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Patriots Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Sep 16, 2013|

We talk Patriots and NFL Football with the head coach Bill Belichick and get his breakdown of the tough fought win against the Jets, the inuries to Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski and others, and how they'll prepare for a home game against the Tampa Bay Bucs this upcoming Sunday.

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Our Bill Belichick and the coaches our brought you by Mercedes-Benz. And buy drinks cakes and of course are no nonsense conversation with the coach Roger was always biased be alike do Tedy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable like insurance from SP ally the company that is protected over a million family since 1907. Go to as to be allied dot com today coach -- you don't have that. Great -- couple days off couple days to kind of certain thing tin and what he's doing a little over this week any watch a lot of football yesterday what is your we -- look -- No we're counting -- yesterday and did get to watch it in -- -- you know we have although. Pre season -- -- of the Jetsons stuff masters so implanted in there but. On Tampa so you're on campus studying them. You watch their game in full and in real time yesterday or is that it. So most of America. Take it in and I'm glad you brought them up them up because they're an inner. You're in a unique situation with him -- practice with them you played against them last month how would you characterize where they are now. Vs where they -- when you saw him extensively last month. Well I think last month was this a totally different situation. That was on both teams kind of just run their basic stuff what the players play in evaluating players and trying to create some situations so that the players could learn from -- and we can communicate them from the coach access to them. Signal callers to the players stuff like that -- image now weren't totally competitive situation where we're trying to game plan and and -- each other's weaknesses and target our strengths and so forth so. Today it's a whole different deal I think that the analysts a very good period for. -- in those days. This practice sessions we learn a lot from both. It's it's different. You mentioned your strengths your two games in what have you learned about your team so far. Well it I think every definitely include not certainly you know -- -- things we need to work on pan down so well. Do that this week is prepare for Tampa. But then all three phases of the game we need to improve on everything fundamentals or techniques persecution. Situation football moment you know and -- to some of the specifics from Thursday night's game. It's been years in no exaggeration literally years since you're -- third down conversion rate was solo and it. And like it wasn't a game what do you think the biggest factors were for that the lack of efficiency. Although quite a few long yardages that's one. You know overall just not good enough explanation. Just -- on we've go to. We gonna do better than we've done so -- hope we will. It seemed as if there were some communication issues between Brady and his receivers during the game I know you've heard that it's been talked about a lot but why does that occur as. What's behind. What's behind what does that what why oh why oh why is that happening. It's something about the offense that is -- Not an advocate. -- -- -- Situations where quarterbacks he's one thing RC received some well sometimes I don't know what the routers in a moment an adjustment that needs an innate and now. Hopefully see at the same way but that's -- not always the case so. The announcement -- the that if there is an adjustment that it's. The focus at the same way so and sometimes that's the quarterback -- into the receiver since sometimes it's the receiver or not. That's encourage -- life. I guess that's what -- -- this from a from a football perspective what are they each looking at. And do it if there's a play where -- one of his receivers. All depends on depends on the route that depends on the on the defense but we can be a corner could be the safety could be. You don't zone coverage can be you know them them slot to curled offender to vehicle defender -- -- and compete and you -- a number of test and with the -- isn't. That would just mean you're trying to make. They communicate with -- to do it does does a quarterback and receiver communicate with each other with a look for anything or they just need to both recognize the same thing. And act appropriately because of. Aren't the pence a Victor can be communication -- what route to run well but then there's also post snap. Own recognition after the ball snapped at the receiver. Might have to make an adjustment to a drop down quarterback. Might have to -- you know understand where Justin Brown because of the coverage -- -- we don't have a good route. Against -- coverage so we we change when we see what is. And we know what the team has been offensively. The last several years perennial top five opportunity in the patriots have been. You've had a lot of turnover offensively in the off season with the skill positions did you anticipate. Beginning part of the season first couple games with. Would go like this not in terms of -- I know it's going to be thirteen to ten game but did you anticipate that there will be. We'd look at that often the thing that's really work in progress and might struggle a little bit. Well I think we all work to do as an entire football team Mullen says and any part of our game is where it needs to be here where I think there will be some. We need to keep improving and every every aspect offense defense special teams running game passing game. You know and I think there's there's a lot of work to be done that's -- September. We -- to -- a little long way to go and hopefully we can continue to get better and everything. You said after the game the Brady was one of the greatest leaders you've ever been around. What are the qualities that he has that we do to -- Well he does is job and he and he's very Timorese and so on that's real leadership does. It just it's just putting the team in front of yourself. In decision making us -- and being able to do your job so that everybody can count on him and I think that's what that's what defines leadership. It is it just it in action or is it verbally as