind the plate I know it's not an automatic but that's why he's here. Let's see if part of the goal is to win games and part of the goal is to see what some people are capable of major preparing for as your preparing for the playoffs let's get. Let let's see what he's capable of doing. Quick and very this year stolen bases. He's got he he's in his career. 22 and -- he's never been caught stealing his career. We're gonna get caught last I put. -- -- -- -- are rare when you say it's automatic in his career it's been automatic wanna -- you. When I don't know what to do am I reading this correctly so always is 22 caught stealing zero. That's his career so -- is automatic is it's going to get it there he senators scrimmage yet this year one. Do we do there is nor time in the middle front of the recycle nine games OK that's it last year with Detroit used when he won -- -- -- -- the Red Sox as one and one that's. But in but in the last two years he's 22 and no I mean it's not like you can go way back Natalia by now point to -- Six point 777979837. Tony is in Melrose high -- They re doing. And so I went dark about the game that at first. The reps -- accept the best record in baseball. In all the categories that means against sub divisions. Italy one and gain extra inning games. And compete I definitely think I'd like to know what what the -- it is. Let them. Choking. -- that long time and somebody can't imagine what they're wreck or would they get -- ineptly thought the bases load that it. At that but that's baseball and they got the best record in the game amount of data donors -- -- I -- Tony you know I thought I thought you gonna go here veterans day. I wonder what their record is against the Baltimore Orioles. Got that. Story Orioles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why is. It because he pitched in the eighth inning you're not a -- to bring players back into -- game after you've removed so I -- -- that in the end he hits the game he had to he had -- is now you are an already pitched at that point. That -- you had no business being president telling I think that they just hope they don't get Baltimore in the playoffs I don't think they gonna -- The big a big -- both look they're gonna win the world. Well all Baltimore has student who's gonna ultimately I don't -- president I have to fight and get their wild card spot and it's gonna be a one game playoff and then. We'll see what goal what happens from there put out your Baltimore credit for -- as they do play the Red Sox stop a thousand aberration of first. You know down the stretch in in 2011 elect -- he said. Okay the Red Sox are just falling apart in Baltimore it's terrible Orioles team. Is able to take advantage of them at the same thing happened in 2012. When Baltimore was good the Red Sox weren't. They played well that year they've been playing well the only team in the American League east. That has a winning record against the Red Sox so it is not that one of the players at last night I think it was Ross says -- they match what would they do. And credit but you know why it helps it helps when you're choosing to pitch to Manny Machado. And Chris Davis instead of Stephen Pearce who's got a career batting average of 235. I mean you're right they do match up well but when you help them match up better in the game but that's not doing you any -- six point seven sevenths -- 97937. -- at the Chrysler met or mattered as to reminder. -- -- -- -- It's managing news. Thank you and I are you going to Italy for it to Kiki in the three -- the -- that number -- -- now the decision what's going comment PayPal and one comment one question. My comment is that I'm most hated being in all of sports. He's had a decent loaded nobody out and not -- it's worse and fumbling on the one yard -- -- awhile where street from a picture accusing them right there also there are any in any any enemy and -- third nobody really infuriating -- -- making the first or third out at third -- -- -- for the league lead -- triple the guys stranded cool. That's brutal that -- My question actually developed third base to -- at the end of the game. Pedroia is done third Ortiz has not been may have been shipped on. And nobody keeping -- Korea honest if there's something I'm not getting why wasn't Pedroia. To -- taking it a ridiculously. To third down the line at least extracting the picture in addition -- that. Take advantage to manipulate you so. Probably because you're you're down to though it's strike as you're down to if you're down one run -- that run factors in May be but you're down two in Europe to your last out. Right I mean so to any chance you'd take with Pedroia is he's out your -- I mean it's embarrassed -- I was gonna say not only is it embarrassing it's probably another. Another thing on your list of -- Doherty got a huge one run guys just drawn out anytime anywhere rode out when your run doesn't matter when when -- at the plate is the only at all at that point it's it's Ortiz it's a home run a boss. Essentially mean -- double those things can happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In that situation he never should've been there OK I don't out of