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John Farrell with Salk and Holley: Looks like an 11 man pitching staff for round one of the playoffs

Sep 18, 2013|

We discuss the remainder of the season, and the pressing questions about the post-season with Red Sox skipper John Farrell.

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-- at all here on WEEI and on WEEI. Dot com it is Wednesday we're at Fenway Park the Red Sox are home and you know that means time at. For another conversation. With a manager John Ferrell brought you by her -- insurance town fair tire. And by -- hockey -- wanted to. -- and finally Michael -- is doing well doing very well packed it's bearden you know that'd be your night here tonight I've hurt. Can ever I've seen in our clubhouse Corbett put I know legal special event here -- -- -- start. Let's get started you mean to see this coming in on your team to hold -- It's easier to change it -- started in spring training and I don't know -- anyone anticipated it would get to a point Wallace walked around the beard on columnists you wouldn't. An event here at the ballpark for people come in with a -- or some facsimile in the and a a a dollar entry. But today it's been a little bit of a rallying cry and and maybe some visual unity thing that our guys have taken -- you have. -- plan a team of and we know that I think the Yankees we know the Yankees have a policy Cincinnati used to have a policy. Are they still haven't gotten -- facial hair and no facial hair you're managing -- And Iraq I didn't claim those two organizations. So it's always been. Really pretty much and grow what you want to kind of keep it in check a little bit much. We probably push the limits -- Some of orgasm Derek all right now what I do you what is your role and I know you're not out they're encouraging or anything but is that as a manager of a team. We've seen for the last few years each team that's gone through the playoffs has had something. Whether it's claw or just a move that they make or something just to signify. That there were all on the same page together. What's your role in that or is your role more in stepping away and giving them the space to do that yet -- they they deserve this this pasted to come up with something when you spend nearly eight months together every single day. There there's going to be something that is whether it's a slogan whether it's certain. Nicknames whether it's something that has obviously we're seeing now with the beards. You know. Because you're together all that time is there's gotta be something there's got to be some freedom that they can express themselves in and use it as a little bit of a rallying cry and -- and that's what's taken place here with -- group. We've talked about it on on this show across all the shows really on the station expansive and wondered too. I think everybody can see the chemistry that you got your team in the of the attractions -- guys temperature there is obvious penalty and you can doubt that. What is in the baseball would you say if I gave yesterday John only to be a team that gets them out some problem children but. The team is really count. So it's 90% talent and and -- work on -- character or I give you some -- I mean these are great guys. They are self motivated they all watched Phil -- do anything to say. But they are probably in the lower half. A -- middle of the pack in terms of talent which twitching which attacked. I I'll take the guys that care for one another and there are willing to sacrifice for the guy next to. That doesn't mean it's always the most solid team. But I think in our sport and and this is really. Pertinent to baseball because we are every day. And I think that the ability to get along the ability to put personal. I don't know personal quirks aside. And focus towards coming together and and working towards one common cold day in and day out towards a larger goal towards the end of the season. That plays out more than -- in our sport that I I would think in others that are twice a week once a week. That's started to say how teams are constructed is wrong but what is important to us is because we are gonna have so many. Minor and and a few major challenges along the way how we can focus on overcoming those it is so critical critical to the game baseball. Its interest in because in EE -- could write a story which is the opposite right baseball in some ways is the most individual of sports. Teamwork on the field isn't necessarily as obvious as it would be in football where the -- chemistry so important on the field and basketball hockey we have to know where each person's gonna be at every moment. And yet it's the off the it sounds like you're talking much more off the field than on it. How to how to how does it relate back to the product on the field while the only. Individuality part of our sport is the confrontation to pitcher and hitter. Other -- that you're very much into. A team unit you're into. That that orchestration of it I mean you look at how many times we shift our defense is just one visual example. So I guess it's an individual sport inside a team concept. But you can't. Always focus on the individual that that's probably happen and in places before that it didn't work when you have a a number of individuals but it you know. Some people points are and I point to this is as a main reason for our success is the depth of our bench. Well that means that individuals have accepted their role with in the team to contribute and as we collectively perform. That's where Rory. So to their bench is gonna change a little bit Ryan -- I -- your magic numbers one out to make the playoffs by the end of the night tonight. You guys should be in the playoffs or maybe tomorrow but it's going to happen you're