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The Sox sweep the Yankees

Sep 16, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the Sox weekend sweep of the Yankees.

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I wonder on this Monday morning. What worries John Henry what worries. Com Warner what worries Larry Lucchino. And -- answering I think it's probably not much right now up on this I will limit us to stretch. It's not just going well for the Boston Red Sox it is going perfectly. The Boston Red Sox -- 207. It -- scores. Aggregate scores against the New York Yankees. Thirteen and six magic numbers for you have. Which is between who your game one starter if you had your church stealing home you have house district as a Dan Shaughnessy -- a poker -- -- and Eric a thorn -- the side of the Boston Red Sox writing a flowery. Yes Bobby -- kind of. Club that's no surprise me -- get get ready magnets that the way -- -- gonna go -- employee. And I mean you have any doubt. They'll be nothing but flowery prose for the Boston Red Sox from here. I would think from today out end of time but he has no choice he has to -- as you know what you're not right let me what they're doing -- to say something -- is on the globe clearly is is bitten. Off easy year because. Everybody's writing flowery prose in Boston Red Sox the Boston Red Sox deserve it. If this were last year and they won 69 there was still -- flowery prose about them and I'm dead serious you don't you can expect. The globe to cover the team objectively they want they can't it's you know he's the -- That we blue -- through this we've lived through this kind of thing but you'd think that would -- -- -- this a year later I yeah I mean I'm not seeing it right flowery things did you think you write the things that you read his book. You think those would ever globe pointed excerpts of that book whatever appear in the globe black hole -- stored in their spiked when Democrats start right he would never have read that the whole story -- all the dirt on Franklin and I mean it just wouldn't happen but anyway. It's that are off the hook because everybody is going to be right in the things look much like Chauncey did and why not always why not. The Yankees are twelve and half schemes though the division doesn't seem like a month. Three years ago that the Yankees were right there battle and -- connect twelve and a half games. Uh oh the red suns are -- it. And nine since Dempster hit a -- they've won eight straight series they had a one game lead over Tampa and other nine and a half Red Sox took six of seven in September from the Yankees -- the alleged rival. And just -- -- I mean they've done their four games back in the in the wild card in -- in the loss column and they just look on and they looked did. They look beat which is great but yeah I'll answer your question you really want an answer just yet about what they worried about one word. Baseball that's the word about its baseball. That's all it's baseball this basketball. He would say OK they're gonna roll over way over the plan in the first series and probably the second series and get to the Eastern Conference finals and then we'll see what happens this is baseball so. They could run into a hot pitcher or two. From Oakland or you know from from. And Detroit are. Texas or whoever and and and you know and then next thing you know it's all over like that -- and 93 days. All that they want all the the built over the season is over because it's baseball that's what Larry would tell you Larry was sitting there he's a baseball -- say. It's just baseball and the vagaries of baseball such that. It could end in public and even he asked Billy -- He's got every year you know they -- nine year and they go to the playoffs -- the role in the -- -- as NASA developed 111. They make movies under in the 16 -- believe that there wasn't much -- mud -- all about -- the randomness of of the post playoff -- says it sounds whiny and -- and he's -- -- -- but he -- his job -- to get -- into the playoffs. And then hope for the best he gets some of the playoffs -- builds teams ticket to the playoffs. And then and blink of an it's over. Yeah it was best of 45 to -- the Red Sox but the best of five domestic sent the fact that it's not a one game playoff certainly enhances their -- yes I -- our shores that helps and that was the goal to avoid that one game I don't have and they did it. And they did it -- in and they just confound you tend to Washington is how was this possible we'll see that. That's where I wanna go here I mean it's it's it's it's one thing to heap praise upon them and they deserve it's wanting to Mark -- we thought we knew what ends up being true about the Boston Red Sox. To answer the question why. Why. This -- -- chemistry. I'm serious chemistry and even men and these guys if these guys in their beards -- and heavily toward our -- bear territory they wouldn't have 25 they would have like 87. That in their beards aren't. Beards -- -- not beards and two Beers -- represented of all of our glue that holds the ball together all of their camaraderie -- chemistry of