out -- question before and and and you could answer and a little bit. The question I have for you maybe it was two weeks ago three weeks ago -- what they've been critical. Of John -- but the question was. Do you think that will factory and in the post season because John Farrell as a manager has never taken a team into the post season. He's never managed in opposing pitching -- on a World Series -- went to Toronto they weren't very -- -- make the playoffs now. -- they're gonna win the division three of the magic number and a preferred that are hampering the magic number I don't hip hop version of this yet again dale Russell and I get the hip hopper a look at that look at that later. When he's in matching wits with other managers of those when Jim Leland right. It is is that going to be is that going to be an issue Bob Melvin other you know it's the I have no issues with him -- -- -- Washington have -- I swear you we is that going away I know he wins the matchup of weights and Ron Washington with the others that are interesting questions and his last night. Does -- change the what you think about it I can't guess -- about six wanted to you can't fix our television we -- have a 7979837. -- get those questions plus some fun with the latest revelation made by Larry -- it's all coming -- welcome all WB. -- did that exit buyers like a ground ball -- that up but it. Tell -- guard. Arcade -- by Robert. -- pie parade. We'll go into the -- All of -- diddley was -- out -- out there that they're apparently hit I thought it was going to be an -- the horizon and a play that way but it rarely -- play him. I prefer I don't -- Georgia -- -- I once I saw orbiter was an it was a single. When he first -- -- -- -- like I ought to ground ball you know it. -- -- Really frustrating game last night you're right I am capable of being angry this Red Sox team capable of being frustrated. And if any we -- -- playoff game -- the way last night's game does. Yeah I'll be upset are asked that a body. What was so what's the answer do you think that that managing. At a high -- a situation for John Ferrero who's never done this before as the lead guy. Do you think that will factor in and to a playoff game no I don't think he's I think that I whether I agree with John -- -- -- -- last night I did not agree with them and it's not the first time -- a few other conversations. Right not agreed with him he remembers -- you know hitting a media -- -- That's fine. I don't think that I think his moves are based in. I think he's got a thought process I think he's got a plan I think he believes in what he's doing it. And so whether I agree that we're not at last that I did not couple weeks ago out in. Oakland or Seattle where they -- the time I did not agree with them. I I really believe that he is the plan he's following something in his mind. That he thinks is going to work. And it it in May be different from the way I view of the game but that's OK he's John Farrell -- all he gets to do that he's what's the rest are going to be that in that. On that bench but right but I reserve the right to disagree with them so -- I think it it -- he's going to be overcome by the moment like Grady Little was. No I don't -- -- out of. I don't think you'll be overcome by the moment but I think you'll go through this aren't you specifically you in the audience you'll be watching the post season. And there will be moments when you look at John Ferrell and you'll say maybe some you did last night what are you doing. Because John Ferrell for any and I still call him a rookie manager in Boston -- -- -- the hardest for two years in Toronto. That that didn't mean a lot. -- -- When he took the job here is not like white for two years in Toronto those good experience he'll be fine here or else like something. You're dismissed and if you did not did -- out of sales from a somewhat dismissed it. But. He's a he's a rookie manager. With the Red Sox but. Unlike guys who are coordinate with the job very strong opinions. Of very strong conviction in the -- and well thought out just. You'll look at -- so he'll say I think. Marty -- and I really -- that but he's gonna stick with and he's got a plan -- a reason why get ready yet. I think that's fun but I just thought you saw a glimpse of the UN human spoke it there's a glimpse of the future oh it's absolute -- Steven Durham. He's not -- Richard and I got this guy that is his guy and he's gonna believing him all the way to the end and I understand that. And yet I disagreed with it last night and that's fine. I thought I gotta get a bad manager because of it but I really disagreed and I found myself furious watching the game in the game last night 6177797937. Steve's it was to what's upstate. I like the guy that. Good I -- very famous and very fabulously. On John well I think he's taken some pitching staff that was kind of banged up. Or needed to get in rehab. Or whatever they needed to do that tomorrow I think he's done a great job the seat him because he knows how to pitch those guys are incalculable -- Agreed -- -- as pitchers have knowledge operable on new evidence to -- Andy Evers is the guy. Who who who got it done in Chicago to