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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

Sep 14, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before the middle game of the Yankees series. The manager told Dave that Jarrod Saltalamacchia is having a great year.

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Okay John thank you very much well I guess you go back to last -- Jon and Jared Saltalamacchia who certainly seems like he's out of it mini slump that he was. But more importantly it was that day -- is back is freed up you know we took some counts -- me -- that. He was grinding through some things and and after he came back it's almost like his legs have been a little bit more fresh we're not only seen at the waist and back but his transfer behind -- plate if he's thrown out three consecutive would be base stealers. Less -- I know those little bit of a Bobble in the transfer but you know once he got that out of there I mean he's been playing very well and and been a threat. Both with average at all Boston's coming back. This has really been a season for him as a 36 doubles -- had a very fine offensive year. But defensively and and if you can speak to this he seems like he has improved by leaps and bounds as well. I think more than more than anything -- he's kind of involve -- evolved into was -- himself and his old employer I think at times. You know and maybe when he was here -- Jason maybe try to do things to emulate Jason and I and I'm not saying that negatively but I think. Salt is a much more confident player this year. He's much more relaxed and I think his natural abilities are coming out more day today and that's showing up in his leadership of the pitching staff. That includes I think much more consistent pit selection and reading a hitter swings as we've gotten through this season. The work he's done with the ability and he's been outstanding in and I think that constant. Maintenance and that repetition has allowed him into it to be that much more confident behind the plate and it's going over to -- -- about it well. You bring -- Dana and I think one of the the stories that needs to be talked about in my opinion more frequently use your coaching staff. And the caliber of the work that they have done we hear your guys talking about it and obviously it's been a big part of the success of the Red Sox this season. Well has and we're fortunate that we've got a group of guys that have come together that and share a lot of the same characteristics that they're they're here for the players first and foremost. There there willingness to sacrifice countless hours to put in the work to prepare to put a player in the best position to succeed. The one thing I really love about the group was that we challenge one another across the -- sort of speak is that. If we're when we're in our advanced meetings and there's -- there's -- uncertainty about how we're gonna attack certain hitter or how we're gonna aligned defensively. Will challenge one another not not just you know. Not just a joke around but we've got different views different opinions and each coaching that each coach. With us. His -- check that the doors skin as -- he doesn't take it personal we're here to get the thing we're here to get as much as we can write for this team. And it's it's been a great working environment I think our players feel that that unity as well on the staff. You've been able you mention a street talking about Jared Saltalamacchia able to give guys a little time off is a great luxury and having a lead of this size this late in the season isn't there. Well in addition to believe it's the the depth of the roster that that's first and foremost we've got guys that we can tap into you know last night we're going to the what many people think we're going to the bench for a formal -- in my -- In the you know that we can have it with Jonny Gomes that the pinch hit for the in the world you know that that's probably an uncommon situation but because we're given Mike Napoli Dade -- keep him fresh. That's right the guard depth Israelis start to show through in the month of September or play very good baseball I think because we definitely keep guys relatively fresh. Then running out there for a 145. Games today. And you get to keep guys fresh who might have been playing 1718 days in a role. If this were -- tight lead if this were you know your game -- game back Mike Napoli is a great example yesterday. Well true and fortunately we've been able to take care business because of what we've just discussed that to open up a little bit of -- -- not that we're taking anything for granted but. You know we can take advantage of the natural breaks in the schedule in the Monday day Mondays off that we do have but. When guys are banged up in the nursing some things yeah we can spot start a guy or or -- a guy a couple of days three days off him and five days off for salty where he needed because the back. But again it goes back to the depth of the roster and a lot of good players. Last night you're not god John Lackey there in the seventh inning his pitch count wasn't terribly high at that point. John as is always the case -- wanna come out of the game was pretty evident but what -- you seeing in John and indicated this was the moment to get him. You know it to me there were there are few things the in the sixth inning in rushing victory around down a ball right center field that. And he makes one heck of a player on them that overbay and had put a good swing on it and I thought the swings were starting to it looked a little bit different than the first five innings I thought John did his job he did a great job force the two base hits. And an 89 hole in the seventh inning played into that. In general got progressed already to go low granderson was two for seventeen against him at the time to media. That was the that was the move to make right there and John have only thrown 82 pitches he views himself as the -- contend pitch guy every time you watch them on and we love that about it. I don't want him to one of tomorrow's game last night in defeat in if he's got. You know on on the disagreement arguing with me I welcome it because I want that attitude. In hindsight that you work what should have gotten Rodriguez rather than waiting for the left hander gave don't know who'd been absolutely so hot last night. So that didn't ultimately work out in the seventh inning but I thought in that moment to get John Lackey was not about the pitch count. It was about things that we're leading up to that and the availability of Craig Breslow behind him. -- good about letting -- that moment go we come back in the clubhouse got the win in the end and saying okay that's fine we -- blog you probably have varying degrees and a half. And ever and we sit there with a laugh because last night might not -- -- one of the ones that -- let go over her you know readily so. There's conversation that's taking place this morning just big and I think it's important for -- to understand what my thought process was it's not a matter of lack of confidence in John. Because what he has done to himself in reshaping his body all the things that he's done and deservedly. Should get all the credit in the world. There are going to be times all the way where you've got to make a decision that guys might not. Agree with. But as long as they get the background -- and that's the conversation this morning. So maybe get some greater understanding to I don't want to like it any better than last night but as long as he has that feel understand and you know what -- you can see that with a little more clarity. Finally our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John for all I don't know if you've got tired of talking about coach UAR yet I know we haven't that I think he's finally getting some national attention. He's very deserving of but will he ever give up another hit the rest of the season. We sure hope not know hopefully it's another 37 hitters he faces before does but. You know what he he he's been phenomenal -- you know you can throw any adjective an accolade you want in any richly deserves it. You know some people might say or you know what why do you them in the game with a four run lead last night. While. When he throws nine pitches to get through an inning it's easy to call down there and and didn't because what ultimately what happened where we were -- and part of that order. One or two guys -- on the someone else that's not to say that Franklin Morales commitment -- that -- off we're gonna get cozy up anyway. If something starts to unravel and you know the one thing that we've I think monitored very closely -- coach has been warmed up three times this year without ever getting into a game. So there's not those. Bull pens and those extra throws. It's about the innings in his pits and that's been and that's why he's remained strong -- -- -- -- you know you guys monitor every single pitch you guys count every pitch when he gets in the game or not well we have two -- and that's balancing -- than the physical status of every guy whether you know it's a reliever starter whoever might be just in terms of number of times a guy throws a baseball so. He's been phenomenal and we we need him to continue to be so. John thanks good luck today thanks appreciate it. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes events the all new Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. The CEO laboring superior technology engineering and safety you come to expect from Mercedes-Benz. At a price you never saw coming. Visit MB USA dot com slash CLA. John.

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