going to be in the playoffs in all likelihood. You're gonna win your division. You're gonna have to make some decisions and changes once you get into a playoff spot. You've already got Clay Buchholz back which exchanged a rotation a little bit and the two guys to appear to be at the end of that now -- Brockton dumpster. Are those guys you see as as as bullpen guys heading into the -- Well before we would certainly talked about having publicly you know we we got through Ryan Dempster start last night. We've got some things to discuss internally on on what the makeup of our -- rotation but our pitching staff in general and look like. Everything points that's going to eleven pitchers because of of the off day and just the five game series. So we. Just by virtue of the schedule and drop down -- starter so that's that's gonna cause some decisions there but has -- and I and others are walking through this or we're taking into account. Claes returned staying healthy which obviously he's doing. How other guys are pitching in the rotation so we'll get to that point. In due time. You know -- the other thing is you know you you mentioned the bench. Getting Jacoby Ellsbury back is going to be key for us we fully expect him to be back by the end of the regular season he's making progress. -- in he's going through physical activities every day with a foot so we've got some things that are working back in our favor but ultimately final roster decisions are yet come. Do you need it to if you're gonna move any any starter to the bullpen for playoff series do you need to see them pitch out of the bullpen first in the regular season before you'd feel comfortable. That would be ideal I'm not so much feeling comfortable I think Tuesday if it's one of the starters that we have -- to go to the bullpen. You know I think it's in that pitcher's best interest also get a couple of appearances out of the bullpen just to react or -- or get acclimated to the -- also. You know again we we've got some time here in last Sunday's. And I am not gonna break news with doesn't tell us. What the rotation in his who's gonna start the playoffs I kind of expect that I've tried to stuff like that put pressure on -- -- make up out of let me ask you do you already know. Two irony no. I've got an idea of who they'll be what. What the rotation -- and who goes when. I -- game one -- you have an idea -- like and what this guy. To auto again I don't know who it is and he's also it is now up at -- but what today. Is that it was it a tough decision for you to make or is it just is it is it just I mean I I've got my thoughts. Now. Woolsey how these last ten days play out so that you know anything can happen between now and then but I think it's important that. You begin to at least start with the rough draft in and kind of work down through it and as that -- years. We still have to take care business and and the other thing is we've got two off days next week. And trying to lined guys up and trying to time to work. You know they're they're gonna get their rest obviously with yesterday's off but then not trying to get them too far away from when they might start. When we get past the regular season so that they're still. -- since there's still some things to work through your. When it comes to making the decision is that a democracy or is it just. Art I'll listen what you guys have to say -- but. Ultimately this is not equal votes here I'm gonna make the decision on who goes. Are you talking about. Talk with the players talking from office yeah everybody. I'm I'm thinking pitching staff but I mean the that the coaches on short while on the of this has some ideas about. Who should be the -- or start and then has some ideas about it maybe some advance scouts but. It is it ultimately. Is it it is 78 guys in a room taking votes or is it we're gonna have a conversation about it but I'm gonna make. Our legacy of Michael the best record explain is it that's almost like a daily conversation because we live and as things come up as things begin to take on some clarity. Some of those. Some of these decisions come and actually come to the forefront I mean it's it's not like were were were gonna go to something that we haven't seen already this year or we're gonna go. We're gonna make a decision on the so counter to what we've been doing throughout the course of the season so because we all livid because we're all in tune with it. -- those mini conversations along -- gonna get us what that ultimate decision is and I don't expect that to be in a different last and his coach you are finally gives up around last I finally -- that the hit and watch me finally put a runner on base for the first time in forever last night. Fans look at -- like that many people say well thank god I didn't want theme going into the playoffs carrying this huge streak. Because eventually it was going to and better at and now than in a couple weeks as the mayor Richard can you think that when I know -- I will argue that to the nth degree because of it hasn't put a guy last night -- -- -- a chance -- -- game that's how I think. But he's been so good for us. And he's been so dominant. You know over the stretch you know that 37. Or whatever. Consecutive hitters he retired. Were fortunate that and signed him in the off season what what he's meant to this team mobilized in the second half as. You know you can argue it's you know maybe the more most important role that has been filled on our team. But oh my gosh deceive the way he goes about it the efficiency and what she XEQ it's. The way he's kept himself in shape as durable as he's been almost up to register. A phenomenal year for -- We were talking before you came down about Shane Victorino BCA pretty much career center fielders plates -- right. Throughout his career but we think of him as a center fielder and -- and look particularly comfortable and -- didn't last night. Do you agree with that and was there any thought of putting Jackie Bradley junior. No not last night you know she is chain has been a very good center fielder for a number years when there's a Philadelphia or or in San Diego before it would -- their. I I look at a like here's a guy has got the majority of the reps in right field you know the route that. He took that the ball off his glove. I think even after the game he mentioned he probably should've should've caught the caught the ball and unfortunately it was at a time in the game where we double a chance says to overcome it. But he's been such a great performer force. That that's -- to me when when we have Jacoby and senator. And -- and right you can make your with its best defense about the McCain and what you said Jacoby is. Making progress to get back to us but still if we've got to go to. With the alignment with machine victory in center field over -- fully competent -- comfortable with unsung hero is you could probably name a whole bunch of guys in this team who have not really gotten their due over the course of this year. One guy I don't think we've asked you about once this year Michael -- just talking about -- few minutes ago is Craig Breslow. Who we probably have not talked much about probably didn't even think that much of heading into this year. What is your experience been like watching him develop from where he was the beginning of the year to now. Well you can't just pinpoint this year because you look at history our -- I think it's about 28. Has over eight or nine years the Major League level that that's as he's been very good pitcher for a long period of time. Last night comic crystallized how good -- its force I put a minute terrible spot. Can make the argument should start -- and you know what going -- you should start the but you bring him in with you know Babe Ruth at the plate. Second and third nobody out and gets out of it with two ground balls in the infield fly ball mark take us. He so dependable. ID he he pitches with a calmness about him and I think that's is intelligence that really shines through those moments work. He's got to make a pitch to a certain spot in the strike zone and he's done it repeatedly in Andy's done a heck of a job. I know Mike has got the. Sort of -- are little bit Michael and I were talking a little bit later but security program well you you've been -- more customers. If you guys are gonna clinch -- first are -- clinch a wild card and -- -- to clinch the AL east we've seen celebrations and and loved baseball celebrations that go all the way through -- unique to this sport do you expect the team. To have two regular seasons celebrations. One for the while part of 141. For the elite. I think they'll be one because our stated -- spring training was when the division. I would suspect we would we would share with the fans and share with one another. Along your hard work and something that we've accomplished -- just getting in. They'll be an acknowledgment put and maybe something -- -- as a group that I would not want that to be the pinnacle by any means. Especially with this ridiculous while cart system now why a little different there was right in my heart into it while you're fine for a one game playoff right to call but the players and but the emphasis on winning that division is good to when division and -- you know and if it is these teams are being penalized their playoff teams. Being treated like. But that's our to Angel tours while you're here out of the one game playoff. Your whole season comes down to one game but I really defined -- an -- -- -- and I had a -- stupid anyway. I'm not promoting himself -- with John -- contest that question. Comes from Joseph bracken joke Joseph is from Quincy because you skip I won't do that. He wants to know Daniel novice seems to have matured to a solid player. He's a terrific story is there something you can pinpoint that is help him mature from his role as a bridge guy. To an everyday player -- -- not utilized properly in the past. The thing that stands out to me is how disciplined he's remained. And I say that it in all phases of his game but he he's he's remained discipline at the plate. Even with additional at bats. And that discipline plays over into he knowing himself and what his abilities are. And that and and that's at recognizing where string slight but you also go back to how he's developed as a defender. When when he understood that you know what these areas were my strengths and he's gone out and stay disciplined to working towards improving those. Whether it's his outfield defense incorporating first base and it was defense of side. Whether it's improving as a writer and -- It's the discipline that Daniel -- brings to the ballpark every single day that's allowed him to maximize stability it is one heck of a story when you consider sign for a dollar. And now he's the tenth ranked outfielder in all of baseball and you look at OP yes it is a heck of a story and he's become a major contributor Carolina that's one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or or a -- -- because I I didn't -- but probably seventeen or 180. So you know it's been. 32 years and I've never grown and I'm not something you never had any Finnish guard no beard -- and a few days growth but never to the point where of these guys are you don't wanna try it. You're not curious. And yeah I. John we really appreciate it John Ferrell always brought you by -- insurance. Town fair tire in -- -- document talking next race OK guys I will roll on here from Fenway park's rockaholic WEEI.

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