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Red Sox Bench Coach Torey Lovullo Sits Down with Rob Bradford

Sep 14, 2013|

Bench Coach Torey Lovullo checks in with Rob after a big win over the Yankees and playing for October.

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I don't rob Bradford WEI dot com this is the Brad -- out. -- until eight. 6177797937. But we are honored to have to Lenovo -- coast Boston Red Sox. Stroll on down to our Fenway Park studios is going to be whether it's for one more segment in turn your calls will cruise through phone lines of Jack people up fired up. And -- is no better person in to your questions directed only a few questions I might not -- talking about Victoria obviously does before we get to the calls -- Take you throw. The moments leading up to you sitting in this seat in the -- -- The doctors they take me through the moments so. So well first of law you chased me around the field -- full uniform tackled me a -- -- me -- forced me to the fifth wheel that but I do that would everybody. Yes Florida so and so buy it. First this this talk -- quickly about the game was there a moment to be one moment in the game. Where a key decision -- to be made it looked like a pretty cut and dried game you have Jon Lester pitched well but what's your moment in this game where you thought. OK or you would -- get together bench coach to manager. And that this is the right decision even Morales government the end game was just like okay we get to this point morale in the comment. Do you one moment. And while Jon Lester had a really atone for today you know it was not easy for all of us to just sit and be spectators as. As the fans and and we really enjoyed the show. You know I think one of the decisions John made is very college decision was to put Franklin in the ball game. Two to get some outs and give -- some big outs and well in the unit in timely outs because we're gonna count on -- you -- -- good looks at analyses. He's up to 9596. He's thrown a breaking ball it's very effective. Fill the strikes on up so we know at some point movie for really need that to happen and the John one this year. Speaking of that and pictured in before we get to the -- -- -- today. John Lackey last night or yet yet the last yeah last night last night in wanna commodity -- I've talked to John -- about this before. The people should realize that. He understands how much work goes in between starts when he takes out a starting pitcher it's almost like nails on chalkboard for -- So take me through exactly what happened last night the decision to take -- lack. Well first of all you know John Ferrell -- a it was a great starting pitcher for many years he does know what it what goes into those those days in between them the lead up and the frustration of dealing with coming out of a blogging so. You know there it was touch and go there for a little while they know that John felt strongly that he of one John Lackey to come up with a loss -- the war. A decision that wasn't favorable he wanna get him out of the ball game with with with two runners on base rather in three. Or game that was tied. You know he had two strikes on the first -- they got a base hit. The ball was up. I think the next hitter was so Chris Stewart who also doubled off left field -- those are typically guys that John Lackey gets out comfortably in 123. 123 but we start seeing a little bit of maybe fatigue and I think -- was concerned that. He was -- Pulled off the mound for five batters down that line down that that line up in John -- is walls he pitched it about philosophy that was a lot of decision. In obviously didn't work out the way John wanna to we're talking about matches are going back and forth and -- you know the score tied him well. And Gordon today's game. Again this rob Bradford W I dot com or -- bench coach. Boston Red Sox -- this for a little bit longer he can answer your calls in the second 61777979837. Before right before we get to the call for the game ends what you do. Beside before you scroll down and highlight today by sitting in mr. The first it is a way for John you don't this press comes Eagles at their talks the media usually formed on his office we just talked about a couple things happened during the course they just typical conversations that. Two fans would have you know some great moments that we appreciated. In new legal over the next day what we're gonna talk about lineup wise how we're gonna -- some things up for the next day. In we don't put a limit on that time we just wanna make sure that we were there were engaged and we we give it to probably 1520 minutes after that. I went upstairs and I ate a piece of he sells chicken choral movement with his -- dollar. I watched a little bit of the taxing them. Alabama game probably two or three plays showered up came on down here all that fit -- -- born had to rush to get here trust me all GW typically also don't you go the round that some of the players he talked about oh. Lineups