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Adam Schefter talks about the Patriots offensive options

Sep 16, 2013|

Adam joined the show for his weekly visit and discussed the offensive future for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

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May get ready for our conversation with -- football insider Adam shook her bubble up with its surprisingly -- distaste. And it's amazing price of just 99 cents any size only at Cumberland farms and as always Adam joins us on the AT&T hotline. Mr. shepherd how are you my friend good morning gentlemen you are doing very well you know I know for a fact you race all the family man -- -- the situation for you Adam -- if you warming up an hour before kick off annual wife goes into labor would just stay and play would -- the hospital. Grow. Between you and I think I'd like to play that game but it -- -- answer she might leave -- this business. So. I think yes we got to wait. So not satisfied both parties. What target Joseph Flacco went abroad. Well one new and you don't feel it yeah yeah woman who is second shutout correct yet received one war. You know you're sitting in the NFL yet. Sixteen Sunday. Sixteen if solid baseball whether a 162. And keep this game that's really go to basketball where there what 8182 games a year. -- -- sixteen. And their awareness special I think. It was -- to miss work kill me. Sixteen games Adam -- only two kids. If I I I think that the right thing to do it used to be which US. Directly to do is to be -- to he would have missed. Missed the quarter he wouldn't -- the game -- missed a quarter. Could also just. Back in 1995. Well 1985. I would let this graduating amnesty game. And covered that brought mr. sixteen years I think it's the only demand human system remember mystic game it still. Until I am uneasy with effect and they can't go to this -- in my own mind to a lot out of him I don't like little hot. Yeah let's put our message was happy as a member I was there. I -- tremendous work yeah I'm just going out mean. A couple of I -- they commit to -- which I really don't I don't think you missed the birth of the child ever. The very least I don't know whether he said this -- had this conversation with or not I think easy way out I went bouncing funny. You tell me what you want -- to do if you want to be there albeit -- if you want to stay and play Allstate imply that we put the onus on the little late why don't she ever wanted to not be there though. You know which of course you want you to be that they out of do you think Harbaugh and Ozzie -- for a 120 million dollars would have been obscenities -- that's it -- -- -- -- -- in the car took off. Not not -- -- inside they might have been upset but you can never say the right it probably not he's so upset people rupiah. Yeah also it it was also just the Cleveland. Okay let me just look at the week before. Rex Ryan. Around the time of power could go down to watches seven to walk -- bench guy and -- And Dixon ripped in New York papers up and down because you -- to -- will be 2% in -- -- support -- attention now. And anywhere as a parent knows steel imports to beat -- three children and and to be there when he first entered the world -- been. Help is much a lot of work I don't know I missed I just don't I missed that. Actually next week. The patriots take on the mighty Tampa Bay -- -- schedule obviously starts. Softer than a sneaker full of you'll played here but -- to come this -- is there any chance. That Josh Freeman is not the starter when they face took the patriots next week. I didn't hit so I would expect that don't think they have to go with Freeman a mainstream in. Ultimately it's probably not the reason they lost yesterday gained -- we can play particularly well. I think it's important to see him. Probably sooner rather -- look at -- get the hook and just agreement the question is -- I think they don't now going to week three. That that would be a little early and that would that would really to me in recent panic although they might detach. Right now we're going to the back to back losses to the jets India. And exchange yesterday. -- -- the patriots and stretch a couple of years ago embassies and what are they up against a number of backup quarterbacks. And then opened this season they did Gina Smith will be -- one more change and she won the job they get. In week two. They had -- mentally when they get a chance that we you. And -- around here where. Knowing. -- And it -- I peaked at almost courtship and appreciative that -- let. A -- it's it's not just a football performance thing in Tampa correct I mean he and Seattle don't like each other you know what the nature of all that is just. Right I don't know that that's necessarily true I -- -- -- -- that is protection. Yes. You know are there other people. Other people that they don't -- direction yes. But I know that Greg and Josh. Has showed a lot of close times and angry he's been involved in his life tremendously. I think what you bring in college -- -- disciplinarian. Coach. Particular -- also their culture to change seat in New England when Bill Belichick outburst there. What's first at their routines or where where where there -- people that talk about -- players didn't like him. And then it took -- while -- technically could do that would almost any stern that the -- are typically want. Who follow somebody is loose -- remarks. So how often -- -- -- early on knew I had players -- not the right guy driving us nuts. Doesn't get along with the guys well and worked with public symbols. Of Bill Belichick is a pretty well since those calls people seem that they didn't like him. It is an excellent Greg comes with a civil approach. So particular lot that they called now whether you can -- to stick around a -- will say that that's a different question about I think. The situation between -- and Josh. I think polluters and tension there but I think those guys have been closer than people know. The only watching games this weekend that you're really appreciate how little Brady has to work with you know right now Jesse Jackson and -- -- in the car sold Dez Bryant all these guys. If you break -- one the 32. -- as of right now no way Amendola no gronkowski were -- the patriots surgeon's skill players. I whatsoever that there's nobody. That's -- -- that you actually I was operators about -- and 32 with 