there. Team. First mentality and news resulted in wins and even you have to admit that. -- don't you -- a little -- up on Michael's arm is sound horrible. The trooper -- your. Off the -- and -- -- black velvet wedding I wish both Saturday afternoon you know that you feel the cold you can get your -- time yeah that was -- starts watering your nose my throw was on fire in disposed to -- camp I feel I -- feel better now a December a feel -- you feel cattle well -- I'm here why don't get out of fuel or not he could leave. Are you can take it and breathe heart -- stages. No I passed that has been in the past yeah yeah well sure where these days yeah. And -- -- -- -- cold companies academia there's a drop to hide the better off the drama left of this team buckle to that -- waterfront buckle to Bagram miners come back rhinos. Because wasn't boring last night the key post didn't hold out there and we we looked at this schedule all the year and -- -- these games in September gonna matter. We think in April but in July he said the -- September gonna matter. Don't matter well. It's early alpha dog runs in the debate -- dog on the street and -- rolls over and -- Cleveland's back that it -- -- the -- yankees the Yankees several other -- OK they are nothing we -- do you still think Joseph Girardi is and it's -- consideration for a manager of the I don't put your harsh justice of the first inning and thoughtful editors here and -- an idiot police say that should be the -- the years to find -- manager of the -- -- the first -- Newark. For finishing within you know twenty games of first place the woman how the game lesson is when Rivera gets the roaring I think my daughter did yes that's nice job share and it was two rubber I don't Robert -- get -- a rubber rhetoric of a rubber -- By the way nearly 42 visits on the score board would meet with yet that was nice people it's not happy he global human. ESP and -- now is not happy he was tweeting out whoever. I'm happy with the gifts crappy gifts would societies grabbed a disagree with feasted. -- from that part that's cool. He says I'm not trying to be funny here you're mediocre. Gifts. And that someone accuses him of being Yankee game which I think it is -- -- actually. Barrels a friend of mine. Yeah all I'm sure now you have to ask him how many kids is for them when their name -- you think you know. If you ask -- kind of congress for Oprah no no no. If you ask him liquids as -- -- it grow up when he no favorite movie favorite move you wouldn't know any of that it's a lot of crap. But he trip -- -- times. This month leases. Come on you can buy stadium seat -- -- ball and -- from almost any ballpark in the majors. One wow Red Sox three gifts swing and it's X three swings and misses on five gates. A painting by its sixth grader. So by an accurate -- -- -- accurate. Supposed to do. I thought it was rocking chair and give him he's most like in my car like it would Anderson. Supposed to give a guy who made 200 million dollars and has everything in the world. You're supposed to come up with some sentiment would give it won't be ranked. I don't who painted it and he's somebody some like. It deserves the one that's it was Lester -- days socialist you'd. -- -- Arm armament and he did not mean it was ultimately it's kind of LeRoy -- pedestrian. -- -- assume it was just some -- Anderson you know and it's gonna -- my art dual threat -- -- Wallace house finally do you think even took -- my question and I think if you Charles Steinberg. You have to be creative phrase that you think it wouldn't do that. That's the memory by agreeable to -- Him there it's on the degrees or you know later but they are applicable casket everything come up with. The string quartet and sandman and it was cool but no one else did that. The rubber one trojans piled Roberts. And that's in the number 42 you don't need him anymore now so you give it to its community and spent a lot of money on this list. Let's check for his foundation. That's true yeah that's a nice just to check how much force and five -- -- about 42 dollars yeah. What -- is when I want to ask Keith Olbermann. And it -- So why even have this -- opposing player. -- lobs that he seems a degree guys are suppose it is the mortal right he's one of the you know. Five or six best -- what -- the year I think these they've missed the boat we should had they should have had the timing farewell ceremony for Alex Rodriguez like enabled out she's gonna get suspended and Jeter. Well now that's he might be back. Iran. Is gonna get suspended before two years. And by ten that's over 57 years old right and he'll EA rod will buy his stands will be done in the -- him play anymore. So that might have been last night became ill with a pulled Emmy and a half that column. That may be the last time. We see him at Fenway. In new in the Yankee uniform now my heart during the what you think the issue of child should advance for archery as you mentioned all time. Immortal obvious and tortured personal them immortal -- clean. Never touched it is now. On something I just sent our photograph. That would -- painting of Iran right would have been real