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Tom Verducci: "Red Sox are going to the World Series"

Sep 17, 2013|

The great Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated joined the show to discuss the MLB races. Tom predicted a Red Sox Cardinals World Series.

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Activists and Callahan joining us on the AT&T line AT&T the nation's fastest and now the most reliable four GL TE network reference from Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated dot com Robert -- good morning top power you don't. Or eight yard -- on very well hit or shocking -- -- Tom the fact that the Red Sox have won 92 games they might win a hundred there in nine games. In front in first place or. Toronto has managed 68 wins in their 23 games out of first place. Probably bought and have a good day I thought they'd be better thought they'd be a contender. I didn't seem to have put that the best record in baseball. It's real operative to a hundred -- -- more -- happened only three times in the last seven or eight years. Pad because the media that distribution and -- -- a lot better and you don't hear talk about competitive belt he is lucky to five years ago. It's real hard -- you to read about underwear and and it may do it and now they're clearly you know the best team right now based all because. You look at the record an article on record political Wikipedia are good change. I'm not obvious flaws. Make sure I was surprised to get me wrong. I thought they'd be a good team but I I just didn't see that coming at all about what they do is get it. You are -- we've been kicking around the concept of team chemistry how many wins is that were how how a particular club house. Functions verses in all a dysfunctional one to Bobby Valentine would stay on on the team chemistry as it applies to good baseball teams. Yeah there's really something until it I know a lot of people like to argue that there's. You know -- overridden and that you know chemistry comes from winning ball games but. You guys know you talked to the Red Sox came and they'll tell you about spring training. Before anywhere in Canada in the standings routine felt like they were getting along well they had some pretty doggone. Being built upon that and I think it's not an accident when you look at the players direct charge for it yet job -- challenge -- to contribute. But -- make great decisions. Literature black couple of motor gators what was stay away from long term deals makes it that I get more than three years anybody. And he would make sure you bring guys into that clubhouse who are not going to mind having people hold them accountable really immediate. Had to average people hold them accountable every single -- seat and you call for an April Boston. You have a camera your locker you know in right after the game. And you don't like you're not going to fix the electric current stock market Matt you look at guys at credit. There aren't really accurate guys yet they want or most of them but. Got a cult like be accountable or tackle hold each other accountable and I -- a very Smart move. But I Red Sox -- will be threatening your belt is on the Staten -- Utility to bring an extrovert players because of the culture because there's old parliament. -- look at at their offseason come it. Bench -- that in his first real full offseason as GM signs Gomes Napoli victory Dempster Ross drew all. Over thirty all these overpaid the not long term deals but I assumed because in June that they're all good guys could chemistry good good character guys. At the time did you think it made any baseball sense what Ben was doing. Well I did commit certain like you -- overpaid they were. If you look at it -- -- average annual basis that they were Smart to say okay we'll give you money but we're not gonna give you a lot of years. You look at the contract -- recent years bad guys in their thirties and Josh Hamilton who also dictionary and it's Smart to stay away from change that is in the mid thirties now. They have a couple of guys in victory in a handout or another lot of criticism the People's -- Kamal -- -- year. Get a game early with a -- -- decades now as Smart by. But it turned out to hear that he's Smart buy it again. If you have the exposure post or by your contracts. So I gotta look Smart was I surprised though because I didn't think all of these moves. Would come through that's basically what did you talk about almost a 1000 batting average which doesn't happen. You know all they looked great charts since spring training at that particular name if that happened if this happened was primarily culpable Ortiz. And getting Lester but all -- all these created just mentioned coming into performing well. Really all that came through except -- -- -- advocacy group does not start. But armed personnel that was brought it about that there aren't at all. They. I mean for baseball reasons. -- the patients at the plate ability to work the count is still a big factor I know you've written that this taken a look at the same story from both directions at some guys. Are too patient that they need to get up there'd be more aggressive ball with the Red Sox did is get a bunch of guys who who look at a bunch of pitches and you point out. I think a couple weeks ago they've seen a thousand more pitches -- this next closest team and Victorino and Pedroia are two guys who never swing at the first pitch and it doesn't seem to hurt them. Is this with that the one race in the -- where they are the patients at the plate and the ability to get to the bullpen early. Yes it definitely is. You know I'm not sure that was a driving factor was -- happenstance focus for the Red Sox -- you that was a nice honest that they brought in these guys. And Mike Napoli got extraordinary as well he's always been a patient hitter. You know he's seen this year the most pitches or played a parent or anybody in baseball seem the most full count. Anybody in baseball yeah I set a franchise record for strikeouts by. I collect at least at the very typical white or you're extra. I what I like about the jury that they just don't take such as for the sake of their intentions and had been a big piece of mind -- to go out with a guy on second base. Yeah that's all -- -- and take it just to try to throw the