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Jack Edwards on the return of the Bruins, the power play, Tim Thomas and more...

Sep 17, 2013|

We catch up with Jack Edwards and get his take on all things Bruins and all things NHL... get your fix here, JACK IS BACK!

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Jimmy says he's rejuvenated refreshed and ready to go really enjoying himself. Here to play hockey and not interest in rehashing any political flap. Did not miss the medium to. Too bad. The Tim Thomas that I remember from early in his career whenever it's passed early in this immediate and he was not a guy I was anti media squabbling within -- ever. And how to run an -- apparently. I hope he's not talking about guys like Jack Edwards. -- Jack we'll find out. Not talking about you is the Jack you're not a member of the media yet. You that's like it anybody who uses FaceBook to sent out about -- is anybody uses Twitter is part of the media. And you know welcome report folks that's what it is it's the greatest former democracies that there is that all thing about. You know. That social media order in the media or do stuff like that so. Now at least saying like people who called all journalists are journalists like -- are or are you are okay. Now what we're -- -- -- well but he felt pretty get. -- we're we're talking about number earlier and we are wondering. Whether that was at the White House I -- white house with Tim Thomas. That made his teammates wonder what was going on or. -- that just to build up of a lot of things a lot of issues that finally. Went public with his decision not to go to the way to. There were actually crow bar that broke the camel back there are a lot of draws on an already but that that was really. A nasty thing that happened. We get the -- all. Like -- -- oil at a time when the Bruins were desperately trying to open they were trying to hold. Themselves. On -- senator alliance selected -- -- there way out of a midseason. Dark days soulful. And -- He accused the focus I would that he desperately need to -- and you know ordered the whole political thing -- side. The question is what you ordered teammates. And how do you decades. We're teammates and how are you helping to keep. And bigger -- the same issues that they're completely different forum. Are applicable to our stated situation there -- how you treat your achievements feel for a -- but -- want our order. -- -- -- Since -- first of all of politics. And you hear something that is perhaps personally distasteful in order -- routine focus that -- China every single player that you do what -- Just were fired the -- on that focus and and the under stride. And on top of that collegiate game holding it up these five million dollars salary cap -- What you decide you -- to play. Which is not the way he treats. Teammates there's salary -- so. And it's great up and away from the brilliance that is played out nine and 2011. The 2011 playoff. Ordered what that stands for ever that great. We're off on the goalie Everett especially Erica I'll buy. The way you prepared tore a teammate. Was not helping. But Jack you and I happen to agree wholeheartedly on this -- and it kind of lettuce into. What is the reaction when Tim Thomas returns to the garden idea -- do you stand up -- given me huge ovation at. Or is it something in between for me it was in between I couldn't bring myself to boo the guy that that they brought that that championship here to this town I couldn't do that. But on for as much as I love them I don't know that I can get on the whole hearted ovation at that I would have once said of course it would be a no brainer. My guess is that pro and being at -- look at the big picture they are -- remembering that it was 39 years between -- And remembering what you player and -- very warm racing operation. -- when he introduced what comes out and they'll be a smattering of boos. But -- oil and so that will be thank you for everything is different branch side. And that they drop the pot we got there we don't stink when you get chased up the extremists. That's like. -- close anybody in the league. Everybody who in the league. While. Not -- all you know these if these guys keep that and that. Some more because of the position. -- don't -- the really precarious guys generally speaking. And here's what the older all the way and let them. You know achieve better they're all. Ritual. So they'll be on their data and they -- -- -- can be. But I haven't seen him like a lot of old French -- Barack says that. It remains to -- and Gonzales by. I can't ever saw the two of them. Walking back there together. Or like what. You know I I I think he's just -- is there a boy looked at the water and that's not a typical for for going well guys to open. You pretty -- Jack for the start of the season we get a pre season game last night how -- three you sit -- want to now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of course it was the first three eating dinner for Austin and show or talk about the -- wind where we're either in part. To watch the movement in the hour flight to watch the smoothness of barked out the extend the are expected to our contribution. Of a truck. This -- -- is so incredibly dangerous. Calling in on the off wing on the this -- -- -- creek -- our stable pool shot ripple. How could not be all -- is it was really want to watch it got out. -- I agree with you on the power play was certainly the most exciting thing it's that we start off the show talking about today. What do you get -- to do without power -- mean we've made some jokes about the crew thing but when he's back there he makes that they move a whole lot faster at this park how -- It just it just looks so much quicker without Chara on the Blue Line in the power play. Do you remove him entirely from the power play do you like some of what we've seen with him -- front of the goal in the net front presence what would you do with -- as -- release of the -- Okay being a guy that played past few so that the big asterisk. And you know I I I don't -- -- this or. You know in that I'm as a player I actually really bring anything but at that server. We all know. Which are handled the spot the power play ball the penalty killers come up and face them. And on the road get stock and ordered too often it. He's yachts for the a short. It's not -- there a chart is an. Eight and all the shirt shot all you see dominant and preeminent shot down out of the date however. But abroad partly -- function at a outs when she if you on the first power play unit eight dot hat off the bigger brawl whoa what will life. The -- to everybody do significant. The you're. Now it's war but war that which are off winning the big huge blocked shot on the light side. It may you can see a lot of -- I would like to see chart shocked look from the sort. That will wind across I -- that would really be scary and -- appreciate I would walk -- like that. The tournament article. In in my personal opinion is way too much punishment too much up to that I do or not only because. He's gonna -- not beaten not by every. They're such that it could take a shot at a public. Or they're looking at is back he's