real -- -- he has -- -- rules -- get a monopoly and get him and by which -- you do I'd say a huge mirror. We has -- -- those were so met Marion earnestly -- Get a big Mara. So we just himself sure when every once dilemma and that TARP you know instead of last cent target has over his bed. Is his head and arms and the forces -- correct right but the other flip flip around of horses and he wrote -- -- -- erodes fast the deal that -- -- -- but it hasn't of that now. And then you get them like gift certificate you know instead of donation to his -- him. Used to begin to. By Genesis -- she you know that day or or you know get him out of Balco or something. One. Meet you you mentioned the numbers just class is -- it tells me yet universally adored classy so now if your classy you know the ceremony can classy. Classy plus great. Title -- our economy good so. So Iran is good but well he's not errant pass with a medicine that's true -- a million bucks get up there if Jeter's last year's next year. They'll do the same big for him next year and the question. Yeah gene Q looks old listening. And tired at that yes looks he looks on the -- -- that. -- young shortstop anymore now exhibit jump through more now now too by the way when you do with him next year it short. Sure until we can to disguise it as well that's there every day in the Red Sox will just continued to dominate the Yankees if they gonna have immature and like you know patent what second his contract is up this year right. This guy next year in part time at all. Bucks just like it just settled the issue when everyone wants these elections and immortal argue one -- in -- twelve -- yeah. It will be like that you -- two years note to general he'll tell me about two years and like 26 elected if Ortiz when he emerges as though they're not that's too. -- might beat good -- short. The court he says he might not power but it. Might hit Howard plays which you play. -- possible. First heard the ship from. Years what you want retire he should be -- -- what is revered deal. What's this Rivera kind of back to block the senior the repaired just sort of be unnoticed by the way and Jeter. Didn't Mbeki -- -- that -- well I hope when they'd come up with against -- they run by Keith Coleman. Farrell she -- probably is -- this phone you know just speed dial Keith Coleman hey buddy -- If fans are -- big calls to. Derby it Johnny Johnny Johnny alliances what kind of gifts should be get their Jeter our idea -- a basket now -- -- We have parting gifts that he senses them women and diesel. And a little little why that's all that aside baseball -- the white people ridicule him for that. Think that's kind of nice of them either you let other party doesn't want to wiggle a matte that just wants a legal way yeah I think of some gives them a basket. It is autographs were real. -- but the -- that in New York consequence all out yeah basket polygraph microphone now flowers it's F flowers -- Get them so I don't know from Jackson lumbered. Don't. Forget to put some bubble going a route traveled to Garzelli and get like a level elect. For a little of that tape match at a batter it better. Or it. Don't go on the dug down -- I wonder how much thought he put in that. Mean are they real classy and obviously he's got the web site and that the assistant. That's sure yet but I'm sure he sets the tone. Find the finest. Every species each incident at at. That my girls Ronnie Lott. By this meats and cheeses and probably like -- an autograph ball which is worth some and so they certainly know. They're knocked him spend their life Fujita to have that moment I thought that may maybe he'll let yet to the one yet again in the one. And then the one for now when they realized it was time ago. They were probably a little disappointed and angry thinking about a key in his car on the way out something that's when he hires the car service but I think -- all. One media guide changes all that. -- that's in the mix as well comedian I assure you media guys autograph -- has always want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that there's books about Wright didn't you know -- you know -- just -- on a market likes it doesn't like it. It's that book was ever at some of the G is -- subject and I'll say it. I did -- story when there was a rookie. On the two star rookie shortstop to New York. Jeter and -- -- -- two and it was one of those stories like only two guys are gonna record New York. -- donors has been done in New York from fifteen years in Jeter's deal there is. Agrees bald and he's aging in the camp or shortly move but he still there and he's classy. Classy classy yeah so the tour next year Charles -- -- work and no doubt when he again eight million dollar player option for Jeter next year. That's right you pick that up to take that. You know what Charles tells us on him to -- in the stands the time when -- did -- -- plan yeah. That is in that seat that yeah that's bizarre one in him with his blood still right there it is a -- that are fair. Yeah. Some rubber firm -- listen I've heard stories about home plate because that play that he may it's -- yet somehow. Except