very good pitching staff while he was there are so yes I'm I'm with you. Okay thank you very much I just wanted to do you know I'd like to feel and they all man becomes. Not all imports Steve I was waiting for. What. You know I like John Ferrell -- I you know didn't like this or didn't like that which is what the college say a job browser regardless if you're looking. An -- are slow rollout of the talk about the pitching. OK I think the the managing job he's done with the pitching has been absolutely fantastic I mean he's experienced what a couple of guys in Toronto that you could come back. Found no major surgery and I have a funny feeling that this looks -- pitching staff -- yes -- constructed. Can't get into October and November how do you guys. Why don't get a mid October and a much of a doubt about Vatican they get solid win the World Series I think they canned it. What are the managers jobs okay manager so many jobs and when you look at them. Dealing with a pitching staff in managing their pitching staff people make barrels as good as anybody in the Gator -- is back. Dealing with the media and making sure that little stories don't become big stories don't let don't let things get out of -- eight plus Tammy Farrell could not have been better about that -- -- been doping story. It has come out about this team and a negative way eight loss in that category. Dealing with -- clubhouse and making a happy place or one big story I -- big story to handle it which was -- Ryan Dempster that he intentionally yes hit Alex Rodriguez but that that wasn't a little sort of became the big story -- -- -- that was -- big -- that became a little story based on how he dealt -- that -- -- While there is victory -- get bigger because remember or was over currencies goes to USA today and that there dispute Dempster and then he's got it but took part I. I give -- any plot and get out of hand did not -- plus brush fires eight plus a deal at creating a clubhouse chemistry styled and everybody's into. The -- the -- I mean a plus in that category. The only category in which I don't give -- any applause and I don't know what great to give them yet. Is in game management some of the decisions that are made. Pinch running bunting stealing and cheating it. Those types of decisions but that day in game management strategy questions. Are the only place I don't know a great to give -- kept him an a plus there to do -- every how many how many -- to just talk about this dividend. Pinch hit home runs out the Red Sox have the time they've got a ton of of late wins of get a -- win it means that your bullpen hasn't let you down you've made some some right decisions there. And if you're getting hit from my car like you did you might carpet Grand Slam it'll pass rusher. The usage of carbon -- -- manager has to do that -- plus just this blind spot for Stephen Drew and and against Zander Bogart's. There is one thing that really stands out. Other that I think you're absolutely right -- Brunswick 61777979837. Data out. But I you're you're black I was would not a sacrifice bunt. We knew what you -- pulled cart record Barry wouldn't give him a couple pitches to steal a base in that actually know what. I would've -- an accident would've done it I would've done it earlier 'cause I would pinch run it. Diary for middle Brooks in the ninth when you had a righty on the -- let's go to your question let's go to your question in the eleventh. Well you give a couple of pitches aren't Sylvester Red Sox perspective that's going to be fair here. Look at it from an Orioles perspective what do you think they're doing as you're trying to get. -- a couple of pitches to steal a base what do you think they -- It is set out of the -- of course but there's a bright spot -- -- we want out and -- excited at the double play again if you don't know I mean. Thoughts on a manager to house and -- C Alan your your right. Analysis on a manager you you you he's most put in on the me mister Webb about exhibit now he's saying. What you're not lost you know lost a -- that one out he got a guy out first and second right -- Stephen Drew up well. You could have Bogart's etc. -- I hope I went in particular. Click -- and go out the UK. Double play situation. You know like at that point yet to get there -- to act like that might -- And I agree with about that time I like to see a bump late man on second less than -- let you know what no way out bats or once he -- Put a man on third base of one out now fly balls and when Joseph wants to do that you can you understand why they were nervous about. Mr. 22 and now yeah it grant -- the left in amount -- you know that's -- would -- two innings earlier with the right amount. But not a matter of a spot a turnabout in the eleventh inning I still would have done -- there are still would have taken a chance I'm even though they were very nervous about being able to a complete -- I would have already done it I -- -- Arizona now well. I don't know. I don't -- -- -- a little -- in the land that spot if that's the case that I I don't like the ball with with a Madoff personally. If if you're not going to steal -- then I would let knob here as 300 to happen. And that's that I wouldn't either either steal them and bought him from second third or let not yet. That's -- those of the two choices that I would given that spot six point 777979837. Days -- it. I don't is that Dave. I got a couple of quick to believe them at what he had me and I like lately and it has not achieved at his home run the opera -- -- why people selfish. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the picture we get regrettable that -- I don't I don't I don't want David Ortiz doing that I want David Ortiz he won didn't. He did that a couple weeks ago -- we crushed them four. Couple weeks ago Ortiz did that he got crushed for it but -- -- Dave Ortiz analysts he bunting and a big spot ball. It is -- Down now that's not that's not an affidavit or are clearly you're leading you're -- home run hitter and you're at home and you're trying to win the game he's what he's there what if it's 5621. Swing I don't want to get out of there as a man what's great from Hampton in the game and with that shift he's 30920. Home runs driven in 1960 and you want and you wanna take in the ball about a -- -- -- -- -- The second he hit the good big -- to -- -- -- inside. Dave if you if you tell me that that you prefer David Ortiz -- find him if you're gonna tell me David Ortiz is selfish because with his numbers he wants to get away and the manager wanted to that is Nazi. That is -- another human crazy or. Not. Gonna play arts and you're mad that he struck out that -- that happens sometimes that doesn't make -- selfish. Surprisingly public just yet you're able to. Be surprising for is one of the best hitters in the game. The cup and I can go to block a couple of times like detonate if a private college. Ortiz or -- other players I'm not telling you bots are always a bad thing I'd -- it Ortiz is really good year. I wanna I wanna swing -- found a debate. Swing he went a little swinging thing on -- -- -- just public he's just good hitter without having to do you. I'd like in court on that didn't make it seem okay thank you get what I. You'd like to team them with their got I don't know I don't know I mean you got to missing now you start them. Mean and then now we're getting a little crazy here because. You build your team a certain way. -- David Ortiz as as one of the you know crown jewels of your line -- your -- your number one power source. You're leading home run hitter you're leading RB -- guy in the game in a situation where you can in that game. And get your magic number lower than three. -- David Ortiz just kind of slap it down there to what their what David Ortiz to but Ortiz dollars. Don't write you want and you're right he's hits. Why there's a reason he is who he is and has been good for a long as he has let David Ortiz do his thing in the meantime the Red Sox are doing a very odd thing. Or at least something that stands out are looking at talked about it today that he wants David Ortiz tickled that I don't know we'll have to play next talking all at W media. And the one thing to do most impressively they let us. Play they get all the information they get all the preparation -- but when it -- start that led the hurricanes and you can ask for anything else that they're not. Over coach can you not have imagined. He's just watching -- game and then let the guys play she outplayed. As David Ross and no doubt is not Olbermann that is. That is true. -- -- he's under I don't think he's -- body a body -- minutes last -- well not the team. What you said earlier what you agree with they're not and I think that's what -- gonna see in the post season because we've seen it all year. He did anything. Last night. That he hasn't done and July -- had nothing into August or support system early and bad really but so I think I think he's what you're gonna see is a guy who's got his vision aren't. This is his vision and that's what David Ross just said about John Ferrell. But you don't used to say about himself all the time players the thing about Tito the they they'd come in don't have a lot of rules. Don't try to complicate the game they study their asses off of it comes to the players. It does give them digest double pieces of information that they can use to supplement a game. We say we we just let them play let applies lets us play -- not a few names are so the next. If your name starts of that action not allowed to place in the lineup for today. Once again if you're not surprised by anything it's that of course Zander pulled -- is not in it again Pedroia novel Ortiz Napoli -- Saltalamacchia. Middle Brooks drew and Jackie Bradley junior in center fielder another day that Shane Victorino is gonna miss you seem to Jim's stomach the into the game last -- in fact he said so afterwards. Wasn't able to make that last the -- he -- Bradley paint chip firm at the end of the game at didn't go well that's a little bit of it's a worry as you know I mean you know how I feel about hand injuries for hitters right victory has been beat up all year I -- in a thumb injury. Obviously that's a bit of a concern but Dana Bogart's of course not in the game once again that goes drew and a middle Brooks. At short. -- know what I did