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Can the Red Sox Win 100 Games this Season?

Sep 15, 2013|

Butch Stearns and Rob Bradford discuss the remaining 12 games of the Red Sox schedule and the chances of the team finishing with 100 wins. This would be a huge turn around from last year and would go far for team moral going into the playoffs.

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It's the. And welcome into Fenway Park. Mind. Weekend at number two the NFL. And a couple of weeks ago in a Major League Baseball season Red Sox and yankees for the final time of the regular season. The 2013. And here in 91 win Boston Red Sox. At twelve games left to go I'm what Stearns alongside his rob Bradford where you're leading you up to Red Sox baseball with the Sox and yankees tonight hello rob. What city. The -- -- votes just in time. I've noticed that the fifth. As far as you know they've got two hours ago show crap I've just saying just that time we hired man had buried for two hours to show -- They -- -- Iraq. 6177797937. If you'd like to join us beautiful day in Boston and New England I'd just pass for a clock we are. Less than four hours until game time Sunday night game is Red Sox and yankees Sox are currently from Ron robbed twelve and six. Against the Yankees this year syndicate finished thirteen and six and sweep the Yankees they win and I believe they were eleven eleven insects. We played ninety times this year could be okay well regardless there. They're very good against the Yankees. He got that -- they're bearing the Yankees in the standings. Which is another byproduct of this because even coming at -- last weekend the fact was -- the Yankees were stolen it. Yankees were right in the middle where they can still win -- while or getting in the wild card but they are bearing in right now. Well I find this interesting. For so many years it's been about the Yankees Red Sox rivalry right for so many years. We did the -- for so long when they started the unbalanced schedule when he played eighteen and nineteen times a year when all of listed the map. Since the wildcard begin it was remarkable year after year after year a year like this where one team would have an unbalanced. Number of wins vs the other it was always a 150 and a 150. A 160 and a 160 over the course of this period right. But here's what I find -- I think we all agree -- if you agree with the -- the Red Sox yankees rivalry. Lost a little bit this year for a bunch of different reasons didn't know Jeter. No Teixeira and all those guys for the Yankees yankees were down when the year started didn't know that it wasn't the same issue was it it was. The same because about it crappy yankees team that was over achieving in united could -- site team just like last year. There was nothing other than Pedro -- Jaco at carried up the Yankees every single time you play and there's nothing to -- there is because there weren't even teams. Now you go back -- to win Ryan Dempster get a ride. -- -- a little bit but still if you're gonna look at the past rivalry the Red Sox have -- this year -- -- the race and I think because every time you face him at number one it's usually a great game number two this some sort of animosity people forget they've also had a bench clearing. -- So yeah I mean I I do think that -- it's a lot to plaster but I did this to me it just comes down to robberies. Actually work. When both teams are really -- teams OK well my perspective on the Red Sox yankees in 2013. It's simple math I look up at the schedule I see the Red Sox for the remarkable record of 91 in fifteen. 59 losses I see the Yankees right now with a record of 79 and 7070. Losses. The difference in these two teams -- five or six games this year you reverse those five or six games he played a -- came at a I know I understand are also the Red Sox yankees -- had the Yankees won eleven or twelve of these games -- be a whole different story would just these two teams well. Yes. Yes -- you're right there that you have while the likes the fact is of the written yankees and -- seventy games. I mean I'm sorry the Yankees yeah yankees have lost seven games and soccer fifteen -- -- -- 59 yet it's okay you play them math game that's fine but. I'll come back to it. Which team is the better team this is the one thing that I think you should take out the Red Sox as we sit here right now is that we keep talking about comparing him to the Orioles the Yankees the rays. Well we've seen them go up against these teams. And how it alone. Forget about the -- forget about it. -- clubhouse chemistry all that -- alone you look at how they match up with these teams. And to me it's a huge difference so yeah you could say oh well you know they edged out here and edged out there. All I know is that the Red Sox are a markedly better team right now than these other teams that we're talking about the same thing you're saying that talent alone the Red Sox match -- overmatched most of these team yeah absolutely I think. We have to start saying. That there -- over achieving team and no one thought there were gonna win 91 games and look at whether it dated the great story this and that all true. And -- a lot of reasons why they won 91 games but the problem is I think that people have discounted the talent level of this team. I think it's a good point let's throw it out there and see if you feel the same way and I'll tell you why I think it's a good point route is because even just a month ago or two months ago. When you matched up against the rays lineup without Myers emerging. And him in the middle of that lineup would Longoria if the Yankees got healthy and -- granderson now finally healthy here if Jeter were back I don't think just a month or two months ago. Published beyond Pedroia and Ortiz in May be -- very. Beyond those three guys I don't think that the the Victor Reno's in the now police. Who was in an old first slump for the longer trip I don't think anybody would have