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Sep 17, 2013|

The biggest stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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-- -- shower to our KG let's go jump in jump in the shower get started. Art Aaron Alexis is a madman right we all agree it is that these guys to sleep the whole buffoon nut job. But people think about over the government's -- job. Now yeah yeah now they're out there the Al -- railroads is -- Star Wars lunatics out though already Alex Jones started yesterday afternoon it didn't take him long. He was on the radio speculating. False flag operation. And he burns his toast in the morning does he think it's a conspiracy -- Got him. Oh don't worry of the same team that responded. The Boston bombing is that I'm Natalie was a false flag up one side and on the other they are there to make sure the truth comes out now. And the Russians have staged mass shootings reported take liberty and clear evidence of Pristina other areas. The Nazis staged mass shootings and operation him more as a pretext to take liberties operation north woods put out by the Pentagon. Was not a staged mass shootings and trying to on past these. When you have multiple shooters like this. It asked patsy written all of credit and and and and how they had to do it is in the modern day just have a -- -- would show up for the girl. You then shoot them in the core doors or were you told to meet. The the the the feds for the thrill. They shoot down than the feds go out the mask or the contractors. Shoot some people. That's -- yes they should he still clicked by waiting bodies is like saying that issue troubleshooter I still think he's holding that scary -- like hundreds of stations all over the world show. Readers. Law exit so he thinks the government did this to knock out our other government people who do stuff. While -- who just -- we don't know yet the victims and they were all civilians they worked well on navy personnel. A market -- on on this one no New York Post -- you know on the talked in the the time roommate you know again yeah -- and restroom with them that name is not -- not -- -- Supplement. That wacko. And he owns the restaurant -- And his wife is the one to one interviews in which he -- not this it says that Alexis was his best friend was hard core drinker. He also says Alexis loved the first person shooter video games. And described as a thirteen year old stock in the bawdy but 34 year old -- starter a theme. -- of all these you know what in the world of this these video games snowball Corley -- and number of mass shootings that happened since then. Paula back to Virginia Tech. Oh century was a lot of mass shootings before. -- that was but deep I sense that with a staggering automatic weapons are insane absolutely nuts nuts people. Of course not every parent to have anonymous equipped yes and you pick ar fifteens and not a machine -- same government in -- had brightness on auto body and -- -- your right -- that in that weapon is the daylights knocked on who said he needed to an assault rife that should be able have. -- -- -- It bothers me it's what I don't understand what's the difference in that manner and and -- rifle do you think he would have been in the killed twelve I don't know twelve people. The ability to have magazines to reloading continue to check -- -- much he wants right not an automatic went out of my -- guns to kill six people Max. And you feel better -- it's terrible. Is it less tragic. This is a life -- -- he had -- I believe he -- -- he -- any shot to the from a popular guilt and the ones the people who didn't have -- with the ones who were forced to leave them in their -- don't we have rules while those rules got some people -- -- how many people do you think you were taken out of all the people that concealed -- -- were allowed to you bring them to. Or maybe two maybe putting the only -- -- -- had six rounds in it and if you're the seventh person who got shot aren't too happy about that. Well he had other guns aren't -- -- he -- cop and took the -- -- is the shower bath it was a fifth. Showers running Google volume cool we caught a break we caught a break -- -- brushes his teeth in Asia falls -- buys them the full dress him and he's one of those guys. Jacksonville yesterday in -- event. -- I was wrong but this is gonna be you know small. Nobody cared this Tebow rally was unbelievable now. Yeah while five people that rule held more reporters -- one yeah that was at the Calgary 360 in the afternoon yesterday. -- -- Tim Tebow rallied Jacksonville. Why not why not now they say it was enough. Drug ever make field on Monday trying to send the message we want this guy you RT Sox what I have to -- -- -- jaguars knuckled under yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm coming around on this I don't think he's a good quarterback obviously he's a lousy passer and he's not ever going to be good NFL quarterback but you're the jaguars. If you've already presented that would always exceed the white and -- quarterly loss to Oakland they got like nobody gold of the games