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Larry Lucchino reveals the Sox sleeproom

Sep 19, 2013|

Sox president Larry Lucchino joined the show to discuss the latest with the Sox. Larry told the guys the teams sleep doctor recommended they use a sleep room at Fenway.

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And from the Boston Red Sox president CEO. -- you know the front office report with mr. with you I was brought you by vita Coco. Newton Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises and by Toshiba. Business the you can believe some of the stuff -- told us that Larry's -- I mean I'll. -- that -- you know how are you who's in the girls I mean wild times last night. When the owner's box not while I'm happy and it -- I have gave way to whatever it is that this does at this juncture. Yeah it's. You don't it's it was some community right to say it ain't over till it's over. Larry we all have admitted at one point or another we're wrong I did it many times that it print the other day and he knows that we're all went wrong about this team. I assume you feel the same way you were wrong pleasantly surprised. Will you admit right here now that you were wrong about the manager last year that that it that. That was just the miscalculation and you've got it right but that year that didn't that wasn't which had mind. I will celebrate the fact that this is a great manager for receptions list. And I won't -- remind you guys did we endeavor to get. John Ferrero to be our manager last year and to a -- block which the -- to engage. They would not release -- from this contract. And then this year detested trade that may complete player. It's to get them to release improved from his contract and so we put it this was the right decisions is -- no question about it. Lower your expectations in terms of how long it would take this to get fixed when you put this team together in spring training what are those expectations now and you have to manage those expectations based on well we've looked -- 151 games if you go seven to. You will 199. Which is a thirty game improvement from the year before. Our expectations were that did this team would be better there's no doubt about that night I remember. Describing them as. -- -- like spunky underdog or something like that that would surprise some people this year is as underdogs. But do we predicted in our internal. Analyses that we would be away completely and it's ninety's we hope for it. But it we certainly -- predicted. There's a lot of a lot of candidates involved in a turnaround like this does a lot of good help. That's involved and -- at a -- like this. And contributions from and duke players have been both on the field and off the field to. That it which we could not fully anticipate. So yes this is the I was surprised that we expect about spec absolutely didn't recognize we had a good core of players. He year he and after the historic trade with the Dodgers. Absolutely. Did we've competency. -- that -- baseball operations people would. Which deploy the dodger money that was say quietly and they give us the kind of deep depth that we assign and so was so desperately yes. Does this market after the -- -- this kind of historic. Turner. Blair had no way of measuring this but I think I can tell you with with certainty that the vast majority of people that had their doubts about -- baseball team even as late as when you broke camp and came up from from spring training. Were wrong about and -- about every time somebody said well we need to have character guys in this clubhouse. And the standard stock and that was character doesn't hit the ball character doesn't strike guys out character doesn't close games in the -- and -- brought -- that it make a difference. It -- is especially because in the game of baseball maybe it. Somewhat less. Important and in season that are not so long. Don't balls and got to grind that the baseball season does over over six month period but. We had to. Though we in the process and experience with both kinds of teams. Teams that were. Solid and played with those sort of lose the Somalia. And it and a bunch of leaders in the clubhouse that we've seen teams that were there or not so composed. So -- It was in the important to -- sit what I mean I don't know are saying you guys. Season is done. I try to put together the as the coolest guys in the class secretive fraternity or trying to do is put together a winning baseball team and this is just one element of it. Now army. You can look at the leadership provided by by the veterans that the -- -- -- You can look at the contributions of of the new guys gulch brought -- sense of fire and focus of this team. Tipster. Keep the guys loose in the club also -- reminiscent of so our best teams here. John -- created this sense of and he. That this is really. You know put the team first above all else. Also the psychological contributions is it leadership education of these guys have been profoundly important. All of that said it seems to me that above and beyond all that perhaps the most amazing story in this whole deal it's very specific he has. Hander -- went down Bailey your closer went down nobody's argue -- coming and he has been absolutely magic for this team. Well. He yes he certainly has been that -- it was. 31. -- consecutive. That he did Citi get out this this is historic crime. Out of his own but we knew in December that he was a -- under under. Appreciated talent -- -- two strikes have strike after strike interest rates. -- nobility and but no one -- to once again the kind of extreme reforms that we've gotten from him. And what it -- like serious -- to the. Injuries it goes back to the concept does deep depth is one thing that. Oh we did write -- season. It was two recognize that detour. 