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Mike Lupica on the state of the Sox and Yankees

Sep 19, 2013|

Old friend Mike Lupica stopped by the show to discuss his new book QB 1. Mike also talked about the state of the Sox versus that of his hometown Yankees.

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-- I think you'll find Mike Lupica. Are up pal from the New York Daily News -- member of ESPN's the sports reporters ESPN radio crooked off the author of multiple bestselling books including heat. Traveled team million dollar after the underdogs and his new one out called QB one. We'll get to that in just a second how are you doing mr. Mr. Dennis it's a Callahan good morning I I have to confess I've finally because I had this big gig this morning. I finally had to leave them a part in the eleventh that you have to bail but you know was -- great innings anyway -- that he's not here to endorse Qualcomm -- -- do that on -- on us I you know I got back to the room last night. And I started reside I was on -- guys in Rhode Island yesterday and -- books stuff. So and and then at what I said the guys aggression each got to hear this one actually hear this it's a -- I I really feel bad for the skip because he's almost. Like clinically depressed right now about this in any isn't such denial that he can pitch through this. And I guess he's not pushing back the start of it he's gonna miss next year anyway but it's it that was it. We've all had guys on who wanna -- -- but maybe I don't want -- -- it and I actually I know what it is like a book. So I hope -- that that your buddies we I talked about my arm and say OK so what it's about what -- -- -- and Syria today. -- Still -- Dennis and Callahan have. A theory that when there's a team you don't support a team you don't like a team that may even be your arch enemy gets sold bat and sold downtrodden and so will be gone. You start to feel sorry for. I think the New York Yankees might -- tiptoeing into that arena. I don't know how sympathetic I thought they showed great resilience and fight. Early in the season I think the manages to any good job. The other night against Toronto they lost to nothing about and it felt like an hour and ten men suing him and everything yeah by and a look like they're gonna lose like that. But of course once they winning game. The idea in New York is okay look at here come the paint strippers and they get a sub 500 team for months -- 150 games there on a four and five road -- the Red Sox on two consecutive weekends. You're down a flight of stairs but here's what you hear if they can just win nine out of ten. That what are they possibly can make it thick thick coat now the other thing Yankee fans might hang your hat on -- early two and a half games -- -- -- wild card -- failing to realize there -- five teams with -- -- tied with the -- the fighting frank -- have a dream -- schedule that the rest of the way. The Orioles have -- -- -- -- don't sleep on the or be at because they have a great manager and they stood empty they should've won last night and they did. So once you start putting teams between yourself and where you need debate. It's not just two and a happy canister -- -- adding up the numbers that much of the bodies have -- -- aside you bet on what's the solution that would Jeter next year on man. You know what John I was -- Smart answer that question. He believes all he has to do is rehab you know he's very it's it's why he's been stubbornly great news is they're kinda alum -- and I've I've never had a cross -- -- great admired Derek Jeter. He's going to be a forty year old charts he's got it forty or -- up with who has had diminishing range in the last few years before he ended up in a heap against the tigers last year. I don't know I at this is that this is going to be. This is no good ending to this story. And because there you go back to the history of baseball and look for all agreement Portland forty shortstop and I think some recently -- -- -- well. All right. And and but I've ever -- a logical scenario reasonable scenario where will he play -- play third -- -- DH -- -- -- seems to be a logical landing place because I don't know these standards can handle the third baseman in New York I don't know whether you've been following this but our our third baseman is -- some trouble with the -- -- and baseball. Yes it may take some time line up next year and a an unpaid vacation. Their -- makes sense you know. In the old days and I was a kid left field was right as the yeah. The dinosaur dumping ground at Yankee Stadium a diarrhea and and there's also that the DH shot I think I can find the at bats but first she got to find out. If this leg is gonna stand Adam. Andy's. What a player option for next year -- was under he will pick it up I think he's getting eight million dollar pick that up under contract they got to find a place for. Though he's there to date yet -- it would be like you do Rivera said I want -- next year we're guessing now he said okay and to share will be back the first Teixeira will be back at first and they will continue to be. A team as old as the museum of natural history and I think the pipeline right not known if there's something in the pipeline and here's a great thing that the Yankees -- They always tell you about prospects who can't help them in the season their plight. And then when it's two years is it would have of those guys and as a way or we were they were as good as we thought they were going to be. There are people in baseball think this is the way it's going to be. Going four for four or five years because if there was help. There would have been one hitter one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With with guys that one team couldn't wait to get rid of and that they very likely might play in the grocers are going to be fast -- and note to line. And that whole goal over a New York I mean. -- -- you know we know he doesn't always run the first base. But look at stats he leads the Yankees and every everything inside I think he is in a very good negotiating position but I I do think. I do think that you know I don't analysts think -- -- their second -- pitcher -- -- Mattingly sat there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of yes I ate -- you know it. I've been saying listed to franchise that's a good it's battle time with you next guest last night and it's sometimes. Don't know what would ever want to go through what they went through last year -- it might have been the best thing for them because they have lost their way. And they stood up and -- we were wrong we don't like this team either and it's it's told you on September 19. 