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It Is What It Is Cast: Previewing the Patriots and Buccaneers Week 3 matchup

Sep 19, 2013|

WEEI.com's Chris Price and Mike Petraglia preview the Week 3 match-up between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Buccaneers. The guys discuss the keys to the game and what to watch for.

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Spiritual let's stadium I'm Mike the trial alongside patriots expert columnist Christopher price for WEEI dot com. Chris this week the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the slate here at Gillette Stadium. The patriots -- two and now. They've won both of their games by a very small margin as a matter of fact 55 points. Tampa Bay Buccaneers is Bill Belichick has reminded us this week are two plays away from being too and no they're owing to. Having lost by just a handful of points themselves. How do you read the matchup going in what are some of the things we should be looking for -- it. Going to be fascinating matchup I think these two teams who struggled a little bit and as you mentioned the patriots are known to the couple plays with -- go into other debt Turco played where according to a no popular here Buccaneers are about that. -- away from being two and oh so it really set -- -- it's going to be tough matchup for knowing that it really do it I think that. While Tampa Bay isn't an overwhelming team on both sides of the ball beat you with some things that could present -- match up problems for the patriots they were very good secondary. We know golds and will be playing on Sunday so that adds to the patriots problems they have a big. Physical. Offensive line in that's gonna cause some problems for the patriot defense -- Which has been a strength at this point this season so it's gonna be interesting to see how these two teams shake out again I think it would be really good match. They scored seventeen points -- a loss to the New York Jets. Opening week they scored just fourteen points last week in their home opener but Bill Belichick told us this this week that. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a big play team on both sides of the ball Mason Foster -- back last week with -- 85 yard interception return. They do have the capability of the big fly they really do in -- have both said the -- to mention -- mentioned earlier this week that. You can look at what beat -- on defense they're able to get off the ball into a really good job. Be very disruptive to turn over the other side of the ball Vincent Jackson is now would be stingy music guy who needs to. Did they need to pay attention from all over the field it goes -- nothing but they also have some really good at other skill position players including Doug Martin. Again -- the team has no mention as we talked about that has the capability. To set up nicely for the big play. This obviously is a team the patriot very familiar with having just. Three weeks or so practiced against them for several days. In training camp obviously they've played against them in the pre season but sometimes I think Chris we here in new England and the fans in particular can take for granted. What a functional situation they have organized throughout the organization and certainly a locker room this week reports. A tension and strike inside the Tampa Bay I'll locker room some of their leaders coming out and saying yeah admitting Doug Martin saying. They are star running back you -- saying yeah we've got some issues in this locker room but we've got a long season to resolve them is a lot of this having to do with. Having to do with playing for Greg -- I think there's something to you that I think that some of the players might look at a guy with a hard line coach. And a guy who's never pleaded down that we could be look at a guy like that Nancy who is -- to tell me. How to play how to go about my business -- -- in this week for extended period of time I know what's best for me but if -- -- well I checked you get away with that just because of the three -- exactly if you know if you're eventually Belichick who's been around for almost forty years now you can get away with that but. I think that's part of growing pains for a new team new coach. Honestly winning solves all problems so they can mean here they beat the patriots they wrote off three or four straight all that talk is -- -- by the wayside and who believe that. Well we've certainly Chris don't expect any amp M and all of the play this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes he was at practice this week but. Sort of going through the motions you believe that it's pretty much a smokescreen but the bigger story in the and the more likely return of course is Rob Gronkowski. You spoke to Rob Gronkowski in the locker room what did he tell you about what he's learned while he's been on the sideline it's really interesting because -- -- quit your on the sidelines for an extended stretch like he's been. You get a new appreciation for the game -- that just a perspective but you learn things in you see things that you didn't necessarily see you when your on the field on a regular basis he's talked about. Learning different things and picking up different moves in in really growing and evolving and adapting -- -- -- but that was back in here say stuff like that. If it's going to be interesting to see the growth that comes out of this process not just physically but mentally how he's changed how you -- How usable as a player how many snaps this again. I think that that's you know what it did not even a question right now really to the -- note which is gonna play I think it does play. I think you're gonna -- their for an extended period of time I think that they're not going to put a guy on the field. Who's a 50% now the rumors that we've heard the reports that we've heard are at this point he has. 5050 according to ESPN and an -- from -- report that he is more likely not to played in the play. I think in the end I think we're gonna see you push back a week I don't think we're gonna see him this week I think we're gonna team next week against Atlanta. But again he wouldn't shock me you know I'm I'm done making you know being -- it -- salutes with -- team it wouldn't shock me to -- about your field. Nothing to take into consideration Chris obviously is they're playing at Tampa Bay team that doesn't exactly light up the scoreboard so maybe they do give them an extra week. Of rest. On the other side of the ball Aqib Talib. I thought it was pretty important and and significant of him to say you know when given the chance to rip Nick Mangold of the New York Jets. For hitting him from behind in the closing seconds of that Thursday night win here to -- stadium. He thinks it was an accident he doesn't hold anything against mangled in particular he's ready to move on moving on you asked him about Vincent Jackson what kind of -- -- receiver he has I think we -- we this ago we talked about before Vincent Jackson is a completely unique receiver a lot of aspects including the -- you never see you got that big lineup in the slot and a regular basis. 65 I think 230. Just an absolute beast of a player he's gonna be really difficult guy to contain. He had great numbers over the course of his career against doing it for several re not police the which. He's just an oversized slot receiver not just the -- closer but -- -- a slot receiver was a very difficult matchup for this team I think it's been set to bring nicely. As -- to leave Jackson showed up because to leave as we know. And -- alien number one shut down corner but when he was brought in here he was brought in to shut down the bigger faster physical guys as opposed to the shorter guys wearing -- Johnson types. Really this is the guidance -- Jackson fits into that category. I don't know about you -- but I was struck today by how relaxed Tom Brady was I he seemed much more relaxed maybe it was the extra time off he'd made mention of it. In his press conference with reporters -- yeah we all got some extra rest and any time you can get extra rest during the course of a football season. You're gonna feel better. Tom Brady seemed more relaxed he also addressed the issue and took it head on that I have to be. The beginning and the end of all communication issues and leadership issues he's very well aware of what was said about the way he acted on the sideline against the jets. Do you think he gets the message and you know it is it. More than just words and Tom Brady I do I think he gets the message today I think he realized that when it comes to some of these younger receivers. Acting like that is counterproductive -- through their overall growth and day it doesn't get them to upgrading need to be any faster these fees. Portrayed as a raving lunatic on the sidelines quite frankly so I think we're gonna see less that this week I also think. We've seen at least in the case of control Tompkins. Some growth from week one to week two in -- and -- the beat -- wanna see if they wanna see him take it to the next level -- -- -- was in a really tough spot last week. No padded practices came into his first NFL game had -- drops it's clearly struggled at points I think they're gonna wanna see progression really that's what you're looking for at this point. Promote young receivers they wanna be -- natural progression wanna be able to through evolution they wanna show that they're getting better in that office and Rudy alike I think the patriots win this one I think that the New England. Is really gonna have just enough talent on both sides of the ball it's not gonna give a lot of -- in India. -- that there they're not gonna roll over the biting doing it and that would in this thing of Tennessee 23 to fourteen. All right Chris. Back to a regular schedule I don't know what to make of it. The sun is out here to -- stadium were back on a regular workweek all things are good in patriot land as they try to go to three you know this Sunday against. Jason provide Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Crist reprise some -- -- rally at WEEI dot com.

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