25 under say 3031. Guys who have contributed. Two to this team. If you look at the contribution from the guys the lower part of that roster it's today they've been substantially to. Did you you're -- baseball -- did you look at the numbers and say. We hand for. And good guys here character and and and not get an F talent in return -- -- say ten million bucks for Jonny Gomes. Are we here for two years when you first saw that did you take it makes made sense so did you have to be convinced that well that he brings and intangibles. -- I had to be a little bit convinced that there is truth because. I would say that the Cody ross' -- edited and that was the question and then when it became clear. To us that. -- to -- for Cody was going to be much higher. And longer. As it turned out to but he got a three year deal for 27 million dollars. Johnny Gomes a two year deal for ten million dollars completely. Pretty neat deal and we of course were aware that debt. Wherever he goes the team -- good teams just followed -- adult facility. Were you disappointed for them. Large part of the season -- Attendance I assume was not where you hope that would be in TV ratings -- we disappointed and you think it was just a matter of time and now at what's gonna come around. Yeah I think it's it's just the matter of time -- something that you've got to remember in baseball there's a lag period and that applies. Two to based boat if you coming up as. Thirteen months. Dismal performance that we had going back to -- December of 2011. And going through September of 2012. On that's necessary and it created. A residue. Andy yeah. That that would not -- way -- so uses dished off. Demonstrable for success on the field. So I think that and the same accuse the other way the success that. You'd you have takes a little while for to filter into the system and the fans mentality. So we -- a little disappointed yes but that didn't we anticipate. That it would be slow going at the beginning of the year it sure did. In the off season sales were not that they're quite or bust by other teams standards but not by our standards here in Boston. Now we know you wore an -- ring and a cowboy hat when Jason Al -- was in town of against spurs on your wing tips that day. Did you have a beard did you have appeared last night to. No no. I'd done had not sported a beard. Yet I haven't had one. Social law school but. I decide decided -- my role of the front offices provides an adult supervision. On we'll still stable beard this. A Larry there are certain things we don't talk radio obsess about some of the qualify as is minutia some of it does not one of those seems to be factoring is is. John Ferrell will choose for his game one starter in the playoffs. What factors -- what process goes into making that decision is who gets the game one start. Well schedule. To can be sure -- When when. Might we clinched and you know who was simply turn is up when decision then there's the all eighty of that period of time I was about forty. Probably. Egyptian gives him freedom might think you know hot hand has a lot to do -- it. Who's pitching well that this just -- here. That's -- October baseball is all about eight kids. Playing well particularly well okay particularly hot at right time so. I think that's gonna play a major open I think the choices probably pretty. Choices probably pretty obvious loses it's less about colts. The -- -- situation that that's slightly they got the and that's. It's interesting to note that perhaps John Carroll's most difficult job between now and the policies -- beginning is just walking that fine line between the rest. Sitting guys and playing guys and keeping guys sharp but getting them off their feet for me as you -- -- well when that your toughest job go forward. Well acute that you but it and obviously very very important -- I I did try to emphasize the Kentucky guys the grind this season even when it's been -- -- as exciting as positive as as upbeat this season so far is this what has been. There's did travel the that they willingness of the game it does -- -- -- -- -- on people if you have. Some rest. The sun -- from the -- In September. You can play in October baseball -- you -- have to be mindful of its equality problem. I agree though we have some players who have shown tremendous. Drive that hard to I think victory had come -- and Pedroia got some mine. So many as several other guys as well who just played through injuries fails very. Place with a broken foot. So there were. It these guys have -- idea of the right stuff. Is there kind of an ancillary benefit to have this kind of season learned that in that guys don't wanna leave a mean a look at Napoli after the years had the that dramatic you know it's he's