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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/17/13

Sep 17, 2013|

Ask and you shall receive... but only an answer, nothing expensive.

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Three point seven to. And I FM and WTI dot. It's time for answers the question generic answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. And of course that means we got Mikey Adams with a son Mikey why are you excited about the playoffs so. I know you are are -- -- well I'm actually getting more more excitement wanna talk about a more more we're gonna be over Fenway tomorrow. We got Jon -- we normally do on Wednesday 230 yes and there's just that excitement is really actually now starting to build I haven't quite hit the he's not the only yeah. -- -- I am getting pretty excited when Mike recently voiced -- just. Can't we need it. For one very excited. Hard yes they are deserting your -- -- -- -- about their one team goal. -- the biggest challenge is the biggest threat of the interest -- tiger is what -- them freedom beat tiger he's beaten a mall even beat the Dodgers to be -- -- that the trouble with the Kansas City and Texas those will be the two teams that they've had trouble it is it will make you go to Texas -- enemy they're playing themselves out of this I don't say that earlier about how about Boston rest of Boston where. Got Brandon Moss out there -- all the other stuff there gentlemen and avoid Jacque judge Joshua Fredricka. You know -- be afraid of them a little bit Coco Crisp yeah tough and there are probably I have to say that one team I would say is of one most of freedom -- the Oakland. Could there ever consistent closing in the Red Sox pitching is Korea's so -- impound Jack I'm juiced I'm Joyce. That mean you're ready to. Into some questions always brought you by parents yes it ultimately here -- terrorists they're great wins in a fight Willie McGinest are undertook. While a bit faster is typically not well they're protect -- has kicked his ass if Tippett had never been trained that way. I'd probably have to go I still wouldn't I go equipment to no matter -- -- we will -- you think -- so stupid you know released today released. -- make Lisa Williams from obesity to him as governor but he got out just yet I don't know I just how much -- you know -- I don't know men lose big yeah it was a state -- -- black belt I'd ally said that you can't met. Have you ever seen hundreds -- the numbers yes he's huge but Williams is a special here yes he has he is a special kind of implies that a hundred not tough enough to take under him and we met up with him Mikey no chance to CB all of -- Ready means empty hand by the is that what it means you -- Afraid of people -- know karate. But if liberals -- -- writer I was talking when they never wanna use that they never actually use and they -- under Kevin Everett used his -- yes yes really. And for good or for evil. For good of course -- UHU. Edited. What is a best Boston playoffs sports atmosphere the garden Fenway or July. Playoff that was it or not jurors -- of the did you not to be in the -- that -- right now and not Israel it's. It's tough it's -- Here's why I think it's Fenway is the coal. But when it starts getting cold crisp and -- why -- it -- -- October and it kind of feels like it's looming over the opposing pitcher late in the game. I think that's like that -- because it just it ranks up. If art is great is it explodes it has -- -- -- -- -- -- But something again I think that's in place to get particularly evident in weight part I'm not gonna do regret review. Game six when -- injury at the moment yes -- OK so there's that that's certainly that's -- -- yeah. Now where you act. The garden for game six of Celtics lakers hornets clinched it now you tell me the better atmosphere you know well that's close that potatoes because JD -- mean well let's put the -- the -- -- at least it it is expected from J. D. Drew its. -- You hold on -- -- you're not picking the best you're not picking the best moment from Fenway Park right if you're gonna take that moment I was at Fenway Park in game five which went on forever -- -- 2004. Where you just waiting in the for a reason -- -- for somebody to get in what was it out of virtually Ortiz hit a little bit about -- it's about the atmosphere and atmosphere anyway that night was 35000 people -- wanted to hug each other because originals it was so -- -- right it was it was crazy or -- -- And the garden games I was there for game seven of the wrong trousers she would come back that was off the hook. I don't think you can I don't think you can I don't think you can mess with Fenway Park when it's completely and it got to reduce that will be loser sound science to clinical it did at all but look at why. Because you know you said before that being so I didn't. -- formal yet it I didn't really actually wanna go there for a it was our basketball program that's -- baseball only want the chicks -- -- -- Bob for your Apple's. Hopefully next question again we clintons -- out of -- back in the if -- with a magnetic and next question. The maid of honor my sister's wedding on Saturday what advice that I give the new unity. And he would like to go if you like to go to letting it would you be random date to a wedding. And it did many things that it's. Really been a lot of -- weddings. Yeah. It's hard to get most weddings are gonna work related enough. It was -- I have a Bradway and you're out somebody here in this office. Yeah for -- including so its territories of professional ring bearer. The device that hard just speed and real rain and things you can have a speech. Make it -- -- it's -- -- sound like -- ultimatum on at the maid of honor to sister's wedding yeah here's the problem some good -- July anecdotes and it's sort of problem you usually get with sister's doing the maid of -- speech to a -- that they sound -- I think it was the only if their singles to that yet it's always too long and they usually like bring up a little bit too much sibling rivalry. But the brother that's minute speech you kind of bond and -- unit in -- touching poignant moment. The system one