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Kyle Arrington sits in with Mut and Merloni to preview the challenges against Tampa

Sep 16, 2013|

Arrington helps turn the page on the Jets game as they head towards week three against the Buccaneers. He knows that the size of wide receiver Vincent Jackson presents unique challenges.

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-- Joseph Butler and ID 37 WEEI here at Gillette Stadium for patriots Monday Steve DeOssie. In the house Stevie get to see what's going on journalists every patriots Monday breaking -- data when it planned a Thursday and a guy who had a weekend off from football. -- a family weekend off and put bought Kyle Erickson joining -- good weekend without haven't played in months and I say so. Definitely. Both in town as well I was I was debating that the other refs -- a good thing about Thursday in -- Cameron. In a -- time off spend the weekend relax. But the -- about the games you guys got a chance to sit down and -- offense and. I think there are other rules with the new CB jail bottled. Those good days off now and builders who also saw the rules about the bye week struggle buffers and -- -- journals. You don't bump Travolta to find a way -- the rules in order to -- bit of sugar of war two days off at least you know. Given all weekend off. Saturday Saturday Sunday as the process goes -- guess during this theater. I hate it's gonna get -- 210 now you want a couple divisional games and going back to. These first couple big games you've been a big factor here Kai you've been a big factor in the passing game for the ball a couple times. Did the pre season leads to believe he'd be you know ready to start the year and -- this much a factor in this defense was that a good pre season set up this regular season for. I mean. Going every year the same asset. Wanna be you know fast physical tough defense. Fortunate to be to be able to be around the ball a little bit more this early in the season. Fortunate -- a few -- kind of took Sima you know it's all about us as as -- -- -- -- are -- that team is insignificant anything and -- up front seven. They rely on us on the back and so we just -- -- bigotry unit. Usually it's not just in week one you know one of mentioned bullet point form but he kept -- he five. When the first couple weeks ago we been talking about that the impact that you had on their game. -- -- rookie quarterback but still you're on the road week one maybe a new spot for you and we outside a lot actually so. Missed a pretty good. That's especially in a hostile environment like that. And again you know they came -- gives have been so open and opening. Opening -- AFC's. Knows Colombia said that gang that matchup you know. Had a without come both games but actually you know what what -- for the wanna. When our best but -- thing about it is you know. 210. And we only get better we feel. Seems like you the defense. Especially at buffalo they have long stretches where there works as. Smothering her -- than there were couple spots there were. Worth. Things went haywire is is that. Do you see that films or was -- visited a concentration thing -- just ability make employers. Ultimately you wanna play complete sixty -- -- -- it you know preach about all that. Actuality it's. Rather difficult because then display of the perfect -- You know what you guys when you know guys give their best effort. -- Some mistakes -- are bound to happen but it sounded the good thing is we correct upon them and they just don't repeat them. As a defense Vince came on after the game Thursday and said it's our chance to pick up the offense little -- offense has some injuries -- couple guys not in their opening get them back and Vince said it was it was good to pick up the often subjected to whole defense feel like -- is a unit this was your chance to. To win a game where in the past the offense has picked up the defense. Exactly exact record -- remote events you know. Countless sound authors -- had the best out of situations. And games. So it's as a as a go on and now we we can. Felt the weight the weight gain was gone it was it was going to be on us ultimately and two. And to come away with a turnover. And then it again and again situation with stiff. Extreme companies go to. -- -- Becky you know the second year now with the lead join the team last year and again it's. You and dinner and to leave and according Gregory similar how much does that help as far as communication gets feel like. Your step ahead we were maybe this year at the last time last year. Easily -- like you say it's elitist no he's been here with us or go to gays and -- the spring mountain camp and two season Tuesday. Then join us halfway through it -- lasted so. Continuity is great as a gripping and you know we film. You know so so a lot you know to get better given on of course but you know we're we're we're heading in the right direction. What what do you think -- the identity of this defense can't will be goes on defense is there. -- over -- driven some defenses purchase. Sat kept the year's summer our bend don't break cool what do you think the the person his defense will be by the end of the year. I think I like. What most people have to say about as opportunistic you know and opportunities present and so we. Chavez to capitalize upon them you know what no matter what the scenario is whether -- -- -- Forced -- nineties you know. -- -- Score I could never get too low score more often that would even better. -- to joining us you guys played the Buccaneers during the pre season you practice with them. For a couple days to other things you can take from those practices -- that when you guys what one on one against. Some of their receivers and take that into the game on Sunday. That's the yes they -- -- south got a report you know books pre season -- -- -- with them. Kobe before you play them so -- I mean mr. -- Pascal for you get and so I mean. -- Someone now familiar with would there's still said there are -- saying -- ours. I mean this game's gonna come down to. Who we don't want to more home who's just embedded that a team that day. So you know we. Have a had a long week -- got to go to. He get a jump on a mom today of course obviously. And so is his try to do our best in preparation for before again. This game changes in buffalo CJ Spiller and Alex Stevie Johnson we look at this Tampa team and their. They're off to a tough star who -- you still have Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams and Doug Martin I mean they've they've got some weapons. -- they have amount remains on asset involved both as a virus and -- you know offensively. Streaming -- -- arm. Vince you know had a huge opening. Opening day obviously you know he's. -- the best still that is resistant my quizzes. Another great asset to have to two great -- guys on on outside so. That's. -- rarity. You know will most things of course and Anna has the same moment. Situated. Situation so I mean we get them a couple weeks yeah. I don't like it and make it -- to him oh what what can take away from the first two games in my opening in this of coming to bring him. President and this non things not gonna always go -- great way you expect a plan. But on this you know have faith he is so -- teammates you know we're we're we're gonna get the job done you know we're gonna do -- -- doing it takes to win. It's been a big conversation here Kyle across the NFL after with the Eagles did last Monday night when they went up -- ranked 53 plays in the first half and your team does that you see your view as a defense you -- up against Brady in practice -- up temple when it's BC could speak to. How it affects -- defense when a team wants to go ultra fast the way your team does at times with the Eagles wanna do the way and more teams the NFL wanna -- how does that affect. A defense in game when a team's going to that fast no huddle console again play after play after play well. That I TriBeCa. And basically -- they went at it limits the trash talking negative right now -- -- guys. Focus in on the win -- and on -- -- and -- and the race to land -- Chris quickly as possible so I mean it is really -- Honda I think -- -- -- the -- I mean the biggest thing. -- was trash -- was involved mingled tripped up to leave after interception. -- -- Is that say assumptions. That view of the few words that needed to be sensors and I see all the silent -- -- of those -- neutral punch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amidst a -- bill and intimately. The out of -- -- Lot of people wanna see wrecks and bill -- -- -- -- down at the fifty yard line Kyle Larry to get the bucks this weekend best luck we'll talk to next week thank you present art gallery to join us here in studio he's brought to you. Our by our friends that sit at Toshiba business solutions. And also brought to you -- and agree these Boston's football headquarters.

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