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How should the Red Sox playoff rotation look?

Sep 18, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Red Sox playoff rotation and talk about which pitcher should start game 1.

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After that game ended last night the Red Sox lost three treatable our guy Hector from Providence. Fired a -- my way -- Source who says you happy in my. Now we got to wait till tomorrow a little -- he calls the game with Joker -- your ass and FH. Which I believe it is shake my freaking head L well yeah Hector I am happy. The source -- in that house tonight be over. Hide your. Magic wants. I can I have your your that is their plate Stephen Drew. I'd love it knew that we. You're the Booth tonight gal is again at the idea of the button up for tonight's game because as we know. That'd be great Jokester -- Likes a little window open during these games whether it is April weather is July. Whether is September rate. It -- it's all good whatever prepare for it's it's no big deal size was already forty righted that reduction of the window open April we did. It was that this thing to be wrapped up tonight and for awhile they -- at the good rev up everything right last night. Felt brits pulled it up old magic numbers would have been too. And it would have been you been able to sell real but it won a silver and one of the other Eagle -- absolutely everything. -- it -- clinched playoff and golf rod division rather all 19. But -- the -- into the night cellular. You know celebrate the playoffs tonight you'll celebrated division one they also plays out in the middle that game last night it was two nothing Red Sox whose three nothing royals right me you were it was set up where. The final day 2011. Of course I was does -- go back to bring that up anyway. Missing Shaughnessy it's at Heidi watney which has its -- that in the regulates. I feel very confident that -- rays can back out. On -- crappy -- And here they come course hitting it thank you -- idea and LB network. Now you're last night like you said appoint a game we felt like okay that pretty good. Answered is up a couple of runs. An eagle at the late innings and here comes coached yeah coach art does something he's not done. In now all know forever. What -- Gave up. Last night. It was a fastball up. Turned on by the immortal and evil evil people who added a couple coffee with the Red Sox. And a terrible -- insults on the field much and victory now. Misplayed the ball and -- you I'm not crazy over the team's playoff. But I felt like you. Well let's jump on you lost the amount that Coughlin might come back from Ireland. Youthful hard Joey first 2011 all over Denver. It's it's August 17 is that the official date of -- September 17. -- one of the year you know. Full month this and -- -- all all appearances today in that range 37 straight. Yeah well I was were laughing about election that goes likes -- you know. I I'd like to see coach give a hit -- run before the playoffs start right. Got to bring back the the sixty you know patriots -- them lose a game before I don't want that pressure building event. The first he gives up in three months be in the playoffs and you lose a game so they go -- TO percent. An act had to they had every act right away -- it was. He had a -- to lets you both the second pitch music on the governing. We are comes in two fastballs. Up in the zone very uncommon don't really see that from him is usually. Down his own locked in locating it on the outside with easy -- whatever Rick wants -- call. He comes think he's old joke but it's elevated leaders. Antidote to again he addressed elevate again in and go to fastball elevated can be effective. You know could you sort of try to change the guy ankle right I mean maybe go first pitch down and away strike breaking ball. It eagle first -- 02 fastball up the kind of change GIA exhibiting down vote. When the two previous two pitches are up. -- for 02 fastball up. Basically given -- Is the same pitched in a row second miss a couple -- so but I agree that without Vick was gonna get that ball and it looked like out of fuel ran it would just. Last minute the Baltic bad off that happens to let that usually happens generals -- suppose that politics about according to John Sterling the bad up there that up -- but the catch but. The catching me in the fourth was a tougher kept to a would've made the catch there late the fact he got to that ball on the fourth inning track that the Dow was unbelievable so Koji gives up -- him. He gives up the sacrifice fly to we eaters they take the lead 32. I John Farrell seem pretty positive when his guy Koji we are after the game last night. Yeah -- 02 fastball that he tries to elevate. Valencia gets a good part of the battle -- today and that makes heck of an effort work goes off his glove. You know the triple honestly and in -- -- while -- of third situation. But the -- sacrifice fly and at the time of the game that's a difference and it. The coach has been so good force. And an even after the rollout you know. Continue to picture as he's as he has. But didn't faze him -- finish up the inning but. Tonight just a number missed opportunities early on that we did an excellent job of putting ourselves in position -- people scoring position. The three double plays that they turn work quirky. To their credit that as well. They pitched well but they walked the ball park early mean Feldman is in there and walked six. It was one of those nights where are taking all those pitches you know and making guy work. Always effective eventually get the big unit ended basin bloated it first and third at second and third. And move whenever at the big hit their patient -- Mike Napoli had an unbelievable bag and Spellman in that game last night fell behind -- policy pitches in which he walked. And as a reminder of why he's so good why he's the number one -- Pitches for plate appearance battery baseball. When you fall down 02. Forced 910 pitchers in the bat then eventually walked that's gonna happen. But it was like you have those chances early against Feldman that make the walks hurt. And other chances