is either way too much crying or it's like -- very clear undercurrent that it'll like insider -- You'd rather be on that remember they. Are now these sisters three sisters lovers you can tell who was the most influential Boston sports hero. Most influential Winchell who influenced the most people -- Libby to remain at that point has to -- Brady's yet you know to finish his guy you know. Fought in wars right audio or it was a lot of people -- -- Christian could hit and look at the last year's person -- in the -- -- a lot there's a lot of kids are operating not to mention the Jimmy Fund to at Whitley Arctic -- He fought two wars decorated violet the John Wayne like figure. They can even say border. -- -- can say its influence. You learned from his mistakes because you know we all knew about his he was not a great father. And you look at that -- a panel of would you return a backpack with 41000 dollars in what the hell is guy you know it absolutely. That he was and they gave -- a plaque. That's all that with a Mark Taylor that's wrong. -- the homeless guy plotted every -- they give -- -- plaque then I'd -- wanted to go well -- go ballistic. That's it. That gave the homeless guy -- -- -- you -- thousand gross of 500 usually yeah 1000 -- probably give me forty keep the grand for yourself of that. Obama and his friends I -- got word of a -- -- Your -- and apply. Only that we're gonna put it. Next question is retired. Under the bridge what the circumstances of the money being I don't know Ivan heard I don't or haven't heard enough about I know that that happened but I have not heard the -- you know what I want you also like every program that doesn't it I mean why else would agree. 41000 dollars cash I would return it. For the year or an aggregate set up -- -- it -- Gotta find 41000 dollars in back Clinton ticket you sit in my army I was under the bridge at reducing plaque and that ticket next question. What is your favorite. Sports related thing about auto. Personal vehicle already called all I never I Ottawa -- investing is cold and it's slightly it's. Probably get -- I mean. Thanksgiving is a pretty good on the best holiday of the year entirely built around good food prevent exports to because for Elvis or even just the meal at Thanksgiving is something I'll look forward to this whole time the season. There's a lot of -- like drinking good. Year in this in this weather is perfect October with the -- October fest I think I PA it just kind of works package is Imus and the beauty of the EU's she's using the fall foliage here. In Massachusetts really I thought it was a battle was over hyped and and before I moved here. People talked about you which to me at the rate the lead and I said yeah right noticed that if it it's quite impressed. Mean it's fine but it's not my favorite thing about this time a year round sports -- about all the things people make with pumpkins pumpkin. There is pumpkin foods that people -- -- at the pump and things I'm good to yes I'm pumpkins are now. Concedes it was gone it's gone on different. Disorders -- -- can -- or dry spell great what are you going through medical what's out there and watch her leg again next question. Favorite Bill Murray movie. Since you've shot straight at his stripes now -- apps apps favorites. Dial things. -- the intangibles. And it's ghosts Austin China's pollution has those applicable. -- last weekend right through curses at moon rockers on its cash as he has great talent that even if he says he believes he has some really good he's funny he's great he really bombings obviously he's got a lot of things. He's grated Russia or -- me rush really define it it's its terrorist there's just you just can't argue that question. The ball if you could have any one narrate your life story who would -- it's clearly organs removed for us. Who else there wouldn't be on Morgan Freeman that he your oil wells you know -- -- Shriver yeah I mean he's forget about James Arthur. James -- -- and it's overrated. He can ordinary Tony rice. You wouldn't have James Earl Jones -- now you're going to get a couple. I I think I'd include adding him to legality. Does -- on -- voice of restore that you don't like well a so. So that was a really good players. Think Paris what has a lot of those America's game. It shows them and and -- -- -- pockets. Thought it apparently so I think of -- -- either the guy in. In glengarry Glen Ross or or -- usually think of him in the rock we're forgetting an obvious one what you got for now how now. On this -- We hear all the time on Monday night. You're intensity. When it. -- June grew with it says cast -- to move. It always processes. These men are dole knew they -- it you're -- you don't you don't want to -- that area lies in his career -- -- -- -- Edwards. I would be really really high and it's an illusion that we are perfect for me. -- -- my wife as a puppy she hit some people use air quotes you yep fair use your quilts. You'd never do Michael music I'd put popular stage never do listen after. Yes. Dale -- did all the time to be here -- guys in their quote again and therefore I became that are -- really and that you -- you consider you put yourself in that category I would I would say I'm an airport guy OK but I'm a guy who has used air quotes probably more than. Ever would have before meeting did it affected you used your tweets is -- Goodness rates so -- Next question. Ed Burns that's a good answer we just have jumped out of the car culinary delights sounds just like it kooky birds. King or queen size bed you know preferences and that's on the that's big do you need the kings and has been working on -- he's talking to get better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna debut of the Koji or Horace song OK as we could talk about it we just need to keep listening to -- 622. And the games sort of seventh so that you're listening to -- there and what does Warren Moon could. Like he does go to next will be over Fenway tomorrow with John Farrell. At 230 we'll talk to you then by letter. Three let's look first got to rips off with a three perfectly legitimate question yeah question.

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