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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/16/13

Sep 16, 2013|

Answer this jerk-ass!

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It's time for answers the question -- -- the question which -- -- it is the big question. So -- should be -- not answering any and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question. I -- it's your questions everyday brought -- by air as a restoration specialists in your property your facilities manager or an insurance pro. Call they're asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place that -- 774611111. Or go to AA RS serve up. Dot com rob and Alex are gonna come up here at 6 o'clock rob Bradford Alex you're WEEI dot com but the road to October sharks that -- it's pretty well paid now. They're going to walked over and Jennifer is gonna join him right off all the slack off. Wedeman John Farrell 6 o'clock -- with the nerds they give permission I don't know do we have to grant permission you have to grant permission I grant them permission are a productive job of the will be talking to John. At Fenway on Wednesday at 230 guys do you prefer barbecued chicken pizza or buffalo chicken pizza. Buffalo. Buffalo chicken more than barbecued chicken and general -- to compete with -- -- -- -- either. I think you thank you Ali so if you hear what about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Putting it is putting in extra work on government but -- -- -- -- artistic director analogy you make them matchup you'd have to put. Chinese food on -- It had to do different things. Actually forget little Chinese companies that little emotional -- the -- of lewd act and their right arm out west we radiance -- her. -- think that the West Coast because better in the East Coast tomorrow. Make -- -- idyllic new York and with him. It was definitely. Guys have ever ordered chicken at -- steakhouse. And that's flat. That's flat -- -- -- counselors -- route to the state that route to dissect -- now. -- Soledad S house before the state of changes in general what they and this that's my building is the only thing in order to Caesar salad on to. -- I'll order and that's going to be -- That's insane and have some appetizers and he's out with a season with somebody next to you before you -- -- it's a tool. They don't have a cell. Next question would you rather go through high school called. And I completely -- Pretty cool. At all I was even a question learned that all of the four -- -- your life -- -- of the you have to get their equipment at all. Why would you go to high school did -- would you do that well you would know now what you know now you go in there you know and you -- -- -- -- get out I would find out that things are worse off now than I was then it would be even harder for me now and next question. Question for all. -- -- Lee has played in two games this year Timor was very good game two was great -- -- -- -- need before you give him credit as their record and -- Apple's. -- -- -- -- Then we'll -- what would it looks like. Two games what was Cleveland. The defense -- terrible -- -- defense minister you know people always hear about flawed teams -- well terrible you know they had a good offense. It's out there profits go to the defense differences that he always thought that's what makes them that. They're there they're just imbalance there an imbalance in the bad. -- that -- Cleveland isn't about Iran and their defense as a matter of six zip on Baltimore yesterday. What happened they lost a great difference in order to their surprise when they were able to all -- -- -- -- it's not even those fourteen is a terrible next question. -- older drivers be tested. And what it all drivers should be -- like every five years all of drivers old drivers yet. -- really bad -- Post. Who's more of a danger to society young drivers old -- -- So that the -- get tested every five years you get a drag -- has been in the DMV merely -- that now is that still pain is that we notarized pain. But it's -- -- when you're sixteen and you -- life and doing that now we start -- duplicate what they get older to old people -- later. Now should do based on drug appealing to young drivers can do that in their cast. Others say it studios to give -- -- -- attacks -- -- questioner obviously -- -- ages and has a problem with old people driving. -- -- -- People are bored David Ogilvy ultimate -- -- and kind of different. A lot of -- trying to prove that young guys and Arnold an old saying. Four or five people in the car all. Under under I can -- be on the next you. And question please in what year -- what time of year here in the northeast should people stop wearing. Jason if you stop -- short huge price for. Public urges. Them. What you -- Wear shorts don't work for it to that would jeans. And flip flops the flops have taken away. Fashion. To me especially with women and women who just where -- think that is the flip flopped fascination. -- take away he rules. A lot of times as a way really good footwear. And a little bit of -- -- that. Ticket and thank you -- put. -- flip flops or thoughtless sometimes when it comes to. Somebody really. And nice. It's ensemble going to look at that I don't look at their feet I don't look at people are gonna read all the I would never ever look at me it's like a woman's foot is -- last duo got a look at it. It would never even don't need help get -- don't Buffett's. About a lot -- if you -- accuracy. Well that's dirty woman. -- pay attention to women's sleep with I guess. But again it can never do I don't even think about it you know you usually don't wanna see them be you know -- coterie of nearly every. You would you would never know you'll eventually I would have been personally -- telling actually. IC girl pretty girls so I'm not like. Little peek over the desperate things he would defeat look why don't. Now does that mean. Nervous and I can't tell you how many things will be ahead -- that maybe -- announced that maybe analyst John Farrell about actually do those guys are coming up next with the road to October show here's a hint. They're going to October the Red Sox -- gonna go for games. The magic number the magic numbers for right now for them to win the division a lot of Red Sox talked on the show tomorrow -- or -- its stock -- well we'll see guys -- to look.

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