Sep 18, 2013|

Just as (un)funny as the original show.

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You saw a sign film on TV the first time around me. And a whole thing it's just tragic and if you tuned into the Mets broadcast you've got to see you again man -- he can run this is one of the the most exciting. With so -- a lot of -- put up the phone that was terrific. It featured in this same unfunny jokes about -- thing we're. It's. A big star now doctor Andrews -- I got to hear about him. And for community we get free treatment and this guy friends -- all these plug for the and just like the TV show had a laugh track to try and get viewed and -- one's surprise. Hi I'm doctor Andrew. Three and I talk to Matt Harvey. I can do a damn thing. The bronze cast featured play by play and that was as good as this comedy it's a problem but it. -- At. Jerry Seinfeld's return to TV had everything. Except apparently those little signs that tell you when to laugh and applaud good night good hitting. Great eyebrows. Call on the first want to say it was Jerry Seinfeld with the Mets all right that's good for me. Everybody.

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