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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Sep 17, 2013|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of NFL Power Rankings on WEEI.com and compare them to other outlets like SI.com and ESPN.com.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI your phone call 6177797937. AT&T -- line is 379. B 37. Two weeks in. Which they -- of Bengals. Steelers last night any different feel about those two teams come on in a football. I think Pittsburgh is in rough shape right now so a look at Cincinnati and it's week to. It's. The team's gonna go is four. You know just like I like Miami the quarterback. You're an adult -- a lot of weapons there. He's got some -- that one -- best what she was in the game they can say a lot AJ green. Ahmanson -- -- pretty good tight ends and Kyle Hartford and Jermaine Gresham and two serviceable running backs and BenJarvus green Ellis and Ngo Bernard I mean that. -- are really good weapons order that violated defense is really good. The defense swarms the football -- are pretty good defense -- coordinator of Carlos Dunlap a front. The kid up your priest there in the in the linebacker Leon Hall the second minutes. That's a good team and that is a good team and early on last night it looked like we talking about Andy Dalton being the problem. Andy Dalton -- early in that game. He missed -- for wide open on the middle he missed AJ green he missed a new. -- Al little bit of pressure from Keisel couple times and he -- is pants now he he got better as the game went on -- get into the hands on a couple -- Cincinnati but. -- if he can dispute what he was there in the second half and settled down that's a playoff team this year in that position might. Be one of the worst divisions in football. -- -- result of Pittsburg and Cleveland be in there at the bottom. And then so the team your fight with his Baltimore. They people the -- Baltimore is a beatable team only some just you know it's it was one game. But it adding if you look at one game in the NFL and try to project for the can make a mistake. It's Wii two what do I said the all of the office of manager for Pittsburg they're not -- to recover from losing pouncing. And that date they are not people and I did have his players anyway iron there about not having as a playoff there -- -- on the first Hugo Leon bell I don't know when -- when he's gonna come back. The running back situation in rough shape and offensive lines in refuting your Roethlisberger killed. You know defensively. Not so sure the steals the -- last couple big pieces there so. Right now and I don't think it looked like a playoff team. That's its weakest ethics and he is. You know but it skewed view that they want the football game saying don't did what he had to do to beat Pittsburgh. Now you move forth that that's a very good team -- the going to be test for the patriots in a few weeks. For a patriots standpoint. The national perspective on them is. It is interesting in that it's almost like people are are pushing the patriots down based on. Their injuries and and what they saw the first couple weeks here and as a reaction of sorts. Peter King get a -- fifteen yesterday in the money more quarterback and yes and thirteenth. He has the New England Patriots. Thirteenth in football now there's some teams in front of them were writes -- -- makes cents. On this -- to be updated -- at Cincinnati don't want I guess dead -- Cincinnati in front of them they were all one before him. But -- some teams in front of the patriots that I would sort of question you know right away. The first three Denver Seattle San Francisco adult to be in front of patriots right yes go first four. Up -- the saints and their two are -- puts the saints on a look at it is a little cool I'm looking at Peter King first we're gonna get to Joe's WE an icon here a second one national. That local. You got your order then Denver and -- one Denver one yeah Seattle to yeah San -- three and yes the saints for beaten. I put almost four I and his saints have in and make -- a deep runs opening up their daughter apart with Seattle won but that's a pick but yet all of them had. Yes Miami fit this you know he's got the dolphins' fifth that is fine fifteen yesterday L -- on the patriots and San OK here -- the issues that affect them. But Miami Dolphins what is having gotten -- a trip from five. But I would I put them ahead. You know I just that that's a huge win. For them you know I think in Indianapolis are put him ahead of the -- the patriots for an open put him. And by putting five that it got -- my head of Atlanta has is the -- -- -- -- projecting or you're looking right now because of the a ton of injuries right got to Atlanta right now nine. Votes out of Danger Mouse and resigned to a Green Day. Houston. I got Houston six to Green Bay 121 spot ahead of the