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Tom Curran, CSNNE: On Danny Amendola

Sep 18, 2013|

Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Amendola's injury and the bleak look of the Patriots wide receivers.

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I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- Among blue country seven WEP guys. I've heard this and I didn't watch wrestling back today Shawn Michaels. Intro music. This is fitting for talker I think it is still pressure out its new head hair my goodness. She gave -- watch Comcast my wife now he's wounds over currents there. Tommy current joins us here on the eighteenth he outlined -- how area this like -- Q well you. -- terrible your system I'm so jealous and you beat the fantasy this week gradually. Try. And what -- -- regularly -- Esther. That's -- I'm. In terms of the we've been talking a lot this week about Danny Amendola your guy. And you have been a couple of days of practice now is out there Monday he was out there Wednesday read a couple reports. But how we looked I'm curious how you think indium and goals looked out there. On the practice field a couple of times this week. We're -- it is great arts. It was like a guy who's got -- growing up move in particular video. So what's he do it out there Tommy -- really went what -- have you ever seen. A player with an injury kind of like not go through -- a week of of you know not practicing and will evaluate him later in the week -- ever seen a player like this. And actually be asked to pull out there whether he wants to do with a team wants to do applaud their Monday and just hobble around. -- -- Have not seen I mean the patriots -- in the number of players who are. You know and state -- -- that don't appear on the practice field for the fact that he's out there. You -- usual. So why like why why give me because I keep period every excuse trying to -- she and I know trying to prove that you know he's off as a Wes Welker situation PR move. He -- -- wrapping -- around this. But everybody's loose fitting you know into the wind trying to prove that they know why it is. We feel we're not going to be told why Italy in terms of it being a great situation generally they don't have mobilized that here with patriot. Because they don't want. You know reflect broad that it. -- -- the result of that he's able to move around it's not completely down so. The fact that he's on the practice field that he -- you know a decision that. You know approachable. So. That was Bill Belichick assailant do this sort of -- -- spirituality and a lot presence -- -- he's never going to give that up. But it goes. To meet Greg the question now whether or not he is sensitive to perceptions the vote. Is pure ability. Is they are insistent on shoring. That you're still able to go on the field even if it really. Is diminished and that's kind of the the -- back -- -- the tail -- the targets are secure but again what -- addicted. To a speculation. So we would be that's not saying I don't know book because we are radio partner still and I certainly have their what you will. We have to speculate. Net and I speculated that. Yesterday you know are they trying to say hey look we didn't mess up Bob Welker this -- copies out there out when you see -- practicing like that when you hear the reports -- not gonna have surgery. What's your feeling about all we do eventually see him back on not the practice field but out there. Not in a game situation it is in a week visited two week thing what's your best guess right now. I would say probably close to three or four weeks I would be you know he got comes back for the -- Which we'll be here. You know in about you know four games from now. On the sixth game of the season. I think we've been fortunate to have its services. Yes again I think the seemingly identical about the growing in the the need to have what we've seen in the last couple years old Brooklyn coast. It's important to have your best players on the field at the end of the year I -- great conversation that's been -- over. You all this will Korean ability and little fragile. We've lost track -- the simple fact the support that I had to make a couple of years. The sloppy reporters from the patriots are. Is it Castro doesn't matter what Julian Edelman and it. As a rookie when anticipate -- the ninety's which go to this most not clear if -- of the matter which you're an element in it. In week two of the -- so -- -- thirteen. Totally -- -- thirteen received the only legitimate sort of Q. What is the position. You're going to produce. So why aren't they against the wall trying to get communion -- out before it fully ready -- can make a difference that we ordered into what their. That element here. I think it is going to the poker. But the bigger problem is making sure it is difficult it can be a good good compliment that he will -- the other position. How valuable this extra time off given last Thursday's game do you expect to see something to as far as communication a different. Performance is may from tokens or Dobson and how much of it hurt to know practice gore today at Thursday night -- time. I think he'll make it meant different -- -- spoke about that the importance of being able to and I know they were in Europe Saturday. Brady was and it was. Of the receivers going all the French which was you know otherwise and an Arctic. Expect yesterday at our practice looking at themselves and then there's the turn our attention. To Tampa pay. -- 20000 good practice. Among themselves. Now they turn Erica became played at the paper. It passed through because now a book tour and care about this on the carpet well yesterday. You're gulping down -- lack of better word. What do you say guys to catch up to the innocent everything happens in practice. Forward put it into a intuitive. So there was a point practice and which -- books rather cross on the goal line that was -- that he should sit down in that spot. Otherwise it was a mistake that was the first time slot so that practice time is valuable for just repetition. And seeing things again and correct. Tommy surprised they've not had one or two or three