pitch counts. I think they're they're selectively aggressive bureaucrats -- in the right spots at the same time. They're not big presence outside the strike zone inaugural back -- the game we can't MLB network and co artistic instrument -- And it could not get the Red Sox the Chase Bank curve ball -- with two strikes. And they I think that was the game the -- and -- and the Yankees for 230 pitches. I want them by accident they say they just don't chase bottom the straight out. Albeit a great formula for postseason play. I think the team that it would take out Boston. If you can't get hitters out in the strike now with premium stop. And probably the tiger's profile -- in that regard their starting pitchers you have. Really strike outs downswing and that that was about to be at chase but do you in this column because electric currents knocked out -- could think. You know and again and I get his team to check a box a -- government. So that qualifies in your estimation at least in that department they are built for October -- among the contenders is not built for October is the paper tiger here Tom. The big question. You know you could say Oakland -- but their starting pitching is better than people give them credit for and tale quality that in order to remain strains that are very deep and it seems like at different guys popped up time to time but sometimes you need to. -- -- -- in October that they'll be yours to do damage need to call crime McCain can win. I I'll be careful about Oakland because I analyzed -- And that there are complete team that marijuana time team and that's a legitimately -- baseball team. And I don't know that anybody right now I'd say trouble other than Texas and they have make it and campaign is -- -- so much oil right now aren't competitive. I figured I'd be concerned about them because they're just not an apartment there right now. Follow up question from me and this would be an easier question -- answer if you realized or if we knew what Jacoby Ellsbury is a medical situation was and how effective he'll be when he gets back. What you think the offseason market will be for Jacoby Ellsbury. -- only really good yeah yeah I mean I just think -- We make evaluations -- -- and especially when you see that player in your market see the flaws in the an immediate basis. You can't underestimate the value as possible because -- just how much more in the game today you know regional sports networks really changed. Baseball from top to bottom not just the top big market teams but everybody else. And I just think yeah we just gonna talk about players -- -- that birdies and try to stay away from years but you get older you get sure you've got now. I think all those guys people who are already into their thirties are gonna do very well talk about 68 your -- -- And yeah I just think that's where -- end it right now there's so much money of the game and being sent a note cards. Great player at heart I'm a guy who does he does. So you don't think what the angels did and to a lesser extent what Toronto did. Might that -- it as as opposed to what the Red Sox did signing these kind of these dirt dog guys for short term deals. You -- that there will be any kind of a pattern here from an owner I might look at what the -- selected said. Let's get a gut punching guys with tattoos and beards and CEO of. I'll -- yeah I mean it makes. -- that you think that it would have a chilling effect on the way you do business but I can just bankers think too much money -- became that easy to make it not April while the worst month. Of the year from baseball games and December. You know all the -- -- saying well this team and our division makes and this guy and you know we just give this guy an extra year to requires servers it's -- -- extra a year ago I think. They had talked to sell the bad deal and they -- up because. Most cases and you make mistakes and actually I mean look at can handle it -- it really hurt the -- doctors have more money they can afford to make. Consecutive mistakes. I'm so I think the margin of error has widened a mostly every change everything the most -- preaching and -- -- -- bad deal. They only talk about -- we -- it and I really am on an average annual -- that they I think it has gotten the point where great. Almost right off the last couple years contract. You know the last two -- the last race sometimes and that's the -- requiring the player. And obviously not Smart way to do this but we have a lot of money you can -- We we call that are on -- component Theo that's called Theo when you talk yourself into a bad deal I told they get six maybe seven starters of -- bring up some young guys. The Red Sox do. Any chance in your mind that the deal Jon Lester -- one of their top four starters. I I can't -- the possibility of me I think it's more a possibility worries US at least -- other teams. And somebody wants to knock you out for you know. -- think they're deploying our and it makes sense is getting Major League young players fact that. Yeah I think -- I wouldn't say they're out there shopping trying to rid themselves -- -- Dodgers this year they came into the season wouldn't mind starting -- attitude and having him. Before you are pure data about or an -- after trading for starting pitchers. I would anticipate it would happen. I think to bring them all backed -- I wouldn't rule out that they at least listen. -- Well I just am so impressed with the red we're Red Sox are playing especially knowing now that. You know look like they're gonna have popular -- best home record and in baseball league and they look really good right now -- National League is a little harder I think because there's so many. I think the depth and actually it's really good. And I'd like they load the way they played all year. But I think I'd go to Saint Louis. I think the doctors the best team on paper they should. Meet the brits are the World Series just something about the part -- -- boy here. Game seven Halloween night in the American League yeah could be interesting I'll always harder. Always a pleasure talking baseball would be to appreciate the time. Robert GS ISI dot com joining Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T AT&T the nation's fastest and now the most reliable GL TE.

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