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John Farrell joins The Road to October to talk about the remainder of the regular season

Sep 16, 2013|

Farrell joins Rob Bradford and Alex Speier on The Road to October. John shares his thoughts on the Red Sox heading towards a potential postseason run.

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There you have it. The road to October on rob Bradford WI dot com along with. BA's -- -- the same organization readings Alex rob there's no better way to kick off a very very special road to October show was eleven regular season games ago we beat docket for the next two hours. About the road to October. That no better way to ticket off the legal right to the man who has let us down this path. Let us to this road to October -- leading the Red Sox straight into the final eleven regular season games and beyond. John Ferrell. John thanks to. -- -- -- thank you for joining us an off day I know a couple days you're be right back with though assault and all year regular weekly appearance so this is this is very much appreciative. You taking some time and personal how you feel how you feel heading into. The last eleven regular season games of the year how you're feeling and feelings -- you feeling like. Is coming down to the end here do you feel worn down how do you feel. I don't know yeah ever feel worn down completely put on you you know what a lot she's our guys are you -- -- -- -- I think the one thing you outlined at the outset here at eleven games remain and and that kind of put that into perspective and -- Sometimes you get sort French and you don't think about -- -- to look up and then match the number of games remaining in because fired flash. And fortunately which at the position we are. There there have been some opportunities to rest some of the players at this stage of the season do you ever think. Maybe already charged maybe I'll take him you know maybe maybe I'll get thrown out in the first inning in just you know I have a night. You are not -- like -- but fortunately -- the north schedule lays out will work. Given that we came into the month of September leaving the division. And then we had. Some natural breaks -- I think order is often this month I think -- -- -- just by nature of the schedule restaurant group order -- -- -- well. The the players are also look for other opportunities -- -- -- -- -- much like -- much like the last couple innings. He got all of today and you know what we'll look at other opportunities -- -- -- -- little bit close re enter into your local interest at this month. It -- curious because -- what you said you've got a bunch off days here has -- was today any different from any of these other off days because you're approaching. What could be the post season and maybe you have to prepare more or is it still let's sit back list recharge and this summer meetings another day. Yet but we're leaving to take place you know what what it's appropriate. But the youngest is still a battery charge more no no more than that you know we haven't accomplished anything New York illegal detention cloture. I and we all recognize that -- I think the one thing that's been -- rather large we talked about the a lot to -- the one thing that's so great about this group. Is they don't get ahead of themselves and they that he focused on what -- needs. I was focused on what your situation present to them. And I think that's that's what allowed us to stay there through the course. Even more performance or injury or changes take place it's still that focal of our. Though he sings I should ask you know 100 games. Are a lot but I have a that is that is what is to clarify that we know like I can you can ask all you want but -- a little. Do we know we're going to know what order were shutting out to win every night but also give -- cheers -- -- the street. -- -- -- -- Well of what level touch on a couple of news of kind of news related inquiries before we jump into kind of a broader subject related to one of the fascinating elements of this year's team primarily -- preparation which. I think is an ill understood term but. Just curious you know you've alluded to the fact they're going to be a couple -- coming. Coming out coming up tomorrow. Are you able to clarify who those are going to be. Well no we haven't announced those yet and they'll they'll come up sometime -- earlier tomorrow but you know it it it wouldn't be a shock to our guys have been here already this year. You know the wanting to spare and Mike Hazen and and the coaching staff there's a while we. Feel it's important to expose -- war -- cars better. You've been part of the organization have been here for some time and what have trouble might mean to them. Reward that other reward certain -- actual contribution early in the year or things they're doing currently. But we also ought to be careful not to expand the groups so much. Because of what the core group and then the team in the garden of an error the entire season are still focused on and -- that -- to make. Make it sound like there's -- -- are two separate groups with in the clubhouse it's just being