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NFL Sunday: Breaking Down the Pats Offense After 2 Tough Wins

Sep 15, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris discuss what they've seen so far from the Pats offense. Brady has been ok, although he wasn't incredibly accurate Thursday night. The WR's are going to take some time to get used to things and Edelman had an awesome game basically filling in for the injured Danny Amendola. They talk about the running game and how Ridley bounced back with Vereen not being active. Also, what exactly constitutes a "drop" in the NFL and how much blame can be put on the rain for the Pats case of the "dropsies" against the Jets.

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He's so what mobile web. He felt that. Knowing anything on the police stopped. We used to have a lot of guys -- -- film. Listen leaving them out there. Dobson was supposed to head of the -- -- exactly. Brady is still fire up on the sideline. I think they have to do better that was my body language and significant group that its importance is the real strong when my right now so. You just try to keep doing better what we've got to do you know we just. We want. Let them know we just I was have a lot of improve. And turned it back to work into kindergarten next week. Funny Mike may knock at the exact same reaction all of us would -- if there's a doubt about who made the mistake you just assume Brady's right. And most of the -- probably some -- every time as but most of the time he has. I ask Chris this question earlier and -- You know when I went to baseball game I'm watching baseball my entire life I've always said. I still don't know what is a check swing and what's a strike and what's not mean I watch it okay now what is it. I don't wanna drop this in the NFL I know Troy Brown sat Nazi said if I touch it I should catch -- Now -- told me officially the patriots have four drop. The F through Thursday in a period through that was three to Dobson and wanna -- -- did it feel like twelve civic all the Tompkins. The vote the brown -- no smile catch you know -- -- and former -- laid out baby I don't think that they Calcutta the drop -- see the difference too is that the league didn't of the of the of the stats or whoever or -- were talking about it or didn't you mean official. The team -- -- I know the team is a party when it comes to greetings -- or they're very restricted the feeling is if you get to him the ball you you've got a reprieve and it. And look I don't know that the patriots keep their own statistics which they don't share with us and I -- like tackle numbers are different than the NFL's numbers and I'm sure drops are different -- it in and help each share they share the defense of numbers -- here in terms they don't share the drops with my Beatles should trot would this exact and so white I just never know all. Now officially you said there were four drops didn't feel like there was more YouTube. You know that the second half I'll be perfectly honest I had a hard time watching. It was it was a it was a brutal to -- I can't say you know I know how wide knew how are noble the first out by the back of my hand. I've watched the second half like a camera to a little frustrated to select pile on like -- -- about -- -- -- when's -- gonna be overcome -- You know also when I went back and reviewed the film. It's really hard sometimes on the coach's copy or even Tuesday of the can be condensed TV thing -- to calm through the limbs. How bad it was up there in the second half with the rain all I'm not that not that that's an excuse but when you start talking about drops like I know that's a big factor from trying to say OK -- the -- all the ball the second half of next week -- him. You know Tampa or whatever. It doesn't translate so not quite so worried about it I would look to the first -- once word field options for Rihanna I'm a go route and just the systemic point. He used as an out -- the ball right there are actually good to have around nice doesn't make the catch those will be the ones -- a while that might be repeated the theme. The second half stuff I mean I watched floodgates for the Borger Alex does seem like more than -- old patriots reached -- did seem like anyone to catch the ball -- -- that have been occur. I also thought. Like everybody else the way the passing game was going on saying OK -- on the ball. Well you couldn't because the jets knew exactly what the issues work and they were stacking the box and they were taking the running game away -- to his. While both credit and probably concern was I got a hold onto the football player -- I can -- with the ultimate. -- he was carrying the -- little bit higher than -- and carry it past I don't I don't know if that was just in my eyes and just the change in assisted to. He also was wearing -- some sort of breeze shall we usually talked him too much about it after the game and you didn't answer any allies but -- he just looked a little different I don't know I saw some guys -- gloves too which is ours -- Simon it's gotten so what the -- five park doesn't -- him and it's just. Dealing to a different is that there's just no additional shipments in instantly if you're patriots in the -- -- to -- -- Where. Did -- -- thing and we elected the jets the jets' run defense is is a pretty good run defense I mean you know -- deficient and other areas in you can. Taken to task for a lot of things but but they've done a really good job building -- -- run