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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 09/17/13

Sep 17, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon today... top NHL goalies, Torts is at it again, and who scares us most in the MLB postseason...

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Now word excel and -- score. All right roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- We solved Kelly. On its -- to. -- Espn.com. Ranked NHL goaltenders. And number one was and Enqvist number two Jonathan Quick. Number three is to ask where would you rank to amongst the top NHL goalies. Those are right now what you don't have a problem what to say look. And I got it exactly New York City. Parts of Lundqvist breast long course one through this I'd always good Israel but we saw me that he didn't look so good in that series looked mortal -- -- really get into mussina more than in just that series and you've seen them overtime -- greatest franchise and National Hockey League that -- automatically gives them one Rangers had a terrible thing. Are they right there I'm like you don't talk about them all that much but they're just let them -- -- just went and -- a group human. We didn't hear from them at all that. We're raiders -- in the play offs were expecting this district. New York -- -- what happens here on them but they're still obnoxious group I don't know if there are whining -- at least the option is that it in the game. Right after an actual Robertson ends there and obnoxious group but it always happens to sort of digital economy. -- one I don't think it's any disrespect meant to get -- -- -- to -- a victory anthems about. He's back in the details of where are you going to tell. CM first and I don't know what he's been doing in the bunker the last yours or it was even upped. He's been eating too much is -- in good shape is working on his. Left to right movement has even flopping around the -- doesn't mean naturally these elements in the bunkers you put it -- out of it and so -- like rocky brought into out of right. -- say about the top five guy. Top five pound back in the top of -- of Tim Thomas is in shape. He comes back into the league at the top five I think it you're one he's just outside that he's brought in the 567. Somewhere somewhere along. We are. Yesterday during media availability new Vancouver Canucks coach John -- scolded his first media member of the year. And again the emphasis on are on the kids especially the first couple when. Scrimmage games scrimmage games now you. -- take the next step. That's going to be a Major League trying to tell him. Our walk a walk your cell phones go off a walk. Yeah so it's it's it's -- next step in the camp. All of that in your hand phones. So over under ten media blow ups from -- this year -- -- Ten is an utter under ten because there also that too polite it is -- that cellphone ring. Nice little. Wind -- rating and -- got upset with that that was very polite. In -- proxies you know that's what they haven't even started the season yet and he's already get this if I don't follow golf I'll walk over under ten I'll take the under but they'll be at least two were three real -- well not from Vancouver -- visiting media now there are seven are not there and an -- when we did not explain the Rangers in New York. There's him at least. -- proxy regular -- -- you know -- to come out early just to hang out with them did like Roger Rubin used together to talk to deal -- that I get to -- advance peace. Last night the Steelers got -- the angles on Monday Night Football. We used to seeing the Steelers -- owing to sort this just a bad team now or that. Mired in a little slump are greater metropolitan. -- You know you pockets of their stats. To look at where they rank in just in terms of that in the football running the football. That they can't scoring Campbell the ball OK on. Great. -- -- -- They're not a good team I don't they are straight up bad -- -- -- that's okay that's bad actors aren't content they're not like it to a fourteen three and thirteen type team. Ben Roethlisberger still the player I can't stand the guy personally when my least favorite people in all of sports. But I really like him as -- Iraq about gruden at the ailment last night it's like trying to bring down an oak tree trying to take tackled in the -- he just. He extends plays very well it -- receivers down the field can be very accurate. As much as I hate to say and I think he's a really good player and I don't think with a quarterback like that you could -- two -- three games only with six. -- -- Tennessee and home correct -- a home game to market while. No one purposes in pain and the worst of the worse. It. The AT&T question of the day. The Red Sox have all locked up the division. The race for the wildcard is heating up with six teams in two and half games of each other so which team do you fear in a playoff match. I don't blame because like he answers to -- right the easy answer and the right if you do it through Detroit nobody. Like cut off the board answer is Oakland it's like a what I should say is Oakland because they're playing so well and nobody knows that much about -- got a -- -- second best theory for starters -- American -- -- -- don't know that much about what they're really -- but I'm -- not afraid of them anyway they feel -- a team that still falls -- in the playoffs. -- little bit of fear I -- some irrational. Of Texas. Another complaint terribly and I haven't watched them much recently maybe that's why I'm still -- little afraid of them they play well against the Red Sox literally in the -- yeah and the bats that they got a lot of good perhaps. Adrian Beltre still scary even though he's been horrible for the last couple weeks. I'm Alex Rios I think is a pretty good here and I the most higher or a shark scare -- well it -- irrationally afraid of Texas the most yet. Because. The most important time of the season there on a seven game lose I'm sorry I said it's a -- -- they've basically given away the division to Oakland. And the one thing about Oakland that amazes me. It's about the ER raid of the starters. And the players that you haven't. Maybe our household names. More amazing than anything else is the fact that we have finally. Seeing jet Lowery at the age of 29. Have more than 500 at bat and -- season he's actually have a decent little season for himself. But I don't think that team. I