trying to spot the goalie but also because that's what fantastical the court quickly -- spots. Which happens all the power what. You're gonna put somebody in the goal does not really what you eat and their chart has not have really worked -- There -- -- a fork over an awful lot more than you want. Mike -- mic Jack Edwards Jack Edwards made by -- I don't know if you realizes that Jack you are saying the same thing. Let's -- -- early today and I couldn't disagree with both the -- -- -- EU to talk about the prowess. And the strength. The dominance of Zdeno Chara. Maybe the coaching staff is saying -- got something that nobody else an NHL has. And we're gonna use this weapon and we're gonna use him as a defenseman -- gonna use them on the power play because. Not not many teams have an answer for what we've got. Look at valid point but. -- -- -- -- As a novelty. Absolutely. If -- dollar goal late third period in our play has not been productive in -- -- -- not -- sure. -- -- Chart and so the goal was to put -- secure bases or -- games C for its gonna play upwards -- 45 minutes that night anyway. And his library shopping stopped the players on the order it from scoring. They're gonna take away from is the fact that that -- is more important what. And and the most important weapon to act as number thirty restart play at Fordham is. That they are the options in the score at the National Hockey League they're goaltenders easily hurt darn close to -- percent every year. In large part because you know chart is playing almost at the -- taking -- wait out the east -- to resolve. Charl was so -- at the end of last year you really have to watch what that a lot of kids. Support know that he's not that many young people on the -- -- is thirty. And so we're back kind of physical it's on a guy a regular break it year in in what their opinion and it's all it's an opinion. Notre -- as do many of your -- -- you and -- are in law does dad our dad is nods yeah you should -- Michael's face right now watching you and I argue all last hour. Michael is noxious right now -- problem cannot see this mall or to get I I can't wait to you guys after -- Barbara thirty games say you know this. Club. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any time I wonder about what he's doing it tends to work out. If I had to guess though Jack I'd be curious what you think whether or not this will last throughout the regular season. I would guess that it will not in if it does the only reason it would be because. He just written -- himself just really wants to be out. Well done and not the hardest things were a proportional votes to do because. It's not the kind of -- the audience that our votes or college humor or humor and an AHL. Is it would do to -- You know they are so pro player. Yeah a lot out of I'm not saying that that our relationship the -- And and Chara. I think or is it is a consummate professional and ultimately would take into their orders -- Looked out the narrative it sure has been the leader in every II category since he joined the court. Has gone down Jack it has gone down almost every year I mean he's down almost to me to a two and a half minutes. From when he started with the Bruins. Sure and that result of the increased up the votes in the the ride to the other side -- the if not -- 18 the and certainly we're about to retreat in all -- And that is a tremendous. -- it abroad and -- -- about it at the sharp with it he can force the title Walter the war every single time he's on the -- But. You -- -- regular basis to play that the result of our play wildly out of Martin. Is greater stability at it's great stability changes. It changes gave -- the region that until. Late in the playoffs or get a lot tocchet had never done Italy against the bullet because you're scared of Chara at a key dates which are. That's all the way. You enable those guys who otherwise. -- just think twice -- Florida don't that in changeup. Our Jack tell the people your plans for tonight. -- -- -- Very fortunate to be opposite at this stage. Of Weickel I'll be. Serbia. Oh I'm seeing the tradition that TD garden. And unbelievably. Excited about about the current inductees. And Jerry if you like it might be squeezed by -- and small short and -- -- -- don't -- file normally does it. Get the -- to Jack Nicklaus and likes the the other inductees. But I think we're gonna go off script and have an argument about out there. That's hopefully if that doesn't mean it's district it's a great lineup though -- argument -- Jack Nicklaus mentioned Vince Wilfork. LE -- -- going to be there I mean Erica. Well a lot of the celtics' ownership group is being honored tonight. Some of the prisoners you know Bob Kraft is going to be there. Not go forty almost gonna presume did at present Derek Sanderson a McCain as usual a lot of a lot of interest in characters. Yeah it's it's going to be a really sparkled like. So talk about it. It's that the great art to evolve within I don't regret it. The opera the other person you know I I -- or that channel seven. When he was our daughter that state nut. In the early 1990s -- late 1980 and it support for what a sensational. And I'll play at the open. One of the reasons and take popular culture one of the reasons. The patriots. Out players who don't work very adept in their pockets -- -- -- topic how to order that Bob Kraft is that. And Jonathan crap kicked off the map all right they're cute I think he's -- psychotic guy. That you want work art -- of the the way he treats and and I know firsthand and I'm. A really rhetoric center in him first and yet. I'll -- we know you're really excited last night as all get to watch the bees for the first time work side because it means we get to talk to you a whole lot more will do this at Honda. Throughout during the season in into the playoffs this year as well thanks again Jack we appreciate it. They go there's jacket her -- man Michael Jack via the AT&T Holland there. ATT the nation's fastest and now the most reliable four GL TE network. You said are you seem distraught over a -- and beat Justine Ali really bummed out what they do to help another look at they do to help you discuss Jack and I see at the same way this is an Eagle -- agreed locks -- strange way you want to say warnings this thing. Saying freezing I don't know man it sure seems like he and I mean you don't -- joy when Jack and I agree. Went to people who almost never agree agree don't you wanna jump on the same side don't you wanna sit -- a little bit more on the power play let the big -- rest. And let him be himself when he's out there let him hang on all the way to the end of the year let him beat his best he could be at that point. He did it was middle like -- like you're absolutely it does mean use is that the same pacing. The same content everything. If this thing you reject that six or 77797937. Will open up the phones on that if you -- agree with me and Jack or do you -- agree Michael you can jump in on that. A -- back to some patriots doesn't and Thomas stuff. And we have a a great promo Michael. For what could be the smash TV hit of the year coming out rockaholic WE.

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