argued that they -- not only match up put overmatched any of those line and -- But but then you start seeing that the sum of the parts I guess is important year because. -- you mentioned the -- the it will Myers in the lone season in the granderson in the American -- but the sum of the parts and in our good friend Alex beer has cited this many times. You look at the overall lineup for the Red Sox. And almost everybody in that lineup has -- OPS above Major League average. That's hard to do that's just hard to do and then you go to the most important part of the whole roster construction which is a starting pitching. And this is where it's operates -- talk about the Yankees for me. The Yankees are wanted to ride. Kuroda and sabathia. Well you know what. As you've seen the last couple games -- you see the last two nights I just beat them -- yet they that they aren't the -- -- lock down guys that you need that's not an issue that's why when people say what you want you to the Red Sox should wanna play or shouldn't wanna play. -- still be wary of the race. Because all it takes is David Price pitching like he did the other night and -- there you go you wanna stay away from the hot starting pitchers. David Price a bottle of medicine is pitching is an opt in Cleveland right now of the body parts to -- I don't know I -- after he. At the office. It's a good point rob when you get to the pitching that is the reason I mean again the map -- is stupid because it is true that if the Yankees had one. Eleven or twelve of these games to be -- support to be tied to be dead tied it in the standings now wherever that would mean maybe they'd all be. Fighting for the -- but the bottom line is the Red -- have had a much better season they have matched up with their lineup and they overmatched every team in the American League east even Tampa. Over the course of the season -- they're pitching let's just look at September to meet this is the real -- the real kicker for the season I'm still asking how they've done it. Maybe you guys to hang out of the ballpark every day aren't anymore but I think a lot of fans still are asking how they don't. What they've done it just look at September. Well we all came into this month that they had a winning month every single month except may where they were 500. We all thought was only two years ago is the greatest collapse in the history of number here's the pictures they out pitched in out of it this month. David Price CC sabathia Hiroki Kuroda and you name it or anybody else actually bits is in September rob where it was just two years ago. Nothing was given would this seem. Pretty much amount of guys I -- Lackey. Peavy was in here and -- buckle was here though he was impeachment. But whatever the it was only two years ago that they weren't getting it done and now -- at all it was it was it was a terrific -- month if anyone wants to compare 2011 and we have some we called last yesterday. About ought to worry because the 2011. Well site -- that's a million times. But -- starting rotation 2011. As thick as a collection united ERA almost seven none of those seven starters had ERA under 53. You had an average of Ford two thirds innings in the parents you. -- gonna win you gonna have a month like they did it and -- typist it's and it could be the obviously it's wholly different scenario. I we've got a lot to talk about tonight it's Red Sox yankees on Sunday night baseball Red Sox are thinking about the post season play the math game again I believe the magic number is six. Six wins or Tampa losses for the Red Sox to clinch the division. And try to get one more of those tonight with Clay Buchholz on the mound against Ivan -- we've got a lot to talk about we'll talk about it with you at 617. 77979837. Let's kick it off from our good buddy John from Medford. I Jon and how are you -- Then how are you rob hi John -- are you -- talk about where I want to talk about a -- had done something. What you did I he talked. Why not so before you cloning industry before you talk about something you wanna talk -- -- one of terrorism you don't wanna talk about it I was. And I know I just want to clear up something OK I want you you were talking about the instant replay for next year. And how how this can be I penalty. If other than just those. I got -- of tweets about that that you get if you if you challenge. A call. You get to in the first six innings and if you challenge one and you win you get that actually still have to. Well yeah but that would make really -- -- -- talk. Dick -- -- -- in the world. And in and basically it was good to -- the game. Because what they haven't let teams get to a to a challenges. And what that second challengers where the penalty comes in. Is it successful. -- -- running. They put two men on automatically get back being right. If you if you use the time -- that the challenge the first time that second challenge. And yet -- will not happen. -- Putin's for the second time and you -- that you'll open men off the bases. That's a different week. Not nearly riled up about -- the Nagano. An instant replay for next year. I know I just that I can make that I just want to make that little collapse in about. That is that the only thing I knew that swallowed that didn't need to be I would do approach that they need to be I'm I'm much more much more penalties didn't get. We'll do the act these. Let's let we can throw it out there for the rest of the show you want but let's move on from that my whole point about the instant replay it was and let's be factual here. They got to vote on it after the World Series. By all accounts owners players association and umpires have all said the favorite so it's probably gonna pass but the thing that got me. Interest it was them saying that this was phase one. Of a three phase process what does that mean by phase three. Did three years from now they're gonna be doing balls and strikes you have robots like it what does that mean win Watergate days