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Christian Fauria on the Patriots offense

Sep 19, 2013|

Christian told the guys that the Patriots were not the most difficult offense he played in but that working with Tom Brady requires a certain type of player.

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A buzzer beaters. We clarify and get some sense about this we had some really good -- abuse to the ball close and with the Marcus Davis Cup tennis -- America -- were guarding a Christian Fauria joins us on the AT&T outline AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable -- LTE network good morning mr. -- are you. There are enough. That's fine -- we're trying to determine the degree of difficulty the patriot office before we do that this current patriot offense similar. Or different to the one that you ran an 02030405. When you're with -- -- Yeah yeah being built to play calling is pretty much insane it is indeed. It -- admit -- -- -- indisputable fact third there's a couple different a route. You know. System that they used for the most part -- Spain but they might call the same protection your group I mean every year and at -- stop -- -- the shelves for muscle pain in my book. How difficult is it on up you know you use that you've played profits is that are more difficult -- this is it is this one of the difficult ones or just -- the -- Or do you play an example would look -- -- -- and after I left New England you know Al spotters and that whole opportunity he's around and and if you're an adult. -- cut off from. People are they were like it's the motion picked the option. Mean before the ball he'd snap so there reportedly beat court not before you could snap the ball. That would -- because. You need to figure out what you need to ship suitable that you -- that you need to figure out what technical and I'll keep its word of what a lot of vertical -- What secondary to how they were -- -- -- -- The nightmare create a little flat out nightmare. For the ball you that you needed to go the opposite it's par and just. We're going well I'm not okay look at that picture right you and accuracy -- okay you're running corner -- cut you. Not typical -- it is harder and you need to do it in your book more a lot Ochocinco. OK it. It was hard but I said it to. Kind of going like -- -- look at the gauntlet which is always tell you tell me what he did you know what's going -- what the secret trying to do. To -- period and then you'll know where the ball well. So I'd want to know word got a lot of America was were strong look at all accurate about. But -- outlook or is -- gonna -- what you're really trying to do it why are we ready to take it and I don't know. Like look good fortunately nobody I know that I bought I really don't care but I was forced to know where -- want to go to ball. -- on the coverage and I think if you. You're a student of the game you like yourself to. Know what's really going on with -- play a bloody running up dirt on to -- subject of the posted third to again. And debate but it's different plywood different personnel so every week you may need to reset. -- reset button what are we try to do all we try to do to -- And why. -- -- Christian we don't know the intricacies of the offense obviously but we do know that there was a miscommunication near the goal line. With Brady and Dobson we do know that as you said he's zig when he should've zagged. Can you tell us what do you what do you think. Actually happened on the play -- was he supposed to read the corner of the safety. Was he supposed to react to what -- dole was -- clearly was supposed to sit there and turn around and gets the ball the goal line correct. That's what it looked like based on work it. A work -- the ball goes acting Dobson -- -- -- -- And it was a dual core that would then pressed back and that that -- would have been covered outcome might only and won't critical all or you decide -- good priests that read this -- -- ball. Okay and based on what they were doing so maybe you should return to turn now we don't know should return inside or outside. A whole another level of play bridge could have won out and policy is okay did in the truck route to the excited just route hey they're fighting back just turned into a hook. Okay now based on where recovered for the leverages of the -- Return inside your turn outside at all low level -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Furthermore based on what you were taught to date go what you locked room. That's a process that some people get real quickly. I think people pay they take it takes some -- grew up a bunch I've really get. Are they asking too much of these rookies. Our I you know I I don't -- I think it. I think again pure rookies in the don't have anyone else to lean on and it's baptism by fire so. Can't look at -- -- -- -- a big deal like court to have all the time receiver too little time out the blond lab at all do it they'll have their moments. But again just to think there's nobody else is coming into. To expel them orchard Fiat bettering. That doesn't make the mistakes. While the other guys the younger guy currency is -- slowly. It's integrated into the dolphins and plays good. -- the veterans like I like myself kind of sit back and kind of enjoyed the view from the side until they got screwed up bubble and you got it -- Ahmad kind of make sure he gets he's in the right spot that might not be flashy you might not be as exciting. But we're -- there are could be anti mr. records or world ball words. We've done this course you've -- radium paying attention TB all week it's been sort of the patriots stories this Brady body language the yelling. The anger I mean -- so you don't think it's the kind of thing it's gonna keep Hopkins and optioned up the middle of the nineteen psychologically damaged and Tom Brady yelled at a little bit during a football game. Don't let the value of that match yesterday were on the radio it sucks but I also yelled at other I yelled at. People also -- guilt at all requirements for coming out side in -- tight high risk. Hot consequent high stakes game. What looked and it felt really isn't the last two weeks of football -- fantastic. But everybody in -- -- of what's going to do it now more importantly they don't want to get too far behind. We'll -- it to be great -- colts. So. It is it is it is not a lot of baseball not basketball you have very few chances. You know to win games and especially toward into the game -- the stakes are higher in the red -- would cops was were even higher. And you'll have about maybe ten plays of red zone situation played in new playbook. UE one of them up well and you don't have it again -- could block an opportunity I get you Google you know so. Which are open comp situation is brought up on your shoulders. And you know it's critical you can get that opportunity now you'll have thirteen point. -- and order but final question it was a short week of work last week before the jets game in fact if I'm not mistaken I believe there was not really a practice but only a walk through. You suspect with ten days now between game two in game three you'll see it marked and noticeable improvement in the quarterback to wide receiver communication. Yeah and I got a great point either so he did there's definitely dipped a little more work in alone -- yesterday the guys were brought a group accident and the yeah I I think you well now it's. The camp as deep as president and I think the -- is it tougher. We -- they are pretty really decent to great CPU opposite -- is -- really started a polite good linebackers. They will be tested again. -- -- once a blood in the water once all the quarter see what these young guys can't do. Take them on their game that's -- -- trying to do. And they're only gonna get harder. Good stuff Christian -- appreciate the covers all due smarts not really -- mama that was wrong at NC were Smart crushed and I apologize and that kind of -- -- Guitarist David Dennis Kelly on the AT&T hotline eighteen the nation's fastest and almost liable for GLG's.

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