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John Farrell postgame press conference

Sep 16, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Not as sharp as it was last time -- He has such an ability to manipulate the baseball make a pitching key spots a couple of grumbled -- plays. Created a little. Opportunities for them by himself by the of the lead -- walks on a few occasions but. He never gives in whether it's a cutter changeup a curveball the big curveball -- multiple -- you know. For the one broom ball I don't play but. More importantly we got him through six innings we got him up over many pitches in and that was somewhat the objective tonight in addition to it. Going out and give -- chance to win. Large part because -- got four very good pitching go to him in any count. He's got the ability to manipulate the ball movement off the bat head in those fastball counts whether it's a cutter or sinker. And I think he he never feels like he's. In it at a disadvantage because of his ability to to do just sentenced execute. Big pitches when he's behind the count or with men on base. We've been in a good run for. All awhile here and tonight you know it's mountain answer after giving up the -- you know the run in the first inning tomorrow -- With -- big home run he swung the bat very well against New York this year and tonight was another example that. But it's good to see the production of a number lineup. It's a department. Our conference continues to grow and that's not to take anything for granite or guys thinking that someone is not -- Either -- a good game against us for played. -- put together a good game against us it's just a matter of it. That this group believes in itself and continues to show up between the lines. No not not at all you know he's he started out. One of the best pitchers in baseball and and unfortunately you know his season was in erupted with a three months down time but. The beauty of this team is that it's it's a collective group it's not about individual accolades or awards or. Acknowledgment since about what we hope to have. Continue to work towards that -- You know that possibly his swing has built right now on and I I think is information gets around on him it'll be RS to see how -- -- some pitches on the inside part of the plate but. If you make a pitch out over the plate and he's likely to put a good swing on it and it their strength there's bat speed there's a good planes with the strikes on this point. He's shown in the regular. -- we we were there was a common a couple of conversations every time he was at bat tonight you know Weathers. In a two strike situation. You know the one double hit down right through -- was on its on to strike breaking ball and there's never any panic there's never. Any expanding the strike zone. He's he's very disciplined and very consistent better. -- when Jake substance it's -- everybody up a slot. He was very productive enough for all but the first 56 weeks and really for the first two weeks before David came back. But seldom. It was his his career shows September is gonna very strong month for him. And he's he's pretty fresh right now from a physical standpoint.

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