and that's what people think. That is going to be something along I mean we don't even know but check swings and. Right so what would have been got the Red Sox. Generally I think they can now there's been quote now. I tool by two. Not that bite bite ready to John that doesn't matter that's that conversation with coming on the closing this thing out we all understand that to me the more fascinating thing. I can they went a hundred games that don't agree. With all three teams in the history of the franchise to -- games. And you have to go to nine and three the rest of the way tickets left. A mediocre schedule. At this point right now I look at that they could possibly clinch this. -- talking to sweep this -- -- been an issue in nine games and they are you need to win just two more games out of the next. I -- -- five and you bet a hundred days and I think they -- one more and that. Well it'll be actually -- yeah I guess the question would be thanks for the call John I guess the question would be rob does it matter if they went a hundred games I think it matters to them. Really yeah I do and and I and and usually you would say old doesn't matter and and that's the argument against it. The people say they're gonna reel it back which I think they will to a certain extent we saw the other night word we're shutting down a bunt for relievers and relying on ruby Della Rosa. Two to be high leverage relief pitcher. Yeah you gonna have days like that. But I think that hundred wins isn't as important this team and also you have to look at the way the approach every single game they've made a commitment to looking at every game as a singular entity. I don't think that's gonna shaped I don't think they wanna take the foot off the pedal enough to to say -- you know what we're just gonna mail in this game. I'll come back to a two butch. -- Saltalamacchia coming back off the field the other night he's the one that dropped the hundred games. First time I've heard from a player. He's one drop a hundred games and from where they work to get to a hundred games I think that means something. Four. I got some statistics are thrown just a little bit about a hundred win seasons in what they mean I think it's just remarkable though. Overall if you think about them winning a hundred games for all the talk. About this team for a everything anybody said -- this year for this team. To be one of the teams that went under games it probably even more remarkable if they do that then what the Mariners did the year they lost eight rod and I think 112. Games. After they lost any rod yet and probably just human nature because everybody else took so much on themselves. That they ended up winning a 112 games and what does it say. If these team does win. A hundred game was it say about this team I think it's. It's already great story but the -- a hundred games as I mentioned before three times in organization history sap. And you have some really really good teams that didn't get that you have 97 -- obviously great team. You 2004. We know about that. But two -- three teams. I have. Our early 19100 teams. They haven't and a hundred games hardly at all so for this team the team that no one wanted to commit. To two predicting over 88 wins for. To do. I think it does mean well. Here's here's what it does mean if you go by statistics in baseball of course is all about that just from reading from an article. On Bleacher Report. It says. In looking at Major League Baseball history since 1903 there have been 93 teams. That of 100 or more games in a season all of those 93. 62. Went on to the World Series that year. 3400. Win or more teams won the World Series in that seems he's so pretty much. You got a 60% guarantee you're going to the World Series and you got a 30% chance he can win the World Series -- when. Here's the me but here's how I look at it goes to great stats and we should go by way history says. I look at it as you can get to a hundred winds -- a collection of really good players. But how you succeed in the playoffs. A big part of it is finding two guys. In your starting rotation that you know are going to be locked down guys we've seen it we saw in 2007 Beckett we saw in 2008 laster. That if you get those guys and that's the thing with this team they have at least the potential. To have those guys are on -- right -- an -- -- they had three of them if you really wanna argue there shore shelling on the bloody -- even though you know we have the leg they had Pedro and they Derek -- -- emerge as the playoffs our commitment are about -- and relate -- we go back to the phones Buchholz. So how important is tonight's start in what you just said. 'cause week that to me it's a good debate about if they're gonna have to lock down guys who those lock down guys are. From -- -- a -- right now Lester is number one but then throw PV. Lackey. And I guess Buchholz and how right now if buckled pitches again tonight like he did his last start hatched does that show. Eyes as they said before heading in the playoffs we're going to be locked down guys now Lackey still an edge up on PV mine -- And but he hasn't been in the last couple starts he's been give it. But not the kind of do it that he had been black war yet right and I think they finally get some runs for. But I think that he's that he's the the perfect candidate. You get -- going and you continued on the road that you started last outing. And you're picking up basically where you left off in June. Then okay here's your guys if Lester it's been lights out let's go to -- -- in Bedford is up next to butcher rock bottom -- If he had been go -- over arms talks that stalled day okay. Because I haven't I been trying to figure -- I'm not a prop -- I've been trying to figure out you know why they are where they are. And I the more I said this the beginning and the more I think about more true this. They really guard Earl Weaver -- okay they've cut. You've got to admit they've cut great starting pitching