patriots. The team the front of the path of four I mentioned off the top Miami Houston Chicago San Diego joke. Atlanta Kansas City will see. Since he Green Bay before the patriots I mean you look at those years ago San Diego really and he was a big couple weeks here to start the year. And all the sudden you wanna go okay San Diego. And what they did. And they they lost weak one they got their they got their heads beat in week one -- in that community at a twenty point lead whatever once it's Houston. And home a lot of storm back they lost that game then they beat the Eagles. Greta rough game all the sudden their top ten. Number eight that's why the big problem with here. Is a San Diego Chargers at one and one. At eight than football five spots ahead of the patriots. That's makes sense to me so he's got on their thirteenth. Our guy -- are bottle WEEI dot com as the patriots in the top ten. It isn't sliding down by the right show yet and sliding down three spots where there -- a week ago -- dropped to number nine they won they were number six they beat. The jets. This of the nine. Leakage in the Joes are -- power ranks of the WEEI dot com. Week when he gave -- and drop in the standings. You could win a drop in the it was a question can win. The TV did you feel did you feel. Really good about the -- says that when you're not -- I'm just pointing out that can happen in this ball now the teams that he has in front of the patriot I feel better about the team's Peter King does. Seahawks Broncos niners falcons Packers states Texans -- With all those teams you go -- -- makes -- almost with a -- all threatened from them -- -- if you're done that I I was OK with Peter King haven't Bengals in front. -- have been OK with you doing. But -- -- -- the dolphin slaughter correctly somewhere -- the pack there the other two and -- but they're twelve. Chiefs to annul the start of the year so far down the list that you know that the college football -- -- complain about the college football priest in -- that's fine that's -- -- start. On the tees are way down the bottom -- to fourteen after two weeks. I -- you got him at nine Joey I'd I'd probably put them. That eleven. At the two week to put the -- put an incredible I -- -- -- -- dolphins are but the Bengals -- dolphins ahead -- right now you know dolphins to an all they want a good game on the road. They beat Indianapolis. I just think the Bengals I'd put the -- of you know and and everybody else sort of slides and so those -- question marks of the young you've gotta -- with that you know the bears and Texans and saints and Packers and falcons in niners and Broncos and Seahawks. Rather than nine experiment eleventh if I had to pick one group -- the Seahawks -- you email went from three to number one what their win there. I got to win the Super Bowl they're gonna go home field throughout the playoffs. Russell Wilson's is helping they are gonna represented in the NFC in New York consumer -- snowstorm. -- ESPN's power rankings week three they agreed Seahawks number one. They're the highest in the patriots a bowl period the patriots seven the only teams -- -- from the patriots are. Broncos niners Texans -- in Packers. Falcons Seahawks did get the patriots had the saints in the -- yep and the Bengals in the -- your dolphins dolphins. -- go there. Course last week at the patriots on ESPN number two. They -- -- there were high to begin with you write ups our lesson that on five -- went down to you know. They dropped responds. So they dropped to -- still the top seven which by far is the highest of a ladies teams. But just sort of interesting in terms of trying to follow what it just it doesn't mean anything means nothing. But it's fun to keep track of that where Joseph he's got a more than a national publication does. And the best part about Joe's rankings power rankings WE -- come as the comments there. So if you are not logged on yet commented this is your time and do you go their fund power rankings. To comment right away. You know and my mom doesn't appreciate the -- I love the com the best part of this thing. -- Donovan and immediately says all you patriot haters talked me in January than the AFC title game. They may lose but they'll be there how deteriorate Houston ahead of office. Ago -- -- asked the -- is the team. You can comment and leave a comment to make sure you know that GO. Joe's our bonds with that England is -- the ball Joseph or Joseph Jackson you'll ever get out 32. However it out of 38060. Shot me in their reward at the last week Jones-Drew knows what the -- thing comes out of that game as they get to go to Seattle. We agree with you reward the spread and taking at look at what is it seventeen in nineteen. Ego. It is about I'd say it's actually a -- a escort and -- It's -- -- seven point Chinese bull in him in there.

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