are for next day year yes yes it that -- that goes along with me you know -- -- John's office walking over -- -- confined to make sure look tomorrow you're down -- -- the rest of the night -- coming tomorrow. Knowing you're knocking a player nor and he knew when you are gonna play -- -- guys' mentality. I it's cracked through some of these calls the 61777979837. Asked -- Novello. Why the Red Sox should be considered the World Series it. After a -- tell -- he'll tell you we should be considered the World Series favorite there's no doubt in my mind. Virulence Springfield. -- you do on. Where they are guys who love this show I love this -- I'll let down that they keep -- -- and barrel return and it came around and not only contenders. But absolutely. 100%. We are World Series champion not a doubt in my mind. Not a doubt in my mind any other under and your question Don earlier you asked him why people are not Vietnam board. And I think it because period that the Bakken and there's a lot of them that they believe that it easier to be accustomed -- -- bears are out the -- -- -- that that the -- -- eagle everybody doom and gloom ever since 2011. I knew that read I beat -- was gonna turn around as soon as we got our pitching coach back. And any command is you want my -- let's talk that's the only one that matters to win loss column. -- start and 91 points. 91 went -- and I'll tell there's a preemptive strike right before I don't know what these these callers lined up in this -- lined up the is asking questions. We'll get through my second here's a preemptive strike for. What are you gonna do about the eighth inning bullpen situation. Bible first of all Daniel as wanna say thank you for the kind words and I will say that getting John and over here as a manager. Obviously. It it's -- appointed him and say look he was the use the mainstay in the reason why but unfortunately I can't say that it -- it's that he's the only reason. I think it stopped search from the top we have some great players are brought in by our front office is a great job in their homework to build the team to the officer -- team. And all John and in the rest of the staff has done is set up a little structure that we stuck to. We have not come off that we've been very diligent going out there and setting forth a standard of play that we expect every single night. These guys rise to the occasion they know what it takes in their true professionals and it's just a perfect storm there really is it's fun to watch every single day as far as the bullpen. I'm not worried not worried no I I think we have a lot of a lot of key pieces in place you know between. -- as breads. And obviously coach at the very back and we feel very comfortable. And -- -- -- work workmen working with these men get some big yachts and I think we're missing in Tennessee a little bit in some situations that are very keyed on the stretch here. You know here's a guy that can fill the strike zone with three different pitches which -- usually kind of reserved for starting pitcher and he's he's a starting pitcher down the bullpen they -- that get outs knows how to get. Yeah his right here's my take on Workman is that his stuff is really did I think as you guys say he has the right mentality. Just some some missed time pitches and really go back the wild pitch obviously. But even the game in Tampa again at the at bat against loan where you come with three straight curve ball I think pretty good curve -- come but the good elevated fastball. And they come back with a curve ball probably right pitch but it's just you can't have a opt out in the zone you have to keep coming down in if everybody. Saw the whoever saw that game I just wanna make sure they understand how well he threw the ball and he made two mistakes you pay form when you do that gets a -- of of Loney and now Longoria status. You're gonna pay form and in other mistake pitches they're of their missed located. But outside of that he threw the ball very well and I know that won the Davis. Was was adamant to go -- are over with that's a thought he went out of his way to make sure the work -- as he stepped off the nominee through the ball very well. I'd Matthew in the car are you doing today. Robert slide it up very they're young are less than I had -- or else we can end this -- -- -- now. We all know that will call up radio station. And sort of myself I haven't called about a year most people who -- a lot dot represent a larger. -- regional attitude that call about you know the current it's not fanatical about then and there are telling you. The -- are a little while ago about are greater now. -- -- you know what you -- but. Here's the thing -- outlook that call because then you can say OK explain it to me and if you can't explain. Anything other than. I'm just afraid I'm just afraid I'm just afraid to 2011. Then current that that's fine but that's a logical expedition. You can -- got out of the water every indicator about fifteen. Sense that they're going