they -- good starting pitching that we ought to be here at the bullpen as a little shake in the middle. They got I was sick and -- the defense. Ellsbury. Victory you know PD down all eighty. Defenders. I think the rest are probably BD -- we had a 162. Homers this year. And I think that we put in and -- little speed I think that basically. Carol has done exactly what he said he was going to do. And it's working out but. I -- did -- say that I think -- too hung up on the hundredth game thing right now is a perfect time to have to let guys. Wait a little lower and an -- but try to keep them sharp. I -- as acute wrote in her April -- I agree with you and they'll do that -- brought back. But that's the thing about this team is that you look at the guys who they can implement and give guys rest is not a lot of big drop off Bogart's is playing today at third base. Okay well there may be middle Brooks is there tomorrow you have carpet in the air. Maybe you know maybe Napoli in there you have guys that you can actually point to get guys rest so you can still drop back he's still can go for that miles though. Well it all I don't know why I think I don't know I would get thrown up on the hundred they must try to get to the series. Well thanks to take my call. I keep thanks for the call rub when you look at the numbers it we were hanging out with keep all day today and and it's studying the numbers like he did I was pointing -- by the way -- that's the same. And then -- -- planted seven and I -- to. Put an equally apart that you gave them like a game appeared tonight in the my best. What what numbers of more impressive I look at year to date stats in the American League. The Red Sox are second in batting average for the Detroit Tigers to 85 to 276. Their first and on base percentage 349 to 348. When I look at home runs the Red Sox are second. Third. Third to be second to the Detroit Tigers won 62 tigers have won 67. When I look at bomb. Extra base hits I have an added those up and again their second and third so these team. Hits for extra base hits they get on base they produce runs. -- and I'm sure when I go to the pitching stats are gonna have to what's the most impressive number. For you for this team this year is there one or is a collection stats. I think it's a collection but you start with the number one and oh yes the number one and runs and I believe their number one in pitches per plate appearance. So you go through those three things that's what they're looking for. You have to score runs right that's the bottom line you have to score runs so their leading in -- But they have gotten back to what they felt like they lost last year which was. Consistent approach at the plate and which I've said this a couple times. Which is this is what impresses me about this team that the days that they have a terrible approach at the plate. Where they're not taking pitches they're not working the count -- knocking the stars out usually by. Next game game after they fixed it but they're very good at correcting themselves. And I think that's in large part why they haven't done these I think it's corrected themselves during games this year. Mean there's still the only team in baseball not to lose more than three rise -- -- that's the most remarkable stat of all. If you ask me let's go to gaining in Springfield who's next I Danny. Listen I could -- getting a couple things. But you know once charisma that paint everybody plays with everybody everybody likes every party. You know you get a team like Scott and it's good -- out. -- but I mean I don't think we're forgetting that. And I don't think that's overrated -- especially coming off for the team from last year where. You know it was a complete opposite but. But but the chemistry and the getting along and all that winning helps that the -- But I also look at guys heard it from the N if you listen to the guys after the game our reporters says. We're picking each other up group play as a team and -- immediate acute because last year even Portland and the year before they kind of did it seem like nobody cares what anybody that. Yeah China and thanks for call the rob on the trying to negate that you're around it is a factor you know I've talked about it this year but don't you agree that that stuff. That's stuff small ball a lot definitely wedding and I do you think yeah yeah obsolete right and -- Al you can discount. That the simplistic. Notion that. When you like coming to work you usually can perform better. And and that translates any job right now but it's reality. And a lot of these guys last year light plane a baseball. But let this be honest coming to the park with -- not probably -- Julius thing. Points last year and that's just real. Rob Bradford is here ambushed -- its Red Sox baseball we're leading up to it here on WEEI. Stick around. You know they just seem to string some hits together the right time. We did a good job to keep the -- ball -- -- seem to string some hits together -- throughout its -- That -- Well ahead of him they scored time around us and our place and tea second fewest. On the -- that's extremely wrong. Red Sox and yankees from Fenway Park. Tonight here on WEEI -- on the WTI. Sports Radio network leading you up to that. There on a second week to the NFL. As baseball's here and up towards the playoffs it was a fun time here with footballs get started. Yeah average especially you know you have a team with. Dropping passes all over the place now. And said yesterday you're absolutely right this is no matter if they get blown out or whatever. This is the only time is like a football season right now right where every single day matters every single day you can. Micro analyze. And it's great. This is great to talk about -- I don't know -- both teams are doggone they are just talking about you know you by the patriots are figured out their thing yeah. That the other baseball such a long season so it's hard to talk about over the because you we