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Rob Ninkovich joins Mut and Merloni after last week's win

Sep 16, 2013|

Rob joins the guys in studio to discuss the positives on defense during last week's struggle against the Jets.

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This team right now. -- blood sweat and beards as the teacher said -- on their weight to 88 playoff run on the way to maybe the number one seed. In the American League guys in this patriots team that -- it and right with this disappeared look at the red suddenly like a rock and some guys like the beard joins a series studio that that's like a Red Sox appeared outside Rob Ninkovich Mets -- Red Sox -- you have I guess they don't get into. I dislike grown a beard and every year and his. Some like to do its the least you keep -- kinda neat -- was pulled on the things this vehicle right now it's just you know control. Every Friday and a gust and honest and you know line to trivialize that the culture and that's the -- is it nice and sharp so it is. Nice though it's gonna grew up you know if government is -- or just out of control. A lot of can surely want -- control room before he -- it's supposedly the clean you know that if the animal with that looking I don't mind like a nice that the suit on an away game you know it's. Maybe -- tried it only takes a week you know there and we do we were told that side I think it's a problem and it it's Mike Napoli the Red Sox has appeared Champloo. Have you got -- what we need actual shampoo for the -- itself no because you know I think that. You know if you get the night the best hair shampoo was wrong with the use and on your beard I -- think -- it's good government in my head hair it's probably good enough for the -- exactly you know that's what I thought his. Last year and I had no longer in the playoffs actually looked into it and I just realized that. It's the same thing so I'll just use regular shampoo on my face and worked on it save money that -- it is exactly. And their -- when -- dollar tickets for people with beards at Fenway Wednesday they go this of you wanna go to the Red Sox game. It would have hired for -- beautiful. You know -- -- feel -- -- -- -- some people might put on fake beards -- they're going to they're a -- that two other well that while it's while supplies last -- you if you are quick exit thirteen year old girl from the fake beard. You get it for -- -- -- there on I like that idea it's pretty cool. You guys are -- two and help you beat the jets in. I just feel as a fan sloppy game you know was say it low scoring game an ugly game that feel that way in the -- Thursday nine. I actually enjoy winning games like that you know for me as a defensive player it's nice that you know. Thirteen ten sounds good to me you know it's a win in the NFL and also it's. You know or other things that we have to work out of course it's you know who's the second week in the season and you always constantly want improved throughout the year. You know all of teams now -- are gonna look the same at the end of the year you know also. Right now we just have to continue to improve and you know being -- you know and I disagree Phelan. -- is better -- -- known to so you know I'm happy to be too you know. And you know it's just it's going to be a continuous improvement throughout the year that we need to you know to work -- -- you know it's not. Just gonna be like. Yours password or put them. Huge numbers mean I don't mind you know having defense play in their offense score points and then defense doing their job to acknowledge those teams -- on par with the you know it's a similar quarterbacks two rookies two mobile quarterbacks. So you wanna contain both of them in the pocket and in great job with the I think in both games but then it gets -- you guys got the geno. A little bit more specially their as the game went on was that was there just missile was it just simply you started to win those one on one battle. You know there's always adjustments throughout the game from. But you bring more guys -- was it just a different approach her latest you know I think that. As the game and on -- console they were doing and you know we could attack them a little bit differently. On after -- talent with that with their formations or what their term due to a so. You know having to mobile quarterbacks is you know for defense of Mormon is the challenge because you can't. Just cued up the field and rush like a -- because if he steps up and there's you know. Of huge fifteen yard running -- for and the run into. You know I'm now when that happens I only want goes silent because I know exactly what bills in -- you know so I can say it right now to try exes lives my dad -- in the -- -- would be to be a deeply so. They're not. -- for me as a defensive end and especially guys that can you know scrambled to the right sort of throwing the enormous user from the throw from that -- in. You know I'm ambient. Smart out there can -- you know with a guy who -- around and make big plays -- -- legs with. That's the worst things third and fifteen. And everyone's you know into it the whole crowd's into it in the quarterback scrambles for. You know sixteen cents -- that's one of those things get really angry