to eat -- I -- on the positive side I mean I didn't think you're gonna be like best but I -- -- -- and 88 game. OK I I would -- I didn't see that coming like everyone else I had one vacation. About fifteen dog for a few weeks ago I said they're gonna go -- and play out I can talk to kind of win the World Series that would because. And the fact that opposing pitchers that sports -- that. Sure there. It they're showing that they can -- -- -- good -- I don't want you thought a little and with apps open -- walked straight. Matthew thanks for the call torso. This is one of the narratives. For the last month even before that he can't be good pitching. Right. And it's nice to ninth -- nice little run. But you have a good. The hard time against not integrate -- to everyone known to be great pitching but he can't be good pitching Doug Fister as as the great Alex beer made that Doug -- line. You can't be above that. Did did the clubhouse here that. And even if they didn't hear they did hear it what is the thinking on that it is and was there any concern about that from -- and. -- you know we missed a lot down there we we did hear that. I know for certain this team fears nobody. And that's one of our great qualities I think that we're built tough. Mentally and physically I think our our. Our guys greatest one of their greatest assets. Outside of their physical tools is their ability to go out there fear no one and I mean I'm in new -- we've been waiting for the opportunity to. Faced guys like Max Scherzer who comes in here with nineteen wins is gonna go get his twentieth and and we put the door stop on that he we faced David Price and amortized and yes good pitching does shut down. Good offensive teams. But I think is our record indicates we've walked through just about everybody. And I understand it's easy to be pessimistic -- that that's a great it's a great line. Literally you know it's easy way out it's these -- out. But with this team has done it's never taken the easy way out. In if our fans can get on board with that believe in us. To the point where they are gonna settle for the easy way out as well we need that sport and I guarantee or any of our best effort to walk this thing through as far as we can't. It's cruised through some more calls before -- just take off -- in Waltham made -- I'm good how are you. -- I don't have a question I -- -- that -- that I have had more pleasure in the last couple of months watching the Red Sox. I think they're gonna go all the way to. And just informed the watching -- and they they eat. It it's not so nervous like it let a couple of years ago it it that it's just been released and it and a real pleasure and forget about the doomsayers. Well. Thanks for the collar crime and you can you can thank removal fall. More rendered Quincy power you. -- I -- and I don't think that it would. Others go out really stepped into a cauldron of negative re here we're looking for the. I I don't feel like I feel so positive because there are no heroes. You're with the teams Jacoby Ellsbury not planning that was still winning so we're not that. Mentality that got to have someone so we're done this is a team. And I think. Most. Most Bostonians and regional -- and you know it's -- the Red Sox you'll you'll be accurate to find someone who say. All -- -- patriots but I don't like. That Belichick meanwhile at all. Course and I think what the Red Sox -- -- -- trump is not yet -- let -- last year Red Sox. Collect that wiped out front every team. Bruins. Patriots. The Celtics and of course the Red Sox but people need to work -- that look at fifteen for what they apps we're going to go all the way. Well there you go another negative person Torre I'm sorry to bring you into this if Michael let me ask you this before we get the -- Bridgewater. The thing did you sense that fans were buying in as the year kind of progressed here you were around last year you weren't wrong. But could you sense as a ball. Today I think it is different than two months ago could you sense that from the clubhouse perspective. Well you deep inside the clubhouse walls I know that this team is very confident. -- comfortable with believing. We were gonna get to where we are right now you know I understand how the offense could. Have that feeling that the wait for the shoe to drop. They've had a couple tough breaks over the past couple years but. As our players is said and as I picked up on in the past. A lot of these players don't know that. A lot of these players have talked about riding in -- script and telling their own story and that's 2013. You know campaign about 2013 campaign so. I know that a lot of guys. Have kind of lingered from from the last colossal hangover of 20112012. But to be honest that he rob we don't talk about it doesn't come out and I think we're already -- new script laws. When he said that Jonny Gomes who on the year I believe on WEI a few weeks ago he said the scripted -- had yet to be written. And the play button had yet to be put so