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Sox and chemistry

Sep 17, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk debate the merit and role of chemistry in the Sox success this season.

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-- Dennis and Callahan. But one thing is so great about this group that they don't hear her home. Am very very focused on what -- -- he'd rather focus on what your situation preserved for the carpenter but we'll pull out of they've moved through the course which. John Dennis and pretty soon everything. Situations where quarterbacks is one thing receivers he's -- sometimes I don't know what the routers and an adjustment that needs. And if its overall execution verbal offense for the barber for your position it is every position clueless quarterback position. -- -- That's. -- -- -- -- -- Are very. Sports Radio W. Do things very quickly our -- -- people want to open 61777979. B 37. Were you surprised to hear that at -- was actually at practice yesterday yeah well and around yeah I -- and obviously very limited but I'm surprised he was better because he needs something to do before surgery. Maybe you know just when the plays is. Every day that he's not getting surgery today that he's not back with the team down on the road yeah yes that four weeks six week whatever pushed a New Hampshire will have surgery today. So does this mean -- can have surgery drug rehab the situation that Mark Sanchez by the way. Over under on the games he plays this season wow we split one. -- played -- one how to set the over under right now it's six and a half. I'm gonna pay all Obama's overseas -- eight who admiral success. Playoffs included. Don't know regularly know he's a tough guy will try to play forces we played with a torn. Abductor muscle play great he's a tough question goaltending is by the way didn't you know today pages and Halladay and I am not. Odd today is Tuesday that means the day off for most of these dolphins and the -- most -- the Philippines today that means Joseph Flacco can go -- pay. Until yesterday had announced is going to go watch film recently that. Yesterday it was -- meetings -- so -- can -- can win it by some flowers buys a balloon into the hospice hospital problem in the first hour hour and a half -- -- -- -- he's tired and -- -- and he's gonna work out so. Probably our gospel and acted though it's a -- -- Christopher Paul the second. Right received that next time CNET show next time I'm in ticker call it 100 games or not. Yes. This. Let me -- the obvious answer seems to be. Out -- a 601 that's it's great three Arabia at 72%. Again. Against Baltimore Colorado Toronto only one team left Baltimore's winning record yeah and or played some pretty tough but to Colorado. You know we notes were two to last place teams of three teams left to them in last place and what's worse -- the last place team. Last place team that's playing in the kids. -- that says leg and that Tripoli kids throw out their minor league pitchers. There a last place team that really has no interest whatsoever in compete although it will be there for Todd opens last game. As Iraqi. There aren't eligible adult at a boot to the emotional stuff that's gonna happen until well Mike Robert Mike could actually Dennis and Callahan good morning. Do you DiMarco I don't. Fit our model over on the Amendola as well today is -- nine inches long have you back for the play -- that all that matters that will be there and LT. Could be a weapon but come on the talks -- quickly. But I'm staring at the depth chart in February looking anything like -- and Dempster. I don't I see eighty by William -- a mediocre season that. And now all of the sudden at 92 in eleven ago you are about. And -- directive or -- sucks and with a tattoo on his shoulder. It's World Series or bust and I hate myself for -- like that but that's -- I -- I think a lot of other stocks that are. I am impressed with the -- this year it didn't expect. This seat. But that the world period apart from the united again I don't like that I feel like that but the target. I don't think you're a lot like I really don't and Jerry in -- -- disagree with me I think this will be extremely disappointing to a lot of people would look the pistons had never thought coming out of its era I want a World Series otherwise I still wanna -- and I'm just applicable -- That as a disappointment as something very bad if this team as we've been watching them for you know a hundred and whatever it is fifty some games. Doesn't -- the world. That's absurd because they don't know how it's gonna happen maybe they go seven games like in you know 1975. And battle it out to the end and you say. That was a damn good effort and you know by a team. Over achieved all yeah there won't be any damn good effort if they lose -- World Series or any off course it was a seven -- against a great series to be given National League team. Dodgers pirates are essentially the dark object great seven game series. In Kershaw is anime game seven -- he shot -- -- her down one nothing strikes up thirteen guys in eight innings -- should view this on Halloween night for the day after I think it baseball there's a good consolation prize it's called the -- -- if you win the American League -- actually gets the hang up flapping in the breeze -- the -- -- -- yet. Now -- quite different. You disagree and it used to be. You know and the goal in the World Series was -- and it was the goal -- one World Series this this this this is not like 86 years idol you're I don't like -- Ryan Dempster got 2011 team you could say -- do disappointed him in the World Series where they were role that this team had no expectations agreed to re calibrate them. I would note you can actually do that but you really -- John. If it was a hard fought six game series in the jail yes CSU out. That's how does that manifest itself and people don't losing pitcher is where strikes strikes out with the bases loaded up Grand Slam. Seat city. This is. We bargained for not only does not want to this particular just lost one of the all time harper acres. In the Stanley Cup finals a few months ago we run next day. People were kind of anger but it was. It was overwhelming anger for team who just won a couple of years before that expectations. This team has no expectations this Huckabee anger -- disappointment that's different -- you think they were favored against Chicago. Bring your sings nobody could -- trying to. Be -- you're doing. And work. You know why people don't get there are going the World Series on people who move the goal -- all the time. I think -- problem area. Slowly -- your mind that he has a strictly all it will -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Particularly. Back Halloween -- on how you feel that. All of a needle pretty enjoyable year I expect and and here and local guy that -- pretty great article to continue next year they do well now. -- order a couple of the Craig and I tell Tera whatever is our opinion is it that little article I regret quickly. And I. Couldn't. The Boston sports media and the better Levy. On. It finally somebody doing it because it is particularly I mean we're getting all the old route could be more people we have. Get geared toward you would like -- are looking riding by on. That is -- that you can say what you want about us not lazy you know lazy is -- a carrot to sit back and and pick it apart Tomas Tomas in Cuba. Our team didn't have the team the he put together a nice story I think it is. Kind of symbolic of this team these beards long to thank our -- Joseph John John. Yeah that's that's the you're right I mean the sights on the Red Sox well the hoping that the patriots like. No we didn't make anything up he did John's a good writer and he's a really good right. Right now today I'd say Tomas Tabasco almost Boston. I trust is really good idea but -- the sort of silly that it appeared during a silly that John is all right it's silly if you want to talk the guys -- of -- -- you know how long's it take do you look down -- guys who don't -- being -- public David Ross and the game ball cut the crap because he framed it. He just trying to get up. And they get mall -- agree public Napoli talk a little open apple it was about. About alias to shampoo and conditioning. You know cataloged seasons at their off days slow days what do you want to do bought one -- Leo yes. Can't believe you'd think that you want to Mathieu -- of the best sports writer. I've read them that's key ingredient every day -- don't really like your -- and the picture -- any product -- go along with inadequate. Difficult are reluctant got a fantastic. Your basic reading and you -- -- light years better than you aren't a lot. What's wrong to my Dick is very good -- Is not lazy does that make stuff up. It it. With talk about what Red Sox talk about this story what is lazy about this little run he is lazy to -- the guy cranks out. Five graphs on on his little blog. Britain apart Tomas Tomas he probably spent ten hours on the story I was at least know. It -- Olerud Cairo I was lazy. -- -- to have to Timmy was in the clubhouse traveled in an interview and and everyone would there be a crime but how was -- -- The easy part about it blaming a lot here on the power don't put all the narrative in or don't -- what's wrong. Because if it's not correct. He's the clubhouse every day you don't think he knows what kind of effect Crawford Gonzales had on the team he's the one that broke the chicken and beer story. Yeah yeah -- that's lazy. -- We Crawford didn't Gonzales figured in the chicken and beer. It's two different topics but. These -- reporter in the in the club -- every day but you think environment do you think the working environment in that clubhouse last year was conducive to winning 89. On a whole lot you retire with a cure for the you can be very little confused. Ballantine year. You don't I would. -- -- -- chronic and acute watery and Bob Bob blog here here's a thing or. Awful. Eric and your picture on the outside and it's awful I think -- Miguel last year. Yeah it's tough for guys you know it's tougher guys delivering concrete the point that look at the numbers are much better it's hard that they got your -- make up stuff like chemistry. That's fine -- -- It was a if the players say it's it's chemistry because players like to -- you also jumped in my sees in this column. This thing. Among men sought worked it's worked up because this -- -- lazy and I don't understand and that's it patriots fan. And still about a massive move -- Red Sox always lazy. This is hectic and he's -- everybody with the beard. And and it worked out to the next level whole theme of a wall for 11 for sleazy all its -- -- Its -- and you gripe is with now. In Austin and why do you make much. You'd say well. -- -- -- He just did away with that interested you just don't know what it had to defend them if it's silly. -- we have a problem. With guys going for the guys grown beards to what you do so again now have a problem which ought to -- I don't. Look at the real problem. And you have a problem with you it's it's still regarding this subject don't you -- about every -- to start growing a beard was long after coupled -- Buick. He's doing scouts that's that's that's. That's how -- things -- text of the all politics. Showing up with a beard doesn't do. So what's it doing for that job that's what if -- -- -- on believe I realize how he's twelve years old and hit. What are you sound like the blues guys and it's purple you know you're looking at this this -- if Johnny -- comes later ridiculous to touch his -- -- -- -- with -- -- I wanted to know -- -- So you're seeing this thing manifest itself unfold before you and you denying. It's like what it's like seeing what Christ himself walked in here and you said I don't believe that you even though we touched you also and he thought that your. Yeah yeah so there it's a little decide that's true that the -- usage. Are you suggesting that everybody until -- talked to talk about the galvanizing unifying clubhouse beer some just to block the whole thing. All I am. Bias I think I just -- So it's all received by two that's why don't -- -- -- and the buyout and give way to get people -- of people. To monstrous people crazy I think he's great too so when there -- New Hampshire -- Roy. And I think -- -- -- grow a -- OK we've party dressed as he becoming clean shaven look like professional. But another thing you need to do many and it is intersecting. It did take a sick day. Like a normal human being I mean I'm getting sick just sitting here watching you. Your -- speed your congested. And furthermore you're a jerk and innovating Bolton Jerry indeed now and the WB I doubt. The moment. It's amazing. -- what is an opera -- for a much a C hates you he knows everything you do he knows every word you say right reads everything right and I think. I think that. Someday they gonna go in his apartment and -- going to be covered with pictures of me and happy again newspaper clipping with seek experts hopeful but he just got -- last. Fire all the yen in order job on nine criminal -- job with the job from the cape speaking of -- in new. In the yes it's got to go out get -- college choice and with great jobs on the cape Paulus and Pelham Richards in Connecticut you're next to Dennis Kelly.

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