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Jon Lester with Joe & Dave after beating the Yankees

Sep 14, 2013|

Jon Lester talked to Joe & Dave after pitching eight innings to beat the Yankees.

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I thank you very much that. Jon Lester -- -- performance today it looked like he had everything working he's made that very quick work of a tough lineup. Spitzer at the and -- I know what it's easy to convince. And I mean it was good. You know early on we -- the x.s that was. That fastball cutter. Was they would -- would go on if that that was that. That's still in the purple. Later for. -- you -- -- race since the all star break is like two and a half even lower than that after today. That's more than two runs lower than it was before the break it's the largest decrease of any pitcher in the majors. Since the all star break what do you put your finger on for that. I don't know I -- I think. I've ever really think the break help me. You know those days after the break you mean couple lecture. You know when when you're struggling a little -- tend to get an -- -- -- come over think things and I think having those those four days to get away from. Really everything in and just kind of regroup helped me get back to be -- mean. You know I don't know on the stuff is still the same. You know just execute better and you know minimizing damage we have to and it makes the excellence those who would you work with David Ross sort Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Yeah it's been good. You know -- and I had a couple coupled with a not so good ones in the middle of the year but. You know he's been great and you know it's just it's nice when you've got to different catchers that -- two different games you know. So it's it's greatest it's it's nice to kind of mixed up sometimes and you know rust and a great job back at salted so it's a great job we've missed that stuff or you're. And I think of some of the line if you based on in -- you can face a lot of good line of another one today. You not allowed a home run in eight starts. What you're going to have to accept that you're I forget I even -- that I don't want to jinx anybody I mean obviously -- -- an amazing job of keeping the ball park. Yeah. You know gets back to this being down in the zone having a better angle down in the zone and the only aggressive which is minimized damage this and in. Know that the balls that that in that gets squared up granderson scored -- -- today that you know stay in the ballpark for me so. You know just one of those deals right now -- read about him and keep trying to execute pitches. And then the defense has been so good all year that must give. Any pitcher great confidence absolutely. You know and really anybody that steps in has done a great job force you know bogeys as -- start today -- a couple of great plays it. You know really he may look entirely too easy. You know and we we obviously know on the field how hard that we're but he he made him look you know obviously very very. Easy in and -- and a great job for -- so here. You know since it's been great to it to see everybody. Come together and play good baseball on a full sized ball. -- more quick one really wanna enjoy the rest of the evening -- certainly earned it we just have Michael all on your former teammate and Mike threw some conclusions. Based on what he's seen how these teams compare the 07 championship. In this Red -- -- in terms of the character in doing it every day -- they go about their business do you draw some months similar comparisons. Ali yes. You know obviously I wasn't there -- before you're ready get to spend from they wanted to you know -- in with those guys so. I was a new guy kind of coming into the mix and just trying to stay out -- way so. As far as character like you said I think they're very very careful. I think with this team it's a lot more. If it's more fun oriented. I think that team in 07 was more business oriented like hey we missed our jobs were doing every single night then. You know this one is just it's it's been. Form since day one it's what you do falls just. And -- in playing baseball together and it's been it's been a nice change -- just from you know in years past and it's. Obviously it's it's played out on the field for some magical stuff really has been. I Jackie Gregory -- and confident our guys thanks thanks John.

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