veteran -- -- to try out this week can kind of get a look if there is a depth issue at some point they don't least. Update their catalog as they often do with certain positions. It in weeks like this. I don't accurately -- and the only. Didn't surprise -- I am but I would be surprised that they still made a panic I. Mean this was the thing about the Nazis. Folks are wonder why did the patriots go out and get somebody -- -- out who it but. You know I -- Mike Wallace. Kruger guy every little skater but more important that the -- corporal -- -- but I think. What their purpose in it goes without -- for a little help they can get. But I I don't think that. There -- the other migrate now I think it will lay out a little bit more from Britain we talk about the conversation. Ford barely off with a game that certain game. Being great not only without illegal -- -- or rework. Or Cokie now. Hernandez in jail. In error and there's already. Yet -- I don't think there's anybody out there that can help on you know -- I think they need to develop. These two guys innocent before we we don't we haven't seen a long time. What rookie wide receivers looked like you know of development wise edits to be patient we just haven't been asked to do that for some time. Realistically Jimmy got to -- burns got DOT old much much talked about Gaffney its board the branch. -- see any any help anybody that could help this team. Not that far removed. But from the period of time which was. That's my guy man I a couple of years ago 68 catches you before that he almost a thousand yards receiving he might not -- play anymore but. I mentioned him of people say suspended the NFL lift that suspension he's -- silent any body heat and -- group Tom that's the guy to me that if you're gonna bring somebody in. It might be Jabar Gaffney. Yeah I think it would make the most sense but again too loose point I think that they will continue. Haven't seen rookie receivers. In this -- sense. Suspect in a certain opportunities so that we can look at it. The patriots are nothing if not decisive but they're like -- -- information and where they make their decision. And I think that they will and they look at what we have something here is not working in the late our decision. More than anything -- cut. And having to do it bill Welker. Was slot position it has to do with the guy was in jail right now that was really. -- -- -- Would -- -- that's I think more than anything else in terms of being able to deploy them in different ways about one thing that. -- my Twitter following up was tortured for GM gonna go well. It's just can't. -- -- -- Most versatile or possibly. Most of -- that's offensive weapon outside the quarterback being in jail shoot the -- and industrial park you know that. Yeah I think I think it -- his will be really up there at -- can help but at some point I mean I get Slater out great for six weeks of authorities -- as a as a wide receiver armies and a special team specialist and in the Nicole could be out as well but. That what receiving corps army right now there's is adamant three rookies and I mean that's it. -- it is three rookies it's so. The rookie tight end -- admirable guy who's under repair and you have to pay income that you have loot they are. There are very few arrows in their quiver right now with which to pick on a very good. -- at bay Buccaneers defense at least in terms of personnel. And some -- results to -- well for the first two weeks. And if you're so against the north saint -- It's gotta be tough -- We knew it would soon we -- it -- I even as -- -- -- genius like in August when they were at Philadelphia. We all are part with the this is just -- it'll look like they're skeptical understand it looked like you know warm -- for the entire period of time. That I think material that we have to do something here. What we may not be in a position to even contend. For playoff slot. We're talking -- current of Comcast as much as we and we parked on the offense all weekend and he gets lost in the shuffle the Tom for the first time in awhile the defense won them a football game amid thirteen points -- -- not -- -- game and they scored -- few points. In a long time geno Smith is a big part return in the -- but I I thought. It defensively you know when they had to make plays. They did it in the secondary now Kyle -- and all over the place and Aqib -- being what he was in the safeties. Seemingly through two games right place right time -- communication that they worked on. You see the results of that these first couple weeks of the season. L a big believer that they have people on hand and they have people in the right positions. For them to be a defense that does in games. Beat the -- and that was stat that I noticed last year and brought up. Available in two games since 2008. When it it'll clear the important book or for or against not -- Could be a mistake on the belt on but only two games since 2008 in the restless the team's efforts like it was -- ravens simply. Close to -- it in the internal error 500 record those. The patriots -- virtually worthless. So that is going to be important and again. Economically are scheduled for arguably you can have your best like receiver challenge this week -- Jackson. And structured and really has very little little -- achieved right now you're gonna go against a virtual running back so. I think the only place I look at right now entries its senses. But linebacker group between male -- talent for access to a virtual -- In Cutler could get a really good job -- -- -- Fred Jackson was a couple of types in that same support our. To those guys without mark but he gets probably a better running dimension. At least in terms of the number of carriers to get storage security carrier last yours was pretty good runner but they will -- it's a little bit more. -- -- -- -- -- Tom great stuff is always appreciate the time and we'll talk next week. Tommy -- Comcast joining us here on the ATP how long -- Tom joins us he brought to you by. His -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair. That's 1800. Get hair so still no great answer as to why am in -- practicing you heard Tom say that. He's up -- hobble like he's got a groin pull that he's not seen a player practices heard as far as he can remember and you heard inspect a little bit what I said yesterday is that is this is their PR asked for the sake of a sensitive as Tom put much better than I did. Yesterday sensitive to the player. Sensitive to their lot in life and hit they've taken the wide receiver position. And wanna make sure he's out there to kinda. Quite the tackles like me who have been on team Welker since the beginning of this by having him -- dole out there and helps the opponent this week when it comes the box. There -- a mess but they're good they're -- talent on both sides of the football are Belichick headache almost one of those explosive offense that he's a football. So -- Josh Freeman but the peace around for him in a pretty good. And as much as Darrelle Revis and now with the coach and for private meetings and Josh Freeman wants out he's got his your captaincy stripped away. This pretty talented right and that's it's not a walk over when not I'm not looking this game certainly I'm not saying. All the pats are home their plan a box Elena scheme pretty easily I think it's another one of these closely and -- before. Ball games and the first team in NFL history to lose their first two games -- last second ovals yet the patriots the first team to play two rookies make -- -- start out of the gate so you can look at that jets game and say you know. Well the jets are what they are. Now -- -- -- hand the neck -- would open wants game. Mean stop the pretty high powered offense right Rick veteran quarterback it took a last second field goal. Yeah I know that this this is a team ethical is is a lot better I mean this is one of those weeks where you know. I think Bill Belichick you know later in a year I know they're one and eleven but this is a really good team meaning just laugh. The best 111 team in football history -- kind of see where they're coming from with this team I mean. -- after two weeks and -- jets in the war on you you're number one in the red zone defensively. Point one out of seven trips you've given up a touchdown. You tied for first in the league in sacks when a year ago. I mean you were dead last in any -- -- 27 sacks last year in sixteen games the should they get nine the first two. To the -- wonderful ball Lester gets run the football around the football against him and it looks like the you know that the same guys there sort of still. Good against Iran but you added Revis to the secondary which completely. I think would change defense. You know Gholston as a reporter earlier will not be a what does appeal Craig -- a hundred grand one appeal FL he's gonna play this week. So. It's this is can be a difficult game but again I mean it this year themselves in the foot. Right with penalties at what point three penalties the first two weeks too stupid plays. I think subdued looking at before he was an -- to promote their first possession to delay game one coming out of a timeout just stupid. Mental mistakes -- not disciplined. Which has proved that may -- channel little bit of time because that's -- he has to spur on aryan. But this is that as a team with some talent -- -- weapons offensively and it's in game changes and defensive backfield. Unity gap that quarterback much last year you put Revis and a secondary -- different things starting at nine racked up this year Peters in Portland on Danny Amendola Peter god. And the dog got up here. A lot of them and -- a thing like you know it produces or -- yeah I mean I agree it needs surgery I mean I've. I don't my grip and get -- and those you know it's right to the right of the I don't know that it debate of your private. And then I mean a -- which -- normal law that revved it up keep your captain it's coming out I mean I don't know how you can partly that's a hernia correct Peter. The sports hernia that that that a visit -- -- with a -- thing I mean. My bigger concern or outside them not resting it works you don't agree with you guys we leave it should be. It is -- you're trying to recruit competent patient doctor and it it's pompano dark cigar market you know I mean you've got the ball I mean. You -- -- former ballplayer my army -- end up might seem like an active I and you know we all like pork back today. You have a groin you start combat baiting and are running away. A different way and then all -- know your hands during starts yet nor and then you view arguing here that ownership or where are you you heard what would your running and it. In a different way or you're trying not you're not going to you know about really my bigger concern it is that I'm not resting it and that we and other injuries do leg there. In that area. Well and AZ got the other injuries -- -- -- of the compensation the rest of the way in terms of the the play on the field you know I thought you needed Amendola. At a bus closed on a percentage can possibly get eating gronkowski. At a close on a percentage possibly get swallowed hold off on those guys until they're ready it's not a knock on their toughness -- is called copy just get banged up little baiting and it. Re broken arm and back it. He had some issues -- tough guy we know women Dole's top I hope that's not the issue these trying to push right now PI. I hope that's not it trying to prove it to. The patriots fans the media or the Timorese teammates how tough is that he answered any questions play in the second half and buffalo. L most of us would have been in bed seventeen -- -- -- and stronger -- I'll play next week of the week after week after that. You got a chopper went back out there and looked good third -- third and ten awesome. You've proven it now get healthy for the second half the year is that's when it's going to be important. 61777979837. That is your number the ATP -- line. At 379 B 37 mentioned this earlier -- talk about we come back you give me crap all the time. My crazy ideas about -- he needs to sign Gary Washburn takes the cake today Gary Washburn. It's crazy any idea that about signing a player to help numbered. We'll talk about that in your calls keep --

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