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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday to Discuss His Thoughts on the Struggling Offense

Sep 15, 2013|

Tom E. Curran calls the boys to give his take on what went down Thursday night at Gillette. The offense is a work in progress and Brady struggled without Amendola. He gives us an update on Amendola's injury as well as Gronk. Curran reminds everyone just how important Hernandez was to this team.

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Back on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI patriots of course don't play today -- week two game is already out of the way -- thankfully for them already in the win column -- Ugly as the game may have ban. Dale Arnold Matt Chatham Chris price here and our studio joining us right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest. Now the most reliable -- LTE network. From Comcast sports net New England CSN -- dot com Tom. I yeah I made them the -- to bomber to a matter earlier. If every game in the NFL was like Thursday night's game they'd be fourth in the in the professional sports plastic and and -- but that was not an entertaining affair here Thursday -- It wasn't and I think that going and I bet every single auto parts itself. What do you think is gonna happen. What are -- something similar to it but I think in watching it -- actually happened lose. The issues with our view and having a look at it it was up much more difficult to stop. -- -- -- Holier Tom that we would be I think our pregame predictions for last week or somewhere like that point -- to thirteen range -- somewhere you're trying notre premised often. It just kind of went that route so. Amongst the roster Tom from from your view down there at stadium is poor re certainly gonna get back with this ten day break and who were we have a little more trouble Nazi league in the next time around. I think you're definitely in trouble -- -- door you know extra the six week as reported by -- Rappaport. The concern this week was that it may have panic here. To a groin sustained. I didn't confirm whether or not wasn't -- protect our people indicates to me that there are more than a strain. So you might not see him until. You know conceivably or around Columbus State so that's a concern to block out the aspect that it -- encouraging. In that. Could be available for in the bay the fact that with with it is doubtful that dale. It's just an indication. That finger improved progressed he's seen the question or next week ago. Talk about -- hoax on tiny miracles but let's go directly. That's the good side I think otherwise you know you just. The skill on them and I -- -- a believer that. It's come to me actually in the last few years that. All the hue and cry over the first four weeks. Here's basically just Maurice except Columbus State achievable -- a performance like it here on Thursday. Than say all the crap you. I'm certain realize now that I I noticed a program and doing what about here for fifteen years or whatever. I'm supposed to know what date Columbus Day is off the -- -- that is not how this works this is -- -- So one of the things that there's really jumped out at least for us to gonna surrounds of the first couple hours the show is that this team is you you you could throw at 2007 I think is -- a bit of an anomaly but. I think. They always talk about you just touched on it. It's a process in you don't really know what kind of team you have you with the start of the year but it's all about building toward playing your best football. Thanksgiving November December January -- anything that's even more so I think with this group. Yeah look at the 2010 team. Chris we can talk about the patriots and rebuilding itself that was a pretty good example up now they had. Wes Welker obviously. The -- elaborate. After will be seeing basically are trading Randy -- as. Enough of him being a little bit non competitive. So that Americans are for you know. An undrafted running back there in the air and would have another drought I in the backfield who wrote items. Running around and we're fortunate to another number one's feet. Of people look at -- came in the -- a lot New York Jets -- look no more acute or appeared to indicate tactical Fortier who -- of -- building skill position group. Was the mayor a fairly sizable. Accomplishment. When you look at this group -- -- -- pumpkins. Not awesome the first student -- thought since. It is much of equipment hurry up and catch their belt aren't the bad performance in buffalo they -- neck and -- being -- whose work but I think it. Absolutely positive with the way -- passed the no matter what -- YouTube you've got to stop for two regards to what right do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Free agents or whatever. Do you hear anything about any sort of possible tree you'd pick up what -- when it comes to wide receiver position. No I haven't -- recruit and you know it they did make a move in that direction -- -- Google via a topic so Orchard