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NFL Sunday: No More 2 Headed Monster at the TE Position and the Effects on the Patriots

Sep 15, 2013|

The NFL Sunday dudes talk Gronk and his progress and just how much he and Hernandez effected the offense and the way opposing defenses played them.

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We actually will have but NFL football on the air for you this afternoon here on Sports Radio because the Red Sox game against the Yankees isn't until tonight's Sunday night baseball on now. On Sports Radio what game we do and Matthew I don't even know the answer to this. Really what do we lose a bet -- Cleveland -- a good week and pretty good game well unfortunately really of those 1 o'clock games. The good games and later on now Astro so Cleveland Baltimore. Will be the game and M gonna go until about 1225 or so we'll take you to the pregame show. For that game and and that's what will be doing here on Sports Radio I'll ask you guys about wrong we're just talking about the soft the year. An and I thought Tom's point about Aaron Hernandez was a good one that that that's the single biggest loss. Through no fault of coaching -- more than GM or anybody else no fault except Aaron Hernandez's. And and year trying to overcome that now the same time it came at a time when Rob Gronkowski and physical issues what five surgeries since the end of last season. Both you know -- the -- forearm problem and the back problem. Has been practicing. Now has a ten day period between games. If I was guessing and that's all this is I would guess you won't see him next Sunday against Tampa Bay -- But I would guess a week from Sunday is when you might see Rob Gronkowski make his return. You wanna hold off on him as long as possible. -- really remotely as the what I saw last week I wouldn't wanna hold up too much longer but I know what you're there but then there's the danger to in in this is something that that we can get into as well -- do you try and push it a little bit with -- knowing the state of your offense in what it is don't you don't a lot of questions you really can't allow that to -- and sued two to -- too personal -- -- because. You have to realize that a citizen number times on the station that. -- gronkowski snaps in December more important steps in September and are told him you go in you have to be even with the dolphins being what it is. I think you want him healthy for that in the year we talked this about this before you want this -- -- cresting at the right time and if you get a Amendola and -- and Murkowski all back for that stretch. In November December winning at the Broncos the Texans the ravens Austin for those games so that means something if you're back at full strength and. -- pretty good about where your IE I just. Philosophically don't believe in saving players because -- I just think as a player how to run their course so many times. The state player often -- three injured. -- sort of a scattering -- to built up she really just need to be honest and say now you're ready now you do it you never wanted to be like. You're ready Baluchistan you know we just cause. But that's generally never a good idea I mean after you heard -- her yeah so I think get him out -- give him scout which you don't you really have to build -- -- coliseum over her body is so it's it's that it's a violent context or regardless of what the truth. So it's I say if as soon as he's ready. Do it for the reason that I think it'll make you stronger for later in the season. The last few or just hold off for six sunny weeks and have them have have a soft tissue -- no guarantee you have -- reports -- the need to get MIA I do I do agree to appoint a that the you do need to get him out there. Just to get him knocked around a little bit because his his teammates have had that since late July -- -- been red Jersey guy -- -- -- back together -- claimed that they are -- banging them around I -- that's I pulled out of the brief the very brief time that we get to -- him in practice -- you know we -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you have to presume and I've I've gone to rehab for you to contact injury that you have to give back to being able blows. There you can go to the -- trainers and hit the crap out of dummies -- sort of unpredictable it's stuff that comes from the angle you can expect or simulate. That's -- you need to go through overly physical Wednesday practiced full it's. Several times to feel good not so much right how you make the products but are you recover the next day I want to build up something the Thompson -- the at the segment before -- talked about the loss of Hernandez being the single most important part of this offense I think. The loss of Fernandez come pounded by the fact did you -- -- for an extended period of time because I think a lot of ways for green it. At least at the start of the year was being asked to replicate a lot of the production you got from -- and as -- last couple years because he's one of those. More one of the more versatile guys you can have a -- that we've seen it went up in the backfield. We've seen in the slot we -- a little while -- they do that with a lot of guys they did with Dublin last week that but you'd you rarely get the same level of production. Do you would debt we've Fareed did you -- with Ernie is either with -- -- I think -- that season opener at the result some flashes of the player of the Korean could be. Over the course of a full sixteen game season not only reading between the tackles but being a force in the passing -- in anything that. The loss -- neighbors you knew that was a dividends -- think -- Kind of give it a little bit offensively it's an art world we're gonna turn machine were rushing to pick up some of those numbers and the loss of him. Until week general Levin now I think is is it is a huge departure the tip your public that we haven't talked about the -- I would just make the argument that production at that position here -- -- have to be Arum and ID you I'm probably be accused of Boris on a so called undrafted free agent but. I think such a court -- field that gap should supplement -- not as effective and well well but its terms of versatility in terms of in in a note -- did did you can do some things about -- about more about versatility that he can put pressure on opposing defenses. From a number of different spots -- media would in the way that did it did them. Would it did. The last couple years the you can move him around and conducive to Google hired him back there that. You can't necessarily do with such -- pretty locked in McConnell want to I guess I just -- blocker across NFL look at the average to below average offenses in the recently generally are so is because they just have competency at one position group and went zero the other person into the oil and adjust or -- these examples up -- -- wants not a good pro. But he -- -- fault -- essentially re -- don't have production from a position just rocketed. You're not committed you know about it the backs and also applicable how good are wide receivers and it's all along now. And I don't think you can have an offense like that's why I'm probably over selling it but I think will be very much hope when they -- a guy -- a pass from existence for the pro government camp and nova doesn't. So while -- -- undrafted free agent but I think it will be of huge boost if he gets out there -- -- commit to give him a ball. With a -- -- well Larry Lucchino who taught it to me but Lucchino admits that he got it from Bobby -- third when we come back on the other side will talk about. Biology vs chemistry when we can return past couple minutes Sports Radio W media.

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