respectful for the game and and those sorts. Been here they want and trying to -- The job all the -- to a -- Although I will say one of the striking things about the group that you have is the way in which they've been able to integrate pretty seamlessly the guys. -- called up you know not just from the standpoint of identifying roles for them and respecting those but also seemingly. It being very open about about bring them along you know the Zander Bogart's is -- the Brendan Snyder's of the world for that matter. I would who may lack familiarity how how important has that been to. You know with a guy like a Bogart's who is who's who's playing opportunities have been have been selective. -- to get him the opportunity to interact. In that almost collegial fashion with with so many of his new teammates. -- I think the order who looks at the root of that it is such huge call for error and that quarters Pedroia Ellsbury -- -- Ortiz. The addition of a a victory no gold Napoli hit it a large score a large group and believe it a police and may we we established at spring training to be here and and continue to grow throughout the course of the season but as regards came in and it was very clear on not to where they still -- but what was expected and match. You know that principally on Claire what a great player -- page when he comes up obviously. He's -- Sydney or so the coach is and how and what are what our workday is like a war should plug into the clubhouse. It's very clear on what your expectations are how we go about our work so just aren't sure example of those -- stretching next. It's pretty good post just applaud -- because it's it's up and running every single night and make quickly find out and they should be. What's important to -- that being today I would prepare. And then ultimately what we do over the course of the game on on a given night so that's what's been -- that's what a -- those players can plug in its act. Large core group that upholds. What we expect each and every day. Drive reported are you still some work to do so eleven regular season games ago. But -- -- the though process of preparing for a post season all as always fascinated me. And just go back not looking at this year now looking ahead but go back to 200720082009. About what it was like preparing for those post season and maybe take us inside the differences in jest comparing it to just a regular season series. Well first -- were sitting here we have a conference call one voice on the other hand that. Kind of reached the coaching staff look what he's seen the previous five periods of that next opponents. We we can combine that with an extra personal history that we have individual guy we formulate our approach. From Howard or practice certain start -- like to organ or are there. Lineup that also include from the standpoint -- position the front like. That's a much -- then we meet with the players how to disseminate that Richard Lieber over in the fifteen to twenty minute meeting couple full -- and -- -- In contrast. You know what when you meet with. Eighty pro scouting staff all the while all sorts in preparation for postseason opponent. We -- -- -- for real Aberdeen that much more in depth breakdown -- the Cuban team and that QB just putting more time at certain tendencies that an individual -- shows. Certain coaches that he might -- So and then you begin to apply it. Maybe it would pitcher in any historical play the game out in those meetings were -- in a certain situations this as a -- would want. In this spot. Because we producers or won't having been rushed. And you've got -- really Gregor -- you begin to come out. For trust them play it out in and not that old works out a way buildings to give you a heads up. It in -- and got a -- had to prepare for a -- if the -- situation unfold so little walk or hard to vote it's. On a bunch more parts of the game that might lead you to option eight -- given. Are obviously. The optimum situation for any team is setting up rotation heading into the postseason I'll preface it there and saying that I understand. -- still a lot of work to do -- in those times in those other playoff runs you remember ever thinking as you're lining up the pitchers. Not only is a guy fresh is a guy pitching well. But also contingent on how they match up against that particular team or not particular park. And that's probably took place more as we got past the first round. And then as you looked at. Because it this year so they're from -- you know we ordered talks between the -- -- there and the possible for game. If if we -- this in order and they would have four days in between not playing game. There's people who are trying to -- things in the past we never had that option. You went from that last in the season. One day off in your next series' start so you your your rotational. Prepared -- Didn't water two options it was pretty clear. This this time around we have the possibility though of more. Options. But just looking at where rotation play out the remaining eleven games. When we go to Baltimore it's going to be Lackey Lester and potholes partially at fault that's where it all