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Daniel Nava with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox sweep the Yankees

Sep 15, 2013|

Daniel Nava talked to Joe & Dave after the Sox swept the Yankees at Fenway Park. The Sox OF/1B had four hits in blowout win.

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Yeah he's great to have the awareness and -- four for five. And you've got it going there in the very first inning with a double. Guys seem to have on the Yankees the issue here gosh. It was a good series -- -- buck went out and you know. This well and I -- -- deep in the game and that's. That that's something starts so. With this offense. You know there's a lot of positive things that can happen in -- you know through me and in fact I think started and got us back to. Square him Daniel it's amazing how you guys feed off each other do you do you feel like he gets contagious not just against the Yankees you're gonna -- against a lot of teams. Yeah I think I think that's a lot of guys. It is I think last night was very indicative of where. I think come through it and salty I think -- off. Well -- well you know it definitely get there but it's just the idea that guys that each other up and threw it that these the Grand Slam. There -- that feel that you know I don't get it done guy behind you or the guy after that rule in next you know it's something that's. Said it's just piling it on that field. Speaking of soft these first red sex -- to steal home with 33 years -- what was her reaction in the dugout. I think it was pretty pumped and I happened to be. Knew it was happening little beforehand so that's the actually unfold like -- -- -- it was pretty fun in itself. -- thirteen and six against the Yankees that that doesn't happen and maybe you'll see him in the post season. Who knows but I know against the a franchise like that that to kind of beat -- -- them and we say that I know you're not senate but what do you that is dominance over them. Well I mean we we all know that elites is a very good vision has a lot of teams -- that. That can compete and in each other offer for lack of better word in and not that we. -- we really done that just in the past cup series you know we have played well on our offense really kicked in. I think early year you know we were having some -- of regret about handling etc. you had guys step up its big home runs and slams and stuff like that that's what's so. It flips the script went two Grand Slam yet or on compared to single -- to close games so I think again we don't lose perspective that we'll take the woods. But Daniel I know this is a year you always cherish and you're having such a good year course and a personal basis the around the first child. Faith that yes and it is you've just been so consistent. Gosh I think. To have an opportunity to play in and know when you're gonna play and things those hope I have mentioned earlier. I don't in my mind in my field very important -- to have. From the get go out a lot. You know think I think we're definitely have a part of the team that we have a lot of fun him go out there and it was current top that's. It is going to -- it it's it's really funny part. It's fun to watch believe media congratulating his terrific night -- literal -- that you guys all right Daniel Nava.

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