remember the department has a few home plate out and home in in Jeter's berg. Florida and she is you're the 30000. Square foot mansion there but he wanted to -- collects like twenty -- give -- will be parting street sign a home plate. How's that for. Diseases like that's gonna be -- DiMaggio retires and gold young actresses don't Google thing is just a hole that everybody like DiMaggio or to anybody's. Excel. With his entourage all around the Nat -- does not that guy. Will be either team beginner coach. In the Yankee series all ambassador there with the Yankees one of them so he's at -- point two dollar and not know -- much -- I think he was fifteen or sixteen to eight million dollar option player -- -- total -- it's going to be close to the most of anyone yet ever. So it's it's a player option it's up to -- -- yet they say did you pick it up. Tear in his career has made let me guess -- seventy million shares seventy among the guests -- hundred and 67 million. Up at 253. That's not bad when you make -- guess sort -- beat him. Add add the 72 action to a sixty is that right yeah yeah yeah -- money yeah. Tonight -- counts but that's on -- don't you got -- -- -- to another and another. I there's nothing to worry about -- the answer questions now from the court just baseball to get rid of injury. While that decision. Guess what I had to read and -- I don't know what to injury to Ellsbury IIRS. Yeah it's a good Cambodia -- -- yeah he looks so flexible and that's what they -- because the whole -- about thirty years old yeah there were about wearing how it's pitched the more innings and -- hazard. That's something it -- -- luckiest no we don't like apple one didn't once starter. The world wouldn't -- who stars a run that would bring it on your game one starter -- a decent start to buckle starters get hurt between now and the mayor it's okay if one of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This fall apart the seemed to -- -- you our would be that guy but doesn't look like he's gonna get hurt some cookies. He's -- Whether -- -- doesn't know it doesn't seem -- to lose again. -- win out and out there in the post yes yeah. It with a hundred games that as we said last week it's athlete welfare at 6019 percentage that translates to 98 point six what do you. Only get like we get Gerald John Farrell on our shows -- -- -- ask this question right. D.'s do you think if you win a hundred that may be too much pressure on the. That exactly how -- How do you asked I felt -- after I bet it's all preface it by saying one stupid question of an -- preface every and to that I do what we're going to NASA stupid question. If you give it any thought that -- maybe. How aside is it possible there's a downside to winning a hundred acres right. -- and you've. Got to -- up and said you're right trying to just added a stupid they're eight and three -- Victory right but it did they go eleven and all that in 2031 victory. -- -- This is gonna be the best regular season at least Red Sox team of all time delight. This is a lot of teams in 1912 to you recount but it only -- Yeah that 10003. Team was -- 103 ridiculous double check that I but that doesn't that doesn't matter if you like the New York islander. -- expect Saint Louis browns actually I think this will be the greatest regular season in Red Sox history. The question and it's an oak -- part of it. How has this. Why has this happened I think part of it is beat beat beat the the collection of guys where it's not writing your shoulders riding on the back of David Ortiz it's everybody all the time. Every single -- somebody different. That. That explains Sharon to doesn't explain the long. These used to all you do is tell us what happened yeah what happens every night someone else that's on them right up to one guy to carry you beat one guy at a certain point in the season goes into a funk grooves and it was slot. I don't Ortiz can do that Ellsbury can do that Detroit you've got you know what other guys. 46 Red Sox 104. Games one afford fifty. Pony what goes against the it was Brown's. The highlanders you know what what was that -- the Yankees before we leave the Highlander -- upset that he's right with a Red Sox for the Lawrence looks. Don't. In Beantown. Read stuff about the Texas in -- yankees and it's like that that's right check that checked that the top priority. 46 yankees 104 in our -- 104 and fifth. Are you to have a choice right now -- choice to make right now we have to take a break them we have two people on the line. You can pick either one either Tom Brady. Or frank from Gloucester and they're both on the line. -- frank from -- would you rather hear from him it's a tough -- close yeah I'll go with -- -- twelve Franken has -- frank will hold -- from Brady but -- -- that's -- got enough about it -- but I don't agree whole month of -- article by article for -- you don't use of the of the -- to find out -- -- 12777979837. Out of chapter will join us -- -- five -- 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock -- -- When we come back. -- wake -- readable join us next.

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