and it was that I wanted to be a big hit she needed to really break that thing open for -- up -- four up and five nothing six nothing. They never got those -- And the Orioles bullpen kept the minute. They at the Ryan Dempster a little bit they get to coach -- we are victory a misplayed the ball. And what looked like a chance to -- again rapper getting up officially tonight maybe sort of it not only wrap up the playoffs. -- Jimmy -- legal five innings a 103 pitches I mean that's that's what they do. Against mediocre pitchers mr. Feldman is you know the Orioles. Laurels I thought the trade deadline did a nice job of of securing one through five and giving themselves chance every single night -- with the additions of Feldman with the additions of Norris but it's just like everybody else they've got. Right I mean it's just. Middle of the road good pitchers you know and that's -- you that but teams that you know bill for the playoffs and not open the playoffs. That's been their problem -- like last year you know it's like that got. The attic -- Feldman who's good in Norris who's good you know. But five did a 103 -- etc. -- do just. The odd thing is to see. You know only one earned run right coupled a couple of runs in five -- under with six water is three -- I -- yeah it just didn't get the other big hit the kind of put that team away just. It didn't happen. That's that's. That's baseball and we all know that's the difference between your winning games losing game especially come post season just wasn't working last night they have plenty of opportunity. Well and and because of that leads to the -- -- -- being with tonight they go -- them dropping a Red Sox in it will choose here at some point during the -- all our audience -- -- -- you all our audience -- though -- no doubt about that we'll get to that part of tonight's a broadcast what you guys decide. Who who's got a drop in this regular season game. But it also leads us to because we all -- and -- can same answer if it's three in the division. While currency is too just to get into the playoffs magic numbers respectively there and you're allowed to now have conversations that I dropped -- listen it's radio station Michael opened central massive temple working at. Nadal and supermarket with the guys there at the Prodi's section loved this radio station listen every single freaking day. We work him back there you discuss this time a year. What's he bought these fair topic it's playoff rotation and it should be a trademark the luckily. It should be trademarked I love that market event not as if -- wants yes Jim -- sounds like buck now. It's says Steven Cambridge -- or real block and that that's so cool -- that is that's president. I've got Steve Utley bus -- Then he should have playoff rotation trademarked because there's never point this season but where it's too early wanna go July 4. And you hear balked on the air you might you play -- rotation even as you're barbecuing and get ready for whatever the festivities are the fireworks on July 4. They get the September 18. And your basic qualified a spot. You're allowed to talk about who starts their first playoff game and quite frankly I think there's much discussion based Odyssey from -- buckled his first two starts lack of courses. Recycle crazy gap between -- and Clay Buchholz but by no means. We industries had Eddie talked about levee yesterday. Me I was a no brainer. How how is it a no brainer in your opinion well because I wanna go with the guy that gives -- the the talent first and second air with a guy in against another good number one pitcher. I feel like -- the best shot to match that guy threw 678 innings got and it -- progress this year. Then he's not had the same blips that Jon Lester said Jon Lester and a half -- point a year. Where he had some really bad starts a long time ago many been unbelievable the second after that he's alone. Time ago but you look at -- -- game -- for the year I mean -- what's is what is bad game. You go back eight net that three talk about a double -- buckles has bad game eleven dollar game is 93 days off that's as bad game. He's come back you know based on 75 and 92. Then -- give me five instance fictions. That's nice but you -- see more. -- I mean that's the caveat here is we're talking about this before the final two starts buckle to pitch again this weekend idol picks the final weekend of the year. I am assuming that he's gonna progress the wave progressives start wanna start to. And that was Gupta about ninety pitches or so did have his best up and still held the Yankees -- bank. And your from a talent standpoint in -- I just think buckles. Has shown over the year if with a 94 days missed. He's been a better picture and it's the argument and hearing about Lester I guess it'll get maybe you'll agree or disagree with the argument for Leicester which is. Nick -- writes about it today he lays it out and -- -- it's not a slam dunk it's it's eat -- can't you can't go wrong you know buckles or Lester restarted -- first game. But he goes through four columns. A fork however is column inches of its closest colts close. And he gets do since it's so close and since -- won't be a huge factor. Don't you reward the guy who has been there all season that would be Lester. Everyone on the team understand that would cause no friction -- hard feelings or raised eyebrows the simple solution Lester would be the best choice. But the first part of it that he wants to reward Jon Lester for being there all year he wants a -- jealous or -- -- the start he's not the only one. Don are still is asked in his mailbag today a -- on jumping on board here and given it take. To what would you post season -- rotation being he has this Lester Lackey buckles. At the Red Sox need a four. Or still says he would go. Disaster a follow up the way it was these questions on NASA dot com debacles continues to game arm strength. Is there a reason why shouldn't be the number one starter. -- that I think he's been I think you've been great but he to sort of settle in after the long -- These first few starts have been a feeling out process and guess the only improve. -- -- think that Lester and Lackey