defense and it showed just there was some separate but again daily Q seven -- did the -- recognized. The the patriots were unable to move the ball when you throw it in so it's it's that the Lexington minute there one good example. Again have a ticker number on this but wait late second corporate bully or summer and arranged. There was a situation where they've gotten good yards on first down like it was a row or at least 670 yards to much on the next one -- -- -- -- -- third one. And Tom checked out of Iran call because he got the boxer to talk about Chris. And the thing because you now don't have them back in the passing game element which would be a quart pot. Potentially if they were putting pressure on. Worry that one other thing you -- the -- it was the look past the receiver just turn to get the quick commitment to York. The -- at least twice that our report this particular play they checked afraid on third one I think that's a little bit frustrating for people work. The -- they checked it was a loss that Maya when they checked too afraid to Aaron Dobson who had just previously that had a couple -- once you know so it's not that. You know football 101. That is the -- it's like they go there you do this you know -- Based on the -- -- while I'm gonna guess you look at it both ways Tom still had confidence in him even though or just elected and have another option but. At Jimmy goes back to that the notion I'm not ruling out a tight and available to ask him settled him down and Broxton obviously and not -- -- back in the in the passing game that you go to considerably just -- -- about -- for -- and that's the thing to you -- people talk to -- I can really catch passes well he's not really. Built that way you know I mean he's not really an option in the passing -- he's caught BB ten passes over the Christmas two plus -- of the ideas though that when you -- have -- boxes you have a lot of shopping list of ways you can respond to it and they didn't have active part of those they didn't have a personal what doesn't while another situation sometimes they opted to keep the back in to protect. To just of try to block it out and do it off and what that leaves you as you can it'll pass if they did a few times which can go to -- well too many times. And they started -- states to about that and early proven himself in the first half so you see sort of the list of ammo and you got pretty low. Yes you'd like to see him just kept her head against the -- to skip -- one yard. -- Global wanna want to caution not to do with him -- go back to say that that -- it is not a good option must McCormick -- the team right now they've had they've had third and short in fourth and short a couple of occasions this year at least from the in my experience the best option that they have been received just calmly beautiful and we haven't seen them at all. Over the course the first two games one run that once yeah and they tried on the fourth and goal. In buffalo having any fumbled a ball from happy -- out so I still think their best running game and -- -- -- back you know exposing -- the ball back as are a lot of really impressive runs by him. It his statue numbers would would garbage but. Yes and they fortieth Fiat because or that some some bad stuff in the second half of the numbered -- are takedown by. He had three or four runs -- like OK this is a this is -- really good run in the -- They need to lean on a more -- the only thing is because like -- mentioned they have at the bit of the jets have a bear front -- sometimes with the election a man and every single out. So every gap as -- California the one off the borders linebacker it basically tells the quarterback and running you know. And it got to the point where it was like this is just hit your head against the -- to do this I still think the best way they run the ball. Is if they spread people out but you don't have quite the threat. If you don't have a hand on the back in the game in the running game I think Leon and I again arms are still may be a biased and nearby. In the event debated every I wish they would have tested him with some screams or tested him just some Fuller passes. Just loosen them up a little bit because you -- just continued to constrict the box -- it was like okay. These are good options for right now the New York they should be a really good nickel and two two -- if you guys have an explanation. Because I have a hard time understanding the Garrett on return scenario since it's got an explanation I want my only thought is there it's. Someone else does not -- the whether it's OK let's let's -- by the way to that's probably right yet. But this is your bus stop idea that's that's that's the question I mean you know you can look at a situation where Matthews leaders -- -- before marine when he's been healthy he's got a before. A forty is that a before you know according did it actually has little inconsistent last year report posted in these numbers that run back for a touchdown. But yeah I just and -- -- -- You know it in into it if that is the biggest quarter ever for exactly that secretary exactly that has -- on Thursday that why we didn't seem more Josh Boyce no and BP and I'm thinking that's. Something behind the scenes tells -- he is not completely ready for an election. Or it was did you pop up on the report you would knows more than me. Do you have a story this week because as it deals on nobody knows well why is this not what don't you gotta you gotta slow start you wasn't he