that -- their own. Affiliate injectable is apologizing for broadcasting their games. I hate to sound like just the knuckle head fan -- people guy but. When he got to lose more games either way. People froze faults is fun to watch when he scrambled around and these two in this whole Johnny men's opening weekend for low but he can move around and he can. We put some asses in seats may -- watch TV maybe he's herbal but they're going -- -- -- -- and rights or Blaine Gabbert. The drugs -- yell out. Type two -- we need to warrior -- to. Get to a right now this is stitches is yeah I agree earth. Ben Affleck showers running Ben Affleck is bad man as you guys know. It's a huge backlash. That I caught you actually helps and I am I think it's protesting it's awful it's terrible can't believe Ben -- is -- meant. He's tool is too big too -- I don't I don't know how the problem it is. It's grown man really care who plays Batman had to do care plays that you can't even really care what do you look back at -- -- -- stitching on Fallon last night he looked too soft I saw you saw just got -- -- can be so Mark Wahlberg should be Batman not too small too short. Okay all -- crew troubleshoot the Daniel Craig Josh role. -- Roland please write -- and Asia with him over -- cannery that might not lead them and movies of the last twenty years about his role as socked your movements the worst -- -- Fallon last night defending the backlash. -- Not immune needs I could -- there's any snub I can handle. I could just. You have a couple of business and I don't this is not like I handle on ten. And -- around -- I'm very tough spots though there after the announcement look at this -- looked on the first comment. -- -- benefits in the best interest and this goes. Yeah. Okay but you're going to get -- it did on polygamy luddites rule yeah I. -- a little -- -- -- Jimmy Fallon had to go commando a -- word. Put rocks in the markets -- he's in the flow of penalties are like wait a lot of laughing going yeah that model talking over job she oaks or else. Now there's a lot of what it was like doesn't upset you that Ben Affleck is that it's back passengers that but this above what is it yeah that is. That I thought that our child I think I'm really upsets you it's working out great battle with every check Israeli -- anywhere that would Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man was despite -- -- day vitamin -- well all -- it was actually a very good but I -- -- Google always buy -- ready to better Andrew -- all right excellent -- -- strategy to -- board said I didn't -- -- that the first time you talked about the Dark -- Before or after the theater's hall way before don't wave after wave before when he'd -- to digest -- -- -- -- -- I get out when he killed himself that the person I talked with the dark -- Dark Knight is the only Batman movie that's -- of Batman in the title. The Dark Knight rises doesn't either. It's the -- -- this long. Showers almost now a one minute one minute fine -- a lot of people say that Belichick is not forthcoming with the media. I would disagree and I go back yeah it would yes 236 yesterday on this very station. One of the best give it takes I've ever heard radio in my life. Occurred. So they Amendola who who I mean there's a lot of people to believe he had. You know he's he's injury prone and I don't know if that really work that were exists in your job or not but for people that believe he's injury prone. How did you look at his past issues and determined that you something you were willing to take a chance. We will obviously feel very comfortable with the Indians and and have and that's why we signed up. -- Any any updates on his on his injury you know. It's also have played a we've we've talked a lot about this. And yet to play games that are on your schedule. At Thursday's game gotten through that already. Big picture the viability of a Thursday games models games that sloppy. How do you feel about playing games on Thursday is that something that. It if you have. Oh -- had. A choice. But take that out is that something you would eliminate. -- on and vote and so it in Portland. But -- cool man for paying this guy succumb laws -- for now faults. That they replay that like. I I don't or -- and silky that's a good question. Yeah it's a question it's a question patriots fans would like your. Yeah mental it was a good idea. Pick up my theory is that Belichick in his mind is always block -- that injury thing that's why he plays starters in the fourth quarter when he's up fifty points he doesn't allow it and it -- -- right that they might get hurt. So we -- -- -- -- -- of it used to get Ernie says he's not gonna get hurt. When he comes here to my watch. It's a good question would be great if you answer honestly don't happen. That's headlights he's out. All right Jack off for a quick or get the -- memorable homeless encounters you know ten seconds or less WEEI live that torture most memorable encounter with almost -- and good or bad crazy whatever we want your size to Albert Eugene exit the NC.

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