Park air India bridge type. And that can be found at the number eighty. Perhaps. But I I don't think there. We've seen it before Bill Belichick -- the considered your personal Auburn's quarterback in. And there are aspects certain that we can agree all of us on where in the outside world will make Bill Belichick even more stepped out. -- -- And. Make work on we'll billboard and anybody else who aren't around struck mcdaniels is the most important player. Coach or ritual in this franchise right now between now Columbus -- would -- -- -- not. Lonely up here. After you've got to figure out what they hairdo OK so now we figured out there not that a greater the -- department. Now figured out these remarks. What errors do we structure your. I'll make them. A threat. The other part of this and I I I talked about this earlier because Tom Brady's body language to his credit he talked about it as well said he needs to improve. Op. It's counterproductive. In some cases now ins for some guys may be for Kimbrel Tompkins in makes him you know more determined I'll show him and I'll I'll work Carter and I'll be better. May be another guy and largest -- Aaron Dobson maybe puts him in a shell and that's exactly which you don't need to happen right now. The last thing with a lot from a highway it needs to run -- as -- PR -- That every term looks like about -- Yeah. That's what I think can happen all player. When they're trying to mentally process things during a play. If they're about to react to our campus to the right one vote your pocketbook -- second. Regarding secondary players and communication. And the ability to run it may raise. With trust and confidence. You know that have second of the pace that you expect to -- on the right -- I hope this is right. It means that it is between getting around on time getting a handle on time. And not in -- here. Well both fans -- give me a hard time on this one but I'm not turn Emeka perceive the Dayton peace but is I was old. I thought it really handicap them not having any tied in production or back production in the passing game it just seem like it's okay -- lose one group provided to push one of the -- but to literally not throw bald either of those two positions. Seem like pretty much of a stressed -- on a young group anyhow wide receivers. Is there a chance that -- -- felt was back in and -- to do is he guided the benefits from the ten days or -- is his more serious than. It's. Less serious I think that in that regard prosecutor since they're -- you can expect to see him back -- but. You know whom and it's not a complete disaster there. Has received. Now but I think the penalties and protections in my eyes are you agree that -- it's an amount much. Would work out you know out to be I think that it's you can correct me if -- bit more put more guys. They can play. In closer or else why not appalled whom at all I think. You need to find a bigger body. In the short short range while he was credits are plastered in -- not would've liked to seen as you -- during the game. -- that topple ball directed at no rose to completed two in the of the ducks. You're at times and I think that I wrote I -- talking about this during mini camps. And I wrote about it in the -- can't and we all talked about during the first week of the season. This is going to be the most. Stressful year for Tom Brady and I think sometimes exceed. You can get -- -- -- gear broke on principle. -- to turn around you couldn't turn around. Go to throat anyway. And -- effective learned. Right he would tell -- the equivalent to we saw some of that in 2006 in nearly stages with -- -- because -- Caldwell and a Jabar Gaffney. Yeah almost willful Erekat. If that's what it takes to get up and that's -- takes. Look how well ordered by reading the -- wrote it prone to remove trees -- -- -- wrote to spot and have a skip where it was supposed to be. There's agreement weren't. You'll learn the the urgency of the situation about what your head around when you start getting -- -- bristles you know because your. Sort of wandering at the top of -- down. Yeah and I think that. You'll see. And he's got to do better. And you know that's stupid and the players are you better job. But they have to find out what will work to try endemic now that you've played in the future after they try and -- found. Google level at which it's all understandable for -- -- or burn it or not or about the. One of the things it would -- -- interest -- -- did Tom is is that Mankins in the locker room after the game lose just one of the of the best go to guys afterwards said look you know. But we're we're not working to stop you know I mean you you you kind of got to get on the train here you know add to that the everything's got to move forward so I am I don't know if that was. And a shot at some of the young guys but it was just a bit of philosophy but like look we know we're gonna kind of keep moving this thing forward and you know if they're rated the ready -- not enough. And it's tremendous test of the character of the