hit overreact to one game but here we are weighted com. With twelve games left twelve regular season games left. And even though they're gonna wrap it up every single minute matters what may -- it's not regarding Red Sox babies regarding a wild card team. Maybe is regarding the Detroit Tigers who are they playing well maybe get a match how do you match up against them how or the. The reds are setting themselves up in terms of getting a post season roster this is what it really counts. So 617779790. -- -- go right back to the phones like to chime in with -- fortune Bradford. Here at Fenway Park tell me why rob. If I'm one of those Red Sox fans that I'm always look at the other shoe to drop. If I am right yet this year -- -- it just hasn't dropped -- just hasn't but I'm still that guy right. So I'm thinking to myself and here's what I could commit myself a great September but their -- into early okay. Look at the Bruins in the playoffs rolled around my share in the flipped a switch the right way. Could the Red Sox which flipped the opposite way could they -- a hundred games but then lose the magic when the playoffs start tell me why neither one of those things are gonna happening here. Why is it we've talked about the difference between 2011. Starting pitching. And the ability to line up the starting pitching is important to you go back to 2005. That playoff run. One of the reasons that was a disaster they had no opportunity lineup to -- pitching it was a mass so you without White Sox series. And you'd just are not getting what you -- it's hard to tell yet yeah I think that's the number one reason. Why you say this is gonna turn and number two reason. I brought it up before because this team ball -- any team I've seen in recent memory has been able to correct itself. And figure things out. And and OK you know what that didn't work the next day pistol work and they have enough guys to do it so you don't have to lean on just a couple guys. Go to rich in Boston who's next fellow -- -- -- -- reporter -- Yeah you don't like to -- one all the way -- you're talking about a hundred games. Wow in nineteen I don't know how you guys how old you -- but in 1946. The Red Sox 104 games and they want but that's not the point that point is. You control that station and it doesn't really matter what you -- If you respected Colin you know what they have to say and now we're listening to you when you talk back. It's like it's like what the call quick draw McGraw. You know what your political lets you play rich I'm not give you peace and you wouldn't think that I know I don't I don't know what's important is the point is. That hundred games -- leave it alone because they have not and it wouldn't. Well what do what about opinion what finish you're not -- punishment friends when you have a hundred. Names of all we care about is that we have a winning these. I think they're gonna win the World Series because of their pitching. It's not one team and you've probably been about people that I'm afraid of that he has the -- and then going down the drain that's all I care about once they have gone and I'll pay another thing when -- yankees don't I get into the play got. The final analysis but Rick Rico that that Red Sox won the World Series is because they yankees weren't they had to take -- away from them. The rich can ask you question. And I may act. Can I ask you what can I ask you know. Market and I'd rather drop a rich rich rich and -- amassed one more time can I ask your question or. Okay if Jacoby Ellsbury was going for a hundred steals if Jon Lester was going for twenty wins. And or any other milestone the one of the rookies is going for home run record at the end of the year would we be talking about it are no other word lightning. No -- -- I read today -- it but they met I'm asking -- questions -- would we wouldn't we be talking about it. I want you to be correct because chuck the teacher however they have a product building. And I wanna be very serious about OK. When you think you're doing now you've -- what -- -- do what am I doing its complaint. Anything. Could know barring us use their brain and I have no idea what you're saying -- average I have no idea what you're saying. Actual hair I have on the campaign and apparently uses and don't -- Reds are you have Maloney. You know what you're saying rich make this simple client and got. Of course I am what do you saying. Acting -- don't know what you're talking about -- -- have a question. I want Ellsbury to break up trying to correct it but that's -- talking about you -- talking about a hundred games. That has nothing to do with what the Red Sox are trying to get into and right now it's trying to. The American League. Talked -- And that's your opinion it may I ask you -- may ask you two more questions. I -- questioned yeah that would want to see how you do. -- low -- OK I think I am not an ethnic question no I will ask you a question like I want you I want you can't -- the hurry -- -- -- down I. I want you depend on the other one that would interrupting. Lower again you don't like a whopping two point. Lola Lola Lola -- I -- -- -- are you are you the guy that doesn't like -- -- Why are you the guy that doesn't like Lou Maloney won't. Look at that it's -- course -- just blows my first question. -- -- I -- monopoly is OK but I know it can't sonic signature bank. In trying to think that the Red Sox won't want to win not 179. Gain any retract that statement and that Max age three. So he's -- on both -- I mean he's. You need to ask you. I get I I think I don't I don't I don't. I thought what am I am confused than I've ever I might be fought for a little bit of it just didn't become less than an hour into the show we've lost complete control. Chuck in Medford Linda since August and -- in Maine you guys are up next when we come back. It's Red Sox baseball on WEEI. What do you care they don't want -- games are not. -- here for you -- and Bradford up until pregame on WEEI.