out right now or who tree got the start or cheers. So that's a -- where we are in and I think probably what most remember. Pitching game one for what are we get there. John one last question that event -- for your way and a demo level bring it back to news -- obviously today off for most guys but with -- -- questions about how Jacoby Ellsbury is progressing in his recovery. Was was there are any any change alteration or any any kind of new developments in his rehab today. Another hasn't you know -- -- -- -- -- less structure in Tampa you know he rejoined obviously. I can come out of that -- daily for a full strength and mobility exercises that both physical they are now so it's not so little intricate little listening he's not sure about yet he's not running. He's -- to work. It in the training room and in the weight room. But more importantly it's it's really hard. That it right now is the the main elements does it he'll let slight fracture is not possible. So they'll. You know -- gets clocked a little bit. What we're still hopeful that he's in the return to the regular season. Well I will mention that -- you were around for the histories of both Manny Ramirez having been out out with injury you know bleak I think in almost all September 2007 and J. D. Drew having been sidelined for almost all September 2008. And both of them if if memory serves were pretty good in the post season. Yet they are wrote -- but it I still picture ready if not all of it sure what you want to those Coke all -- That light -- at least a little plate to attempt era Rodriguez -- it was closer and then obviously JB what are the Grand Slam against Carmona. -- in 07 still. You get the -- for the -- organizer of this and sometime late this season put the -- -- everyday play. It's I think it's easier for all pitchers -- position players to kicker hardly at this point here. As such it is coming out of spring training -- they've got a lot of preached to draw on right now it was foreign parts. Trying to get your daughter really appreciate you joining us and you're beyond a couple days assault and Ali so. Woolsey I guess tomorrow. You know -- -- -- or over interment. Well we continue our government that this month has been since -- Pretty strong obviously there's some of the lost a little more empathetic toward park because. Our our team so -- we've been able to rotate -- -- -- huge attraction. And we're still shall we do that over the last eleven games. That's why -- predicting a hundred wins but it's a good job thanks for joining us pre and it brings out thanks. But John Farrell manager Boston Red Sox as I pointed out a couple days and Wednesday will do his weekly apparent with salt and -- Always must listen to this is the road to October I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com along with Alex beer WEEI dot com to join the conversation 617. 7797937. Or you can -- the AT&T. Tax signed 37. 937 we're going to be taking you all the way up until Monday Night Football I hated it 8 o'clock we'd be talking all things Red Sox as he mentioned eleven regular season games ago. Alex what was your biggest take away from the. -- I think certainly the certainly the way in which the rotation is going to lineup in in Baltimore tells us you know tells us a lot of don't think that certainly it's a surprise to hear that it's going to be. It's going to be Lester Lackey Buchholz going in not going in Baltimore but. You know that that should tell us a lot about you know where they're going to be kind of coming out they've used their -- three going forward right. Into the the fact that he was so quick to volunteer that's what we're Tennessean Baltimore up picked up for what it's worth also -- Barry. I don't wanna say that it was more pessimistic than we've been hearing. Yeah I don't think it was -- but it was still the we understand we're up against the time elementary and and I still I think you'd join me when I read guests today will he be back. Before the postseason I think both of -- still think that's the case. I do I I think you know and as he said and you know it's it's easier for guys to perhaps get their rhythm and -- back at the end and we've seen we saw that with I I believe -- Manning and drew basically returned. -- last weekend of the regular season in those respective seasons and they were. Really as formidable. Presences as the Red Sox had their lineups in 2007 in 2000 respect. I -- a number to join us on the road to October 617779. 7937. HTT -- -- 37937. If you kick it jacked up now you just kick it. All year long we've been talking baseball before the trade deadline show we've got the road to October show starting in early August we've gone through all kinds of twists and turns but now here we are. Elaborate regular season games ago. And there's so much to talk about not only with the Red Sox but when we get back we're gonna break out exactly what. The Red Sox could be facing when they hit the playoffs in regards to potential wild card teams. In regards to potential ALCS opponent who is the team to beat in the American League will talk about it next.

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