players. That you brought it. You know you're at that. Limited remark fifteen minute interview that the car by the -- -- -- -- for -- global also coached to find out what they're all vote. But now that they're kind of in the cross hairs. -- -- -- Gartner cashing checks for the first time no lights and you know. What kind of work or are you a much -- you have really because it's it's an adult world knowledge -- That period of time which could call it which the bridge between. Put the -- with your -- how party go to work because -- a crap what can you deal with the pressure of having. Everything rained down on view Friday Saturday and Sunday because you didn't play well conduct that's going to be our twenty years old. Nobody can broke up there about some. George was extremely after you know what the world is here that they're not ready to go -- quarterback could stop and how they react. Amid appoint a week ago when last we spoke and it's weird to say this. They're to no sense when I spoke but but but a week ago when we last spoke amid the point that the patriots were probably gonna have issues early on. But that their opposition was gonna help mask those issues and I think you're gonna happen again next week. I think Tampa Bay comes to town a bit of a hot mess and issues within the the team. I'm -- you may still have issues a week from now and you may still be three in all week from now. Yeah and -- people say after that. He will win -- well look up I get Cincinnati elder. The World Cup and in dire trouble. I think the patriots be happy to get the forensic scheme if the product is as we've seen it over the first two. The same general level ticket to the first six games reentry nobody wants for it was history. But you can chip away at -- -- the weeks and trying to win this and -- -- that they could certainly be 30. The only history you know. Because we're not. -- -- 42 point -- the next week but you know like I think if you look at the product. It's going to be kind of rough for awhile. But -- character. You know the first five weeks. It took a look that much better. But you could say look we're they're really in trouble and attracted to represent the one aspect of this -- Earl Watson on out where both vote for GM weeks ago. Aaron Hernandez being in jail right now on a murder charge. Is the absolute biggest loss of this offense there it. Could conceivably. Aaron Hernandez. They're not so what every -- -- whatever level in the middle which you know. That's what it would be different he'll attract plot when he was arrested -- football accident and it wasn't appropriate look at our. Given the seriousness -- an -- Balkans -- clear and the two strings around him on opposite street to different streets you can look at football are there right now. This is not what it will it will play if he had done what he elect leader. It's fair right I was a circle back to you to your point no I think -- from his bill about the whole. Opponents maybe. Miki did not look nearly as bad you're the sort of elevated three -- maybe not a real -- however that means but I I think there's a counterargument that. This might actually make it look worse than it is because. I think that jet defense is better than even although Atlantis and that better team the defense certainly is a veteran of the world's defense certainly is about -- -- jet defense and since. You know your final scores going to be ugly of the net -- look of the game is going to be uglier is for his offensive tests with the Patriots offense is gonna have. The bills are I think sneaky Gordon never gore met teams not as good. Jets defense I think might be the best of this first section actually -- it was always a Syria might be as bad visual scene last Thursday. I think their could be a possibility where you look forward here in New Orleans defense because they're not as proven. And maybe you know by that time or six weeks or whatever year old about a group all around. -- temperature compared so crappy merit that. Account in the front sort of answer that bilked out in the front of especially the world war. Gets overlooked by quarterback conversations and both cities and Rex Ryan -- -- that concept to discuss it in home outlook since. Is -- the player they are especially good up front. They held. -- -- Two I think -- Sixty yards reported whatever Kerry. Yards per carry the first week. And the patriots going into that they have to run the ball well. -- -- -- I wrote about it legally Huckabee -- it is really too much on the field and immortal -- up to urgently be used on the field. It would stop Iran's I think you're right you're gonna go probably from a you know a 9697. Mile an hour fastball in terms of front seven defense -- To certainly. You know course with -- 92 or more typical. Double talk to next week we appreciate time. Our port so you don't know about him Tom CSN and here on NFL Sunday presented by compliance -- insurance he would a five star agency can do for you. At a Penske dot com.

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