during a break. Start right here that he did not -- I talk to you for I did not move during the break because you had some tees about David at about David Ortiz. And I -- gonna move okay. -- -- -- -- -- well David Ortiz you never know it's not specifically about him to share -- share or about Larry Lucchino so this was like the this morning. This is this morning and Dennis and Callahan Show as you know they they need to have a series of front office executives in the Red Sox. The give -- front office report and cherry on Mike he's been on. This morning with Larry -- And he revealed something about the Red Sox clubhouse that I'll admit I think I've heard about yesterday but never before then this is Larry looking along with DNC. We created sleep rooms and in the end in the clubhouse and I think the players make terrific use of that. It's a soundproof room were passing give and and get some rest take a nap during the afternoon guys -- around the ballpark from the bottle out at 2 o'clock bond. Its first 710 game. And -- belittled gestures. Like at all of them went gestures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What would happen would you would you just it would be -- out of over Jeff sort of -- -- that's right on the other -- on display is what you feel comfortable falling asleep around them and colleagues you that you be like the wire where you falsely pick your -- something you know which felt comfortable policy brown and he. Now -- told you yesterday on the air. Revenge is coming through is that revenge now -- -- religious comics are your ticket and happened frontman -- this probably isn't a place that I that I like now it's not like. I mean I like to now as you know on big copper -- bilateral that -- that our office is a place I desire to. No DNC -- the only ones -- -- -- -- so they can have this that's true but they know that -- used for apps have you seen -- used for an excuse for something from. I don't know about that another reps now the Red Sox -- in their sleep room. -- professional athletes and how a lot of times professional athletes have been around many of them. They can be mature about than the others -- a hole. I'm still a twelve year old boy aliens is like -- player you think guys going -- fall asleep and then you know just bad things happen to him I mean it is come out of I -- commercial account -- Russell -- about a little one eyebrow the sort of missing an eyebrow actually got six. Months that those guys spend together now don't you wanna girl B I mean I guess this team wouldn't be shaving your beer jobs that maybe that I achieved something into your beard -- along those lines. It I would think it would only work if you you have to almost -- team agreement. Not to screw with anybody -- you don't want to say that they have -- -- consultant. But the open. I've been asleep car it's regarded. Art are all right now there. -- -- don't be taken that raiser in there not that permanent marker either so David Ross. Was on also today it is -- -- -- and he talked about the sleep consultant in the sleep room as well. It is nice Larry you know with that travels -- -- here. In this market all the night Sunday night games get away date night games nobody wants it put us on TV and and and have a big draw. You know we do have some times that -- not soleil where it's nice to go -- durable powers so rest. As a brilliant idea bad idea but it does sound -- A sleeper idea. Article -- Major League clubs what player do you think uses -- the most like who seems like the guy that did they get to after the sleeper more than anybody else. Stephen Drew you think he's a sleeper yeah well as brother have a hyperbaric chamber. Over the Geneva has that yourself even -- on -- That -- two years should -- just pass. It. John Holmes he's the guy who doesn't. It and deal with Pedroia ever the better who's. Never used sleep I don't by experts -- the Pedroia has ever use that never seen that guy with like twenty of those monster energy drinks are those. It is. Much. Like in the article. Is illegal. As far as I can tell a lot of middle or. He goes anywhere logo. Like he's going in their homes go in there with them. Only. One. -- -- -- -- If I'm. Okay. Dirty about it there I'm not going there all the players. Typically. A program. Got how they changed seats. Imagine after every use. There is there whether it's like like like -- With a whole bunch of little like that little ball park 1912. It smells the visitors clubhouse. It's bright amateur. We have and it is a -- queen question the other it would keep it there. Would you like the single bunk bed or. Choices in the extra long. -- I see them into -- Packets. Or are we gonna be. Brought singles B Felix jackets too -- Coach -- never used that code you put on well and energy. Bradley junior no way that -- -- coaching he has so much energy. And -- like twenty hours with those four hours at the ball park during the game is long. As much as you can possibly the -- let's shift -- get the patriots conversation. -- about the patriots from a surprising source. That is incredibly up with the question is do you buy that --

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