he's got the movie in the book rights already. Marty locked in Tony Bridgewater what do you Pretoria are you -- Daytona. Area North America all rate dropped quote initiate -- went on and you know 10. I don't wanna come to towel -- and sprinkle -- got the product you know it's it's a political football with a cigarette box and and maple. Your perspective look look at the -- it's -- location okay sure sir we're a land and I think that's Derek shares was -- better ERA. Then click OK then you have. I would wreck their game marked where it would shut the Red Sox now. I'm not saying direct dark side but I'll. Wind and what -- but also they're not worried -- and I got a great deal but it's you know. There had to cope with not at all. Between the group that part is -- a great location. And the thing that went to the player are you guys are leaders in an idol or not it's a full and and clutched it. You've got a guy over every truck stop in all not a -- candidates but. -- -- will run its record positions -- into what. He got called it all -- -- -- -- our position in the average but reports are. We've got to watch it you've got the Christian but anybody who -- wanted to photo market out there as well fault guys you're you're you know it is. If it's not real. Well Tony Tony every QB on the line and asked toward this question which is. We look at Detroit as maybe the most talented team in the American League from top to bottom. But can we start looking at the Red Sox in terms of talent level along the same lines and my question at -- really is. When you're in spring training. And you're in April when people are saying this is a nice bunch and they're over achieving. Could you see that this team might rival the talent level of a team like Detroit. Well we certainly felt strong enough about it to say with our pitching staff. I'm moving forward without health concerns would confuse anybody. And we we firmly believe -- -- with all due respect to the Detroit Tigers there's a lot of baseball to be played between now and -- time if it does get down to it. You know I like our chances I like our chance to go out there compete -- there have quality at bats. Professional at bats and get the job done. You know look who we did the Verlander Detroit I think we knocked around pretty good there I know we didn't win a lot of ball games there we won the series here. But I want the that the fans to understand that. Our hitters don't fear anybody our our our hitters rise of the occasion and if they are gonna face pressure assures her or Verlander. That they're ready to go. Start America wouldn't say it's it's always go in the playoffs. Always always always put some OPEC and you know better than anybody in a bit -- on here as traders are. You know six and 23 quarter to discovered it and don't -- -- -- or not you can talk all you walk all work and you don't expect it would stop with the umpire would stop. And who -- look at the last report from the good guys aren't like what's up and it's not like that it can lead out over -- -- -- and there's nobody there and have a standard when -- come -- you could say OK you know we get a shot open it -- matter what you say on the radio not my concern. But all right thanks for the call tonight I try to give the preemptive strike I told you -- you know I I will say this. He's right he's right a lot of ways that it did does come down to pitching and timely hitting. Pick of the baseball take care of the baseball not -- Make bad plays and run in and out. That's what we've been doing all your -- in the wee wee pads we've got some hiccups here and there as every ball club does but for the most part we've been very consistent we said great tone here. I think our guys are -- take the next step. You know and whatever happens in our bullpen I feel very comfortable and -- team feels very comfortable that you know with the fortified guys in the very back into the bullpen. They're gonna go out there pound strikes they're gonna go up there there got their -- the strike zone with older pitchers keep hitters off balance follow game plan collect if that's the best you feel this team is playing all year right now. We Leo we have to feel that way you know we're in timing and in is in. Our sport is a lot and we feel like these are movement really good positive direction or -- -- good time -- regulations. Little known fact all the coaches get enormous bonuses if the team wins 91 games so good job. Well my bonus is my time with you. That a lot of that I want to -- that part of it but thanks for joining his story Saturdays with Torre always the place you know hopefully yeah. We can do it again somewhere down any -- rob enjoy the time are right I'm rob Bradford a B -- dot com this is the -- -- show -- up until eight. 617779. 7937. We're still answer the question when asked. Do you. How far will this Red Sox he go what is going to be year answer we'll get some more. Insight on that right after this.

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