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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Sep 15, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the last game of the Yankees series. The skipper told Joe that Jon Lester is in a good place right now.

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-- again as we said last week going for another sweet and yesterday's game I thought that really reflected that. The versatility of this team both offensively and in terms of pitching. -- you I think what do you you know looking back from yesterday's game I think that was one of the more complete games we've played this entire season I thought we were in the right spot defensively. And certainly when you look at the eight strong innings by Jon Lester that's that's gonna make a lot of things fall in place and he was just outstanding yesterday but. We executed extremely well particularly those early innings with using the sacrifice bunt a couple of times in which we haven't done a whole lot of but the basis that followed those. Bonds make them stand out even that much more and it was just a very well played game all the way around that usually had to October with those kind of little things do bode well for the future especially because you're playing great teams. Well you're gonna run up against good pitching a team to get a post season there primarily for one of the main reasons because you're gonna go up against quality starters and if those game situations. Present themselves. You know yesterday it wasn't about. The post season by any means I think it's important to note to -- understand first and foremost but. We're going up against another good starter yesterday and CC even though he's had a stroke wasn't we faired pretty well against him. But I just felt like where we were a couple of situations true we we can execute. And haven't had an impact on yesterday's game. Our guys given the freedom to drop down a -- that they want on their own. They are now -- it's usually talked about before they go to the plate Shane Victorino has done -- probably five or six times this year. Where you know we'll talk about one how he feels at the plate against an individual pitcher. In into what the team's situation is and you know sometimes when a player has that freedom that they're more naturally. Capable in there and abilities tomorrow more freely rather -- -- from the -- -- -- something. That he might be thinking otherwise but that's all getting to know your your players in and what they feel about it in the given situation. Just seems like the ball just flows so smoothly out of hand Jon Lester. Was at the rest you think that helped him after the all star break he mentioned that well that that's one of the things but I think more than anything John -- such a good place right now from a a fundamental standpoint and that means his delivery being more efficient it's been repeated more consistently which allows the command to take place in. And that effortless power really play out but. You know the rest is one thing but you know let's not forget that this is one of the top -- left handers and all the game and and he's in a good place right now are on a good run. What would be like to see from Clay Buchholz and I in terms of linked. You know -- I think you know setting aside the number of pitches that he might end up throwing here tonight I think if he walks out to start the sixth inning. And hopefully all things go well to to be able to do that I think that would be in the next progressive -- this is. Somewhat like we're back at the end of spring training and early phases of April. Where you're trying to build an inning each time that I'm starting pitcher goes out there and and that's probably the case again here tonight. And did know but. Is a guy who had a great August so last time you faced and only really built up the pitch count early and that he was a little bit off. He was say you know he's gonna be a two pitch pitcher against this it's going to be fastball curveball. And what we did such a good job but the last time over New York against him was we didn't chase -- curve ball out of the strike zone which forced him to throw for strikes. He won't we we respected the fact that he's got a good one. But he had to respect that the fact that we were gonna chase out of the zone until he threw some and showed he could throw some for strikes so. I'm. Pretty confident that'll be our same approach against him -- what we'll see how he -- just -- arrest for victory you know it is you know he. He's been dealing with a number of things we're just trying to take advantage of tomorrow's off day. Another left handed bat in the lineup today against nova and that's Bradley in center field with what novel over in right field carpets and left tonight. But now we're at a point where we can take advantage of the off day tomorrow so this is two days down consecutively for for Vick. We might see Dustin getting a game off maybe Tuesday again to take advantage of those two days down so we're looking to rotate some guys who have to prepare. Maybe for some things later on just from a physical standpoint. Our Mercedes-Benz -- question that -- defense has been so good even when you move guys in different positions and what's especially impressive to us has been Mike Napoli it's been seamless of playing first base every day it seems. You know I was reading something today where you know one you know we we recognize the transition went to -- from behind a -- over first base but to see where. His his range. Leads all of first baseman in in the American League made me stop and think man how far this -- column. I think it speaks volumes to the trust that he hasn't butter. The amount of work that he and Brian Butterfield of done it was starting in spring training and carrying it through and I think it just speaks to -- willingness and want. To be the best player possible and and and he's taken to a very well. And as we've seen he's gained confidence at the position defensively over the course of the year it was Yankee pitching. Well let's hope that's the case you get here tonight. And like tonight yet thanks Joseph appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought you by Mercedes bad the all blue Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. The CLA -- superior technology engineering and safety you've got to expect from Mercedes-Benz at a price you'd never -- coming. Is it MB USA dot com slash CLA. How -- the job.

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