2012. That we would be having this conversation and talking about a team that still could win a hundred games. In that the general manager and what they've done here -- to reboot the culture of the Red Sox. At -- by the way. Assemble a team of people really like their third there it's taught there more people inside their ballpark last night that there Bennett fifty years I was the beard deal last night. It it is one of the great culture changes in one -- I can remember. And -- truth serum I've been it would also tell you they didn't expect it to happen this fast -- might be an evolutionary thing of two -- three years to change that entire. Toxicity. And here's the other thing about that that the people around his baseball team and they -- not watching it from a -- much -- from New York. I was amazed at how fast people ran away from these guys -- it's -- told you when John and Tom and Larry get this team and here's what's going to happen. Over the next ten years. You're going to win two World Series you -- -- you know have a chance to win a third and there's going to be a year we'd just fall flat on your face. Sign on -- and they came. That Quinones of of the Boston sporting scene and you know it's like deal Mark Twain line was fourteen I -- -- -- dumbest -- -- -- Thomas twenty when I couldn't believe how much he -- seven is not a box right. All of a sudden these guys -- Smart again. Right and and you know what they look at the news we talked yankees. Sox have too many short stops you know -- had to trade one they don't know what to do the best defensive shortstop in the game. And now they have too many third base that on what to do would -- in the postseason he's probably gonna sit on the bench and a little Bible with the Yankees Yankee fans look at the Red Sox and some of those games so -- They got a -- -- characteristic or longer -- -- right again they got up the economic shortstop they had a homegrown kid at third base. You do that right and it was right they want 81 I think generic team would be we'd be mentioning him as executive of the year they want or set exactly but it was tell me that the over under number. We 79. Covenant was yet that it 79 and they many people were -- last. Are now you've got a pretty dead -- They got Jake Peavy would be like the one or two starter most places and he's going to be what third or fourth going and we have a question that we never give an honest and we look who we elect Larry Larry it's pretty straight shooter with -- -- -- -- your now. But he doesn't answer this honestly understand why maybe he did with you last night. Does he feel like he screwed up. With Bobby Valentine does he does he know -- you know I tell you what I I've never had a conversation with a -- out -- propaganda somebody thought it was -- I live most of -- did yeah -- got -- and and you know what would listen that -- Carl Crawford was a mistake. You know on the all there was you want to let it. But again September 19 he just looking at your watch last year -- -- let this be over by it and now you're like I think that can play into December ready to be happy right. Well the Yankees are no longer be up there but it's a great football teams. In oh my god oh my god who would've ever thought of the Cleveland -- people around here is what I don't like that they want to see Rex Ryan fail right now I'd like to see it survive these and detaining. He seems like the -- But race and it seems like a decent if they rather have rich coat tight battle new Yorker not for now and grow if it not for. One defense of laps last Thursday night against law. See what this should go on they'd be the pitcher and suck it up Tom I'm at that that that that. Sucked it up. And who would've ever thought you would actually watch a football game. The think that the jets had more offensive weapons other than quarterback position everybody and it would -- -- about what does it take from this about right now. It this and I. Here's the thing about the jets if this kid at quarterback I have no idea I like him I wanted them to draft and look at. If this kid -- back turns out to be somebody who looks like he has prospects then you can win this year. Even if you lose if you come out of the season. With a quarterback and a defense maybe he does serve and Sanchez play for the team again I can't can't say that because it -- some -- you Gino -- you know there are out of -- has been saying all week there are people really like Matt -- I mean it sounds not to prior within. All right so I'm not sure that geno has liked the ten year of a Supreme Court justice so I mean it's got. They have become compelling inner reality series but not like a loud white out they just kind of compelling and the quarterback play can the -- it in the coach survive. I Cadillac file on the jets. Until about QB one. QB one is kind MIA it's may take in the Manning Brothers of The Sims boys and and filtering it through my own imagination its its as the Texas quarterback loyalty to Texas got did dad was a quarterback epic its current cost out of the sport I'll. The older boy is the golden boy he's now the freshman quarterback at the university Texas numbers look at the advocate. And it's funny is apparent I've got four children and as a parent you know you can't tell you can't listen let me focus on this right now. Beak and then I'll get to you out kids watching the year right now since their mess and what a great kid Jake colonists and as a freshman he's supposed to be third string and all of a sudden he starts to shine and it's about fathers and sons. And football and sibling rivalries and and a kid doing more than anybody can do with the export it to him pretty well it's do an awfully well we had a the best first day I've ever had bomb. I am going to be at water street books action -- New Hampshire 4 o'clock today Gibson's. Concord, New Hampshire 6 o'clock tomorrow and and at a place that you have sent. Thousands to over the years the Barnes & Noble in Burlington mass Middlesex turnpike 2 o'clock. Saturday afternoon and then it's Chapel Hill in Austin and Houston and Chicago it's it's. It's since travel team that's my favorite book I actually ready get ready to go out on Torres said. This. Really it. Goes or -- like we'll look at all those locations QB one it's it's in bookstores right now Mike always a pleasure catch up with its great to be would you guys say yeah. Mike -- with -- Callahan. Our 3-D NC Larry Lucchino joins us.

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