of stayed strong all year. And -- know how to bring it in a bring up a notch in the postseason baseball. Any actual step further Eagles last year Lackey -- colts he's up buckled to game three. And that's even a whole different direction I thought he'd go -- to me if you wanna. -- is I think that -- to stark as the talent I think the talent is there and I think he has a better opportunity to match up. The number one guy. But then to take a step further and say because those guys pitched all year you go -- third or that I really don't get. And tell me it's it's simple it's a progression stands little. Buckles is that kind of first -- -- -- I mean that's and several warding Jon Lester is nick of Florida says berg. -- you're immediately starts all year you yet a year old book you know -- and if bandwagon right I -- casino. If buckled comes -- irritation better than Detroit you know if he. That was what seven scoreless in the eight scoreless he's got to be a starter if you know and I'm always on that let's get a -- first. It right now to start tomorrow mean journalists is starting game one I mean is in and I don't agree with he gets a stark has been Nero you're lol. And this thought of okay cool would be disappointed to who was that guy you know you and that has now literally affects this team. I think if Lester the starter are basically buckles can look at -- missed 93 games I know my numbers are what they are but I missed a long time to come back again. You know bought the starter as he goes on dominates Lester probably would be happy about it but the stuff is there. And the numbers of their so be it but I just think that. I think it's water to -- almost a sure about Lackey you know starting game two. OK but you gotta see -- buckled school while they're in pitch eight you've got to remember mean Jon Lester this is that what he struggles I mean. That was still that was pretty much the month of may. You know when you're struggling or actually has -- pretty much the month of may and it when he went up there and struggle a little bit obviously a lot but. -- He's been lights out. Eight quality starts his last eight starts have been closed got a one point 81 he's averaging over seven innings per outing. Eight starts 58. Innings pitched. So he's pitching -- the -- You know it's one point eight. This is a good problem to have by the way it is it's not -- -- this is not a damn near what do you do because you Disney that this isn't neither one of them. I've can through a proven that they can pitch game one bit of both have. Right but I think -- got to show more Lester you gave 100 -- from -- mile Ella resorted god to start since he missed 93 days -- what do you mean. He's he -- -- well or adults a ton more. She convoys got starts to make what do you need to seek to perpich -- to -- -- -- the number one guy in the rotation you'll for years have told me out how to -- -- -- he's the most out reality -- I got to see more. It's a one year he's the freak any RA the two starts back here -- -- this point hot it's it showed you that he didn't that that that 94 days missed. They did the right thing with clay buckled and he's come back and he's big consistently when he's been out there Michael anyway he's our best picture okay Yuma. -- -- He does have the best stuff on the team after the many many times for the season started -- best pitcher and his team. But he -- -- and exactly what the hell's going on here he's 93 days. He's come back in the I -- -- couple feel out starts. Happening shut him up because the stuff is that good but my game wants to -- I want the potential to go wait. Out of -- rattle off four innings of bullpen war game one. What feel best about getting -- -- seventh getting a VA two of their top of their game of could -- can't even show me that again and regular season. That I'm not going there. Are all four relievers game wanna game five was the weakest of the patent. Six to relate. So what how what do not a guy that article five which is okay he went six last night at the ninety pitches so goal and five -- -- already putting go past five playoff baseball you subtracting and period if you go seven innings in a regular season. You're pretty much go six or seven it's different intensity there's different stress your pitching -- ratings you play better lineups. So for guys only go six innings you know I'm not about bank on him go eight all of a sudden in the post season. -- the weakness of this team is the bullpen. Who can give me the most innings as a starter games wanting game five to avoid my biggest weakness. That is right now Jon Lester whose goal at eight I can hand the ball off do we are. That is my best option for two games not a guy that's -- depletion seventy. Period. A year I think more I can't debt that's that's the explanation need here is more I figure out I think you're asking a lot. -- -- -- AL also -- they're still bull fight for awhile cards right last comic -- Tampa and the Yankees still playoff teams and those teams treat those games like playoff games and bright. Any shut them down over the two games he's come back. -- expect a lot of clay buckles if there's the natural progression. From start to restart three and three to four like there was from one to two I think it's a slam dunk wins -- and I hate the award part of this I hate the idea moral order either. That that's not gonna ruffle -- feathers that when a gasket eight quality starts in his last eight starts with a 181 who's giving it into the eighth. Each and every one of them just about 61777979837. That is your phone number you can Texas new party are. On the AT&T -- line at 37937. I wanna hear from Red Sox fans watch his team all year. And -- less difficulty start to see buckles make the start to we want game one. We want they cannot start October 4 Friday against pick your opposing number one and that's you're going against we'll talk about that and I brought up the John Ferrell question right I wondered about Jon Farrell's managing in a pennant race he is winning -- over. With some of things he has said the last couple days we'll talk about that in your calls next.

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