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Mariano Rivera honored at Fenway... but the New York media is not happy!

Sep 16, 2013|

We discuss the ceremony honoring Mariano Rivera at Fenway and talk about how the fun-natured approach the Sox took rubbed some New York media and fans the wrong way. Suck it up NY'ers!

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Our Vince Wilfork is going to be with a -- a few minutes as we continue our patriots Monday. I still wanna go through with the Red Sox did last night double for Vince gets here so. They bring to like everybody because you have to do it from Mariano Rivera this year it's nice they were created with the gifts they gave them. I like the 42 from the scoreboard at last everywhere they won't need it anymore that's cool I like that. Apparent piece of the pitching rubber financial very nice good or a way yes very nice all gonna jump on whatever final all of but of course they also needed to put little spit on because not. Everybody in Boston wants to just paid tribute to the great god that is Mariano Rivera some -- Are still little bummed out about in fact we know this is we talked about it before and it was an incredibly polarizing subject so I. I don't think -- was all that surprised that the Red Sox didn't go over the top with their -- form instead it they actually they actually roasted him. A little bit -- if some of the more stuff that's. Store hours AMR announced greatest night ever was in October 9 2004. Just. Mariano Rivera and we'll -- to the bottom of the order here tonight trying to finish off this week. I get to the batter's box we're number fifteen wasn't a great player but Mariano fear me. He's scared me we were down by one run I believe Louis border three. Ball one. Ball to. All three. And ball sports. Put that I like Morgan after they showed the steel and showed us some of them not so great Rivera moments Rivera had against the Red Sox. I'm running around third. Slide in the home to a world. Fans did go crazy and the tide had -- What a great night we have the fans at Fenway Park and the fans the Boston Red Sox wanna thank you. For fear in me tonight in October 2004. Life I. -- that -- faith in your career. On behalf of myself my teammates. Red Sox fans everywhere we wanna thank you for blowing a -- In game for details via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With with the Celtics and the lakers and minutes all in fun remember when magic and -- great moment magic came here. For Larry -- night and he's got on the lakers he's got his lakers warm up. But underneath the lakers -- up he's got on the Celtics he's got his Celtics -- it's all -- fun but if Padilla but also not really -- Iraq president already. But also but -- your enemies it's an acknowledgment of but the fan bases we respect each other but we really don't like the Yankees are getting all -- about this one yankees official according to nick to -- a story asked. Do you think they rubbed in 2004. A little bit too much and one. Public does know. I don't think they rubbed it in enough. How about they beat him in 2004 and I'm not just -- bowed down to Mariano Rivera because the great guardians of the big game of baseball tell me to how do you soon. What ever. All of you in New York the whole thing and and to Fargo and I love nick but I don't understand this one I just I do not understand -- understand do you. We have three pieces of Fenway Park to give you as well. Because you are the last -- will ever Wear the number 42 -- 2013. Red Sox have signed the green placard. Bearing your number that is on the on the green monster every time you have come in to pitch a total. That is more than any other visiting reliever in the history of. Fenway Park. Presenting that gift and representing all of our position players. Is another member of the Red Sox who like big -- may join you some day in Cooperstown are brilliant second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Just -- hall of fame credentials that -- right now no big deal -- hall of fame credential Latimer I like it. But thank god. They got Rivera was honored sir respectfully except that he wasn't the Yankees are upset pick a far does that set. Describes wanna make sure that everything was done by the book on Iran arrow like we got a problem perfectly that the problem and -- -- usage I don't know what's wrong. What's wrong is. People aren't treating here I know I know you're being sarcastic going above India because you not really on board with the tribute to Mariano Rivera or you worked earlier reported -- told I have to -- it but I think they're not treating this guy. Like he's a baseball player it's okay they did vote. The Red Sox did with the twins didn't everybody else and they gave them appropriate gifts and they were respectful on the talked about. What a gentleman he is in the house and the what do presidency as an amount I mean maybe the best closer it definitely the best closer of his generation maybe the best schools wherever. But they also. -- them a little bit. And it's the last time they're gonna see Mariano Rivera. And it's OK yes so critical month -- -- OK it's better than OK but why did -- -- -- that aren't going to. I think -- in mic on to argue the Yankees economy would use. What you think about the party if you're not -- party. You should be lucky they didn't think for Mariano Rivera and don't. Have to. Do you walk to school. I mean -- easily you mock him because he -- 2004 black and it doesn't look at the Red Sox don't okay how fast they said he blow it they said he blew it. It's. Well he's the greatest closer. And it's been a pleasure. To compete against. He's got all -- so many things all the nice things. But you can't have a little fun. It can't be honest I. Thank god they did girls would have been sickened by the entire thing at least they were still little tweaking and I love that it's fun. But it's not really fun it's fun but hey we beat you and -- always remind you of that because it's a black mark on your record your records are perfect Mariano last night might be the best of all time we got -- well I -- in the biggest sponsor not only. Arizona. But it's the Arizona of those duplicate that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good for him as it -- on this black. We tip our cap to the great Rivera. A real gentleman up fierce competitor. And a boast worthy opponent. And the guy you happen to -- 2004 and who I think has blown more saves against the Red Sox than any other team so there -- like fine. I'm happy that did this whole thing is over. And no I don't think he's gonna -- pitcher in the post season I'll be shocked if the Yankees and the play in the red I won't be shocked and really no I want all the parties and that's not counting on you pretty surprised show. I think the Red Sox -- the best team in the American League right now. But all the wild card teams. It's hard for me this day. And almost teams bunched up which team -- the best I'm not sure about what Cleveland. Okay Cleveland's in the mix. And and even if they make the playoffs I don't think they're very good. Tampa still in the mix obviously A-Rod I was hey rod gets her yesterday and I hear that he went on the disabled list Iran gets hurt our yesterday. And their party lost Jeter incident. -- -- like Brendan Ryan didn't play error almost get the fact they're content to play most of the season without a rod and Jeter so I'm not sure. That's my children are in contention when a rod was actually they are I don't know -- I would be surprised that the -- six or 777979837. Mike is in the car I'm. Thanks guys I I was glad to get my facts I don't -- -- idol is well done there was Schumer and I don't see really what the issue is that it is not like -- and you meet Eric. Odd how far back to cover all suckers like you heard her scream coming into the garden and it is similar saying it rocking chair. As in victory or right the right -- you Albert the particulars early either way. I just think that there were you know I just I just object to being -- that I have to apparently is unbelievable and -- -- music you know you should have you should have respect for that form but did we hold a day about you know I think the but the the big problem I have news. It's my party. I'm throwing a party in Boston. For your guy from a totally reeling yeah of -- Catholic. A little -- if they hold everybody that they were going to do a nice ceremony that if they just don't really beautiful and it gave them baffling and had it had can be actually -- we're not gonna do anything for you weren't giving you the rubble. We're not giving you the number 42 are making doing anything Michael donation because that's what you do for charity board not -- -- any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom Brady we hear they're from Vince Wilfork about what their defense is doing but the offense clearly still the unit across here's where your calls on that as well. Or bounced around axle now WB.

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