so. You know. The biggest thing for deployment in those situations and runners he if in Washington last night. You know those two guys that -- in my -- that's the same thing you know they can scramble around make plays. -- for first downs you know. And I kind of wears on defense -- -- made their view that maybe headache watching those two guys back and forth Russell Wilson like pump fake a defensive -- in the mid air and Enron for twenty -- yes that that's the thing and you can't jump on jump couldn't jump beard. Here -- here at the mercy god you know you're just. You're in the air and he can do whatever he wants to do so. You know I think that when you play guys like that you know you -- -- you really care for your own. We -- interest Michael you Rob Ninkovich Michael eject killer that's let's look at it and tell us about that -- in college you. The giant killer to -- up behind the scenes just in the public up and then on the podium -- I just a feeling any time we put the death you know just. Really like -- -- from its missile it was a fun game. There -- always -- talk a little bit too much before the game anyway and so. Was like that -- Thursday night little chatter from the game well. Me personally analysts and anything I'm just in my own little zone we must -- if you can hear them talking before and I can say you don't hear it well. You know you hear -- he would try not to the pay attention to it is really it's kind of silly you know. But you know again it's just this is one of those things were. You're playing the jets there you've been rivals for years and years and years and you know since I got here it's always been a tough game. Words you know we know them they know us so you know it's it's just it's a great game to watch and yeah in the plane solo. You -- just like you -- those guys and I feel like -- his knowledge and admirably this year you'll get to. Guys in the middle of Tommy Tommy Kelly and big big Vince and you wind up with Vince with. On the other side of that when you had Chandler lined up in and weekend on the out pick last year at the cutting him actually lined up. Inside you a few times -- -- does that change. Your mind says Michael cubicle with speed and get after these cuts you know -- you know you got. All of you know for Gaza to run of the armed you know you do you just -- -- Vincent there is an area events is in there -- but we know we can they need to run and I got. You know after fifty I can run so. In a bomb. Chandler obviously when he's inside those guards start sweating because nods. Not easy for a tackle blocked salmon and you put -- on -- -- -- not used to summary that's can move and you know has -- Google gadget arms from -- five feet away so you know I think that. You know -- that's the thing that we changeup and obviously you have to have a change of mislead so you know people to Judy from the same thing over and over again. And you don't change you know where guys are that you know I've been inside before so it's it's. I like going inside its -- his generals that are used or against guys that are so shifty and moving as fast as we or when you lined up in silent day annual is that at the guy -- notice. Is it their first URD trying to get outside his comfort zone trying to get away used to speed traded away from -- -- it's I mean a lot of the things insiders are certain things up when they're smaller guy like myself you know obviously -- 350. You know when -- -- Nancy -- Sawyer okay this is where -- I need to make sure stop him you know when you see they see a smaller guy. You may be lined up outside and anticipate your run of the field and you just come inside on real quick and they can't -- you know as quickly as they would if you're a big big guys so. It's all just. You know shown one thing in. Mechanical moves and turn into the hands of him when you guys -- off like yesterday no game on a Sunday do you watch football they image in the separatist a Seattle game we use red -- galaxy being on -- yup I'm I'm pretty relaxed -- amounted to -- sometimes a better game and it's like really close my hard -- -- a little -- is -- -- -- out there but. You know I'm definitely Watson and you know what's that Green Bay game that was. Those Iran -- -- pretty good yeah and it seems like that it was more than the -- Miami game. -- you know I was flipping back and forth to say how Miami are big Olivia and I need a flip that in the game after you know I knew that -- -- over everything. You know what some of that distillers and there to see you if India could pull it out. Bucs this week is their benefit from CNN the pre season as you prepare -- in the regular season. I would say a little video of him beat you practice against the guys and you can count. You know their personnel little bit more than you would if if you know we never practiced against them play in the pre season. We don't two books often so you know helps a little bit too good to know their personal more now that we've been in the pre season. He's -- -- killer Rob Ninkovich -- -- on the website -- and honest barbershop your pictures there on the front page your awareness yes I have yet to get mean here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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