don't think they have enough. Ought to knock off the Red Sox the right answer and -- in the obvious answer is Detroit. You look at their lineup and you look at their rotation in Verlander is not even having a great season. Isn't -- Justin Verlander he's right. Yeah Dirk and hastily the American legal errors here don't you got shirt sir. You got -- Lander and the -- Doug -- yeah that's pretty good so nobody says Cleveland even though they've been playing very well down the stretch of the -- -- the I'm the tiger graduate of the playoff contention. It's funny the Yankees were even on Ben's list you have any fear the Yankees were litigating in if things broke their way. -- with they frighten you would all play out here and they should but -- ago. Right is that I think you know Elvis that they shouldn't but the deal. Okay okay. They shouldn't but they do. They -- because they're not very good it. Jeter's on the U rods hurt scheerer has gone in like they're not the same team they were in the Red Sox just. Swept them and it looks delete that I would actually look forward to that of course I would like a lot of fun I was a little nervous. It. That is you're talking about you know Cleveland and her losing many times at Cleveland. Analysts schedule is so easy. -- camp hood of the team. Kansas City. City. -- is in the same position as. The only 179 win. I get into the playoffs now do you fear one of dolce it was one of those teams. It's just that they're not. They're not awful your usual awful Kansas City Roy and they added that they've made the Red Sox -- badly and it got it all right capital city of those teams to -- hot air here all over the past eighteen detects light lit up with people afraid of the royals because they've had good success against the Red Sox this year. I guess I'm I'm when they played the royals they were the same team they are right now I mean Lester wasn't going the -- is. Buchholz wasn't there on team I mean. Look at that I see the fact that they are gonna roll out in some combination order Lester Buchholz. -- of a five game series. That's a that's a really good start as -- entities are -- is well for game OK is it more impressive then. -- -- -- There. And we saw Lester insurers or get after each other Lester won the battle. We saw. We saw those two guys pitch against each other and nobody has been better unequivocal data that they're really good it's a really good game they go about here the conduct but Texas and we can talk about Oakland and the Yankees and Tampa to clean whatever but I think it's it's obvious those earlier. Two best teams and it doesn't always happen in many times it's one of those teams. Just get hot at the right time and they do steamrolled everybody. If you are gonna go with the as the obvious that the -- -- -- percent though I mean that's right I asked him out Cabrera not the same program at last month that Cabrera at. 75 he's not hitting for power and that's the difference if it was Cabrera and it wasn't pulling up the numbers fine for any power at all. I mean they've they've they've now essentially have to rely on him as more of the singles slap hitter and Prince Fielder becomes the real power threat now want a piece that year as big prints and you can unlock the guy and -- but I but I love Princeton and now like in -- where you got that friends now. Not that principal mark you know that's the written compose what was pretty via Google blogs there. What was the boxer prints them. -- you must know what was the boxer's name with their prince. -- -- Just a couple of years ago. It was a big boxer was. Music super yeah I -- -- that the Yankees are now seem Hamas yes that's him he's good. -- Really rock and any sensation -- have -- -- name that I feel like he fought Ricky principal. It's all it's -- so. Pretty much about that that's all peers that it. Principal of your country who has. No right at you -- out with. Without Prince Fielder. He's having a down here's a look at his down year still not that bad note note again copious -- honored he's picked up recently but he is not be in it. He's not in the world I'm home -- job doing that scholarly man looked at -- a good team. And maybe just because I saw recently asked a moderate -- -- two out of three from the here and way I saw last during my own -- that game that night were the am too old. Ushers are relieved that the best what was still I think the best game of this year. Mr. doesn't scare me because I -- -- -- Doug -- and -- he just doesn't want us out of our element for starters are but the third start of the Red Sox are accusing the going to be like you -- when they're probably in in other other cities and probably and stamping on John -- It's been for John Lackey was -- afraid -- Jake Peavy at this stage. How's it it probably evens out I think. Detroit and Boston. Lineup you look at the rotation. Those teams are are pretty close he does it does it matter whether Jacoby Ellsbury is back does that does that change the way you view a series significantly. It quite as I think it does I mean it doesn't it doesn't mean I think there are its eyes go from a good team to a bad team vice Versa. But it changes the complexion your -- he's about him this whole idea of the Red Sox can beat you any number of different ways. One of those ways is speed is to right field -- and two of them at the top of the lineup and having to go back to normal set of Pedroia hit legal obstacles you wanna talk about how it changes the line up and look at the lineup tonight. Pedroia is your number two hitter should be number two hitter and you what do they do they -- like -- 130 runs against the Indians over the weekend Salina to sit here and say they're not put enough and putting up enough offense they are it's not like they've they've. Or been lacking in any way since Ellsbury went down it. And yet they're better team when he's in I feel better about them. Way and it's him in victory notes in her right field and and at the top of the lineup that's the way this team kind of achieved what we hope that they would achieve this year. I really hope that that's -- and -- in the house are at. Jack Edwards will join us coming -- a moment gave his take on Tim thomas' potentially return to the NHL laws. We got to the Bruins and action last night when NBC from the power play when DC from the top line Jack Edwards will join us just moments that we.

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