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The All Star Game and the Worst Ideas in Sports

Mut and Villani are talking about the MLB All Star Game, Adam Wainwright and Derek Jeter, and what are some of the worst ideas in sports.

We're all yelling about LeBron James

Producer's Podcast with J…

Producer's Podcast with Julian Edlow 7-22-14

This week, Sam Packard and Zach Geld talk about the Post-Pierzynski Red Sox. Julian Edlow of the Green Street Blog, joins the program to analyze the Celtics off-season, and finally an over-eager discussion of fantasy football.

SoccerCast - Liverpool Midfielder Joe Allen

In this episode we talk about transfers across Europe, players we want to see in the MLS, and Liverpool's Joe Allen joins the show!

Fantasy Football Podcast July 18th

As we inch closer to August the initial Fantasy Football picture is starting to become more clear. Today, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com review Pete’s most recent article on WEEI.com featuring 20 High Value Targets to consider. The conversation features a deep analysis on upside players like Justin Hunter, Aaron Dobson, Tavon Austin, Michael Floyd and Martellus Bennett. As well as a breakdown on three Quarterbacks including Tom Brady who should be strongly considered ahead of their current Average Draft Position. Get ahead of the information while these great Fantasy Stocks are low!

Peter Gammons on the Sox …

Peter Gammons on the Sox and Jon Lester 7-21-14

MLB HOF'er Peter Gammons joined the show to discuss what the Sox will do with Jon Lester.

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Jon Lester continues to d…

Jon Lester continues to dominate 7-21-14

John, Gerry and Jerry Thornton discussed the Red Sox sweep of the Royals.

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Jon Lester dominant perfo…

Jon Lester dominant performance capped off by huge Fenway ovation, 7-21-14

Lester went 8 innings allowing only 4 hits and striking out 8 as the Red Sox swept the Royals. He walked off the mound to a standing ovation from the Fenway faithful. With every dominant performance, the price tag goes up.

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Sox seem to be alive agai…

Sox seem to be alive again, so are you back in?

We talk Sox after a sweep over the Royals at Fenway. We look at fan interest and how nothing in the AL East is even remotely decided at this point.

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Three For All: A 'lack-of…

Three For All: A 'lack-of-sex' spreadsheet, 7-21-14

Tim bought the entire DVD box set of True Detective and binge-watched the entire series in one weekend. Christian found a man who made a spread sheet of how and when his wife said "No" to sex. And most importantly, Lou spoke about a boy named Danny Nickerson. Danny was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall. He loves to see his name on postcards and mail, so Lou encouraged people to send Danny birthday cards.

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