wasn't able clean whispering in the in -- -- Los Angeles this week but it is -- I -- I don't look at it I don't I don't think so all all I don't think he was I just kept screaming -- either something more this story that I don't know because it was going badly there was the one time where you saw coach Belichick on the TV copy you know. -- -- Out a year amateur who we was referencing when it it seemed at a point like this is when they go to rotational thing we got to try something else company. And it made me wonder you know what had happened voice of there was there's often on both sides story mr. going to be was viewing something it was just active as a as an emergency kind of thing is you don't want snap and it was -- four wide receiver set supplement were doing much Obama. Back to the big kick return I think the important party this is sort of a import of this. Haven't a specialties -- But think there's a rule on special in kick return. It's a tiny rule. Of where the -- cents for the second return. So scorcher off to a guy Matthew Slater occasionally here actually blog was that guy in the pre season amenable to people back early on I think. The second or Trevor is supposed to keep it depends on the coaching staff to buy Q3 right three or four by four relationship with a back. And that back essentially works as your fullback so the -- terrorists -- use him in May -- cut off what baca does. So he's yeah he should only be able to make -- -- cut that he could that's that's kind of the general. This last week for robberies and they went away there was a second returned it was only a single guy back there obviously added them -- the front. So the problem that could potentially cause and this is the job I had to do for for years is as a as a wedge guy. I set the way it right. Which means yeah I take the line back to and from the horror and then we give the go call they give us to go call or two ago. Now general big part of pastoral we have fellows if you set that wedge -- more than ten to maybe twelve with the capsule -- away from the returner. No matter how well you block the guy who's coming down -- -- So it was a fifteen yards a space between the two -- if I block him at fifteen. No matter how great the block was he'll still have time to get off that block program at the lakers are too much space it's the same thing amassed -- for running back aligned at eighteen yards. You know no matter how bad how well Logan blocks him he's gonna have time to eventually -- get -- before the cut happens published today autism logo is there have never done it before while having it was not on just gets the ball that they didn't bring global wedge back to work close enough I mean if the -- gored they're taken out at seven yards deep. You need to be with tenth or twelfth they were setting up to me it looked almost like fifteen and it was offset so it's really all I'm saying is from a schematic -- Really hard to ever have success from them that far away because you'll see guys -- they won't. They won't zobel to run right past the stories and a moderate because it's -- for permits so. It does just sort of hard fast -- returned -- you need to have a relationship between the two and if you're too wide -- go around with the united -- not -- -- ever seen a team like suggested twice underestimate not even have a punt -- back there -- -- first time. Rex was steamed about yet you were sent inside our starters clearly there to operate a doorknob and second I can understand the -- my only thought and he talked a little about -- the -- -- press conference was that they wanted to rattle rookie punter in the green. You always did the teacher to deepen their own territory David you're gonna take a chance at Boston about the -- poison when originally superhero territory backed up is what makes the -- sense I think if you were at forty you wanna do anything it's going into the end zone and -- or years it takes sixty to get there and you think you can close it down there and drive one play. That made Babineaux sesame -- backed up yeah well all okay deal deserves to play devil's advocate of the only thing they can potentially be think it is. We got a -- we really feel. Like thorough offensive line on the -- teams often -- -- pork. And we have eleven guys will -- close to answer and that's abducted did so but I'm not saying it must about Micah Micah scouting report things they're watching on film they don't think they can block us anyway where a situation human embryo to get the ball striker. 011 due to stroke like. I don't agree that -- I'm -- and that's probably the only plausible the side of the story and it didn't work -- you know 1950s. So not a great -- at the end of Jimmy puts -- what do you see how many times but it -- -- in a few indefinitely it was -- -- and -- was -- was there is a franchise record for most punting yardage in the game and most -- -- game but the only relatively decent night at a record you don't exactly. I always exe in the sixty our ball only net forty you know if that had -- one of those that's not good. Put Delaware but I think -- for -- the dollar was buying the going to be in the enough -- -- the question is with him and going into this late for that that the connection we have the ticker and the long separate working all the Verdasco. We'll take quick break when we come back we'll talk but Patriots defense good and bad and believe it or not there is some bad in my opinion as well. 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