well or is that even necessary to be of to be considered a great leader do you have to. Be -- the -- program where he talked about leadership analysts leadership there is. Mantra grounds as good leaders than any player I've ever coached him as will notre ground with a very vocal guy but it was great leader. He played offensively defensively special teams he covered slot receivers he return kicks he blocked kicks them. He covered kicks he did whatever the team need them to do. To the best of his ability and always put team first sign papers the that's what leadership and its -- -- Bill Clinton talks and so -- and there's different styles of leadership and I don't think that's kind of prerequisite the prerequisites or demeanor dominant. And do it with a Dustan interest of the team. I think stories making up for his lack of talking. Now a member of the media you know what he's Talking Heads. Not you know I love don't need this researcher. -- -- keep -- going to see how far it goes. But the patriots vs that you since you've been here I think maybe this last year 11 note in those up top it playoff games included. Your record vs the jets since you've been here. Well we beat them when they vetoes and 24929. Against the jets. What's the significance to you. Of that lopsided record -- the team that I'd like everybody here. In most people in new England and suggest. I'm sure you're aware of that but what's the significance. Of a record like -- I guess that that upon. Well I think to do well under division is going to be your division teams that's -- starts -- than sixteen games on the schedule never -- important. In order to do well on your vision you've got to be able to to compete against the teams and her vision and I think com. You can go back and look it -- put the number teams that Sunday. That of 100 vision that haven't had a winning record in that position. It's but the long odds. So the agency when it vision he can't be your division teams are very good. Must have -- not to follow up you've won twelve straight. Against AFC east now. A lot of people look AFC's -- honest I really great division. But what what in your opinion what's the degree of difficulty. To. Have twelve straight against opponents who theoretically know you better than anybody else. Well and it every weeks a big challenge and in the division games are always tough because as you say the teams know each other the personnel on coaching schemes you've you've used your best -- against him in the past they use their best stuff against you and you know you know each other you know -- pretty well each game's different that you know each other well and and it's hot global competitiveness in those games because you play each other so often in your fight for the same. In -- in the same. Division race and that makes it all that much more competitive so. You know I can't really worry about what has happened in the past it's -- reflect back on that all the time that's really the challenges ahead of us -- right now that's Tampa. And whoever next division in his normal won't get ready for that when it comes -- in their right -- turned Tampa. I think in general. -- as as a coach as for as the personnel person in the NFL. One of the most difficult parts of it of acquiring a player will be trying to predict the future right when -- acquiring a player. You're trying to predict. Who they're going to be for your team in your system during the years that you have them on your team. How do you factory in a player's injury history in trying to determine. What he could be once he's here on your team and patriots uniform. -- we talked our medical people and then enough. You know they they evaluate each player and give their. Basically analysis of what with the players -- what do situation is. Currently or. As it as it relates to future years to come organization. His position to -- experience and so forth and so we. -- our medical people give us that advice we've taken in consideration and and that's. And if so how we do it. Our muscles and then and pulled muscle those types of injuries viewed any differently from. Contact type -- Well I mean every in every person has their own you know their own bodies their physical make of them. What are history. That's that's all an additional opportunity to that are the same at least I can't think of -- that you know we've had thousands of players come through here and they all. Or that we've evaluated now come through here -- -- thousands of players on each guy's got his own unique. Six or circumstances and and and personal medical history so. We just look at the whole composite of each guy and try to put -- violation moment in some way. So they Amendola who who I mean there's a lot of people believe he had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How did you look at his past issues and determined that you something you were willing to take a chance. Believe we obviously feel very comfortable with the Indians and and have it and that's why we signed -- Any any updates on his on his injury. You also have played a we've we've talked a lot about this -- I know you have to play that -- that are under schedule had at Thursday's game gotten through that already. But. Big picture the viability of Thursday games on those games were sloppy. How do you feel about playing games on Thursday is that something that. It if you had a he had -- he had. A choice. Take that out was that something you would eliminate. Well well on how many vote and if so O'Donnell and lateral and I think. Every team in the league has a Thursday night game or Thursday game right. Between Thanksgiving and there -- I mean every team has that -- once during the year so -- off the final. That's what it is that's. That's not my decision and I whether I agree with a mountain to make any difference. Well we -- we had a play Tampa this weekend look forward to watching that we thank you for your time is now. All right sounds good -- cars and actually make you coach our conversation develop -- coach Belichick always brought to you by SB alike do Tedy Bruschi did get affordable dependable life insurance -- -- -- the company that's protected over a million families since 1907 go to SBA allied dot com. Today Tom Brady on this morning with Dennis and talent and you wanna hear what he had to say about the offense and where it's -- right now place about -- -- alcohol WE yeah.

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