31 did you take to turn out. Of our current system in the future who do not at a park and even so the patriots injuries and through intersections -- ever made boots. They still don't compare to other teams include amounts. Mean there -- -- teams that that really have missed so few offensive weapons parts. Saying that. That they wouldn't ranked particularly high. You know with what tips did detective playing with right now and that's great -- At some point have been destroyed this week rocket and come back. At some point Danny Amendola maybe if you were to come back and Alicia Glock and I Amendola are on the field the same time. That was so it's not as bleak and desperate people think. So there's still some hope it's -- -- -- me. You don't out of it seems to the National Football League has one serious problem it's simply cancel and they're concerned about concussions and ordered when the research and all those kinds of things but concussions side. Is the one problem they can't -- is they can't keep their stars they can't keep their players healthy. A look at the list of high profile guys who went down yesterday and did not return. Ray -- Maurice Jones-Drew. Reggie Bush Stephen Jackson Larry FitzGerald. Audrey Johnson the list goes on and on and on is that something yep that was concerned not just the concussions but the ability to have your high profile people stay on the field. I -- absolutely and -- It's an -- every year and it seems like we get to this point -- you know always asking ourselves are there more injuries this year there last year ought to tell you is that. Under the CPU which is designed to extend players' careers lengthen them. They got more time while I think actually when you speak -- of people then numbers say that something has changed because over the last two years. There have been -- players. They've started this season on injured reserve than in any other year in recent memory this year. It's Turkey and Iraq 180 players and I that didn't include eleven on Ohio designated to return. Last year there were a 142. On Ohio the next post -- here is like 135 but usually. And you put a stake in the number was running it like the -- 151 point range. So that they are 5064 players and I are in the last couple years. With a push them wartime possibilities and not condition until football sliced when they're coming back to the -- a big -- assessment of -- similar. And shocking their bodies I think and so it is not adapted -- I think some people and I think it's incumbent upon both sides. To go back and review this route could be -- that that would keep these guys -- for somebody it's. And -- and communities talking about capital liquidity meriwether slamming into any relation concussion early on in the game but that's not changing. Other someplace that just cannot be all good because of the foursome and violence of the sport but. They're all -- people going out and every team has challenged -- this circumstance and it and the associated loses something of arbitration courts. Adam to the people you talked to around the league do they think the dolphins are legit do they think the dolphins could indeed. Overtake the patriots in this division. So favorable initial improved and they've collected over that asterisk by using mr. overall pick India Jordan -- talent a lot of people. Took -- -- Johnson and I don't think there has some holes. In the running game we still don't know what we're gonna get the office wants to it is -- -- defense has definitely been -- they do have some playmakers episode support made a concerted effort to get the football Mike Wallace yesterday. I don't -- challenge I think that is the deal. Think ultimately pushed him to show. That the dolphins are ready to overtake it -- which I had over the plate I associate just yet now. Their clothes in the gap and -- improved. And they'll present something of a challenge I'd I just. You know it is to division I -- -- and their play that game dolphins patriots. -- put them in a patient semantic game. By TV Denver right now or the rest of the AFC to go to Super Bowl. Particular seriously you take the Broncos. Diversity exe and it was great democratic and they have looked awesome they've looked unstoppable. I I still think -- In the postseason. Peyton Manning. Has been more shaky I think is -- record Saturday. Conditions change whether change -- long season defense sometimes. Subsequent offense they could learn to a good defense like a New England lightly used and likely. To or Cincinnati. I actually played Denver right now looks like the clear cut Rupert -- -- don't get me wrong way but if you would yield. In a sport where support is uncertain and so Washington week to week one injury away opposite field. Is the -- worried about a blizzard for the Super Bowl this could be an absolute disaster adamantly according into our equity go yes exactly the day before they say. I you know. What are taking this risk. That it took to the rest because it was a reward for enticement for helping. That stadium in futures. That that's the first thing and the cut incentivizing your area and -- -- to experiment I think that spoiled. At some point Indianapolis you know we had a poll whether or what was supposed to be super -- of cold weather city and it was like sixty degrees. In Indianapolis over equivalent walker at T shirts and it won't -- Glad you don't need to subscribe attitude brought Colbert who witnessed it but. Opened to the weather's going to be check and -- if I I think it is is the choke. And New York. As and a gridlock as -- and to mainland when. As soon as he scenic courses super it's like a regular amazonian state it in the desert in it's it's nice hotel with a bit. It's important statistic some of the Jersey turnpike this year like several motto or -- I mean that that's I don't know I just I don't see this. As being an ideal setup embassy outside -- -- -- -- grew excited. That he got to live in New York are very apprehensive about the effect. This could be a disaster at a good stuff always a pleasure talk of the public. Editor Adam show -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and elbow libel or GL TE network our conversation with them. There's been brought -- by Cumberland farms fall in love with malicious farm house blend coffee today. And DC -- digital federal credit union what can DC you say you.

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