and say he's talkative wanna leave here -- he might talk to other tees but he's gonna give them. Red Sox every chance to sign enemy might even give my hometown discount is that is that the way it's gonna work. I hope that the work that he's the ultimate goal police we lines created situations where. The or players considers subjective factors not just that he. The sides of the the dollar -- and other top line they considered the fun of playing in a beautiful ballpark every night the passionate intensity of the fans the the the commitment of the of the ownership and the we do. -- can't we try to create -- Little things in the in in the club loves to make a better more comfortable place and easy to look at this club house and 2002. And guided the physical. Conditions of the close -- compared to what we have now. I think players. But can see every date is that good place to play we care about winning and we care the players. Well being one of the things we did this season sound like a little thing I'll mention it anyways we previously -- -- in the -- in the club house. I think the please make terrific use of that it is soundproof room -- -- -- and and -- progress take -- -- during afternoon -- around the ballpark from the bottle out at 2 o'clock. It for a seven and game. And -- belittled gestures. Like it to them what gestures. Whose idea was that. It was actually. And ideas they came from -- sleep doctor. That. We have a doctor. News sleep specialists who -- the the the problems confronting baseball players was there. -- travel over the jetlag they have all of that day and founded. Tremendous numbers our baseball players were actually surprised. What's in there got -- how many of the sleeper and there's elect a black lighter loser of that with that noise machine -- -- Think too glamorous guys just that he. A room with a couple of bunk beds and it's. And did -- itself proof and it's just off the. Second floor of the -- it's. And it's a place where people can. Can he grabbed spiritual crisis but it needed -- Canadians simpler place. Has talked about how they've been able to get some of the best. It is and in weeks. -- it would do so I wanted to sign that this this point if they emphasize the wrong syllable -- this scene there's a history of that and aren't charging and perhaps. But -- but it does we do try to create an atmosphere. That makes the players as comfortable as possible so when they are free agents when they have an opportunity go elsewhere. They'll consider the of the benefits of the virtues. Play in Boston not just the the bottom line dollar amount. May I assume the -- was off limits during the game Larry. Yes you can assume that. -- I don't all right all right I got Manny Ramirez out of it yet or is he still in there. That's -- A question matching the -- wells went endorsed and embraced a clubhouse celebration. Like merely clinching a playoff spot. It could be more appropriate to celebrate pop the cork and you win the east whittled it. Our goal is to win the American League east. We wanna play October baseball to be sure so we're happy to. To recognize importance of that but personally. Would not celebrates. The clinching the wild card spot that's not well we're shooting for this year. If it -- we get there I'll celebrate the plenty of the American League east would. The front office report Larry -- has brought -- -- vita Coco Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises and by Toshiba business solutions that Larry can. AT&T line AT&T. And almost likable or -- these says Larry -- tell us things that's did you hear have you heard -- -- that. Yeah and there's guys not well that's likened this to the whole scene in the room -- -- that's we should we need one of those here. -- -- -- -- -- That's a look at showed up for guys it is a good pick of -- off. And they get a 4 in the morning -- man knows the pampered and all that. Is a good idea dates used to sleep in the -- newsroom right the F some guys would sleep like in their locker. Of -- in the in the recliner just to get ten minutes sleep. Destruction of the sleep -- and you know that noise machine -- one of those white lace like noise what else did you have an uncle it's. Now that the case that might keep you up. That probably a beer in there maybe some fried chicken and it's not a real itself limits maybe maybe could take. -- and opium or some probably November 1 -- whole store at some of the pitchers were sleeping in the -- -- say it's -- -- in the game is why -- they all went. We're not relievers they're not down their clothes -- is. Not a not -- game -- used to go out there on seventh that it be bad or what is your clothes -- your team what are you a -- is exhausted just came back from the West -- that trip we here at night and bill that game and always available but just -- half an -- are laid down. Not a bill -- it's all you argue that might well mostly. What if he's tired he's -- he wants to be refreshed by -- the ninth inning. The team on the theory. That it's a conspiracy theories like the collective screw round I think -- -- to reenergize reinvented like like -- is doing right now on the couch and Iraq and then I think this is a great idea sleep doesn't relish and --

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